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My first posting
Payback can be fun.

The two women stood before him, moving self consciously from one foot to the other, each hoping that either the other one, or indeed myself would break the silence, but I had all the time in the world. Both women were in the mid thirties, but had the bodies that only money and hours spent with their personal trainers could bring. But now they needed me. Well not me exactly, my money.

But let me go back a bit and fill you in on how we, or should I say they, arrived at this situation.

I had known the blond woman since the day she had been born, and the husband of the other one from his birth. I had been at school with their Father, and had remained friends after we left senior school. We had nothing at all in common, but such friendships are forged in the heat of battle. Well in our case when Sam had been doing a Custer’s Last Stand against the school bully and his gang. Sam was going down, but making sure the other lot knew they had been in a fight. I waded in and between us, we hammered the gang leader. After that we watched each others back for the five years we were at school together.

We married within months of each other, and our wives became good friends. Indeed after mine divorced me, deciding I was to boring and stuck in my ways. She remained friends with Carol, Sam’s wife, and now and again our paths would cross. That is until Sam picked an argument with a HGV on the Motorway and left Carol well off.

A few days after the funeral, I received a message from her son stating that I no longer fitted in with their way of life, and I was not welcome anymore. I could see the workings of my ex behind that, but didn’t push it.
A few months later things, (Well for me.) changed. I won the biggest rollover on the Euro Lottery ever seen. £165 Million. I invested a lump sum in a rising company just before the announcement of a breakthrough, and within weeks my money totalled well over £200 Million and rising. After that I bought a house set in its own twenty acres in an area were property was still reasonable.

The locals loved me because I employed only locals to do the repairs, thus bringing work to an area where jobs were few, then I allowed them to still use the grounds of my home, and indeed the vast kitchens from this once big house for things like Summer Fairs etc. to which I always made a large donation.

Meanwhile though, the bottom had fallen out of Carols world in the shape of her Son and Son in Law.

Alan, her son, saw himself as a business man, and with the aid of his Brother in Law set up a small company, which they assured everybody would make them all rich. Within a year it had gone belly up, but leaving Alan and Peter mostly untouched because of the way they had financed it.

A few months later they started a second business, but this time borrowed from certain ex Soviet Block people when the money raised from mortgaging both their own homes and without telling her, Carols home wasn’t enough.

Now too that business (With I must admit) with a little help from me, had also gone bust. Only this time, those cold hard men from Russia wanted their pound of flesh.

Which brought me back to why their wives now stood in front of me.

Laura, the daughter of my late friend, and number one prize winning bitch, broke the silence. She was used to men fawning around her, and assumed I would do the same. One flash of those baby blue eyes, or more so those tits half hanging out of that low cut blouse and I would be pulling out my cheque book. She gave me her Little girl lost look and started. “Uncle Frank I…”

I held up my hand. “I am not your uncle, and you only ever tried that on me when you wanted something.” I looked at my expensive watch before continuing. “ So whatever it is Laura get a move on, as I haven’t got all day.”

She changed tactics. “I, I mean we, need money. Alan has gotten himself into a slight problem and he and Peter are doing a deal to sort it out. Meanwhile I er we need a loan to see us over the problem.”

“And?” I was going to drag every last breath out of her.

“I, er we rather hoped you, as a friend of the family, would loan us the cash.”

“The slight dept you owe is…” I reached for a piece of paper on the desk that stood between them and myself. “Around Ten Million Pounds, so just how do you intend to pay this loan back? They didn’t know this, but I had already bought their debt off the Russians, but not before those nice men found where Alan and Peter where hiding. I also bought up the mortgages from the bank, who were quite happy to sell them to me when they realised they would make a profit on the sales. So I now owned theirs, and Carols homes. But I kept a straight face.

“Alan is trying to… Well last time I spoke to him he said…”

“You stand more chance of finding a virgin in a whore house than your two husbands finding some poor bastard to lend them any more money.” I answered. “Indeed knowing Alan, I very much doubt if he or Peter will ever show their faces again. They have ladies, as they say in Liverpool, done a runner. Which means in a matter of weeks, you two and your mother Laura will be out on the street. That’s if of course the Russians don’t decide to take their pound of flesh out of you. Or your daughter’s.” Both women shuddered as I said this. They both had sixteen year old daughters who went to private school, both spitting images of their mothers.

“I. er we will get jobs to pay any loan you make to us back.” Ruth, the dark haired wife of Alan spluttered.

I laughed. “Doing what? Neither of you have ever worked in your lives. Christ you couldn’t even get minimum wage jobs serving burgers. But cheer up, I’m sure the Russians will find a use for you and your daughters. Flat on your backs for twelve hours a day servicing whoever they want you to will put a small dint in the ten Million.”

I watched both women seemingly deflate in front of me before adding. “So, as your bodies are the only one things left to sell, I suppose I may as well look at the goods and see are they worth Ten Million Pounds.”

“Uncle Frank you can’t make us do…”

“I held up my hand again. “As I said before, I am not your uncle and I am not making you do anything. The door is behind you and you can leave any time. But you will be doing it soon for the Russians. So,” I pulled out my cheque book. “What’s it to be? Either start stripping, or leave. Your choice, but whatever it is, I am not making you do anything. But let‘s get one thing straight, if you stay, and I bail you out, you belong to me body and soul until you pay back every penny I lend you. There‘s no in between. So strip or leave.”

Laura looked at me, and then at Ruth, then slowly undid the buttons of her expensive blouse. Ruth followed, and soon both garments hung loose. Laura looked round for somewhere to place it, then shrugged her shoulders and dropped it to the heavy carpeted floor of my office. Ruth followed suit, then both slipped their skirts down, showing G strings stockings and would you believe suspender belts. No doubt thinking that a quick flash of stocking would have me panting and signing a blank cheque. Both women stood there in the black matching underwear staring at me.

“Who told you to stop. All or nothing, that’s the deal.”

Laura shrugged again, and ever the show girl, reached behind her back, and undid the clasp on a bra that cost more than some low paid workers earned in a week. Then slipping the straps from her tanned shoulders, she dropped it on to the growing pile. Ruth did the same, but without the pure sex that seemed to ooze from her Sister in Law.

Both women then slipped off their matching G strings and then stood there, slowly placing one hand to cover their matching shaved pussy’s, and the other across their perfect breasts.

“Don’t hide the goods, they belong to me now.” I snarled. “Place your hands behind your heads, and let’s see what I’m paying for.”

Both women did as I ordered, and I took in the view. They were perfect, but it was time to take them down a peg or two. “Well you’re both starting to sag a little, and if the Russians ever get their hands on you, the only trade you will be servicing for them, will be blow jobs. How does that sound ladies? Twelve hours of sucking pricks and swallowing Cum. Still it will be good for your figures. I wonder how many Carbs. There are in a full load of Cum.” I smiled and decided to take it to the next step, and neither of them knew everything that they did or said was being recorded on my very expensive CCT system.

“Turn and face each other.” I ordered. “Now move towards each other. I want to see those tits of yours touching.”

They moved until nipples touched nipples. “Now Laura, put your left hand behind Ruth’s neck and pull her to you and kiss her.” I watched the look on her face change to one of disgust, but she kissed her Sister in Law lightly on the lips. “Tighter, I want to see a full blown tongue down her throat kiss, and if you don’t, well you are free to leave anytime.

Laura did as was instructed, and stopped only when both of them needed air. “Again,” I ordered, only this time place your right hand on her left tit and play with her nipple, I want to see it standing out like an organ stop. Ruth, you do the same with hers. Let’s see some real live girl on girl work.” Both women complied and I could see that they were both getting into the swing of things. “Ruth, shove your free hand up her cunt, and play with her clit. I want to hear her moan.” I watched as first one then three fingers worked their way up into that shaven cunt, and Laura started moaning as Ruth found her clit and worked it. Without being told, Laura moved her hand from behind her Sister in Laws neck, and moved it down until it was rubbing Ruth’s cunt for all it was worth. Suddenly Laura gave out a scream and shuddered as she came, followed a few minutes by Ruth as she too came with a bang. Both of them collapsed onto the thick carpet, and I could see their twats running with juice. It seemed a shame to have it ruin my expensive carpet.

“You’ve had your rest, now clean each other up before that mess leaks into the carpet.” I ordered.

Laura looked round. “With what?” She asked.

“Use you tongues.” I replied.

Ruth blushed. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Well I know Laura has, she bragged about it a few years back, so you lay on your back while she straddles you. Then you’ll get the idea. Unless you’d rather leave and await…”

Ruth lay on her back and opened her legs wide, while Laura straddled her, the juice from her cunt dripping down on to the face of the woman beneath her. Then she lowered her face to Ruth’s open legs and started to lick juice from the twat. Ruth started to moan again, and Laura lowered hers towards the face of her Sister in Law. Slowly Ruth took the hint and started licking, then sucking until Laura too started moaning.

Without thinking, Ruth reached out with both hands and grabbed Laura’s tits and started pulling them towards her, squeezing the nipples as she did. This caused Laura to moan, but also had the effect of moving the cunts of both women as they licked and sucked each other off. Soon both of them were only interested in each others bodies. For a first timer, Ruth was certainly getting the hang of this Cunt licking, and perhaps she was a closet lesbian? Meanwhile my hard on was trying to burst out of my trousers.

Both women started panting hard between sucking and licking, then they came. Hell did they come. Laura just collapsed on top of Ruth, her face covered in come and stuck firmly between Ruth’s legs. While Ruth lay there with more come dripping from Laura‘s twat onto her face. A sight to behold, which I would be able to watch over and over again thanks to my hidden camera’s.

But now it was my turn. I gave them a few minutes to recover, and moved around my desk, dropped my trousers and under pants and let my boner stand free. “It seems ladies my friend here wants some attention, so get over here and start licking. Ruth, you take my balls, and Laura, you get the joy of sucking me off.”

For a moment I thought they were about to refuse, but they had already gone to far. I owned them, lock stock and dripping twats. The two women, one blond and one raven haired, crawled across to where I leaned against the desk, my nine inch cock awaiting their attentions. Slowly, Ruth started to lick my balls, while Laura took the tip of my cock in her mouth, tasting the pre cum as she did. Then she took in more of it, and started to suck it as if it was a prick flavoured lolly ice. I could tell that she was no novice at prick sucking, and slowly, I could feel my balls tighten, helped on by Ruth’s attentions. I wondered if I should order them to change over, but you don’t change horse in midstream, or a mouth mid blow job. Ruth would get her chance in days to come. I controlled my feelings, making them work for their money, but slowly, I could feel the rush coming. As could Laura. She looked round, I suppose searching for something to take what was about to arrive, but I shook my head. “Take it all into your mouth, but don’t swallow it, yet.”

The moment was approaching and I resisted the urge to take a line from Moby Dick and shout “There she blows.” But blow I did. Laura kept sucking until she had every drop, then I looked down at the two women. Laura, now kiss Ruth, and again I want to see tongues. I could see the reluctance on Ruth’s face, but she leaned forward and allowed Laura to kiss her, exchanging my Cum as they did.

I waited until they were about to come up for breath then said. “Now you can both swallow.”

They did, remaining on their knees, and I could read the hatred in their eyes. But they waited for their next instructions. Which though came as a surprise to them.

“You can get up now,” I stated. You can get dressed as well. Well your blouses and skirts, no underwear.” They stood up and reached for their clothing, bending down in front of, and giving me an eye full of their still cum ripping pussy’s. “Oh one more thing.” I stated. “It’s time you had new names.” I reached over and lifted a thick black marker pen from off my desk. “Ruth, take this and give Laura her new name.” She took the pen off me. “Write Cunt in big letters just above her Cunt, and as from now, that is the only name she will answer to.”

Ruth bent down and wrote the four letters across her Sister in Laws shaven pussy, before starting to hand it back to me. “No, give it to Cunt, and she can give you your new name. As from now, you are Twat. Those names will always remain there until the day I receive all of my money back. If they are not, well I suppose I could have them tattooed on to you.”

Laura followed my instructions, dressed and then turned to me, waiting. Slowly I picked up the two cheques and handed them one each. “What the Hell is this?” Laura exclaimed.

“You didn’t really think I was going to give you a cheque for 10 million did you Cunt? I will deal with the Russians, and will pay off the interest on your loan. That is for your day to day expenses.”

“How long are we supposed to make this last?” Ruth added.

“A week.”

“I spend more than this in a day.”

“Not any more,” I replied. “You are both broke, and will cut your cloth accordingly. I will deal with your mortgage’s but nothing else. I may give you a bonus for services rendered, but you only have to say no, or refuse to turn up, and every penny stops.”

“What about my, our daughters school fees?”

“They are paid up until the end of term, after that they can either get jobs, or transfer to the local comprehensive.”

“But that’s full of drug dealers and prostitutes.”

“Well they should be quite at home there. Now off you go, and await my phone call. Once you receive it, no matter what you are doing, you then have three hours to make it here.”

“Can we at least wash before we go?” Laura asked. “We both stink of cum, and we’ll need to fill up with petrol. We can’t go into a petrol station stinking of cum.”

“It seems you can. Now off you go, I’ll be seeing you soon,” I lowered my voice. Very soon.”

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2013-10-24 19:37:12
D2YUBe Major thankies for the article post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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when will p2 be posted

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Thanks guys, and as you realise my first attempt. Will try and pick up those mistakes for number two. The question is though (LOL) who do you get to proof read a sex story? The idea came from the treatment of a friend of mine who would do anything for anybody. Then his friend died and he was no longer (As he didn't fit in) welcome at their home.

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2013-08-30 23:07:54
Good story and yeah there are a few errors here and there that proofreading aloud the day after you finish writing would likely catch. You've left plenty of room to continue the story even a series if you desire. Try to be a bit more deive during your sex scenes that will really spice them up.

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