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When we last left the twins Bree had made the decision to go through with having an intimate relationship with her sister Trina. Although Bree was nervous about the idea the two finally got "down to business" and Trina performed oral sex on her. Now its Bree's turn to return the favor. How do you think she'll do?
Bree's heart had finally begun to slow back to a normal pace nearly a half hour later. The twins hadn't spoken much as they laid there in bed. Their moment together had been so intense that it seemed to have drained all of their energy. Bree could feel her eyes heavy with sleep now but tried to fight it off. She still needed to return the favor to her sister and she didn't want to wait any longer to do so.

Bree looked at Trina as she lay on her shoulder. Trina looked to be fighting sleep as well. Bree could feel the shyness creep back into her as she thought about what to say so she could have her turn handing out pleasure to her sister. She finally mustered up some courage and went with the direct approach.

"So my turn now?" She said looking down at Trina.

All thoughts of sleepiness seemed to fade from Trina's face at Bree's words. Her eyes seemed to light up and a smile worked its way on to her face. "As you wish Bree" Trina said. Then started to rise from the bed.

Once Trina was standing Bree took a second to let her gaze run the length of her body. She truly was flawless. Her skin was a light golden brown and seemed to shine in the faint light from the sun that came from the window. Her throat was long and slender and Bree could imagine kissing and nibbling the tight flesh. Her eyes traveled downward and she took in the view of her sister's firm lightly tanned breasts. Like her own Trina's were full with small nipples that were erect with excitement.

Bree noticed that Trina was undoing the button on her shorts and quickly put her hand on Trina's to stop her. "Let me please" Bree said.

Trina let her hands fall to her sides and Bree looked up into her eyes as she moved her hand to undo the small button. She lay there staring up, watching the excitement that ran over Trina's beautiful face as she felt the button give. Then with her other hand she slowly lowered the zipper on her shorts. She could see Trina's chest begin to rise and fall with increasing speed as her excitement grew.

Trina moved her hands to the waist of her shorts and started to pull them down but again Bree placed a hand on Trina's to stop her. Bree could see a small look of disappointment cross over Trina's face for a brief moment. The look soon faded as Bree moved her hand to Trina's firm flat belly and let it slowly run down till it was moving beneath her shorts.

Bree let one of her fingers lightly brush over Trina's clit as her hand dug deeper into her sister's tight little shorts. She let her finger gently explore the length of Trina's pussy until she felt her wet opening. Bree was amazed and delighted that she was the one that had made Trina this excited. Not wanting to wait any longer Bree slowly let her finger slip inside Trina's tight wetness.

Bree was rewarded with a low gasp from her sister. She wiggled her finger as deeply as she could all while watching the myriad of expressions play across Trina's face. Bree could she her legs beginning to weaken and soon felt Trina's hand on her shoulder as she tried to steady herself.

Bree slowly removed her finger from her sister's tight pussy. She let her finger again run back up the length of her and let it run one small circle over her clit before pulling her hand free from Trina's shorts. She looped her fingers in the waist of Trina's shorts and began slowly pulling them down the length of her slender, golden legs.

Bree was laying right at eye level with Trina's pussy. It glistened with a light wetness that had Bree's mouth watering with anticipation. She was so close now that she could easily poke her tongue out and finally get her first taste of Trina. It took all of her remaining self control to stop her from doing just that. She was freshly shaved and it gave Bree an exquisite view of her. Her skin was a little lighter here but not as light as Bree's. She could see a small glimps of her pink flesh between the lips of her pussy and it had Bree's head buzzing with excitement.

Bree took Trina's hand and led her to the bed. Trina crawled on and moved to the top of the bed. She took her time laying herself out for Bree. She watched as Trina slowly laid her head down on her pillow. Then Trina let her hands run down the length of her body. Her fingers brushed over her small nipples and down her flat tummy. Just before getting to her hips Trina spread her legs to again reveal herself to Bree.

Bree shook herself out of the trance that watching Trina had put her in. She crawled to the foot of the bed and began slowly kissing, nibbling and licking her way up Trina's legs. Her mind screamed at her to get up there and finally get a taste of her sister but she ignored them. She did a slow methodical pattern up Trina's legs. Moving only a few inches at a time before following the path on her other leg.

She could see that it was driving Trina as wild as it was herself. Bree watched as Trina's hips continually tried to push down the bed to get closer to Bree's mouth. Soft moans of excitement and agony escaped Trina's lips as she felt Bree getting closer to her.

Bree focused her attention on Trina's pussy which was now only a foot away from her mouth. She had such a good view now and it was driving her wild with desire. Trina's pussy was slightly open to her and Bree could see the light wetness that coated the pink flesh within. Her heart was pounding at the thought of what she was about to do. Small tingles of excitement ran over her skin and she burned with desire between her legs. She wanted desperately to touch herself. To feel another explosive orgasm like she had only a little while ago but she wanted to make sure she did everything right. This was Trina's time she thought. There'll be time for me later.

Bree looked up to where Trina's head lay propped up by her pillow. Her eyes were closed and her lower lip was between her teeth. Bree could hear tiny whimpers coming from her sister as she moved closer. She looked and saw Trina had her hands on her breasts. She was pinching her nipples firmly between her finger and thumb.

Bree's gaze returned to Trina's pussy and without another thought she let her tongue come out and gave a light, tentative lick over Trina's clit. Her flesh was warm and sweet and she felt a small jolt of pleasure from the soft moan that escaped Trina's lips. She let her tongue circle there for just a second before running it down the length of her pussy and ever so slowly, slipping it inside her.

All of Bree's senses burned more acute than ever before. She could feel the warmth that burned inside of her sister. She could smell Trina's soft feminine scent and it drove her wild. It was the taste that made her burn with a desire that was unlike anything she had felt before. Trina was so sweet and lightly salty. Not really all that different from the way Bree tasted sure but knowing that she was tasting her sister's excitement... excitement that she had caused was making Bree squirm with lust.

Bree moved her tongue inside her sister as best she could. She could feel Trina tighten around her and she wondered if she may already be getting close to release. The thought left her feeling conflicted. Bree was happy that she was doing well enough to have her sister reacting in such a way but at the same time a selfish part of her didn't want this first time to be over so quickly.

Reluctantly she removed her tongue from inside her sister and savored her taste for a few moments. Then she used one finger to pull back on Trina's pussy to expose her clit which was hard with excitement. Bree leaned forward and began licking a slow circular pattern around Trina's clit. She felt Trina kick her leg out fiercely from the intensity of the touch.

Her speed began to pick up and she could hear a change in Trina's breathing. Suddenly Trina's hand was on the back of her head and Bree could feel it wrap around her hair. Trina's hips were bucking up and down as she rubbed her pussy against Bree's tongue. Bree let her tongue change course and began licking in an up and down motion over her sister. She was rewarded with the sound of her sister's voice quietly chanting "oh my god" over and over again.

Each time she said it she got a little louder until suddenly her legs clamped down around Bree's head. Trina's hands grasped the bed sheets tightly as a scream escaped her. Bree continued to lick her sister's clit as she listened to Trina riding each wave of her orgasm.

Bree felt Trina's legs relax and then Trina's hand was again on her head but this time to gently push Bree back. Bree looked up surprised and could see Trina looking at her wide eyed and flushed. "Too much Bree" she heard Trina say smiling down at her.

Bree smiled and nodded then gave Trina's clit one final flick with her tongue. Trina let out a small scream and scooted back laughing. "Bitch" Trina said.

Bree looked at her sister and smiled "Dat was good yeah?" She said trying to do her best German accent.

Trina laughed and pulled Bree up close to her. "It was great. I guess you did take notes after all. Maybe later I'll have to seach every inch of you to find where you have them hidden huh" Trina said trying to sound like the idea bored her.

"I'd be ok with that. I could even give you a headstart by telling you the most likely places to find them. I'm a good sport that way though" Bree answered but didn't bother trying to sound bored by the idea.

"Slut" Trina said laughing.

"Yeah but I think you'll like me that way"

"I have no doubt I will." Trina looked at her and a wicked smile crept on her face. "Come here and kiss me so I can taste myself on your tongue."

Bree gladly moved up to straddle her sister and lowered her face until their lips met. She let her tongue move into Trina's mouth and felt Trina's own tongue lick at her's greedily. Bree almost laughed at Trina's attack like kiss.

When Trina did finally pull away she was giggling. "What? I can't help it if I taste so good. In fact I remember your tongue doing much the same once you had a taste of me too."

"You'll hear no argument from me on that one Trina" Bree said laughing.

"I must admit I prefer the way you taste though. Especially when I get it straight from the source" Trina said giving an exaggerated wink that caused them both to laugh again.

Despite the fun they were having joking around Bree couldn't stop thinking about the desire that was burning through her body. She was just about to ask Trina what she would like to try next when she heard the door downstairs shut. Trina turned with a look of shock at Bree and mouthed the word "mom".

Bree hopped out of Trina's bed and gathered up her clothes from Trina's floor. She hesitated for a moment and heard footsteps already coming up the stairs. Although she doubted their mother would check in on them she was still in full panic mode. She slipped into Trina's closet and tried with all her might to control her breathing.

Bree cursed the pounding in her head that made it so hard for her to hear what was going on outside of the closet. She quietly put her bra on and slipped her shirt on over her head. She reached down and grabbed her pants and realized she hadn't grabbed her panties... oh shit. How the hell did she miss those? She sent a silent prayer up that her mom would just go to her own room... or the bathroom. Take a shower mom. Anything but come in here...

Bree felt her legs weaken when she heard the sound of Trina's door opening. She leaned forward putting her ear close to the door hoping that her pounding heart wouldn't be heard from outside. She held her breath when she heard the sound of her mother's voice.

"What are you doing in bed already Katrina?" Bree heard her ask.

"Oh I feel kinda sick. Thought I'd lay down till I felt better" she heard Trina say.

"Need me to get you anything?"

"No. I'll be fine. Just going to nap for a bit" Trina lied. Bree was thankful for the first time that her sister was such a believable bullshiter.

"Ok" Bree heard her mom say and was about to let out a small sigh of relief when she heard her mom say "Hun... what's a pair of Sabrina's underwear doing on your floor?"

Oh god no! Bree nearly fell to the floor when she heard the question. The silence seemed to stretch for an eternity before she finally heard Trina say "I caught Bree in here stealing some of my clothes. Guess she was tired of dressing like a freak and wanted to look good for once."

Bree felt anger flash hot through her. How could she say something like that? After everything that had happened between them. Bree could feel tears of rage and sadness prick the corners of her eyes. Who was she kidding? How could she ever believe that Trina could ever be capable of seeing her the way she really was?

She heard her mom laugh and then she said "ok well get some rest sweetie."

With that Bree heard Trina's door close softly and her mother's footsteps retreat down the hall. Bree quiet despite the anger that ran through every fiber of her being opened Trina's closet and stepped into Trina's room.

She walked over and grabbed her panties from the floor and turned to leave. She heard Trina call to her "hey wait. She's gone and I think she bought it." She was smiling at Bree until she saw the hurt on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing Trina. I'm just going to grab my freaky clothes and get the fuck out of here. Maybe someday I'll look good for once and then you'll let me come back in. Until then I'll be sure to stay out of your fucking way."

Trina looked at her stunned as Bree turned and stormed out of the room. Once in her own room she locked her door and collapsed on her bed. She felt her phone buzz and saw Trina was texting her. She switched her phone off and crawled under her covers.

Bree felt numb as she laid in bed. She figured that this is what heartbreak must feel like. She closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep...

Bree woke with a start. She looked to her alarm clock. It read 1225 a.m. She looked around the darkness of her room and knew she was not alone. A voice called her name and she felt her stomach clench.

"Talk to me Bree" it was Trina.

"How the hell did you get in my room? Why are you here?" Bree asked.

"I came through the window" Trina said like it was no big deal. "I didn't mean what I said earlier. I panicked... I mean mom almost caught us" she made little air quotes "in flagrante delicto" she said it with a smile. "Besides if you were mom how would you have expected me to react to catching you stealing my clothes?"

Bree thought about this and knew she was right. Yet it still didn't put out her anger. "Ok you've got a point. But... do you really think those things about me?"

"No! I swear Bree. Didn't you read my diary pages I gave you? I think you're brave for being who you want to be. I love that about you." Trina sat down next to her and put her hand on Bree's "I love you."

Bree finally felt her anger fade. She still felt a little insecure but hearing it from Trina along with the look in her eyes told her that she really meant it. Bree leaned in and kissed Trina briefly. "I love you too."

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