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My first time having sex with my girlfriend
It all started back in the 8th grade during one lunch period. Me and my girlfriend, Jennifer decided to skip out for the rest of the day and go to the mall or a movie or something. We ended up going to see some sappy love movie she wanted to see and I didn’t want to but I thought I could get lucky and we could make out or something. I was short for some one my age, barely 5 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes. Jennifer was only about 5’ 3”, red hair, brown eyes and nice tits. They both enjoyed being together and they both thought that they would eventually lose there virginity to each other but they never did anything to make it happen. During the movie nothing really happened except when I accidentally brush up against her breast to get some popcorn. Neither of us said anything but I secretly and enjoyed it and she did too. After the movie we decided to go to her house because her parents were always gone and wouldn’t catch us skipping school unlike my parents who came home randomly to catch up on bills or do yard work or have sex as I sometimes suspected. It was a long walk to her house and we had to take the back roads to avoid being seen by anyone who might tell our parents about our little escapade. When we finally got to her house we had nothing to do but talk about other people at school and watch TV. When she was changing the channels she passed a daytime soap opera on where a couple was starting to have sex. I turned around to tell her I hated soap operas but she was on top of me passionately kissing me already. I was so stunned I had no idea what to do but kiss back. After a long kiss she backed off to breathe and slowly started taking off her shirt. Under it was a white bra that was hiding two above average sized tits for someone of her age and size. It was enough to make my cock rock hard. I was hoping she would take off her bra but she leaned over and took off my shirt and began to unzip my pants until I was in nothing but my underwear. I was pretty sure she could see my hard on. I opened my mouth to ask her to take off her bra but before I could she began kissing me more passionately than the first time. As she leaned over to kiss me I felt her boobs pressed up against my exposed chest. I reached around her to unstrap her bra. I don’t think she noticed because when she stopped for a breath she seemed surprised her bra was on my chest un-strapped. She pushed it to the side and began planting kisses down my chest, sucking each nipple, then proceeded down to my underwear. She pulled it down and began to jerk me off. After I had reached full size she started to suck furiously will squeezing my balls. I proceeded to pull off her tight jeans and cotton panties. Behind them was a shaved, young pussy. I pulled my throbbing cock from her mouth and began to slip in her virgin cunt. I felt the cherry and kept going past it until my entire dick was inside of her. She was extremely tight and I had to thing of horrible things to keep from cumming right then and there. I turned her over on her back and began pounding my shaft furiously in and out of her tight, wet, hot, virgin, teen pussy. She showed signs of cumming so I slowed down so we could cum at the same time. As I felt the urge to cum build up inside of me I let her know with a loud moan and sped up so we could cum at the same time. As the white hot liquid spewed from my penis into her pussy she let out a soft moan and stopped. I collapsed on top of her where we layed for a few minutes. When I looked back at the clock I figured another go would be risky since school was getting out but apparently she didn’t. She started again, this time riding my cock. I reached up and grab her breasts and ass cheeks. When I was about to cum she got off and began sucking my dick again. When I came, I came so fast that she could not swallow it all and it spilled out all over here face. Once again we collapsed on the couch and layed there for a few more minutes then she got up to get dressed and I soon followed. It was the best experience in my life up until that day. We walked back to the school, so no one would get too suspicious, where my mom picked us up and dropped her off at her at her house.


2009-07-26 03:56:21
I thought it was short but good.The story could of had more foreplay and more details her feeling of lust and and his natural inhibitions.
like getting her to cum with his fingers. Her disregard for birth control and his thoughts of the tingling in his testicles and the decision that could change their lives forever? The deion of her panties was great but the foreplay with them on?The details of sliding her clothes off a detail of her tits?the deion of him removing his clothes quickly?then the wide eyed look at the size of his penis then the deion of him spreading her legs? Then he rubbed the head of his penis on swollen clitoris to get the natural lubrication? The moaning and gowning and the anticipation of the lovemaking to start? The thoughts going through their minds? The slowly insertion of his penis into her wanton lust of her wet vagina? The tightness of her young inexperienced lovemaking and the thought of birth control the farthest thing from their minds?


2007-10-07 10:03:56
i just read your story. yes it was short but you have the right idea.
Its good but short. Whar i would hav suggested is get a bit of background information about you and your girlfriend just to create tension. Also i would suggest moer detail in what happened.
Surely more went on and if not you could still elaborate on what did happen. Good Luck


2006-11-15 17:45:09
sorry try again actully plz dont !


2006-04-11 19:14:28
it suked


2006-02-18 12:44:21
it sucked, but helped me finish a jerk i started on a diff story

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