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The Business Trip (or How Grace Released Her Inner Slut)
By rutger5 An Original Story (Copyright 2013)

The knock on the door was followed by the sound of a loud, booming voice calling from beyond it.

“Grace, are you ready?”

“Be right there Bob,” the woman replied as her manicured fingertip hovered over her Blackberry’s keypad.

Indecision gripped her, for though Grace hit delete when it asked for a confirmation she pressed cancel instead and then hit send. ‘Well it’s too late to chicken out now,‘ she thought to herself, but she also knew it was only a first step. Even if her plan worked to perfection she’d still have plenty of chances to back down, that is if it would become necessary to in the first place. Grace truthfully doubted it would ever come down to it as she slipped the phone into her bag and walked to the door of the hotel room.

Bob Kruger did a double-take when the door opened and she emerged from her room for he’d never seen her looking so attractive. He’d always felt that she was pretty, but back home she dressed in a much more casual style. There she favored loose, comfortable mom slacks generally paired with a colorful, print blouse and she usually wore her dyed blond hair in a simple ponytail. Surprisingly this look helped her, for many of her clients were families or retirees and they related to her soccer mom appearance.

Now she was styling a black, tailored pinstripe suit consisting of a single breasted pleated jacket with a matching pencil skirt that ended just above her knee. She also had on a plain white blouse but uncharacteristically for Grace she had left the top few buttons undone showing a glimpse of her creamy, white skin. Due to the modest size of her bosom there wasn’t anything revealed but for the suburban mom it was still quite daring. Rounding out her outfit were a pair of three inch black heels which made the petite woman who barely topped five feet appear a bit taller while also showing off her toned, runner’s calves to great effect under her black, silk stockings.

However the biggest changes to her appearance this day was that she was wearing makeup instead of only lipstick like usual and her hair wasn’t held in a ponytail by a scrunchy but was styled into a sophisticated and flattering chignon that showed her slender neck to its best advantage.

“All set?” he asked when she turned to him after first checking to make sure her room door was locked securely.

“Uh huh,” she replied, “but what are we doing about breakfast? Do we have time to stop on the way?”

“The hotel provides a continental breakfast and we have just enough time to grab something before catching a taxi to take us to company HQ for the big meeting.”

Leave it to Bob to have it all worked out in regards to food Grace thought as they waited for the elevator and her eyes took in his large, doughy body. True to form he loaded his plate up with numerous sweet pastries while she was content with a low fat blueberry muffin and a strong cup of black coffee. After breakfast they headed out onto Allen Street where he managed to hail them a yellow cab in record time.

“After you,” he told her as he held the door open while she climbed inside.

Bob couldn’t help himself from ogling her as she got in, especially when her skirt slid further up her thigh. Once settled in the backseat she turned his way and couldn’t help noticing his eyes fixated on her shapely leg. Feeling her face flush she turned and looked out the window at the busy city street while adjusting her rectangular frame glasses but she was secretly tickled pink. She’d known Bob for years, ever since joining the investment company they both worked for and she’d never noticed him checking her out before. If he was now, why that must mean she was looking good and this confirmation filled her with a measure of satisfaction knowing her efforts had been successful and gave Grace hope that her plan might succeed.

During the short cab ride the two colleagues discussed the upcoming conference and Grace anxiously questioned him on what to expect for this was the first time she had attended the annual company meeting while he had been coming every year for quite some time.

“Don’t worry about it Grace, just be yourself and everything will be fine. If you weren’t one of the company’s rising stars then you wouldn’t be here,” he told her with a chuckle.

“That’s easy for you to say. It isn’t the first time you’ve been summoned from the boondocks to come to New York City for this. Plus in a sense I’m taking Carl Lundquist’s spot and those are mighty big shoes to fill. He was the closest thing to a legend in this company, at least in Indiana if not the whole Midwest region, and I don’t see how I can replace him.”

“Grace, Grace, you’re looking at it all wrong. Now you know I’d never say a bad word about Carl, he was a mentor to me and a lot of others in the company. But he’s gone now and besides that for the last few years he was coasting on his past reputation. Don’t get me wrong,” Bob said holding up a hand to forestall Grace from rebutting him, “he still did a good job and made the company and his client’s money. But after his wife died his heart wasn’t in it anymore. The only reason it was him going and not you was because of past achievements. The truth is your chosen investments outperformed his the last three years running. Now its true he had larger clients with more invested at the time but that’s beside the point. You’ve earned this.”

“Gee thanks Bob. Coming from you that means a lot to me,” she replied with a little smile.

“Just telling it like it is. So how do you like New York?” he asked in order to change the subject from work, for after seeing her in this new light his mind was on other matters, namely seeing if there was any way to get into her panties and ‘talking shop’ didn’t seem to be the best way to accomplish this.

“Well golly Bob, I haven’t been here long enough to actually know if I like the place but it sure is impressive. It’s just like in all the movies I’ve seen, what with the crowds of people hurrying everywhere and so many tall skyscrapers. After this Indianapolis doesn’t seem quite so big. Last night after we arrived I took some pictures from the hotel window with my phone and sent them back home to the girls. Emily still can’t believe that her mom is really in New York City.”

“Speaking of the hotel, how do you like your room?” he asked to try and get her to stop speaking of her family for the thought of her young daughters and husband made him feel a tad guilty about the lustful things he was thinking about her.

“It’s nice; it has a very impressive view of some bridge from the bathroom window. The room is a little small, I guess.”

“Well you shouldn’t complain about that, seeing as how you lucked out in not having to share your room with anyone else. My ‘roommate’ really knows how to snore, I can tell you. It’s a wonder I slept at all.”

Stifling a giggle Grace turned toward him before replying.

“Sorry about that Bob, but its not my doing that there was an uneven number of female employees attending this year‘s event. And I guess it was just plain luck that our flight was delayed and we arrived late so I got the last room to myself by default, in fact I have my choice of which bed to sleep in.”

“Luck I guess, but when that’s your name I suppose it comes with the territory,” he replied to her with a lopsided grin, for in fact her married surname was Luck.

“Oh please Bob, stop being silly. It doesn’t affect whether my luck is good or bad.”

At that point the conversation came to a halt for the cab had reached its destination in midtown. Bob paid the fare after which they both got out and he led her into the building. After signing in at the lobby front desk they were directed to a bank of elevators where they boarded one to the 33rd floor. When they entered the company suite they saw a number of people milling about as they waited for the meeting to commence. Recognizing someone Bob guided her forward where he introduced them.

“Grace, I’d like you to meet Craig Sutherland from our Illinois office. He’s the fellow I’m sharing the hotel room with. Craig, this is Grace Luck. I work with her in the Indianapolis office.”

They said hello to each other after which Bob and Craig began to enthusiastically discuss the baseball game they had watched the previous night in their hotel room. After standing there quietly for a few minutes Grace spoke to Bob when there was a brief lull in the conversation.

“I’m not sure if its nerves or what but all of a sudden I need to use the ladies room. Do you think I have time?” she whispered to him.

“Sure, even after everyone is here it takes some time to herd us all into the conference room. The restrooms are right around that corner,” he answered as he pointed her in their direction.

“Thanks, see you in a bit,” she told him before heading that way.

As she walked away Grace felt both the men’s eyes on her and as she turned around the bend she managed to sneak a quick peek back and sure enough they were watching her intently as they talked. While she found neither man particularly attractive, just the fact that she was turning heads further emboldened her on the path she’d set.

In spite of that Grace found her hands shaking when she removed her phone from her purse once she was safely locked in the bathroom stall. She was lucky not to drop it onto the tiled floor after she saw how many replies she had received to the ad she’d placed earlier that morning. Swallowing nervously she scanned through the replies looking for some that stood out, whether positively or negatively, to narrow down her search.

Those that appeared to be written by an illiterate she discarded without a further thought and she also deleted those that contained profanity or crude language though she wondered if she was being a hypocrite. After all here she was, a supposed respectable, married woman soliciting a total stranger for an anonymous sexual encounter over an internet site while on a business trip and she was worried about such niceties. Still she needed some way to winnow down her surprisingly abundant choices and she’d never cared for coarse language so those that used it she quickly removed.

That still left her with over five possibilities and as she sat there contemplating, another reply arrived in her inbox. Not being able to explain it but having a premonition she clicked on the newest arrival first and once she read the message she was glad she had. It read as follows:

‘Bella - I was intrigued by your ad and I believe I might be what you are seeking. I’m a discerning and sophisticated older gentleman who is experienced and dare I say it, well endowed. If you are interested I can provide pictures at your request.

The message was followed by an e-mail account name and a phone number and there was something about the concise missive that made her believe she’d found the one. Of course that caused Grace to again question what she was doing and why, but by this time it had become an obsession with her and she felt helpless to resist. She quickly typed out a reply, informing the unseen respondent that she was busy until the coming evening but if it was okay she would be glad to meet him then to see if they were attracted to one another in person.

After sending the reply she hurried back and arrived just in time as everyone was now filing into the spacious conference room. The next couple of hours were a blur of introductions, speeches, networking and the like as the various employees conducted the annual company business. It wasn’t until noon when the catered lunch arrived at the conference room that Grace even had a chance to think about her own ‘personal’ business. Feeling too nervous to eat at the moment she slipped back to the ladies room and into a stall.

Without realizing it Grace held her breath as she brought up the screen on her blackberry and sure enough her mystery suitor had replied. She noticed right away that there were two attachments but she first read the message before opening them.

‘Bella - the time is not an issue. I would gladly wait longer for a chance to make your acquaintance. I will be in the city until at least 6:00 P.M. on business anyway so it should work out fine. I believe you are staying on the Lower East Side and I know of a diner near there where we can meet. Just let me know when is a good time for you and I’ll be eagerly waiting your arrival.
Ciao - Sal
PS - I sent you some pictures with the message if you are interested in seeing me, for your photos inspired me greatly. That and your deion of yourself as a naturally submissive woman who needs a take charge man to help you let yourself go.

Grace wasted no time in opening the first attachment and found herself looking at the image of a stocky man who appeared to be in his mid forties with an olive complexion and a proud aquiline nose. His dark hair was slicked back and was graying around the temples while his mouth was narrow with a hint of cruelty about it. She let out an audible gasp after opening the second attachment for it was a selfie picture of his flaccid member taken from above and though it wasn’t erect it still appeared to be quite impressive in its dimensions.

Grace found herself squirming on the seat and she could feel herself becoming wet from the thought that if she wanted to, she could have it inside her that very night. Letting out a little moan that she was unable to contain Grace replied to his message and let him know that as soon as she had a definite time she’d call to inform him but she anticipated early evening. After a final look at his likeness she left the stall and returned to the conference room once she’d cooled down by applying some cold water to her flushed face.

The rest of the afternoon was like a slow moving blur to her and more than once she had to literally pinch herself to keep her concentration on the matter at hand, for her mind kept drifting back to the images of his narrow lips and wide manhood. On top of that the air conditioning in the room was cranking which made her thankful she was wearing a jacket. For between the climate controlled air and the wandering of her lusty imagination her sensitive nipples were as hard as pebbles while her damp panties also felt chilled from the room’s cold temperature. In spite of this, none seemed to notice how distracted she was and all the company higher ups seemed to be duly impressed by her knowledge and demeanor. Still the end of the workday couldn’t come soon enough for the attractive, married mother of two.

When the meeting finally ended just past five many of the participants remained in the room talking in pairs or small groups. She waited near the door for she expected that she and Bob would take a taxi ride back to their hotel together. All the while she was trying to formulate a plan to avoid having dinner with him that wouldn’t make him suspicious. She got along well enough with him but this night was about letting her inhibitions go and the last thing she wanted was to be around someone from back home who knew her and might sense the change in her. Fortunately chance favored Grace for in a couple of minutes he disentangled himself from the knot of people he’d been talking to and came up to her.

“Hey Grace, some of us have been talking and we’ve decided it would be a waste to be in New York City for the night and not take advantage,” he began. “So a bunch of us are going to a fancy steakhouse for dinner and after that, who knows?” he told her with a wink.

Quickly taking stock of the situation Grace Luck realized her good fortune had come through yet again.

“Gee Bob, that sounds great and I’d love to. But I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so wound up or my allergies or what but I have a horrible headache right now. The best thing for me is to go back to the hotel and take a nap to see if I can lose it. Maybe if it goes away and its not too late I can meet up with you guys later.”

“Oh, that’s too bad but I understand where you’re coming from,” he told her, clearly disappointed. “Under the circumstances that makes sense. It is probably nerves but who knows, maybe after sleeping a half hour you’ll feel better.”

“Yeah, I hope so. I still need to buy the girls souvenirs and I’m not sure if I’ll have the chance tomorrow. Well you have a good time and don’t stay out too late,” she told him with a smile, “because we still have work tomorrow before we catch our flight.”

“Don’t I know it Grace. All right, feel better.”

“Thanks Bob,” she replied as she departed the room.

Luckily for her she managed to hail a cab quickly and as she rode back downtown she pulled her phone from her bag. After first taking a deep breath she then punched in the number he’d sent to her and listened as it rang a few times.

“Hello,” came a gravelly sounding voice over the speaker.

“Um, yes, hello,” she stammered nervously, “is this Sal??”

“Yes it is and you are?”

“This is Grace, we’ve been in contact about…” she replied before her voice trailed off from embarrassment.

“Ah yes. And a beautiful name to go along with a beautiful body. How are you Grace?”

“I’m good, thanks. Well I’m finished with my meeting now and on my way back to the hotel.”

“Very good. Do you have a time when we can meet?”

“I guess six thirty would be fine. That’ll give me a chance to freshen up before heading out, if that’s okay?”

“Of course, take your time. Can I give you the address?”

“Hold on,” she said as she dug through her purse for a pen. “Okay, I’m ready. The Bowery Diner, uh huh. And it’s located at 241 Bowery Street. I got it. What’s that? Just ask for Sal when I get there, okay. See you in a little while.”

Once she arrived at the hotel the only thing she did was change her damp panties when she saw how badly her womanly juices had stained the gusset where they’d leaked from her arousal. Then after applying a little perfume to her throat and wrists she headed back out. The man at the front desk gave her the directions and it wasn’t far away so she could walk, which was for the best anyway. At that moment her stomach was full of butterflies and she hoped the physical activity would help to calm her. While she walked she took a somewhat circuitous route for she had a little time to kill until six thirty and it gave her a chance to explore the neighborhood, if only for a little while.

As she walked along a street both parallel to and between the hotel and the diner she was heading to, her brown eyes fell upon a bar that stood out due to its name on the awning. Overall from the outside it looked non de at best but since it was called bOb it made her laugh as she thought of her portly co-worker. Also knowing how nervous she was Grace decided that perhaps an adult beverage might relax her a little and make her inhibitions recede. She wasn’t normally much of a drinker, on occasion she would have a glass of wine or a couple of beers with dinner but that evening she was looking for something stronger.

Steeling herself, she walked in the door and once reaching the interior she almost turned around and left but didn’t. The first thing she’d noticed was it smelled of stale sweat and beer and it also appeared a bit run down. However she wasn’t there for the ambience, she told herself, but just to have a drink. At the moment there was only the bartender and another worker besides herself there, for the establishment had just opened and it wasn’t until late night that the place really came to life.

“Evening, what’ll you have?” the man asked as she approached the bar.

“Um, I guess I’ll have a margarita,” Grace replied, remembering she’d always enjoyed them on the rare occasions she’d had one, usually when out with girlfriends celebrating one of life’s little milestones.

“With salt?” he asked as he reached for a glass.

“Yes please,” she replied and within seconds she was sitting there drinking the frosty tequila beverage.

Maybe it was from being nervous or just thirsty but she drank it down in record time and with it still being early Grace assented when the bartender asked if she wanted another. This one she had the presence of mind to sip slowly, until noticing on her watch it was nearing six thirty so she downed the final third of the drink. Leaving a tip on the bar she then stood and when she did she felt momentarily lightheaded as the alcohol rushed to her head.

‘Grace, you should have only had one,’ she thought to herself, ‘especially since you didn’t eat much today.’

She stood still for a few seconds to steady herself, after which she walked slowly and a trifle unsteadily to the exit. Stepping outside she felt a little better so she resumed walking to the diner and arrived there right after six thirty. It appeared to be a somewhat old school style diner having a long counter with stools and multiple ceiling fans going at once with small tables and chairs in the front and booths lining both walls in the back section.

Before the hostess had a chance to approach her Grace recognized Sal sitting in one of the far booths facing the front. Without waiting to be seated she strutted purposefully toward him as she felt her heart beating a mile a minute. When she stopped in front of the booth he rose with a questioning expression.

“Grace?” he asked.

“Uh huh and you’re Sal,” she replied with a smile while extending her delicate hand in his direction.

His much larger one swallowed hers as he leaned down and kissed her cheek in greeting after which he guided her into the seat facing the rear of the diner then slid in next to her. It was a tight fit but at the moment she welcomed the closeness of his burly body against her petite frame and it didn’t hurt that he was wearing a nice smelling cologne. Her husband never wore one and Grace liked that Sal did, for she had a keen sense of smell and it stimulated her to a certain degree.

“Hmm, you smell nice,” she told him as she turned to face him.

“Thanks, so do you but you look even better.”

Her face became beet red from his compliment and she looked down while adjusting the frames of her glasses. At that moment a waitress arrived, sparing Grace from having to reply to him for which she was grateful, for it had been many years since she’d been in such a position.

“Can I get you anything to drink to start with?” the woman asked.

“Sure, I’ll have a Chivas with soda,” he replied, “and what about you Grace?”

“Umm, I’ll have a margarita,” she answered for since she was planning on eating she figured one more drink wouldn’t hurt and with what she had planned it would probably help.

Not knowing what to say and being nervous she began flipping through the menu. This also gave her idle hands something to do and when she finally raised her eyes she saw Sal was staring at the rings on her left hand.

“So you’re married Grace,” he said as a statement rather than a question.

“Uh huh. Is that a problem?” she asked softly.

“No, not really. After all I’m married as well so who am I to judge?”

They sat there in silence for a minute until the waitress returned with their drinks.

“Are you guys ready to order?” she asked as she made eye contact with Sal.

“Give us a few minutes,” he replied for he saw Grace again start to frantically flip through the menu.

“Don’t know what you want?” he inquired after the waitress rolled her eyes and departed.

“I’m not sure. You say you come here, what do they have that’s good but not too fattening?”

He chuckled at her statement and shook his head before answering.

“The last thing you need to worry about is whether the food is fattening, I think. However my general policy when ordering from diners is to keep it simple. I’ll usually order a sandwich or burger, nothing too fancy. Diners usually don’t do that well. Tonight I’m leaning toward a burger - some red meat to give me extra vigor for later,” he told her while raising an eyebrow in a suggestive manner.

She giggled while also blushing from his forward comment but there was something about his directness that impressed her. When the waitress returned, Sal ordered the half pound burger rare while Grace chose the tuna salad wrap. Once the woman left with their order he turned his body sideways toward Grace at which time his right hand reached down and ended up on her knee.

“Do you mind?” he asked as his thick fingers began to gently caress her stocking clad leg.

“N-n-no, I-I don’t mind,” she stammered in reply.

“If you don’t mind me saying Grace, you seem nervous. Is this something you normally do?”

“You mean meet a strange man for dinner and then…” she answered looking away. “No, its not and I’m nervous as hell.”

“I appreciate your honesty Grace. Let me ask you then, are you sure about this? I don’t want you to regret it once it’s happened after it’s too late.”

“No I’m sure and since meeting you even more so. I find you very attractive,” she told him and even though she blushed she looked him directly in the eye as she spoke. “What about you though Sal? You say you’re married. Why are you here?”

He shrugged his broad shoulders while continuing to meet her gaze.

“I guess I married the wrong woman is all. Don’t get me wrong, Theresa is a good person and a great mother and I still love her but she was never the most passionate woman and since she had an early change of life her sex drive has almost totally disappeared. The only problem is I’ve always had a very strong libido and it isn’t going away. So it’s either something on the side or we’d wind up divorcing. That’s why I prefer to meet women for one time things so I don’t become too attached. And you?”

“Well I’ve been married ten years now and we’d dated for a couple of years before that, until I became pregnant with my older daughter. So over time like most couples we haven’t done it as often as we used to, but to be honest there was always something lacking in that department. I mean it’s not like he hasn’t given me orgasms but after I have one and he cums its right to sleep. Sometimes a girl wants to keep going all night, you know. Or at least give her more than one per session. And I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it - and Paul’s never been aggressive like that.”

“Back in college I had this boyfriend who was so wild and kinky. We had sex in public and even had a threesome once among other things. I mean we had nothing else in common so it wouldn’t have worked in the long run but I miss those crazy, all night sessions sometimes. And there are some of the younger girls who work in my office and I’m always overhearing how they did this or that the night before and I feel like I’m missing out and life is slipping by. Even some of my friends who are my age have lovers on the side or are divorced and are getting way more action than me. As time goes by it bothers me more and more, though I knew what I signed up for.”

“That’s why when I heard I was coming to New York on business I got this idea it might be my last chance to have a fling. I could never do this back home in case I got caught because I don’t want to hurt him any, he doesn’t deserve that. But the more I thought about it, the stronger the urge became. I have a married girlfriend who hooks up with guys using this internet site so I decided to try that here. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I did get a lot more replies to my ad than I thought I would.”

“Well for me it was your pictures Grace. Though you didn’t show your face you have a body type I really love.”

“Gee, you’re in the minority there Sal. I mean I guess I’m okay but I’m no bombshell. Back home all the guys go for the women with the big boobs and asses and I sure don’t have those,” she said as she looked down at her modest bosom.

“Don’t get me wrong Grace, I like busty women too. Hell I love all women no matter their size. But my first lover was a petite little thing like you and so I’ve always had a special fondness for them.”

During their conversation Sal had kept stroking her leg, slowly working his way up higher underneath her skirt. His hand had somehow managed to reach all the way up to the thin band of bare flesh above her stocking and below her panties. When he touched her skin there it made Grace gasp and start to tremble, when just at that moment the waitress arrived with their order.

“May I have another?” he said to the waitress, taking his hand off Grace’s leg just long enough to point at his empty glass before again placing it on Grace’s leg, though lower down for the moment.

“Certainly sir and how about you ma’am?” she said brusquely.

“No thank you, I’m good.”

“It seems that she’s a little jealous of you,” Sal said after she’d left and as his hand again crept upward.

“I don’t know why she would be but I know if you keep doing that I’ll never be able to eat, Sal.”

“Alright, I’ll stop for now but once I’m done eating all bets are off. And as far as being jealous, she was flirting with me before you arrived and I think she was disappointed when my guest turned out to be a beautiful woman.”

“Well I’m no beauty, though thank you for saying so Sal. You are quite the charmer. By the way do you mind if I ask you something? You told me about your marriage but I was wondering what you do? I mean for a living though you can tell me to mind my own business if you want.”

“Don’t be silly Grace, I don’t mind. I’m in the import business, mainly olive oil and other food products from Italy.”

“Oh,” was all she said and after that she remained silent and began to fidget with the food on her plate but he could tell what she was thinking.

“The answer is no Grace,” he said after the waitress brought his drink.

“Huh, what. Wait, I didn’t ask you anything.”

“No but I could tell what you’re thinking and the answer is no. Yes I’m a big Italian guy who wears a gold pinky ring and a good luck horn but I’m not ‘connected’. Sure some of the fellas I grew up with in the old neighborhood went into that ‘business’ but not me. If that makes you feel better.”

“I’m sorry, I mean the idea did cross my mind but its none of my business what you do anyway.”

“No, but since after this we’re gonna hopefully go back to your hotel where I’ll make you cum so many times your head is going to spin I thought it was only right to put your mind at ease. So don’t worry, you won’t be bedding Tony Soprano tonight.”

“Okay Sal and thanks for understanding and not holding it against me. I‘ve never been to New York before and all I know about it comes from Hollywood and they make it seem like all Italians here are in the mob.”

After that the two of them began to eat and for the most part they didn’t speak for both wanted to finish as soon as possible and go somewhere private. Sal held the burger with both hands and took large bites while Grace held her wrap with one hand and took dainty little nibbles and because of this he was finished long before she was. That allowed him to resume his attention on her once he had wiped the grease from his thick fingers.

“S-S-Sal,” she gasped as he managed to probe higher up than he had before until his hand brushed against her covered mound, “what are you doing?”

“I think you know the answer to that Grace,” he replied as he felt the heat emanating through the thin material of her panties.

“I know but…” she began before he rendered her speechless when he slid them to one side and his fingers brushed against her bare, wet labia.

“Ssshh,” he whispered, “you don’t want the whole diner to know what’s going on, do you?”

“N-n-no but it’s so hard to not lose it with what you’re doing to me.”

“You said before you had sex in public when you were younger, was it in the middle of a crowded restaurant?” he asked as the tip of his finger probed her vaginal opening before forcing its way inside.

All Grace could do was press her lips against her wrap sandwich to stifle the sounds this caused her to make as his digit penetrated her. He made sure his stocky body blocked the view of anyone passing by so they wouldn’t be able to tell where his hand was but he could do nothing to conceal her facial reactions. Her eyes were clamped tightly shut while her pale alabaster skin flushed red from excitement.

When he managed to work his finger deeper while at the same time brushing her erect clit with his thumb it proved too much for her overwrought nerves to take. Her body stiffened and he felt her tight vaginal muscles clamp onto his invading digit as her mouth opened wide, though she somehow managed to remain silent. Her free hand grabbed hold of his forearm and held it while she somehow kept a grip on her wrap with the other. In fact she squeezed it so forcefully that a good amount of tuna came free and fell to the plate below with a splat.

Sal waited until her orgasm subsided before sliding his finger out of her and bringing his hand up above the table. As she watched he put the tip in his mouth and sucked it for a few seconds before smiling. He then scooped up some of the tuna with the same finger and brought it to her mouth.

“Open,” was all he said but Grace wasted little time in complying.

She continued to suck on his finger even after swallowing the tuna until he pulled it from between her lips.

“So Grace which tastes better, the tuna or you? I’m guessing you.”

He chuckled from her obvious embarrassment at his question before standing, at which time he adjusted the prominent bulge in his trousers before he spoke.

“I’m going to pay the check now so hurry up. If you take much longer then I don’t think I’ll be able to wait. Either I’ll drag you into the bathroom or I’ll fuck your brains out right on top of the table. Capisce?”


“Sorry, do you understand?”

“Mmm hmm. I’ll be fast,” she told him before taking a bigger bite from the wrap.

When he returned she left the small remaining portion and stood up. Taking her by the arm he led her out onto the street where he pushed her against the wall of the building next door to the diner and kissed her hard on her mouth. She melted into him and twined her arms around his bull like neck as his tongue worked its way between her lips and explored her eager mouth. After a minute of this he stopped and pulled away from her, leading Grace to let out a disappointed sigh.

“Sorry but if I didn’t stop then we would have made the evening news for doing it on the street,” he told her as he grabbed her hand and began to walk.

They went as fast as her shorter legs could travel and soon found themselves standing outside the hotel. She let go of his hand and checked her reflection in the window to make sure of her appearance. Then nodding to Sal she walked through the front door and into the lobby with him following close on her heels and from there they headed to the elevator.

No sooner had Grace closed and locked the room door behind them then he pressed her body against it as his mouth again sought hers. Now that they were in private he also started to grind his bulge into her crotch, letting her know what she would shortly be on the receiving end of. He soon broke the kiss but only so that his lips could travel down to her slender throat, which he began to nuzzle.

“Oh Sal! Oh my God!” she cried out as his large hands reached up and cupped her small breasts through her clothes and squeezed them roughly.

“I can’t take much more of this before I explode,” he grunted as he pulled his mouth from her and stepped back with a lust crazed expression in his eyes.

Taking her hand he pulled her near the first of the two beds in the room before he released her and began to unfasten his belt. Seconds later he pushed down both his black slacks and his boxers freeing his large, thick erection. When she saw it Grace gasped and her eyes widened behind her glasses for now she was seeing it for the first time in its erect glory. She tentatively reached out to touch it, until with a word he stopped her.

“Wait,” he said as he sat on the bed, “first I want you to get undressed for me. Now do it slow and sexy like a proper little slut.”

“Yes Sal,” she told him as she first removed her pinstriped jacket and dropped it onto the carpeted floor.

Sal leaned back as he watched her and as he did his hand found his hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. Grace kept her eyes on his face as she unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time until reaching the final one at which time she slid it from her shoulders and off.

“Spectacular,” he said as his eyes hungrily devoured her torso, taking in her trim tummy and her small breasts still held captive in her white, lacy bra.

That was the next article to go as Grace reached back and unhooked it, though she hesitated a minute before removing it. He was so eager to see her bounty that he leaned forward with his mouth agape, staring intently as she held the material to her chest. His hand squeezed right below his swollen, purplish crown forcing a drop of clear pre-cum to ooze from it and slide downward and when she dropped the bra it caused him to gasp.

Unable to wait a second longer his brawny arm slid around her tiny waist and yanked her toward him as if she was a child until his mouth could close on her right breast. It was small, really not much bigger than a bump, so that he managed to fit most of it into his mouth where he sucked on it making her gasp. At the same time his tongue started to move back and forth on her rock hard nipple, further stoking her lust.

Grace pressed his face to her chest and it seemed as if she was trying to force more of her tender, sensitive flesh into his hot, eager mouth. He did his best to swallow as much breast flesh as he could and while he did his large fingers found and pulled down the zipper on her skirt. That allowed him to yank it down until it too ended up on the floor at which time Grace stepped free of it one leg at a time. To steady her body as she did this she rested a hand on his muscular shoulder and she left it there even when done.

Without warning Sal released her succulent breast then yanked her bodily onto his knee so she was held helpless and facing the floor. While one hand pressed into the small of her back to keep her in place the other pulled her black silk panties down to mid thigh leaving her small but firm buttocks exposed to his lustful gaze. His large hand squeezed first one cheek then the other causing Grace to tremble in anticipation of what was sure to follow.

She didn’t have long to wait for once Sal had satisfied his curiosity he went to work. Raising his large hand above his shoulder he then brought it down with as much speed as he could muster. The sound of flesh meeting flesh was followed a split second later by her crying out, half in pain and half in pleasure.

“Keep the noise down, we don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and calling management,” he cautioned her, “and if you’re unable to, why then I might have to gag you.”

Grace brought her hand to her mouth and covered it and as soon as she did Sal’s hand again connected with her bare buttock. This time her hand muffled the sound that she made for the most part, encouraging him to continue. The blows rained down like tears from heaven on her supple ass bringing the blood rushing there and giving the skin a pink glow.

Knowing discretion was the key, Sal made sure not to spank her too hard for he didn’t want to leave behind any telltale marks as evidence of her infidelity. Instead he tempered his blows and instead delivered more of them than he normally would have until his growing lust got the better of him. Without a word he rolled her off his lap so she ended up on the hotel floor sprawled in a heap. As she looked up at him he rose from the bed and gestured to his hard, straining cock. Knowing what was expected from her Grace scrambled to her knees as one of her hands rubbed her sore ass.

“Open your mouth wide Grace,” he grunted as he guided his cock towards her face.

No sooner had her lips parted then he pushed the tip between them and once that happened she became like a different woman. Somehow the act of accepting his stiff meat into her mouth released the last of her inhibitions and she was no longer a working wife and mother and a churchgoing pillar of the community. Instead she was transformed into a wild, wanton woman whose only thoughts were about the sexual satisfaction of herself and her partner in adultery.

Grace swallowed as much of his wide member she could fit into her mouth until it hit the entrance to her throat almost causing her to gag. She managed not to and instead slid her lips back down his shaft until only his swollen head remained in her mouth. Looking up at his face her tongue lashed all around the head and she greedily licked up whatever pre-cum flowed from his slit and swallowed it. Her hand took hold of his large, hairy balls and fondled them and she then began to bob her head back and forth rapidly.

Sal groaned with pleasure as he grabbed her head to guide her movements and he was a little surprised at how quickly she had changed from a somewhat shy lady into a cock craving hellion, not that he was complaining, in fact quite the opposite.

“Oh damn! It feels great, that’s it Grace. Suck my fat cock!” he demanded.

“Do you like that Sal, what I’m doing to you?” she asked, pulling her mouth off him so she could speak.

“Hell yeah! It feels great.”

“Hmm, what about this?” she said right before she started to run her tongue up the length of his broad shaft, starting just above his cum laden balls and continuing until she reached the tip of his swollen, purplish head.

After her tongue licked up a stray drop of the clear fluid that had oozed out, Grace then angled his shaft down so it stuck out straight from his body while continuing to play with his nutsack. Opening her mouth wide she resumed sucking on him, taking it deep each time before sliding back and all at a feverish pace.

Sal’s fingers hastily undid the buttons on his silk shirt after which he removed it and threw it on the bed with his guinea tee following right after. He grabbed her shoulder causing her to look up at him with a questioning glance.

“Okay sweetheart, enough of that for now. If this goes on much longer then I’m gonna blow my load down your throat.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing Sal,” she replied with a wicked grin once her mouth was empty of him.

“Its not but I’d rather cum in your sweet little pussy instead and before that happens there’s something I want to do first, so stand up.”

With a last lick Grace took hold of his arm with one hand (for the other had yet to release his testicles) and climbed to her feet before him. She squealed after he bent his knees slightly and lifted her bodily from the floor with an arm around her waist and the other underneath her legs. Taking two steps he then lowered her down onto the bureau in a sitting position with her lower legs hanging off it. Her panties by this time were below her knees and he wasted no time in pulling them off her legs and raising them to his nose and inhaling deeply which caused Grace to giggle with delight.

“Your scent is intoxicating me Grace and in a minute I’m going to taste you,” he growled before kissing her petulant mouth once more.

It was a quick kiss and he ended it while she still craved more but it was so that he could kiss his way down her aroused body. From her slender neck his lips traveled to her chest being sure to lavish attention on each breast and nipple and making Grace want to scream. She had a number of brown beauty marks on her torso and he traveled from one to another, the tip of his tongue running across her pale white skin as he worked his way toward her pelvis.

Past her navel he went until he reached the top of her neatly trimmed nest of black pubic hair though to her disappointment he didn’t linger there but instead straightened his body up. Next he took each of her slender legs in one of his hands and holding them underneath the knees he raised Grace’s legs up into the air and toward her body. This caused her upper body to go backward and lean against the window frame behind her while her ass slid forward to the very edge of the bureau.

“Grab your ankles,” he instructed her and she quickly complied, taking hold of them and drawing her legs even closer to her body while also parting them further.

With her in position Sal bent at the waist until his mouth was just inches from her wet, swollen pussy. It gleamed like a precious jewel due to the sticky, aromatic nectar which coated it and he needed all his resolve not to bury either his face or cock in it. But he managed to control himself and instead his mouth kissed the white band of flesh just above her sheer, black stocking. He felt Grace’s body tremble when he did and she let out a gasp as he took hold of her stocking and began to slide it down her leg. While he did this his mouth followed behind, kissing the naked skin as he exposed it.

Once he reached her ankle he pulled her shoe off and dropped it before sliding the stocking off her completely. Grace had released her ankle when he did, so Sal took her hand and placed it by the bottom of her foot in a way that her wrist and ankle were parallel. Next he took the silk stocking and wrapped it around both joints multiple times before tying it, effectively binding her wrist and ankle together.

She let out a little whimper after he was finished and when he looked into her half closed eyes he saw the unmistakable look of submissive fueled desire. He repeated the process with the limbs on her other side so after he was finished Grace was trussed like a helpless Thanksgiving turkey waiting to be stuffed.

Not wasting a second he bent down and ran his tongue over her exposed pussy and no sooner did it touch her wet, waiting womanhood then she let out a throaty moan and her whole body started to shake in orgasmic release. Sal pulled his face back only to smack her lower lips with his rock hard erection before again leaning down to kiss her there.

“Oh God Sal, yes!” she nearly yelled as he lashed her helpless pussy repeatedly with his tongue, alternating long slow licks with short rapid ones.

He also eagerly drank her juices as they flowed from her like a spring, yet no matter how fast he did, she produced more than he could swallow. Her juices were so copious that she was nearly dripping and they soon reached her ass and thighs, coating them as well. While he ate her, Grace rested her trembling legs on his broad shoulders and back when he then took her outer lips with his fingers and spread them wide, allowing his agile tongue to burrow deep into her vaginal tunnel.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh that feels so good Sal, please don’t stop,” she begged him as she felt another climax building in her feverish loins.

The only reply he gave was to push his face closer, allowing his tongue to reach deeper while also bringing his prominent Roman nose into direct contact with her erect clit. That triggered another paroxysm of shudders and moans from Grace as she came yet again. In spite of his success Sal didn’t seem inclined to stop and rest on his laurels for he continued to eat her juicy peach with unabated enthusiasm. It was only after Grace clamped her slender thighs on his head that he paused to look up at her.

“Oh Sal, that feels great but enough already. Please, I want you - inside me,” she pleaded desperately.

Without a word he rose and as he did his body forced her legs wider apart so that they were now on either side of his wide torso. He then ran his erect cock along the furrow of her labia, coating it in her natural lubricant as he grabbed onto her legs and held them in place.

“What’s that you want Grace? I’m not sure what you mean, you have to be more precise,” he told her with a knowing smirk.

“You know what I want Sal, please give it to me. I’m begging you!”

“That’s sweet, you begging and all. It really turns me on especially coming from a natural little sub like you. But I want you to tell me exactly what it is you want. I have a feeling you’re not good at talking about what you like in bed and I’m trying to help you become a better communicator.”

“You bastard! All right fine. I want your penis in me…”

“No, try again. Penis is a word for doctors, not lovers. What you mean to say is you want my fat cock in your tight, wet, little pussy. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes it’s true. I want your fat cock in my pussy, okay. Are you happy now?”

“Well I’m satisfied that you’re learning to say what you mean. When I’m inside you, that’ll make me a happy man, Grace.”

During this verbal exchange he had continued to run his full length against her pussy lips making sure to bump her clit with each pass, stoking her lust to near epic proportions. After she gave in and told him what he wanted to hear Sal didn’t waste any time. His hand grasped the thick shaft right below the head and angled it toward her small opening.

“Ooh my God!” she cried out as the head forced its way inside her.

In spite of his best effort Sal was only able to work the head and right below it into Grace, for her small pussy wasn’t able to accommodate the whole length initially. Even with all her natural juices flowing to help lubricate its passage her internal muscles needed to stretch some to allow it to reach deeper. He took his time, slowly going a bit deeper before pulling back only to slide it further inside her tight though yielding vagina. After what seemed like forever to him, although it was of course much sooner, Sal succeeded in burying it balls deep inside Grace.

During this time Grace let out a nonstop series of moans and gasps as she felt her pussy slowly accommodating his wide shaft. Being bound and helpless only inflamed her desire more and when she felt his full length finally succeed in penetrating her it was enough to push her to another orgasm. She started to let out a loud wail from the pleasurable sensation when one of his large hands clamped over her mouth silencing her.

“Ssshh, not so loud. You’ll wake the dead,” he grunted as he slid back until only the swollen head remained in her pink pussy. “Be a good girl and keep it down but get ready. I’m gonna give it to you hard - just how you want it, I think. Ready?”

She nodded her head at which point he pulled his hand from her mouth and moved it to the back of her neck while his other one wrapped around her lower back to hold her body in place. His cock sank a little deeper as he began to rotate his hips, moving in a circular motion for a minute or two, slowly sliding deeper. No sooner had Grace adjusted to this then Sal changed course and without warning drove his cock in all the way until his full balls slapped her ass.

After that he lost control. With her held securely in place he pounded her hard and fast, pulling out halfway only to jam his throbbing meat back to its limit with each thrust of his powerful hips. In no time she was gasping for breath as he again pushed her body to the limits of its endurance while rapidly rushing to join her in carnal bliss.

“Take it Grace! Oh fuck, oh yes! I’m gonna cum!” he managed to grunt out before she felt his big, driving member swell even larger inside her.

With a final thrust Sal’s body stiffened as much as his cock had which then exploded.

“Oh damn, I’m coming! Your tight pussy is too much to take!”

While he said this it was already shooting his liquid seed deep inside her and as it spewed their lips met and kissed passionately. He came a lot and she felt herself filling from his hot, white semen though it finally stopped discharging. Not wanting this moment to end he moved his hand from her neck to under her ass while keeping the other around her waist. Then he lifted Grace up so she was being impaled on his still hard cock and gravity made her torso slide down further so he was buried as deep as humanly possible.

“Oooh Sal, yes!” was all she could manage to say as he bounced her small body up and down on his thick shaft which helped to prevent it from softening after cumming.

As much as Sal was enjoying himself he knew that with Grace bound as she was that they were in a potentially precarious situation. With her unable to use her hands to hold on he realized that if he lost his grip it could become a problem as the longer they fucked the sweatier their bodies became and the greater the chance of it happening. So he spun his body around and lowered Grace onto the bed on her back. With a sigh he slid out of her, his cock slimy from their combined fluids, some of which then dripped onto her.

He got into bed next to her and stretched his body out as his heart rate returned to normal. Absentmindedly Sal stroked his now softening cock while he stared lustfully at her. Grace felt his burning gaze on her spent body and she blushed even after what they had done together so far, for it had been too long since a man had looked at her in this way and she was unused to it.

After a couple of minutes spent catching his second wind Sal was ready to resume more strenuous and pleasurable activity. He turned onto his side and positioned himself so that his pelvis was resting next to her head. She had turned her face toward him when he moved and found herself mere inches away from his reviving one eyed monster. Shocking even herself, Grace craned her neck while at the same time she extended her little pink tongue in his direction. By stretching her neck to its limit she just managed to lick the tip of his cock.

Groaning loudly he wriggled a bit closer which allowed Grace to engulf his head into her wet mouth. She slurped noisily on it, sucking and licking it enthusiastically and as she did she was able to taste both their juices on it. She could feel it swelling larger from the blood which flowed into it and soon it was again at full staff. Not waiting any longer Sal pulled out of her mouth then got off the bed and stood at the edge while stroking his rampant erection.

“Come on Grace, be a good little slut and roll over for me. I want you on your knees with your cute little ass sticking up in the air so I can do you doggy style,” he told her.

She smiled at him while struggling to do as he asked when he helped by rolling her onto her side. From there she had little difficulty in scrambling to her knees but with her wrists still tied to her ankles she had to rest her head on the bed. Sal next took hold of her legs and pulled them wide apart as he positioned his body between them. A second later Grace felt his mushroom head pushing at her pussy as it sought entry to her inner channel. For a moment paradise was denied him but he adjusted the angle of his shaft until her gates parted for him and he entered nirvana.

They both let out a moan at the same time as he slid deep in her until his hanging balls collided with her clit. He then bent at the waist just enough that his large hands were able to reach under her small frame and cup her breasts, prompting another moan from Grace. He alternated squeezing them with pinching her erect nipples roughly as he built up a steady rhythm with his hips. Since he’d cum recently he had no worry of orgasm so he went all out, sliding his full length nearly out before reversing direction and driving it back hard into her each time.

The longer this went on Grace lost count of the number of times she’d cum since meeting him at the diner that evening. She was being used like a rag doll and loved every minute of it when he turned it up yet another notch. After a final hard thrust, Sal slid out of Grace then rolled her over onto her back and swung her petite body around so her head was hanging just off the bed.

Her mouth opened wide as he guided his cock towards it and soon he was sliding between her parted lips. At first she did her best to bob her head and suck on his large cock but that wasn’t what he was looking for at the moment.

“Stop Grace, no need for that,” he told her as his hand shifted from his cock and wrapped around her throat loosely. “You just be a good girl and keep your mouth wide open and I’ll do the rest.”

Putting his words to action Sal then thrust his hard cock into her mouth until reaching her throat entrance. She coughed a little but he paid no mind to that except he tried to not go so deep again, though there were times he couldn’t help it as his lust overruled his reason. For the most part however Sal went just deep enough that though she made gagging sounds it wasn’t enough to make her choke.

Grace was coping with getting her face fucked surprisingly well for someone who wasn’t accustomed to being used in such a manner when Sal again caught her off guard. Having already established a steady rhythm he reached out his free hand as he continued to pump her mouth and brought it between her thighs which were spread and pointed up in the air. Without warning he jammed two thick fingers into her sopping pussy causing her to moan around his invading cock.

Once they were buried inside her he curled them up then started to finger fuck the restrained woman. He didn’t slacken the speed of his hips, in fact if anything he picked up the pace of his movement. Her mouth was now making constant gagging sounds as he drove in and out of it and her saliva began seeping out in a greater amount than it had been earlier as her eyes teared up. He kept up with this until she gasped loudly and his fingers were bathed in her juices as she squirted womanly fluids from her g-spot being stimulated relentlessly.

He pulled from her mouth to let her catch her breath while looking down at her face. If she could have seen herself at that moment Grace would probably have been horrified by her wild appearance. Her makeup was streaked and smeared across her face as was her lipstick and they were both mixed with her saliva and tears, leaving her looking somewhat disheveled. On top of that, her carefully coiffed hair was now loose and all over the place like a crazy woman but to Sal it was the look of a well used woman and it turned him on even more.

He moved to near the top of the bed and pulled down the bedspread allowing him to take the two pillows from there which he placed down near Grace’s bound body. It only took a minute to again move her small frame to where he desired, this time adjusting her so that she was lying lengthwise on the bed with the two fluffy pillows beneath her ass and lower back. With her feet flat on the mattress and her legs spread wide she was ready for what came next.

Once having her in the proper position Sal climbed onto the bed and crawled between her parted thighs. Kneeling with his body upright he guided his thick cock back to her hungry hole which opened greedily to receive it again. He pushed it deep in one smooth motion making her gasp while giving him incredible pleasure at the same time. Then leaning his weight on his powerful arms he drove his wide cock in and out of her hard and fast, bottoming out with each thrust.

“Oh yes, oh God! Oh my God Sal! That feels so good. Yes!” she cried out as he relentlessly pounded her pink heaven.

With the pillows raising her pelvis above the mattress it allowed Sal to drive deeper into her than she had ever experienced before in her life. When he shifted off his knees to instead rest on his toes he was able to increase the power of his thrusts and that was just a taste of what she had coming. Next he moved his hands off the bed one at a time and placed them on the back of her thighs. That allowed him to push her legs down all the way as they supported his body’s weight.

For the next several minutes he went to town on Grace and fucked her like an animal. In spite of the strain she felt in her hamstrings she didn’t once complain but only encouraged him with cries and moans. Finally though, even Sal’s superior constitution reached its limit and for the second time that night he ejaculated his seed deep inside Grace.

His burly body sank onto hers as she feverishly kissed his neck and shoulders. With a groan he managed to roll off the petite mom and onto his back where he gulped air into his lungs. A few minutes later he had sufficiently recovered to where he could untie Grace. Once she was free she snuggled her body next to his and they remained like this until eventually he roused himself.

The two of them showered together afterward and for the most part they behaved for both knew their time together was rapidly drawing to a close and there was no point in starting something they didn’t have time to finish. There was a little fooling around but nothing that got out of hand. Afterwards while Sal watched and waited Grace pulled on sweatpants and a girly tee after being dressed for success earlier and then they headed out.

Once on the street Sal pulled her to him where they embraced again and shared a final, tender kiss. When that ended they turned to go their separate ways - Sal to head back home to his wife and Grace to pick up souvenirs for her family. But just as he started off he turned back and called out to her.


“Yes,” she replied.

“Do me a favor. If you ever come back to New York then please contact me first. Even if you don’t want to repeat our performance it would be nice to see you again, even if only for a drink.”

“I will Sal, I promise. I’ll always remember you and what happened today and maybe its just wishful thinking but I hope to be back next year for my company’s meeting. And if I do I have a feeling we’ll get together to repeat the performance, at least if it’s my choice.”

Saying that she turned and walked away. He watched her go for a minute before he too headed on his way. Grace had no problem finding souvenirs in Chinatown, which was located just a few minutes away from the hotel where she was staying. For after all that Grace had experienced in the past few hours her body needed to rest and she didn‘t wish to travel far.

That night before turning in she called home and spoke to both the girls and Paul and told them she’d see them tomorrow and that she loved them. After that she drifted off into a deep, contented slumber though when she wakened the next morning she had the distinct feeling her night had been filled with erotic dreams. She couldn’t remember any details but her pussy was wet and tingling and in fact her hand had been stroking it when she awoke.

She stumbled into the shower still half asleep and let the hot water caress her body into full wakefulness. When she soaped up her nipples they were tender to the touch which made Grace smile as she remembered how Sal had roughly pinched them. Keeping one hand busy there her other crept between her legs where she so thoroughly washed herself that she came in record time.

After wrapping a large towel around her body and another around her wet hair Grace climbed from the shower and the first thing she did was put on her glasses for without them she had trouble seeing even two feet away. She next went back into her room to decide what to wear that day and lay it out but even after her solo pleasure she found herself very horny and distracted and unable to concentrate.

‘Hmm,’ she thought, ‘I may have created a monster. But it felt so good I really can’t complain.’

Just then she heard voices coming from the hallway beyond her door and one was loud and seemed to be upset. Being naturally curious (for she was a woman after all, as was Pandora) and looking for something to take her mind off the longing of her aroused body she walked to the door and standing on her tip toes she peered out the peephole.

The voices were coming from the room across the hall from hers and there were two men standing by the doorway. One was clearly a guest for he was standing there in pajamas and it was he who had raised his voice. The other man appeared to be hotel staff and it seemed as if he was trying to placate the disgruntled guest, not that he appeared to be having much luck.

“I don’t understand,” the guest was saying loudly, “why cooling a room to sixty five degrees is too much to ask for. This is a fucking hotel in New York City, for Christ’s sake. And if I want my room colder than most, why can’t I with what I‘m paying?”

“I’m not saying that sir. All I’m telling you is the unit seems to be working properly and is running chilled air. Of course we want our guests to be satisfied so I’m going to send our HVAC specialist to take a look. And if he doesn’t get things to your satisfaction then you can ask for your room to be changed.”

“Pay these prices to get service like this,” the man muttered right before slamming the door on the staffer’s face.

Shaking his head the man was turning to leave when Grace had a sudden idea. She’d watched the exchange and felt sympathy for the young worker but it wasn’t that which prompted what she did next. Throwing caution to the wind she opened her door and peered around it with her towel wrapped head.

“Um, excuse me,” she said before the staffer could move out of hearing range.

He turned and seeing her there, he headed back toward her and his frown turned to a more neutral expression.

“Yes ma’am?” he inquired politely.

“I’m sorry to disturb you but I couldn’t help hearing your conversation with the guest across the hall. By any chance are you building maintenance?”

“Yes I am and I’m sorry you had to hear that. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I was hoping you might help me out with something,” Grace told him with a smile. “It shouldn’t take too long but I’ll call down to the front desk if you like.”

“No need to, at least not yet. If it needs more attention than I can give right now you may have to, but let me take a look first. So what’s the problem?”

“I’m terribly overheated,” Grace replied as she opened the door wide and allowed the man to enter while she kept her body behind it.

When she first saw him she’d thought he was cute and he looked young to her, no older than twenty four or twenty five Grace guessed. And in her aroused condition with her flight back home looming later in the day she acted decisively in a way that never would have happened only a couple of days beforehand. But now that the genie had been released from the bottle it seemed as if it didn’t wish to go back in without a fight or at least one more carnal encounter.

“You say it’s too hot in here?” he asked in a puzzled voice for it felt quite comfortable to him and he wondered if he had another pain in the ass like the previous guest.

“I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. It’s not the room temperature but my temperature,” she said closing and locking the door behind her.

He turned back to her, not sure if he heard correctly when she dropped the towel she had wrapped around her body and stepped close to him.

“I’m so hot - here,” she told him as she took his hand and brought it between her legs to her aroused pussy. “Do you have something that can help?”

“Are you serious?” he asked with his voice cracking.

“Very. You like girls, right?”

“Y-y-yes, of course I do,” he stuttered indignantly.

“Well these days you never know, better to be safe than sorry. Well, do you like what you see?”

“You’re hot,” he answered but it was his hand that confirmed it.

For once he felt her wet pussy, his fingers had started to stroke it, bringing Grace pleasure while letting her know that he was amenable to her plan. She took the towel from her head and dropped it at his feet, then knelt in front of him as she began to rub his crotch. Her other hand pulled down his zipper and in less than a minute his growing cock was free of his pants. He groaned as she pumped it rapidly, her delicate hand making a fist around the shaft. It reached full size quickly and once it had she released it as she prepared to take it into her mouth, but seeing it in all its glory prompted a comment from her first.

“Ooohh, it’s shaped like a banana,” Grace said a split second before her mouth engulfed the mushroom head.

He smiled at what she’d said and he groaned with delight when her lips swallowed him soon after. It wasn’t the first time he’d heard something like that said about him, for in fact his shaft was quite curved and he was very glad about that fact. His penis was of average length and thickness but the bend in it had tickled the fancy of most girls he’d been with, for due to its curved shape it managed to hit all the right spots.

‘Hmm, tasty too,” she opined, taking her mouth off it so she could speak, “and don’t worry, I only have time for a quickie so you shouldn’t get in trouble for taking too long, hopefully.”

Once saying that she resumed sucking on it and she also began stroking it below where her mouth was, to give him twice the pleasure. For his part once he’d touched her bare slit with his hand all practical considerations had gone out the window and lust ruled his thoughts. So at that instant whether or not what he was doing could get him fired didn‘t factor into his thought process, only the pleasure he was receiving mattered.

After sucking such a big cock the night before, this one proved far easier for her to handle and it allowed her to actually think about what she was doing while she did it. His cock felt so hot in her mouth that she could feel the heat radiating from it as she bobbed her head to take it and the skin felt so smooth on her tongue yet she could feel each raised vein as it throbbed with blood. Grace also could smell his masculine scent as her face came near the base each time and it turned her on even more. While her right hand continued to stroke him in conjunction with her mouth, her left one crept between her legs where it got busy petting her frisky pussy.

The hotel worker had heard similar stories from long time employees of such things happening but this was the first time he’d ever experienced something like this and he believed he‘d really hit the jackpot. She was very pretty and sexy he thought and what she was doing to him was driving him so crazy he didn’t know how long he could last. Then when he looked down and watched his cock being swallowed it pushed him closer and after he saw that her hand was busy stroking her pussy he lost all control as it turned him on so much.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” he groaned once he’d pulled free of her as he grabbed his own cock and stroked it furiously.

Within seconds he was spewing his semen wildly into the air though luckily most of it landed on the expectant face of Grace. To add to his stimulation she had her mouth open and her pink tongue stuck out in the air and he managed to hit her waiting target a couple of times. Even before his orgasm subsided she took his cock back into her mouth and sucked rapidly on it until no more cum came out of it. The pleasurable feeling was indescribable to him for his cock was very sensitive at that moment having just cum, so it felt that much better.

“Did you like that, whatever your name is?” she asked him with a giggle after pulling her mouth off him with a popping sound.

“I’m Derek, and it felt awesome. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome Derek and I’m Grace. Nice to meet you and even nicer sucking you. You look young so I’m hoping you’re ready to go again because I want you in me. I want your cock in my pussy that is,” she said as she crawled toward the bed while taking hold of his still hard cock and pulling him along with her.

“Yeah sure, no problem.”

“Then get on the bed,” she told him before gently pushing him onto the bed where he landed on his back.

She stood just long enough so that she could undo his pants and pull them and his underwear down to his knees before she climbed onto the bed and straddled him. Her hand guided his still firm erection to her waiting lips and without pausing she sank onto it with a groan. Derek’s hands grabbed her hips and pulled her down all the way so his cock was totally engulfed in her pussy, causing Grace to gasp loudly.

“If I want to see what I’m doing then I guess I should clean these off,” Grace told him as she removed her glasses before she licked a large glob of his cum off them. “Oooh, yummy,” she told him before running her tongue all over them to make sure she didn’t miss any of his fluid.

“Damn, that’s hot!” he exclaimed looking up at her, “but you still have some cum on your face.”

“Well we can’t be having that, can we? It’s too tasty to waste. Why don’t you help me out and give it to me Derek.”

“Sure,” he said as he reached up and scooped some from her cheek then fed it to her.

Grace eagerly swallowed whatever jism he managed to corral and she licked her lips saucily when she was done. Then placing her hands on his torso she began to ride him, bouncing her small, lithe, one hundred pound body on his larger one as she took his cock to its limit each time. His curved cock stimulated her in just the right (G) spot and added to that was the fact that Grace had already been very wet and horny before ever seeing Derek, so what happened made perfect sense.

It took Grace under a minute of riding the pony for her to cum the first time and she squirted her vaginal fluids all over his invading member. They seeped down past it to his pelvis and thighs below as her body continued its movement without pausing her frenzied actions in the least. Rather she increased the speed of her ass and hips until she was on the verge of another orgasm.

“Oh I’m close! Oh God, yes! Smack my ass Derek, smack my slut ass!” she cried out and seconds later he felt her juices shower his member when he began to spank her.

This time when she came Grace’s body stopped moving for her orgasm had been so intense that she was unable to continue for a time. So Derek began to thrust his hard cock up into her sopping pussy while continuing to spank her now red butt cheeks making her whimper repeatedly. Her upper body sank onto his as she experienced a sensory overload from cumming so often and her toned legs felt weak and like two rubber bands to her.

As Derek got closer to cumming he stopped smacking her ass and instead grabbed it with both hands, digging his strong fingers deep into the tender flesh to hold it in place. His hips pumped wildly now and his balls slapped her buttocks with each thrust until with a cry he exploded deep within her. Jet after jet of cum launched toward her womb until with a shudder he slid from her well used hole. Even in her satiated condition Grace was able to swing her body around and taking hold of his spent cock in her hand she licked it clean of their mingled fluids.

“Shit, I have to go before they figure something out,” he told her as he scrambled to his feet while yanking up his pants, “but by any chance are you going to be here later?”

“No, I’m sorry Derek but I’m flying back home this afternoon. It was nice while it lasted though,” she said with a wan smile.

A minute later she let him out of her room but as he passed Grace couldn’t resist grabbing and kissing him briefly while at the same time she fondled his now diminished bulge one final time. She could feel his cum dripping out of her and running down her leg and she realized she would have to shower again. She was so preoccupied as she closed the door behind Derek that she failed to notice Bob and Craig standing a short distance down the hallway exchanging incredulous looks with one another. Grace had just turned the water to the shower on when she heard a loud knocking on the door.

‘Now who can that be,’ she thought to herself before she turned off the water and wrapped a towel around her body so she could go answer it.


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