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Alpha six is pinned down... hehe
Her team had landed but three hours before. Already her team were all wiped out. The only alive was her. Cory, Mack, Dillion, and Russ, men she had served with for three years all torn apart in the blink of an eye.
They had entered a cave on the undiscovered world. As far as they knew the planet was safe. The air was breathable. No vicious plant life, (A new safety precaution since a month or so before a captain arrived on earth with her whole crew wiped out.) the creatures didn’t appear to very dangerous. But there was one area radiating with energy on the planet. A cave. It wasn’t a volcano, and it was impossible to probe the inside. Scans would go through the lead surface of the cave, the inside was unknown. When the drop ship had landed and the scans were manually taken the lead was too deep in the mountain. It wouldn’t affect them. With particle rifles they entered the cave and light Plastanium armor (A plastic fiber made with bits of steel creating a plastic steel hybrid armor. Light as plastic, hard as titanium.) cautiously.
Their armor was a dull greyish green. A large chest piece, leggings, boots, armguards neck and shoulder guards a back piece and a helmet, with a red bandana under it, made up the armor. The rest was an underlying hybrid mix of ballistic rubber gel, and a light synthetic, the suit was skin tight. Mobility without the risk of giving up protection. Andrea was their medic. With pale purple hair that seemed to spike downwards when her helmet was off she had fairly short and light hair. Her eyes a brilliant green and her lips were outlined black and covered with whitish blue lipstick. Her nails longer then regulations allowed and also colored purple, another thing regulations were against but she cared little neither did any of the crew. She wasn’t sure if she trusted the air in the cave so she began to scan the air, falling a few yards behind, to pull the equipment from her bag when flying monster fell from the ceiling and began tearing her men apart. Large insect like creatures with four large legs, wings, and pincers. Their heads had wavy green lines on them and they had long thick tails. Whatever the monsters were they didn’t seem to notice her, and instead of scanning the air she used it to scan them, and ran.
Here she was now. Sprinting who knows where inside this maze of a cave. She finally came to a halt, breathing hard she knew she had to formulate a plan. Her rifle was on her back and her scanner was still in hand. She looked at the results from the scanner.

She lifted let her hands fall with a sigh, her insides twisting. “Great… my brains are going to be eaten.” She said quietly looking around.
“Russ, Dillion, anyone?” a voice came over her wrist comm.
Her hand immediately pressed the button answering it. “Cap’in!” she cried over the comm keeping a tough attitude.
“HM3 Jolie, status report, we lost your signal as soon as you entered the cave.”
“Skipper, we met with hostile forces, a lot of them. They tore my team apart. I’ve gotten to a part of the cave where I’m safe and can get through I guess.”
“Jolie, I don’t know how you got there but you are literally so deep into the cave you’ve passed the lead zone. You’re deep in the ground. I’m sending two teams down soon, but first I gotta know what I’m dealing with first.” He said,
“I’m sending you a scan I got on them. It’s bad sir.” She said suddenly turning around hearing a noise from down the way.
“I’m quippin’ them with flamethrowers. We’ll be there. Over and out.” He said casually.
She was pretty sure they weren’t going to make it though. There was some kind of purple liquid on the ground. She had no clue what it was. There also appeared to be some kind of violet haze in the cave that actually illuminated it somewhat. She turned her scanner on to transmit. She had a mostly clear signal to the ship.
She set to any previously scanned unknown species. She was about to die and she didn’t want it to be for nothing.
She readied her particle rifle going to one knee aiming her rifle, closing one eye. Her CRCO targeted four red circles in the distance. She looked at the closest one and opened fire. Her plasma bolts ripped across the cavern in a steady stream. She unloaded at least fifty shots before the blip went down. They were considerably closer now. She began firing at another as they closed into forty meters. It went down. She immediately moved her care of fire to the next closest. She began her assault on the creature as it closest in. It got to twenty yards and dropped. She began firing at the next. When the horrifying metallic pinging noise came from her rifle. She dropped the clip from the rifle and slapped another in, she got off less than three rounds when the creature smacked her in the head with something. If it weren’t for her helmet she would have been dead, she was sure of that. She saw her weapon only a few feet from her head, she herself was knocked to the ground. She reached out for it when something grabbed her wrist. She looked over and saw a deep moldy colored purple tentacle grasping her wrist. She looked at it with terror before she reached out with her other hand as fast as possible. Again, another tentacle held her firm.
It pulled both of her hands back as it dropped to the ground between her legs. Another two tentacles quickly spread her legs complete making her do the splits, also putting her arms under her spread legs. Pressing its body right against her privates she struggled not sure what this creature had all in mind. She kept her head straight, her chin in the purple liquid, the liquid bubbled up around her a bit. Perhaps at her warm skin, or maybe to this creatures presence. It didn’t matter. She felt the hooks of the creature as it tore off her waist piece, then tore through the synthetic fibers of her suit. It made slithering sounds as pincers snapped and clicked above her. She felt something hard slither up her back, her lower half was bare and exposed. She felt the hard object suddenly cut her chin strap pulling her helmet clean off. Her hair was almost backwards. Long bangs in the front that went past her chin, then got progressively shorter as it went back. She wondered if this is how the creature took the minds. By sickly slamming this hook into its victims skulls. Suddenly another came up her back, it felt like a giant worm. A large, almost penis shaped tentacle wrapped around her throat twice. She gave a sudden gasp as the tentacle shoved its way into her mouth. She tried to scream as it began to pump into her mouth. Her large plump lips couldn’t even move because of the large fat purple tentacle. She felt her pelvis lift, her nice, round large juicy ass was raised. She felt another move a part of her g-string aside.
The center of the creature began to open up a little as a large phallus slowly came out. It was a pale purple and thicker than the tentacles. Two it suddenly shot forward invading her pussy deeply. She tried to gasp again but her mouth was as stretched as they could possibly be, as were her legs. Another tentacle, starting from the base of her ass, slowly rose over her butt cheek and the other side covering it in a clear slime and then went over her asshole. It squirmed around the tight little hole for a minute before pressing firmly on the hole. Her whole body tensed up as her eyes shot open. She was moaning under the tentacle face fucking her violently. Her body rocked and the fact that her tits were rubbing the soft, slippery ground wasn’t helping her stay in the right state of might. She felt the long hard phallus go sliding down her throat and back out, her large plump red lips wrapped around it as her mascara began to run, tears forming in her face. The large member in her pussy was slippery and hard, and cold. It pounded her fiercely rocking her body back and forth. Another member in her tight little asshole stretching it. Ramming it harshly in and out. And it went so deep into her ass.
She loved it. But hated herself for loving it. It was huge and it fucked her ass so hard and fast, it was so slimy and firm. Her she cried out for the fourth time as another orgasm washed over her. She suddenly felt something. It came. She felt it flood her asshole and her mouth. She easily swallowed two loads, and admittedly it didn’t taste bad, while the rest exploded out of the sides of her mouth. It pooled around her lips, it pulled its member out spraying the top of her head with a blue cum. She open her mouth hanging out her tongue to pull in air as she panted and gasp. It suddenly launched its phallus back into her mouth roughly fucking it again. She suddenly felt more tentacles sliding over her sexy and slimy ass. One came immediately sending a stream of jizz on her back. They ran over her ass cheeks again and again. She felt a sudden rush of something soft and hard release into her pussy. It made her cum harder then she had before, her mind went blank as she trembled from the intenseness of the orgasm. She couldn’t help it, she wanted more. Her head began to pump forward, her lips pressed against the phallus. Her began to grind the large hard phallus pounding her asshole madly and her soaking soft pussy. Her large hips gyrated and pounding up and down over and over as her small waist was still on the ground. She moaned more and more which just made the creature pound harder, which made her moan more and her orgasm more intense. Sweat had surfaced long ago as she moaned in such pleasure and delight.
“Alpha six, come in Alpha six! Are you there?!” a voice yelled over the comm of her helmet.
She was in the process of swallowing down the big purple cock to care suddenly it drenched her. The ones on rubbing firmly against her ass cheeks sprayed her back. As a piece of blue jizz dripped lazily off a bang it exploded in her mouth. She swallowed as much as possible, her tongue pressing up against the phallus. It creamed her ass thoroughly, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as another wave of large things filed into her pussy. It released her, two long ant like legs raising off of her. A tentacle wrapped around her wrapped mind. She had a soldiers discipline however. Her mind quickly became astute of what had just happened. Her hand quickly reached back and grabbed her rifle. She pulled it in front of her and started firing.
The creature roared taking flight. It came back to slash at her with a hook when she fired that the hook instead. She kept spraying and it suddenly dropped. She slowly stood up staring at it. She felt something still in her womb as the blue liquid leak out of her asshole. Her hands wiped some of the cum from her face as she began to spread her lips. Small light blue eggs began to fall from her groin. Her eyes spread in shock and horror. She could also hear soldier running down the way. Luckily for her there was the violet haze in her favor. She moved her g-string back to place picking up her scanner. She started walking towards them with her head down.

She was back on the ship in her medical lab. Andrea had just gotten done taking the last of the eggs from her womb. She tested it all. The cum she still had on her, and the eggs. The scans showed that the creature had random deposits of vitamins and materials all throughout its body. IT stuck her as odd until it pinned her down and adapted over to proteins and sugars to make the phallus’. It had things in its body she couldn’t even recognize. She also found that the jizz was not harmful in anyway but was in fact very, very healthy. Filled with proteins, vitamins and nutrients. She also found that the creatures D.N.A was very, very susceptible to genetic modification. It was possible to make them domestic. She read the codes of its D.N.A almost as easy as a book. She majored in genetics. She looked to the, at least, four dozen eggs. She smiled knowing how much a docile alien would go for on the black market. These ones were already modified a bit to be compatible with humans. And through the scan. She learned tons about the creature. Such as it was as asexual parthenogenesis. She smiled and nodded to herself at the possibilities.
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