I am back.. thanks for the positive comments that makes me back.
It's 2 months since my encounter with Andy. We met up for the first 2 weeks almost daily doing nothing but sex. no date . no movies. no nice dinner. he grew tired of me. from enjoyment to routines to me doing most of the work on bed. finally he starts avoiding me and rejects meet ups.
I was getting more sluty and horny. I broke up with kenny. he just don't have the requirements to satisfy me. For the 2 months beside looking for porn and masterbate I just get more frustrated unable to satiafy myself sexually.
at the age of just 13 what can I do. I can't go find guys in clubs and classmates are just boring. days passed and finally life changed.
By a moment of greed. I stole my sister identity card when she left it unattended on the dinning room table. my sister kate was 18. as sisters we of course do resemble one abother pretty much. the best thing was the photo on the identify card was around my age. so its pretty easy for me to use it.
With the new identity I have many ideas. going to club and picked by guys? Unfortunately it's hard as my pocket money was limited. $$$.That's it I realised. I need to find a job to enter the fun of adults. Having this naive thinking, I looked for a job. High income, flexible working hours.
An advertisement on the papers caughty attentions.
Social escort in Singapore refers to providing companionship to clients and some do provides sex under table as paid sex is not really legalised in my country.
I dialed the contact on the papers and went for a interview the next day. in order to look matured than my age I put a heavier make up, let my hair down and dress in darker colour top.
The interview was by a lady name Joanne looking around mid 40s. She was well figure and elegant.

"Kristy, you do have nice cute innocent face. No baby fats well tonned figure."

" Thanks" I blushed.

" you have no problem fitting the job, only question is my client are all demands quality services especially on bed. of course you can choose not to but expect lesser income. its your choice. but You need to show me your standards."

" now? how? " I replied and wonder how to impress my female boss.

" Easy and relax, I will get a male staff in and make love with you. I will pay you at the end of the interview, even if you don't fit the requirements ."

After some hesitation I agreed and was told to change to a black sexy v shaped low cut
dress which does not allow me for bra. My boobs which are quite firm still able to make my clevage stand out revealing more than half my fair cup C boobs. The look mouth watering for guys. My long nipples can be seen from the soft fabric and Though the dress is slightly larger but the cutting still shows my 24 inch waist and sexy butt. With my long black hair and red well shapped lips I felt sexy.

" well well well. Let me me take a few few photos of you." Joanne flashes out out her camera.

"Kavin is one of our top escort. Try communicating first. I know it may be hard not to have chemistry but rest assured Kavin is the man. I will just watch by the side." Joanne said calmly.

" Hi Kristy, I am Kavin. Pleasure to meet you. " Kavin giving a warm smile. His smile easily melts all girls. His sparkling eyes sure caught my attention. I always imagined my bf do have such charm and nice chest.

" you look adorable. you have nice skin and figure. Do you have any fantasy you and experienced in sex. Tell me your sensitive areas and how you like me to satizfy you "

" um.... I .. I do have sex before.. hee heee.fantasy ? well not really. I like slow . I like guys to lick me all over especially my pusssy. yar and thrust me deep." I spoke without realising That I am in fact sub consciously wanting Kavin to fuck me. its also getting me aroused as I speak to him.

We sat down on the mattress laid on the floor and talk about sex more. floorThings like position, methods and jokes around at times for around 5 mins. it makes me feel a lot comfortable and moisture wicking under my panty.

"Time to show what you can do " joanne said seated at the chair. Kavin stripped naked and laid down.His abs has nice 6 packs imprint on them which makes me even more wanting to touch him.

i slowly brushed my hair to the back and tied them up. Wanting to do my best to impress.
I was slowly get down to my knees and with shivering palm I touch his neck chest and abs. Giving a gentle touch on his ears and lick his ear loops and his interior of his ear. Next i used my nose to slide down from his neck all the way to his groin. avoiding his dick and down to his toe.

kavin was not laying down doing nothing too. He was skillfully touching my body with his hands. moving around from my tighs to my breast. so gentle and warm which increases my urge.

I I wasted no time to to satisfy my needs. moving moving towards his fully fully erect dick, I used my tounge to hardern it. licking it and slowly sucking it. pace was slow and gentle. it just became harder. long and thick. dont any girls here have a urge for it? at least i do.

kavin was not doing nothing. he was playing with my pussy. kissing and licking it in the 69 position. I was feeling more and more wanting to have this dick in me.

" ohhh.. kavin. you are so nice." I cant endured and spoke.

" let me show you more." kavin replied. and iimmediately turned me over to a dogie pposition. wet kisses from my neck and pussy and frequently massaging my breast. lubricant have wet my pussy.

"your pussy is tight and fresh. I cant wait to enter them. your firm boobs are really up for grabs" kavin finsihed his words and gave me the first thrust .

" eee. oooooooh." I moaned. his dick certainly hurt me but the pleasure of being thrust be him overwhelmed the pain.

Every thrust he gave increases my heartbeat and e enjoyment. he increased the speed gradually. " oohh. kavin. arhhh ahh... mor...o more..yeah. I want more." kavin keep thrusting deeper and faster. sweat rolled down my back and I climax after 10 minutes for the first time after months like a waterfall. squitting cum juices all over the matterss.

grabbing the bedsheets hard I cant help moaning and wanting more. he embraced me and turn me over. like a cow girl now.riding his dick and down. he grab my breast hard and kiseed me. from my neck to my nipples. simulating me even more than ever. he pulled me down face to face with him with his dick still in me. he tilt my butt higher for the best to come.

it was never in my expectations of what will take place next. joanne who wore a dildo inserted in my ass in a swift movement taken me by suprise.

""H..Ahhhh! " I screamed I pain. turning back and saw joanne breaking my rear virginity. it was so pain I struggled. kavin holds me tight. looking into my eyes and calms me down.

" relax... u will enjoy." giving me a nice kiss on my lips. pain and being violated was all in my mind. however In less than a min. my ass certainly accommodate to the dildo and long for more.. the thrusting in both holes was welcome.

I was kissing kavin passionately and he returned with licks on my ear. " ohh.. ah ah... arhhhh . nice." I screamed out louder. " you are such a slut kristy." I nodded. " faster.. deepeer please" I begged for more.

being pumped for about 15 mins. joanne move the dildo out while kavin turned me over. in the missionary position I was rock harder. fucked faster. joanne was licking my nipples a and fingering my ass.
" nice firm butt" joanne whispered gently while licking my errected nipples. kavin continue pumping deep and fast. I felt like a princess being comfort by a prince. in the wonder land. enjoying every . moment. I climax climax again. this time I can feel my ass widening when climax.

the ass fingering certain makes me feel more enjoyable.

with another few mins of quick fast thrusting, kavin pulled out his dick and pointed straight to my face.

he off loaded his sperm all over my face mouth and nose. " clean it up" kavin commanded and I obidently followed. I licked his dick gently and joanne joined in. sucking it clean. and kissed me . kissing a girl for the first time excits me. it was pleasant certainly.

" well done, u certainly passed the interview" joanned spoke. sbe walks over and off video placed on the floor earlier.

a copy of the video had been passed to me after that. till now I do still used thiz video to masterbates. it was one of my most most memorable event. it also helped me understand how wwonderful and craving I have for sex.

ps. all these are true and I hope every cum happily.

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I don't do any show. I am not a slave. U guys can enjoy sex so do I

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