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This story begins a few months after Alyssa’s best friend Kayla was raped. In this grand finally Kayla confronts the Carlson church, certain things are answered in an unexpected way. Ok now that I have your attention, please enjoy.
It’s been a little over three months since Kayla Morrison was brutally raped by pastor Jim Jones, at the Carlson church’s rehab retreat in a small Florida town named Wildwood. Jim Jones is in jail awaiting trial on charges of rape on a minor, along with a long list of other charges the state found to hold the despicable James Jones on. They also added aggravated assault charges against him, because he attacked Alyssa when she tried rescuing Kayla on her own. His lawyer tried filing assault charges against Danny Alyssa and Brad for the beating they gave him, but these charges were quickly dropped by the county judge who reviewed the circumstances of the case.

Liz Morrison, Kayla’s mother has been charged with child endangerment, and possibly more charges are pending because she ignored Kayla when she told her about the way the man touched her inappropriately, and the fact she feared he’d do something worse during her week long stay at the church retreat. Being as the state filed charges against her, the single mother lost custody of her only daughter. Needless to say, Liz Morrison’s in big trouble for forcing her daughter into Jim Jones’s so called sexual reorientation program. The state tried placing Kayla with a foster family, but Alyssa stepped in coaxing her mother and stepfather into being Kayla’s foster parents, until either Mrs. Morrison does jail time or goes through a state sponsored parent counseling; of course her lawyer is doing his best to keep her out of jail.

It’s now April, spring break time in Florida. And it’s also time for the Wilson family’s annual spring vacation. As he’s done in the past, Jack rented a house on the beach near Clearwater. This is a time of celebration for the Wilson family, because Grace, Alyssa’s mother, Brad’s stepmother is now almost three months pregnant. And although they never expected Kayla to become part of their expanding family, they’re more than happy to take her along with them. Knowing what she’s been through, and what she’s dealing with after being raped, and maybe worse of all impregnated by her rapist. Some might say she was wrong when she aborted pastor Jones’s baby, but she hates the man and what he did to her. And with the hate she has for Jones, she could never give birth to a child belonging to someone like him, fearing she’ll hate the child in in spite of it’s father.

Chapter 26. Spring Break, Wilson family style.

It’s now Saturday just a little before nine p.m. As Brad, Alyssa, Danny and Kayla stroll hand in hand down the beach leading away from the families rented beach house. Since they arrived at the large two story gull gray with white trim beachfront home this morning, the teenage lovers have pretty much lived on the beach. And like always, there’s something romantically beautiful about a walk along a moonlit beach. As she walks holding Brad’s hand, Alyssa eyes Kayla seeing she’s completely happy Danny was also invited to come stay for the week.

Of course, this was Alyssa’s sweet way of helping one of the best friends she’s ever had. And of course Brad’s involved too, he’s been friends with both Kayla and Danny since he met them way back in preschool. But for Danny, since his girls rape, Kayla hasn’t been very affectionate with him. He knows why, and as usual he’s been a complete gentlemen around her. But it’s been three months since the unfortunate incident in Wildwood. Earlier today when the three of them where alone, and Kayla was taking a nap; which is something she rarely ever did before being raped. Danny spoke with Brad and Alyssa, telling them he thinks maybe if Kayla sees them showing affection for each other more often, maybe it will help her be the hot blooded adventures girl she was before the rape.

And now as Alyssa walks holding Brad’s hand, she thinks about Mary Jones, Jim Jones’s only daughter. It was a few days after Kayla was raped, when she told Alyssa what Jim Jones told her before he raped her.

“Hey Kayla, stop walking for a minute. I wanna ask you something.” Everyone stopped walking, Kayla turned around facing her. “Ok what do’ya wanna know?”

Alyssa searched for the right words. “I know maybe this is a bad time to ask about this Kayla, but did you ever tell the police pastor Jones told you, he raped his daughter.”

For the past few months Kayla hasn’t talked about what happened on that horrible night, in that church retreat cabin. Hesitant to reply she bowed her head then looked up.

“Yes….I did tell the police, I told detective Sanchez. I saw her write it down, and she told me she’ll look into it. But since that night, when she interviewed me at the hospital, I haven’t heard anything more….Why?”

“Because Kayla, if Mary tells the police what he did to her. They’ll add more charges on to the already long list of charges they have on him now. I just wanna make sure, he goes down hard for what he did to you, and Mary too for that mater. She and I don’t get along very well, but now I know why.”

Danny cut in. “You’re right Alyssa. They’ll add incest rape and child molestation charges against him. And hopefully with those charge added on, they’ll lock the crazy pervert up and throw away the key. Shit if I had any say in it, I’d have them fry his ass in old sparky, up at Stark penitentiary.”

Kayla’s voice trembles, thinking back to that horrible night. “You’ve got that right Danny. Crazy pervert describes pastor Jones to a T. The night he raped me, the sick prick told me what he did to Mary. He told me, God said it was ok because he wanted him to show her what being with a man is like. That mans so fucking crazy, he kept asking me if I heard the voice of god, all the time he did those horrible things to me.”

Hearing anxiety in Kayla’s voice, Brad comes to her rescue. There are sand mounds covered in tall beach grass about twenty yards inland from where they’re standing. Wanting to change the subject, and looking forward to a little adventurous fun with Alyssa, he leads her towards the grass covered sand mounds telling the others.

“Come on follow us. I’m tired of talking, these sand mounds over her are a great place to hideout…..Hey Danny, did you remember the little surprise you said you’d bring.”

“Yeah buddy, I brought it,” said Danny following behind him, still holding Kayla’s hand.

“This sounds fun, don’t it Kayla…We can all make out back here.” Alyssa says anticipating fun. Kayla giggled nervously. “Alyssa. You’re just joking, right?”

She’s not sure if she’s up for anything even remotely involving sex as Danny leads her behind the sand mounds. Brad’s carrying a beach blanket, she stands back holding Danny’s hand watching him and Alyssa spread the blanket out over the sand behind the highest grassiest sand mound they could find.

“Come on you two,” says Brad. “have a seat, lets hangout back here for a while. I’ve been coming to this beach for years, no one ever comes back here it’s my own private little spot.”

They all took a seat, Danny pulled a freshly rolled joint from the pocket of his floral print surfing shorts. Kayla spoke up, liking the idea of getting high, hoping it will take the edge off of her troubled mind. “Hey, where’d you get that from Danny.”

“I bought a quarter bag from my brother, before I drove out here. I know you and Brad don’t smoke during school semesters, but I figure hey what hell its fucking spring break we don’t go back to school until next Monday. We’ve got almost two weeks just to kick back and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.” he lit the joint.

Alyssa spoke with a hint of anxiety in her voice. “I’ve never smoked pot before, I’m not sure if I should. I mean like, what if I overdose or something?”

Brad chuckles then kisses her cheek. “Don’t worry babe. You cant overdoes on weed, but you are a pot smoking virgin, and this is some pretty strong weed. So just take a couple tokes, I think you’ll like it.”

Danny passed the joint to Kayla, she inhales a long toke then hands it to Brad. Alyssa watches him take a long drag, he held the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds then slowly blew it out while offering the joint to her. “Here Alyssa. Try it, but just take a small toke.”

Everyone watches as Alyssa; the one time sexual virgin of the group takes her first toke of marijuana. She inhaled then held it in her lungs trying to do as Brad did. All to suddenly she begins to cough, in her coughing fit she quickly hands the joint to Kayla.

“Oh god,” cough, cough. “This craps worse then cigarettes,” cough, cough. Brad massages her back, telling her. “Your ok babe. You just inhaled a little too much that’s all.”

Danny took the joint from Kayla. “Hey Alyssa watch this, its called shot-gunning,” he placed the joint backwards in his mouth, then leans in close to Kayla’s lips.

She thinks they’re going to kiss, in some kind of strange drug crazed ritual. But watching closer, she sees Danny’s actually forcing smoke from his mouth into Kayla’s mouth. Observing these two young lovers doing this, and suddenly feeling her buzz coming on. She finds this unknown technique called shot-gunning to be; sensually arousing.

And for Kayla doing this provocative ritual, so invitingly close to her tall red-haired lovers lips, she suddenly becomes aroused herself. Danny takes the joint from his mouth, quickly hands it to Brad, then begins kissing Kayla. During their deep kiss they both inhale each others smoke.

Brad places the joint backwards between his lips, then gently pulls Alyssa’s face close to his mouth. Seeing the way Kayla inhaled the smoke streaming from Danny’s lips, Alyssa inhales a thick plume of smoke being blown from Brad’s lips. Already high, and getting higher with her lips so close to his, she finds this technique very arousing. She inhales the smoke, this time she doesn’t cough. And even better, this time she likes the high.

“Don’t blow it out of your lungs yet,” says Brad. That being said, he plants a long deep kiss on her lips, laying her down as he kisses her. Alyssa shares her smoke with him, he inhales the smoke letting his tongue dance with hers.

Following Brad’s lead, Danny lays Kayla down without breaking they’re deep kiss.
And, like any hot blooded teenage boys would do, both Brad and Danny’s hands begin exploring their girls bodies. Brad pushes Alyssa’s strapless yellow bikini top up. She being high, and completely turned on by her lovers touch doesn’t stop him.

Danny unties Kayla’s sky blue bikini top from the back of her neck. At first she’s not aware he untied her top, but suddenly feeling a cool sea breeze on her bare breast, she awakens from her aroused trance protesting. “Danny, don’t….What if someone sees us.”

Danny kisses her quelling her fearful protest. And for Kayla, feeling his fingers gently fondling her breast she ignores the anxiety that’s been stopping her from being intimate with her lover for the past three month. Since being raped, her mind often flashes back to the night assistant pastor Jim Jones tied her to a bed and raped her. But right now these memories fade away, her body trembles from pleasure, not fear.

Still kissing Kayla, Danny takes his hand from her breast and unties the bow on her hip holding her bikini bottoms up. He’s been fantasizing about untying the strings holding her skimpy sky blue bikini pieces up since she put them on this morning. With the little bow untied, he waste no time placing his hand between he legs. Kayla moans and begins humping his fingertips, it feels so good being touched like this by someone she loves.

Seeing Danny’s fingering Kayla, Alyssa wants Brad to do the same with her. While they kiss, she wiggles out of her bottoms. Brad helps her, he’s been wanting to get his lover naked all day. Alyssa pulls one leg free of her bottoms, leaving the skimpy yellow garment dangling from one of her ankles. She moans and her body trembles with pleasure, feeling Brad’s fingertips stroking the pink folds of her labia. As Brad fingers her cunt, she fondles his stiff seven inch cock through his aqua blue Florida gators swim trunks.

She whispers. “I wanna suck you so bad baby. Lay on your back, let me take your shorts off.” Brad chuckles watching her struggle with the cotton string holding his shorts up. Finally getting the knot undone, she quickly yanks his shorts down. Brad jokes with her

“Damn Alyssa, you’re a wild thing tonight. I should get you high more often.”

And she is high, not only from the weed she just smoked. She’s high with pure natural romantic lust, for the young man she used to call her stepbrother. Not saying a word she takes his stiffening cock between her lips and begins sucking, licking and kissing it. Kayla sees what her dark haired green eyed girl friends doing, she ignores the dark memories trying to stop her from showing her love for Danny. She playfully whispers in his ear.

“I wanna do that to you!!” Saying no more, she unties his shorts then pulls them down.

Now both Danny and Brad lay back, with their heads on their hands watching these beautiful teenage girls give them pleasure, using their lips, tongues, mouths and soft hands. Kayla’s long blond hair shines in the moonlight as she bobs her head up and down, stroking her lips over Danny’s erection. Brad watches Alyssa enjoying the feeling of his girls warm wet lips and tongue as she does every things she can to please him.

Kayla kisses and licks her way down Danny’s long thick cockshaft, savoring the arousing flavor of her mans cock flesh. He moans when she begins licking and kissing his testicles, she sucks on one of his balls then sucks them both into her warm mouth.

“Ahh…Oh yes, baby!” he exclaims. “I love it, when you do that to me!!”

Not wanting to be outdone, Alyssa begins doing the same. But her techniques slightly different, she licks and kisses one of her mans nuts, sucks on it then sucks on the other. Remembering something Jack did with her a few months back; when things really got crazy in the Wilson family. She holds his nut sack up then licks his anus, Brad chuckles and lurches feeling the tip of her tongue on his sensitive anus.

“Damn Alyssa…You’ve never done that before.” She looks up from her task smiling, he sees her green eyes shimmering in the moonlight. “Do you like it?” was all she said before licking his anus again. He moaned. “Ahhh, yes….I do like it!!” She licks her tongue back over his nuts, then shoves his cock back in her mouth. On the left side of the beach blanket, Danny’s enjoying Kayla’s oral skills. She’s licking his cock up and down, as if it’s an ice cream cone. Seeing he’s watching she stops then kisses her way up his body to his waiting lips. Breaking from their deep kiss, she whispers. “I want you inside me!”

Saying no more, Kayla straddles her slender body over his then lowers her pussy onto his stiff wet cock. Her entire body trembles feeling her lovers long thick shaft enter her once defiled sex, and once again she fights dark memories of what Jim Jones did to her. But as if it’s some kind of magic wand Danny’s thick cock strokes her G-spot and her dark memory fades away. Now feeling secure she begins slowly riding her tall red-haired lovers cock. She rides it slow, the same way she did the night Danny took her virginity; not to long before Alyssa lost her virginity to Brad. Alyssa and Brad were kissing, but they stop to watch Kayla make love to Danny.

Alyssa spoke softly in Brad’s ear. “Do you want me to ride you like that?”

He replied quickly. “Well yes, of course I do!”

She slowly moves her cunt over Brad’s stiff member, he was feeling a cool sea breeze blowing on his cock flesh. But the cool breeze disappears as she stuffs his stiff member between the warm pink folds of her cunt. “Rid me baby,” he says. And ride him she does, bringing her tight cuntlips to the tip, then lowering down. Each time her warm cunt strokes his cock she picks up speed. He grasps her hips, she loves his touch. His hands are so strong, she feels so secure when he touches her like this.

As the girls make love to their men, behind the secluded beach grass covered sand mounds. Time seems to stop, the outside world fades away. A cool sea breeze caresses their exposed breast. Danny pulls Kayla down for a kiss, she stops riding him and enjoys his warm deep kiss. To their right, Brad gently fondles Alyssa’s small firm breast. She closes her eyes, leans her head back and rides his stiff cock slowly.

Still kissing Kayla, Danny rolls her underneath his body keeping his cock shoved deep within her sex. He’s gentle, and he’s done this so many times before when they’ve made love. But doing this brings Kayla’s dark memories back, she fights the anxiety building up inside her troubled mind. He begins thrusting inside her, using long slow thrust. Nothing like the long hard angry thrusting Jim Jones did to her, when he raped her. She tells herself. Be calm, this is Danny. He’s nothing like him!

She tries looking up at the beautiful bright stars, in the perfect cloudless night sky. But it does no good, her anxiety won’t go way. She feels Danny’s hot member thrusting deep within her sex, she tells herself how good it feels; and it does feel good. But her fearful anxiety won’t stop. She closes her eyes trying to concentrate, it works but only for a short time. Suddenly a reoccurring nightmare appears from somewhere deep within her young mind. It’s a terrifying nightmare, of which before tonight she only has when she’s sleeping. But now she’s wide awake, she sees Jim Jones’s dark eyes and angry scowling face, he’s raping her again. But this time she’s not tied to the bed in that cabin like she was before. In this nightmare, now turned daydream he snarls in an angry voice.

“You murdered God’s child…You’ll burn in hell for murdering his baby Kayla.” She suddenly wakes from her nightmare, Danny’s thrusting inside her at a steady pace. She screams. “Get off of me…damn you, get off me.”

She begins hitting Danny on the back. In her aggravated state of panic, she digs her fingernails into his back, he screams in pain and rolls away. Her screaming and yelling, and Danny’s scream of pain wake Brad and Alyssa from their sexual high. Seeing Kayla sitting up next to Danny, crying and rocking back’n forth with her arms wrapped around her knees Alyssa quickly leaves Brad, and goes to her friend hoping she’ll be able to help in someway.

“What’s wrong Kayla, why are you crying,” she says hugging her sobbing friend and stroking her now sweat soaked blond hair. Danny tries consoling her too, but she freaks out again. “No, get away Danny…Don’t touch me.” she says in panic.

“I’m sorry baby, I must’ve hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he says. Kayla looked into his eyes. “No Danny, it wasn’t you. You didn’t hurt me.” Everyone went silent, knowing who she’s talking about, suddenly Danny yelled out in anger.

“I want Jones to fucking die and rot in hell, for what he did to you!” Kayla’s reply chilled them all to the bone. “I murdered his baby, I guess I’ll rot in hell too.”

Alyssa hugs her a little tighter. “No Kayla, please don’t say that. You know that’s not true, you didn’t murder his baby. He raped you and got you pregnant, he had no right to do that to you. But you had all the rights in the world do what you did.”

As she holds Kayla, Alyssa remembers. It was just two months ago, when she and Grace accompanied Kayla to an abortion clinic. She remembers the long waiting period and all of the time it took, just to fill out the paperwork. She remembers how her mother seemed upset just being at the clinic, because she had recently found out she was pregnant too. When Kayla found out Jones got her pregnant, it took her a couple weeks to decide. She confided with Alyssa, when she made her final decision to abort the baby. She remembers the exact words from Kayla’s mouth and the sad look in her blue eyes.

“I hate this child’s father. If I give birth to this poor baby, I fear I’ll hate it too.”

Now back to the present. “You did the right thing Kayla,” says Alyssa. “Don’t ever think you murdered that baby, it was best for you and the child.”

Brad cut in kneeling next to Danny. “Its going to take some time Kayla, but I think the best way I can say it is. One day when your ready to be a mother, you’ll give birth to a child you love. It wasn’t your responsibility to give birth to a baby conceived out of rape.”

Kayla raised her head and wiped tears from her cheeks, she looked at Danny her voice trembled. “I’m sorry that I freaked out on you Danny, but when you rolled me on the bottom. I think I blacked out or something, it was like I was dreaming, but I was wide awake,”

Kayla’s body shook as she explained what happened, both Danny and Alyssa hugged her.

“I’ve never told anyone this before, but every once in awhile since the abortion. I’ve had these horrible dreams. It’s always the same. That bastard Jones is raping me, but I’m not tied up like I was at the cabin. He looks at me with those cold dark eyes of his, telling me. I murdered Gods child….And I’ll burn in hell for murdering his child.”

Danny broke into tears and so did everyone else. “No Baby…That’s bullshit,” he said. “It’s only a dream. Your letting your conscience get the best of you. Its not true, that wont fucking happen,” he kissed her cheek. “I’ll be sleeping with you tonight, if you have any bad dreams like that, just wake me up. I’ll be there for you, I’ll hold you until you fall asleep. I love you girl, and I’ll do everything I can to help you through this.”

Hearing Danny pour his heart out like this Kayla’s frown turned to a wide cheerful smile, she kissed his cheek. “Oh Danny, you big old redheaded teddy bear, I love you!” hugging him she feels her fingernail scratches, and blood running down his back. “I’m so sorry Danny, I really hurt you didn’t I…. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you!’”

“Nah, don’t worry bout that babe,” joked Danny. “If anybody ask, I’ll just tellem, I gotta little cat scratch fever from a beautiful girl named Kayla.”

After everyone dressed, Danny lit another joint. As they pass it around, enjoying a much needed relaxing high Kayla tells them something she’s wanted to do but hasn’t had the nerve to do until now. “Ok ya’ll listen up,” she said confidently sounding like the old sure of herself girl she used to be. “I wanna do something crazy Sunday morning.”

“Well what kinda crazy thing do ya wanna do girl,” said Alyssa with a dazed look in her green eyes. Kayla looked closely into her eyes. “Girl, you are so fucking stoned, but anyway I’ve been thinking of attending church services tomorrow at Carlson Church, and I want all of you to go with me.”

“Why in the hell,” said Danny. “would you wanna go to that church for. Those hypocrites allowed Jim Jones to bring you up to that bullshit sexual reorientation program of his, and raped you.”

“Yes I know Danny, that’s why I want to attend one of their services. I’m going to stand up in front of that congregation, and the leader of the church pastor Carlson. It was his anti gay preaching that helped Jim Jones brainwash my mother into thinking, me and any other teenagers who were brought up to his “so called” sexual reorientation, could be changed with his twisted way of preaching the words of god almighty.

“I’m going to call my mother in the morning, and have her meet me at the church, because I have a few things to say to her as well. I love her, she’s all I have. I think what caused her to become so easily mislead by the preaching’s of that church, was all because of my father leaving her for another woman. I think its time to let her back into my life, I think I’ve punished her enough, what do you guys think of that.”

Alyssa replied blowing smoke from lungs. “I agree with you on getting back with your mother. But shit Kayla, as far as the gay thing, she freaked out just because she caught us getting busy with each other. I mean like, we’re not even lezzies……or are we?”

Kayla broke out laughing. “Alyssa….I think you and me, just might be a little bisexual,” she kissed Danny. “But don’t worry baby, I like dick better then pussy.”

“I’m sure glad of that,” he says blowing a thick plume of smoke from his lungs.

“Me too,” said brad. He kissed Alyssa on the cheek and joked. “So what do you like best, dicks or chicks.”

“I like both,” she said flirtatiously. “But don’t worry Bradley, I like your dick best of all,” she smiled at Danny. “And Danny, being as Kayla gave me a chance to try your dick out once a few months back. I hope you don’t me saying this Kayla, but I like his too.”

Kayla laughs remembering the friendly foursome they had a few months back, she and Alyssa had their first lesbian experience that night. And she finally fulfilled her fantasies of getting it on with her long time friend Brad Wilson.

“Nope I don’t mind one bit,” said Kayla flashing a smile at Brad. “Because I got my chance to enjoy Bradley’s dick once,” she kissed Danny. “And baby, please don’t be mad at me, but I will say. I have found memories of the night I took his dick for a ride.”

Back at the beach house, Jack and Grace are enjoying their time alone. They’re in the master bedroom, Grace is laying on her back, enjoying the feeling of her husbands lips and tongue on her expanding pregnant breast. Since becoming pregnant, her breast have grown from full size c’s to nicely shaped D’s. “Mmm…That feels so good,” she says trembling. He looks up from his task smiling playfully.

“I really love your new titties sweetheart, I should get you pregnant more often.”

He licks and sucks one of her long erect nipples. Warm sensual tingling sensations rush from her nipple ending in a wet climax between her legs. He’s been fingering her pussy, while kissing and sucking her breast. Feeling her wetness, he begins kissing his way down her body. Teasing her with sweet little kisses, from her chest down over her three month pregnant swollen belly. He stops and talks to his baby . “Hi Sarah, I love you.”

Grace whispers back, in a baby like voice. “I wove you too dada.”

“Hey now Sarah,” he says. “don’t pay any attention to what I’m doing with your mommy. Just go to sleep or something. Cause pretty soon once I leave your mommy’s belly, I’m gonna go a little lower, and give your mommies cunny lots of wet sloppy kisses.”

Grace slaps him on the head, playfully scolding him. “Jack, that’s nasty….But yes, please do give my cunny wet sloppy kisses.”

From there he kisses his way lower, she spreads her legs wide. He inhales her sweet musky scent, then buries his tongue between her legs. His warm wet tongue does the trick, almost immediately sending trembling pleasure starting from her cunt lips spreading like passionate wildfire over her body.

She begins rocking her hips and grabs a handful of his thick dark hair shoving his face tighter against her sensitive clit. “Mmm, ahhh Yes Jack, eat meee!”

He licks and sucks her clit, while shoving two fingers deep within her wet cunt. As he does this, his cock becomes painfully hard. He wants to make love to her so bad, but he enjoys licking and sucking his beautiful dark haired blue eyed wife’s sex. He licks sucks and fingers the woman he loves to a slow massive orgasm. His fingers cause little wet sucking noises, as he vigorously fingers her. He laps his tongue up and down her slit, stopping occasionally to suck her clit.

“Ohhh god, yes Jack. Suck me right there….Oh fuck, oh shit yes…yes!”

She humps his tongue and fingers, now holding two handfuls of his thick hair she shoves his face harder into her sopping wet cunt. He tongue fucks her, lapping up her girl cum as it flows from her sex like rain from a gutter. Her sweet salty flavor drives him wild with passion, he lifts his face from her crotch.

“Get on your hands and knees, right now baby. I wanna fuck you doggy style.”

She wastes no time doing what he ask. Laying facedown with her ass up, she reaches back spreading her butt cheeks wide. “Here it is baby. Now fuck me like a dog,” she says playfully. He kneels behind her, shoving his long hard shaft deep within her sopping wet pussy.

Her voice trembles with joyful anticipation. “Oh fuck yesss Jack. Now fuck meee.”

She’s so wet, he loves how wet she is. He begins fucking her hard, because for some reason since she’s became pregnant, she likes being rough fucked. And he likes doing it this way. His hips slam into her firm full asscheeks, it feels like she’s being spanked every time he shoves inside her. Having her butt-cheeks slapped like this is such a turn on.

Jack feels her cunt muscles flexing around his cock, letting him know she’s enjoying what he’s doing, and the way he’s doing it. This is the second time this evening they’ve made love, the first time they made love he fucked her slow and sensual, but now he’s screwing her fast and furious. She peers back over her shoulder, her green eyes and pleasured smile show approval of the way he’s making love to her.

Seeing her pretty face, and loving smile he suddenly feels the urge to cum. When they first began fooling around, which was soon after their children and their teenage friends left for the beach. Grace dropped to her knees giving him a quick blow job, she made him cum while he stood near the sliding glass doors watching the kids walk away. Now after making love to Grace for over an hour he’s ready to orgasm again. Now as he rams his seven inch shaft deep inside her wet snatch, he feels warm tingling sensations rushing from deep within his groin.

He tries holding back wanting to enjoy his beautiful wife’s sex a little longer, but its of no use. Suddenly he grunts, his balls tighten, his butt cheeks clinch, his body trembles he fills her cunt with his hot seed. Grunting he rams his throbbing shaft deep inside his beautiful brown haired green eyed wife’s cunt, all the while enjoying the feeling of her cunt walls milking every last drop of his seed from his groin. Sweat flows down Jack’s body, and likewise sweat roles down Grace’s back and swollen breast.

Now completely spent, both forty something lovers suddenly fall on their sides embracing each other in a loving spooning entanglement. They both lay gasping for breath, not speaking, just enjoying the moment of a very nice final climax. After about thirty minutes of complete blissful silence Grace speaks.

“Jack…I’m worried about Kayla, the past three months have been really tuff on the poor girl.”

Jack kissed her on the shoulder. “Yes I am too,” he said. “But did you see her face light up today, when Danny showed up. And she really got excited when we let her know, he’s staying here with us for the week.”

Grace caressed her pregnant belly. “Yesterday, I saw her staring at my belly. I know she’s having a hard time dealing with the abortion. And to top it all off, I know she’s dealing with what that son of a bitch Jones did to her.”

Hearing motherly concern in her voice, he hugs her a little tighter. “Your helping her sweetheart. With your help and Alyssa’s too, I know she’ll pull through this. And lucky for her, you just happen to work for one of the best psychiatrist in town, and she’s helping too,” he kisses her cheek and whispers. “Now try and stop worrying, ok.”

She rolled over on her back and looked in his eyes. “I cant stop worrying Jack. I’m a mother, its what us mothers do best….And speaking of mothers, Liz called me earlier today. She wants to see her daughter, I told her I’d talk with Kayla, but she’s been in and out of the house so much today. Then she took that long nap this afternoon, I feel so bad about this Jack, but it slipped my mind to tell Kayla she called.”

He smiled and rubbed her belly. “Like I said babe, don’t worry. And now that you’ve told me, I’ll remind you to tell Kayla about her mother in the morning,” kiss. “Now come on lets take a shower. It’ll make us both feel better, then we’ll get some sleep after that.”

He knows Grace all to well, she’s a good mother through and through. And yes, over the past few months she’s surprised him with unexpected events; like having a one time sexual fling with his son. And in return she caught him having a little sexual playtime in their own bed, with her daughter of all people; of which she admitted offhandedly hinting for Alyssa to seduce him. But even with all prior events considered Grace is a good mother, and a good wife.

He remembers the way she gladly accepted the roll of being Kayla’s foster mother. And even though she’s with child, she’s enjoying being Kayla’s temporary mother until Liz Morison gets her act back together. They both know Mrs. Morison’s situation hasn’t been very good lately, or over the past years either. Liz’s husband left her for another woman, then left town, abandoning her and Kayla. Jack gave Grace a quick peck on the cheek, then told her what he’s thinking.

“I know why Liz was so easily mislead by that Carlson Church. She went there looking for answers from god, about why her life’s so fucked up. And being heartbroken and lonely, it made her an easy target for that cult. At least that’s what I call that church. I mean what kind of a pastor names a church after himself, to me that’s a cult. And cults love vulnerable people like Liz Morrison.”

He stood from the bed, taking Grace by the hand. “Now come on, lets get cleaned up. Just thinking about people like pastor Carlson and his good buddy pastor Jones, it just makes me feel fucking filthy, how about you babe?”

“Yeah me too,” she gasps having slight trouble standing up. “Come on sweetie, I’ll wash your back and you can wash mine.”

Chapter 27, Sunday morning show down.

During breakfast Kayla told Jack and Grace of her plan to confront pastor Carlson, and his congregation. And seeing the young blond haired blue eyed girls personality seemed to change from an unusually quiet girl, back to the happy energetic teenager she once was; but now with the radical attitude of a nineteen sixties hippie. Both Jack and Grace decided they’ll join her, and her radical teenage followers Alyssa, Brad and Danny.

Arriving at the church, they find pastor Alan Carlson standing at the doorway of his church alongside his wife Olivia, and his slender red haired blue eyed sixteen year old daughter Kimberly. They’re greeting the congregation as they come strolling in for his ten A.M. sermon. As they walk towards the church from the parking lot, Alyssa and Kayla see someone they hoped would be attending church today. It’s Mary Jones, and her overweight mother Martha. Martha’s standing beside pastor Carlson’s wife Olivia, a women who looks quite a bit like her daughter Kimberly

Mary of course is standing close to Kimberly; who unbeknown to her parents is Mary’s secret lesbian lover. There’s a long line of parishioners arriving this morning, all due to pastor Carlson’s orders to attend church and pray for his assistant pastor James Jones, who is now awaiting trial for rape. As Jack, Grace, Alyssa and Brad along with Kayla and Danny step near pastor Carlson. He thinks they’re all new church visitors.

Alan Carlson, a tall man with short brown hair and wire rimmed glasses smiles and greets them. He’s actually met Kayla a couple times before, but that was a few years back when she was younger, and less filled out then she is now. Seeing Jack and Grace are the eldest of the group he greets them first.

“Good morning, I’m so pleased you’ve come to visit our church today,” he says smiling.

Martha Jones suddenly speaks up in an ornery tone. “Don’t let that young blond haired Jezebel in, that’s Kayla Morrison. She’s the one who’s accusing my husband of rape.”

Suddenly the entire crowd went silent, but Olivia Carlson speaks in Kayla’s defense.

“Martha, you mind your manors. She’s one of gods children, she belongs here just as much as anyone else,” Olivia took Kayla by the hand. “I’ve recently spoke with your mother. She tells me, your not on speaking terms with her. I think it’s just so ungodly wrong, for you to be on the outs like this with your mother child.”

“Well don’t you worry Olivia,” said Kayla. “Because I called her this morning, I was hoping mom would be here by now.”

Just as she finished speaking, Liz Morrison hugs her from behind, her voice trembles with emotion. “Oh baby. I’m so glad you called me, I’ve missed you so much.”

Grace looks on with mixed emotions, she’s glad Kayla’s working things out with her mother. But she’s taken care of her for three months, and during these past months, she’s held the girl when she broke down after the abortion. And she’s done her best to be there for her during other hard times she’s gone through as well. As this goes on Alyssa peers into Mary Jones’s dark brown eyes, trying to get some kind of a reaction from her. Trying another approach she speaks bluntly.

“I know your secret Mary. I think its time you tell someone, don’t you?”

Mary’s lips quiver her voice trembles. “I don’t know what your talking about.”

Seeing her daughters reaction to what Alyssa said Martha spoke up in a huff.

“You’re Alyssa Dean aren’t you?”

Alyssa tries her best to be civil. “Yes mam, but how do you know my name?”

Martha replies contemptuously. “You’re the one who attacked Mary in the high school bathroom a few months back. And I just happen to know, from what Mrs. Morrison told me. You’re having sex with your own stepbrother. Huh, I know all about you little miss Dean. If it wouldn’t have been for you seducing Kayla into having lesbian sex, my husband would be a free man right now.”

Grace heard Martha and quickly cut in. “Don’t you talk to my daughter like that lady,” she paused looking the chubby dark haired woman over. “If there’s anyone to blame, its your husband. And I just happen to know, your daughter Mary’s hiding a secret,” she directs her attention to Mary. “Sweetie, its up to you. Don’t keep it to yourself, let it out.”

The frank motherly way she spoke, did grab Mary’s attention and Martha’s too. She took Mary by the hand, quickly leading her away inside the church saying no more. Grace and Alyssa both notice the woman seems to be forcing Mary to hide the truth. As they watch them walk away, both wanting to beat Martha to a pulp pastor Carlson interrupts there thoughts.

“Come on inside everyone, it’s much cooler inside, and its getting late. I have great sermon planned today, and I’m eager to get started.”

Once inside everyone took their seats. Jack, Grace and the rest of their gang found an empty pew. Brad and Alyssa sat next to each other, Danny and Kayla sat together and Liz sat next to her only child. With everyone in their seats pastor Carlson called for everyone to bow their heads in prayer, then he began to pray.

“Oh lord, please take care of brother Jones in his time of need. And we pray oh god in haven, that he’s found innocent of these charges brought against him.”

Hearing pastor Carlson pray, only caring about Jim Jones and his troubles. And hearing him pray for gods help in his exoneration. Unadulterated anger rushes through Kayla’s mind like a run away train. She quickly stands up blurting out for all to hear.

“Dammit, wait just a minute, what about me. Your so called brother Jones raped me, he tied me to a bed and he raped me. If my boyfriend and my friends wouldn’t have came in when they did that night, he might have murdered me too. But the only one you seem to care about is good old pastor Jones. What about me, I’m the victim here, not him!”

The entire congregation grumbled. Pastor Carlson spoke from the pulpit. “Young lady, your interrupting our prayer service. Now please sit down, or I’ll have you thrown out of my church.”

This angered Jack, he’s been holding his temper up until now. He stood up so did Grace, along with Brad, Alyssa and Danny, and even Kayla’s mother Liz; who’s now finally seeing how self-righteous pastor Carlson really is. Jack spoke out, loud and clear.

“No pastor Carlson, let her talk. She’s right, my god sir you should be ashamed of yourself for backing a scumbag like Jim Jones. For the past three months Kayla’s gone through hell, trying to get her life back together. Now let her speak, then once she’s had her say, we’ll leave your so called church.”

It must’ve been the fact that he’s a lean six foot tall man with a working mans tan, and a very demanding way of letting himself be heard. Because when he spoke pastor Carlson shut his mouth, and said no more. Suddenly everyone directs their attention to the cute young blond named Kayla. She’s standing up between her tall red haired boyfriend and Alyssa. Now feeling in control, and ready to take her life back she spoke.

“I came here today with a few things to say. First of all everyone, I’m no Jezebel as Martha Jones called me earlier. The bible says Jezebel was a whore, and an enemy of god. I’m none of those things, I’m just a normal girl who was raped by Jim Jones at your churches farce of a sexual reorientation camp. And no I’m not a lesbian, but during a discussion I had last night with my best friend Alyssa. I’ve come to believe, both she and I are just slightly bisexual.” Alyssa blushed, not expecting what she said.

She hugged Alyssa, then went on. “I love this pretty girl, but not as much as I love my boyfriend Danny,” she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “But anyway ladies and gents, I came here today to give my opinion about something. Lately we’ve all been hearing a lot of chatter in the media about gay men and women being able to marry. A lot of Christians don’t believe this should happen, they believe gays are an abomination of god. But wait a minute, doesn’t the bible say God created us in his image. Well then if that’s true, then he created gay men and woman too.”

The congregation grumbled, Jack, Brad and Danny looked sternly around the room gesturing with their hands for silence. To the onlookers they look like tuff mafia bodyguards, once again everyone went silent. Now feeling confident she’s well protected Kayla speaks again, this time she directs her attention to Mary Jones.

“Mary, your father told me what he did to you. Its time to let it out Mary, I know its hard to do this, but you need to talk to someone about what he did.”

Seeing Kayla’s assured defiance of the church Mary quickly stood up, and with tears flowing down her face she told everyone. “Two years ago, my father caught me in the arms of another girl, he freaked out. The next weekend after that, he took me up to the church’s retreat. He locked me up in the same cabin where he raped Kayla, and he raped me….He raped me all weekend long, telling me god told him to show me what being with a man is like….”

The entire congregation gasped in shock. An elderly woman fainted, her white haired eighty year old husband kept her from falling to the floor and helps her sit down.

Martha tries stopping her daughter from saying more, pulling on Mary’s hand she tells her. “No Mary, sit down. I told you not to say anything.” Mary scowls at her.

“Let go of me mother, let me talk. He’s in jail now, he cant control me, or you anymore.”

Chapter 28. Mary’s ordeal.

Suddenly, what happened two years ago comes back to her young mind with every dirty detail. She’s not standing fully clothed in front of the church congregation, she’s at the cabin completely nude. And worse of all she’s kneeling on her hands and knees, on an old king-size brass bed. Her dark haired father’s kneeling behind her, shoving his erection deep inside her once virgin sex. As he rapes her, he asks.

“Do you hear him Mary, do you hear Gods voice asking you to repent your sins.”

This was the last day, of a terrifying weekend alone with her insane father. He began raping her almost as soon as they arrived Friday night. She tried fighting him off, but lost when he locked the only door to her escape then tied her to the bed. As he tied her up, she heard him talking to himself, or least that’s what she thought at first.

“She’s my little girl lord, but if you say this will save her soul then I’ll do as you ask.”

Unlike what happened to Kayla, which only lasted a few terrifying hours. Her molestation lasted an entire weekend, and as he did this horrible deed he kept asking. “Do you hear god? Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days. And suddenly after time past by, she began hearing God’s voice too. Now as he fucks his only daughter, she hears the voice. Its a deep echoing voice, it echoes in her mind not from the room around her. She pants a reply, feeling an unwanted orgasm rising from deep within.

“I hear you lord. And I repent my sins, I’ll never be with another girl again.”

Unlike Kayla, when he raped his daughter he used a condom. She remembers him telling her as he rolled the condom over his long thick erection.

“The lord tells me, I mustn’t get you pregnant. But also he tells me, it’s my duty to teach you being with a man is the way he’s planned it. And it’s my duty as your father to teach you.”

Now as he takes her from behind, she cums. He feels the inner walls of her cunt flexing around his cock. “Oh yes Mary, you’re having an orgasm. Does it feel good Mary, do you like what being with a man feels like?” said god’s voice, or was it her fathers voice, she’s never been sure. She remembers answering back feeling so ashamed.

“Yes lord it feels good, but please make it stop this is wrong...He’s my father!”

Her father pulls out, then forces her to lay on her back. Being too weak to fight him, she lets him spread her legs, then he enters her once more. He whispers in her ear. “Wrap your legs around me Mary.” By this time, she’s not sure if the voice is her fathers, or the voice of who he says is god. She weakly wraps her long legs around his backside. He begins quickly thrusting inside her, and once again she feels the unwanted orgasm tingling from somewhere deep inside her young body. She tries thinking of things which have nothing to do with sex, just to make the shameful pleasurable feeling go away, but nothing works.

She hears gods voice. “Tell him Mary, tell him to fuck you harder.” She tries ignoring the voice, but it keeps echoing in her head. “Tell him Mary, tell him now!” Fearing gods wrath, she began screaming out.

“Fuck me daddy...fuck me harder…He wants you to fuck me harder daddy.”

Her father does what she begs for, telling her. “You heard gods voice, didn't you Mary..I heard him too.”

He began slamming into her sex like an animal, her pleasure turned to pain, she welcomed the pain because it brought her back to her senses. It was at this time, with the intense pain shooting through her young body. She swore she’ll never be with another man again. Her father began grunting, she felt his cock throbbing against her vaginal walls, she knew he came, and she thanked god he wore that fucking condom.

Back to the present, Olivia Carlson’s sitting next to Martha and Mary. She speaks in a shocked angry voice. “Martha, did you know what James did?” Martha’s skin grew flush, she remembers her husband telling her. God told me to show our daughter his plan.

Years ago, when she married Jim she began hearing him talk to god. After years of this happening, simple minded Martha believed her husband could actually hear the voice of god, and communicate with the lord too. Then came the day when Mary told her what happened. Like a good wife, not a good mother, she told Mary. He did the right thing, and he did no harm to you, because god approved of what he did. Now feeling out of control, not having James around to tell her what to say Martha told Olivia and the entire church.

“Yes I knew everything Olivia, but it’s ok because Jim talks with god….Mary told me what happened, and I told her it was ok. He was just teaching her about gods plan for men to be with women, not with their own sex, huh. We all know that’s a sin, don’t we Olivia.”

Martha kept talking and the more she talked the more she incriminated herself.

“James and I spent the entire week up at the retreat with Kayla. And I’m telling you Olivia that girls a real piece of work. She told us, she’s been having sex with her boyfriend, and she told me she’s bisexual. Olivia, when she told me that I went to my husband and told him. You changed Mary years ago with what you did, then you should do the same thing with her. I took the bus back home, and Jim went back to the retreat to do gods work with Kayla.”

She told everything, even going as far as to tell Olivia and the entire congregation about things Jim did with other young girls before they moved from Alabama. As she exposes her husbands exploits, and the cover ups she’s done for him over the years. Olivia thinks of a young teenage girl runaway, who came to the church looking for a place to stay and something to eat.

The girl stayed for a few days in the churches guest bedroom then disappeared, her body was found in a wooded area just a few miles from the church about a week later. That was four years ago, six months after Jim took the assistant pastor job for the church. A cold chill ran down Olivia’s back, as she remembers he took a special interest in the girl. She looked into Martha’s eyes hoping for an answer.

“Martha, do you remember that young runaway girl named Briana. She came to us looking for help a few years ago. I remember James spending time with her?”

It didn’t take long for Olivia and everyone else to see in Martha’s facial expressions, that she knew exactly what happened to Briana. Tears ran down her face as she confessed what she knew.

“He told me that girl came on to him. He said he told her, he’s a happily married man, and she shouldn’t do such a thing. He told me, she attacked him. He said he feared for his life and his soul, because she was possessed by Satan. He said he fought with her, and she fell back hitting her head on that bedside table in the guest room.”

Olivia gasp in horror, and so did everyone else. “Martha, you know the police found her body in the woods down the road a few years ago. My god Martha, you knew what he did and you never told anyone.”

The entire church began to rumble with chattering talk from every angle of the room. Martha spoke in a low voice. “He told me god said not to tell, he said if I ever told anyone. God would make me disappear too, and he’d send my soul to hell.”

Hearing Martha’s confession, Kayla slipped from the room into a nearby hallway. Fearing the church will try covering this up, she took her cell phone from her purse and quickly dialed the personal cell number of a female detective who’s been working her case. “Hello, who’s this,” says detective Carla Sanchez in a groggy feminine voice.

“This is Kayla Morrison, I’m at the Carlson family church. Get here as soon as you can Carla, because Martha Jones is confessing a whole shit load of things her husbands done. I know this sounds crazy, but she just confessed she knows her husband murdered some girl named Briana…Hurry down here, get here before she leaves.”

Kayla finished talking, but Carla’s end was still silent. “Hey Carla, are you still there,” she enquired fearing the woman fell back to sleep.

“Yes Kayla, I’m still here….I’m just trying to take this all in is all. Are you there alone?”

“No, I’m here with my boyfriend and the Wilson family, why.”

“Ok good, because here’s what I want you to do.” Just as Carla finished talking, Alyssa came in. “Kayla, who are you talking to?”

“I just spoke with my friend detective Sanchez, she’s sending a patrol car over, but she wants us to block the doors and make sure no one leaves until it gets here. She’s coming too, but the patrol officer will get here first. Come on, lets get Brad and Danny’s help, and Jack’s too.”

No one noticed them talking with Brad, Danny and Jack. The men took their post in front of four exit doors, Grace stood by Jack’s side. The congregation seems to be in shock, they’re talking amongst themselves, never seeing their exits being blocked.

The next bombshell to be dropped was from Kimberly Carlson, she stood up confessing her secret. Hugging her crying lover Mary Jones she tells everyone.

“Mom…Dad, it’s time I tell you my secret, because I’m not going to hide my feelings for Mary any longer. Mom and Dad….I’m proud to say, I’m a lesbian.”

This bombshell made more of an impact on the congregation then any other confession they’ve heard this morning. Suddenly out of the blue, a seventy-eight year old woman named Hazel stood up confusingly telling everyone.

“I’m a thespian! I loved being involved in the theatrical arts. Now don’t go knocking Kimberly, just because she’s been bitten by the acting bug.”

The old woman’s husband spoke up. “No Hazel, Kimberly didn’t say she’s a thespian….She said she’s a lesbian.” The entire congregation broke out laughing.

Grace chuckled in Jack’s ear. “Now that’s what I call comic relief.”

Chapter 29. Sunday night, back at the beach house.

It’s now clear that Kayla’s little self help plan did wonders for her troubled mind. After confronting the the Carlson church, and coaxing Mary to confess what happened to her, while unintentionally causing Martha Jones to confess everything she’s been covering up for her husband all these years, including an unsolved murder. After all this Kayla’s been walking around all afternoon and into the evening with a smile replacing the frown, which had once previously taken over her cute face for the past few months.

It’s now mid evening just after dinner time back at the beach house, they’ve all just enjoyed freshly grilled steak along with all the trimmings of a southern backyard barbeque, out on the beachside homes screened in patio. Now they’re all relaxing around the dinner table enjoying the ocean breeze. Its a beautiful moonlit night, with clear sky’s above exposing a dazzling display of stars in the nights sky. After sipping her glass of soda, instead a much needed glass of red wine or a cold beer, Grace speaks of the days events.

“I just cant get over the look on Martha Jones’s face when those cops, and that detective showed up at church this afternoon.”

“Yes mom, that was priceless,” said Alyssa. “And seeing the look of fear in her eyes, when they cuffed her then sat her in the backseat of their squad was priceless too. But I never expected Mary to stand up and tell the entire church what happened to her. I’ve never seen her like that before, she was so ashamed at first. But after she finished, it was like a weight was lifted from her shoulders.”

Kayla cut in. “Now we know why she’s always been the bully she is at school. All these years she’s been hiding what her father did to her. Maybe now that she and Kimberly are finally able to be what they are, without hiding the fact they’re lesbians, she’ll be a nicer person.”

“No,” said Danny. “I think she inherited her meanness from her father. From what I heard during that little true confession get together today, it seems to me good old James Jones is a conniving control freak, just like she is. Shit I’ve seen the way she leads Kim Carlson around school. I just have to laugh sometimes, its as if she’s her little pet.”

Brad cut in. “I remember hearing about that girls body being found, then the news media stopped reporting anything more about the case. Now we know who did it,” he pats Danny’s shoulder. “Hopefully we’ll get our wish, maybe that fucker will fry in old sparky after all. Its just too bad that poor girl was murdered, just for going to that church for a safe place to stay and something to eat.”

Jack spoke up. “If they do decide to execute the guy, in Florida he’s got the right to choose between electrocution or lethal injection. I hope he chooses old sparky myself.”

Fearing the after dinner conversations ruining her good mood Kayla sneaks a hand between her boyfriends legs. Danny lurches feeling her gently squeezing his cock, through the thin material of his floral print swim shorts.

“Hey baby,” she says with a sly smile. “What do’ya say, we go to bed early tonight.”

Everyone at the table oohed and aahed, hearing what she said and the way she said it.Being flirted with in front a small crowd made Danny blush, she kept fondling his cock under the table and he quickly gave into her request. He stood up with the large bulge of his manhood poking up under his shorts.

“Whoa,” Alyssa says jokingly. “Hey Danny, your pitching a tent under your shorts.”

Kayla stands up smiling at everyone, making sure to stand in front of her embarrassed lover.“Thanks for dinner Jack and Grace,” she says. “Now please excuse us,” she faked a yawn. “I'm sooo tired, aren’t you Danny?” “Um…Oh yes!” he says smiling.

She took him by the hand leading him away. “Good night everyone,” she says. “And hey, don’t wake us too early, because we’ll probably be staying up late tonight.”

Danny and Kayla wasted no time getting to their bedroom, once inside Danny pulls his cute blond haired blue eyed lover in for a long passionate kiss. As they kiss, Kayla fondles his growing erection, as he lifts her blue camisole top from her body. She unties his floral print surfing shorts, as she drops to her knees Danny removes her top. On her knees in the moonlit room, she takes him in her mouth. Feeling her soft lips and wet tongue against his sensitive cock flesh, he moans approvingly.

The taste of his precum always turns her on, she laps the sweet salty clear fluid from the tip of his cock. Danny’s knees shake, he grasp the door knob fearing he’ll fall. The days events fade from her mind as she licks and sucks her teenage lovers erection. Tonight for Kayla, there’s no daydream nightmare of Jim Jones, or that horrible nightmare where she hears that terrifying voice telling her, she’ll go to hell for aborting his baby. The only thing she hears is Danny’s heavy breathing as she pleases him with loving licks and kisses up and down his stiff cock.

She stops what she’s doing and looks up at her tall lover. “Make love to me Danny,” she pleads. He leads her to the bed and gently lays her down. He kisses his way down her body stopping at the waste band of her dark blue denim shorts, he slowly unsnaps them then quickly yanks them off along with her panties, causing Kayla to giggle in surprised delight. “Spread your sexy legs baby,” he says. She spreads for him, he kneels on the floor then begins licking and sucking the soft wet pink folds of her cunt lips.

She thrust her hips upwards, shoving her tingling cunt harder into his mouth lips and tongue. “Oh fuck yes Danny, that feels so good!” He shoves two fingers deep inside, now as he eats her he fingers her too. Sounds of her wetness echo through the room. Tasting his lovers juices as they flow from her cunt excites him, his cock aches with his desire to enter her. Feeling she’s about to cum, she grasp a handful of his red hair pulling his face from her crotch, in a soft voice she tells him what she wants next.

“Fuck me baby, I need you inside me. And most of all, I want you on top of me.”

“Are you sure,” he says, remembering what happened last night on the beach.

“Yes Danny, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” Danny began rummaging through his overnight bag for a condom. “No Danny, I want your bare cock inside me,” she says confidently.

“But what if I get you…preg.” She pulled him in planting a kiss on his lips cutting him off. “Don’t worry about getting me pregnant. I took one of Alyssa’s birth control pills today now we can do it bare back. Now come on big boy, put your big old dick inside me. Please do it now!”

Hearing her beg like this arouses him, he lets his little head do the thinking for the big head. As he enters her, they both feel the warm rush of skin on skin. He knows perfectly well, birth control takes more than a few hours to take affect, but he doesn’t care. As a mater of fact, he welcomes the idea of creating a baby with the love of his life. Kayla’s voice trembles in his ear. “I love you Danny, make love to me.” And making love is what he does. He begins with long deep slow thrust inside the love of his life’s sex. Shoving deep she gasp with pleasure, he whispers softly in her ear.

“I love you Kayla, I love you more then anything in this entire crazy world.”

Knowing what Kayla’s really up to, Grace decides she wants to play too. She leans over whispering in Jack’s ear playfully rubbing his crotch under the table. “Lets go to bed.” she flirts. Jack pulls her in for a deep kiss, trapping her hand between his legs. Brad and Alyssa spy on their parents from their viewpoint at the far side of the round outdoor dinner table. Alyssa reaches between Brad's legs finding he’s becoming aroused, he leans in for a kiss, but suddenly a simple kiss becomes a long deep lovers kiss.

Jack and Grace break from their kiss finding the stepsibling lovers kissing just as they were. Jack’s about to say goodnight, but Grace stops him. She leads him away holding his hand with a playful come hither look in her green eyes.

“Take me to bed sweetie,” she says playfully. “There’s romance in the air, and I want a piece of it.”

Brad and Alyssa break from there long deep kiss, finding themselves completely alone

“Well,” says Alyssa. “I guess we should go to bed too.”

Brad shook his head no. “Being as we’re finally alone, lets go for a walk on the beach. I’ve been wanting to ask you something, but I cant ask you here.”

Alyssa shrugged in confusion. “What do you wanna ask, and why cant you ask me here?”

He didn’t speak, he just bent down and picked up the old blanket they’ve been using for a beach blanket.

“Come with me babe, I’ll tell you when we get to the right spot on the beach.”

Enjoying the mystery she took his hand letting him lead her out to the beach. Out on the beach they walked hand in hand for a long time without speaking, just enjoying the sounds of light ocean waves breaking over the shore. Finally Brad stopped walking at the shoreline near the same spot where they went out behind the sand mounds with Danny and Kayla. Looking away from the beach, Alyssa sees the sand mounds where they were last night. She smiles back at him, thinking he’ll make love to her there.

“Oh I see what your up too,” she says taking his hand trying to lead him to the sand mounds. “Hey wait a minute babe,” says Brad, pulling her body to his. He kisses her then drops to one knee in front of her. “Brad, what the heck are you…” She stops speaking seeing something small round and shiny in his fingertips.

He smiles looking up at her. “Alyssa Dean, will you marry me. I know we’re both way to young to tie the knot right now, but time is what we need. We both have plans to finish school, then go on to college. But Alyssa, I love you. I’ve never loved any girl the way I love you,” his voice trembles. “Well what do ya say….Will you marry me or not?”

Alyssa suddenly feels as if her young hearts going to beat from her chest, she feels weak in the knees and most of all wet between her legs. She wiped tears of joy from her eyes.

“Yes Bradley Wilson, I’ll marry you,” she said, not believing she actually said the words. He took her hand, then slipped a shiny silver and gold engagement ring over her ring finger. She looked it over, finding a small diamond imbedded in the shiny band.

His voice trembles. “I know its nothing fancy, but it’s all I can afford right now. But one day babe, I’ll cover your fingers and your beautiful body in the best things money can buy.”

She pulled him up from the beach, hugging him tight she tells him. “Oh Bradley Wilson, your such a sweet talker, but you know what. All I really want from you, is your love and your last name,” she giggled. “I’m sure glad Jack never adopted me.”

Brad took her by the hand. “Come on babe, we’re alone again, just like that weekend when you and I found out, how we really feel about each other. As she follows him, she remembers the first time they kissed. It was in the kitchen of their home back in Tampa. Once behind the grass covered sand mounds, she pulls him in placing her lips on his.

Pulling away she tells him. “Damn I love kissing you.” He quickly spreads the blanket out, then gently pulls her down. She’s wearing a pink tank top and white shorts. He’s wearing a simple black t-shirt and his favorite pair of Florida gator surf shorts. She begins untying his shorts, as he removes her tank top. Laying her back, he yanks her shorts down along with her panties. Tossing her garments aside he lays on his belly then buries his face between her legs. “Damn baby,” she jokes. “You most be hungry.”

But all to soon, her joking turns to loud moans of pleasure. He fingers her, her hips buck out of control. “Oh god yes…Bradley Wilson. That’s just what I need,” she howles. He works his body around, dangling his bare cock over her face. She quickly takes his cock between her full pink lips. He moans. “Ahh yes baby, now that’s just what I need.”

They sixty-nine for a good while, letting the cool ocean breeze caress their bare skin. Finally Brad can take no more of Alyssa’s expert oral skills. He pulls from her mouth, turns his body around, then enters his young green eyed lovers sex. She moans out loud, her moans echo through the night air, mixing with the breaking waves at the shoreline.

He makes love slow at first, they kiss deeply exploring each others mouths with their tongues. She wraps her legs around his backside, he begins thrusting harder inside the sopping wet walls of her cunt. Once again Alyssa’s pleasured moans echo over the beach.Brad grunts loud, his grunts echo across the beach too. They both sweat, it only enhances their pleasure. She takes charge, flipping her leg up she forces him to the bottom. Now she’s on top, he plays with her small pert breast.

She rides him hard smiling down at him, he loves her smile. It both pleases him and arouses him when he sees her smile. Her long chestnut brown hair blows in the light sea breeze. He moans feeling cum rising deep within his groin, her tight young ass slaps against his thighs. He tries holding back, but there’s no use in trying. Just seeing her young slender body, half blocking the full moon behind her is a complete turn on.

His warm hard cock, being shoved deep within her tight cunt brings her over the edge. She cums, just as he cums. The feeling of his hot sperm flooding the walls of her cunt, becomes too much for her. Weakened by his hard cock she falls forward into his arms. They lay for an unknown time, not speaking just enjoying the afterglow of their love making. Finally Alyssa rolls over on her back.

“Whew, now that was nice,” she says out of breath.

Brad leans on his elbow placing his free hand over her beating heart. She looks up smiling enjoying his touch. “Kiss me,” she says. “I love the way you kiss me.”

THE END. 8/5/14. I'm thinking sequel, what do you think of that. Maybe something where the stepsiblings and their friends go to college.


2016-05-13 06:33:41
ok so read all that and I have to say man... stop fucking rushing your work!!! yes its a good story and you did a decent job writing however the constant errors with words such a Theirs instead of there's also tuff??? its spelled Tough. please find a different writing tool, one that will make your work a little better. also what is with all the "huh"s?? are you using it for a sigh or just a filler for lack of a word? you do have skill I admit that. However, you need to take your time proofreading and editing your stories. now I know this might sound like I'm being a dick, and maybe I am but please slow it down. think of writing like foreplay you start slow and tease before going into the down and dirty stuff. also be best if you separated the speech of characters by moving them into another paragraph. in closing you have potential and it needs to be refined. good luck with your other works, and I hope to see you improve.


2015-11-26 12:25:11
Incredible! One of the best stories i'very read on this site. Turned me on, made me so wet at times, but I really feel in love with the characters too.

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2014-08-10 11:37:07
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Please make that sequel SOON AND QUICK. Great job man.


2014-02-21 23:08:45
Omg love your story. i read all parts and its my favorite story on this site. Great job lovee it!


2013-08-31 09:02:00
I'm looking for someones help in re editing my 7 part series of Home alone with Alyssa. If your interested log in and pm me at papaprv. If you're interested I'll discuss it with you there. Or if you know someone on this site who proof reads and edits that would be nice too.

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