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It had started out as a simple day out at sea. Funny how things can change so quickly. They had only been out a couple of hours before the attack began. The pirate ship seemed to descend upon them like a hawk snatching its prey. The brave Alliance sailors tried their best to repel them, but they were out manned and out gunned. Even so, the pirates seemed to fight to capture and not kill. Several people were injured, and badly, but no one was killed.


Raalia now sat on the ground with the others all lined up in several neat rows. She was a Draenei priestess who had been on her way to the Eastern Kingdoms to meet up with her guild in Stormwind. But now she had to deal with this mess. The pirates stared at her perfect hourglass shaped body and C sized breasts that went well with her light blue skin as well as her dark long hair. Her stomach was flat due to years of fasting which made her look even more appealing. Her small lips and silver, almond shaped eyes fix her oval shaped face perfectly. Two tentacles were on each side of her neck and her hooves were shinny as well. Her robes were red and tanned colored which showed off all her curves.

Beside her were two other women. One was a young blond woman with tanned skin. From what Raalia knew she was a low level mage named Callie. Then there was a pink haired Gnome who was a beginner warlock whose name she didn’t know.

None of them were even close to these pirates’ power or skill. Their races varied. There were several Orcs and Trolls but there were also a couple of humans and Night Elves as well. Here and there she could see a goblin or two mumbling to themselves about who knows what. Yet out of all of those who attacked, three stood out above the rest.

The first was a female Troll who was dressed in a brown bead covered kilt and a matching mantle draped over her shoulders that only covered her breasts. Her skin matched that of the Draenei, but her hair was a bright green color that stood up like three Mohawks that were braided at the end. Her tusks were smaller than most females, toothpicks compared to that of the males of her race. From what Raalia had seen this Troll was a shaman whose magic healed her crewmates while they fought.

Then there was the female Orc who wore the skimpiest clothing of any of the pirates. She was dressed simply in a small loin cloth and a fur covered bra. Her brown hair was braided into a single long pony tail that went past her ass and ended with a large white fang. Her face looked soft and smooth compared to the males of her race giving her a more pleasant look. However it was hard to see that while she was firing her gun during the fight while her spider pet shot its webs at the sailors.

Finally, there was the female Blood Elf mage. She wore a red button up shirt that was only buttoned right below the breasts showing everyone her cleavage as well as her mid-section and white pants that seemed like they were skin tight. Her long, flaming red hair matched her personality as she took delight in setting several people aflame. And as she walked she swayed her hips back and forth in a seductive manner.

Suddenly, a large figure began to walk the board the connected the two ships. It was a Tauren, and an old one at that. He had a horn missing and seemed to be wearing glasses.

“Captain on deck,” called out the Blood Elf once the Tauren stepped onto the ship. The Tauren then turned and moved out of the way for the figure behind him. It was a human with brown hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a long red jacket that was lined with gold and open so that all could see he bare, muscular chest. He also had on white pants and black boots. What was truly shocking about him was his sized. He was barely above five feet tall and his face gave him the appearance of someone much younger making it impossible for anyone to guess how old he was. On his hips were two swords that seemed to drip a strange green liquid.

Once he was on deck, the Blood Elf practically draped herself onto him from behind. Her small hands rested on his shoulders as she pressed her body against his. She moved her head close to his ear and whispered something. Whatever it was seemed to please the captain for a small smile appeared on his face. Raalia fought back a gasp as she watched the pirate captain reach back and squeeze the Elf’s ass. Then he turned his attention to his captured crew.

“Listen up,” in said in a surprisingly deep voice. “I am Captain Adren Hellstein, leader of the Nether Sea Pirates. We refuse to bow before the power of the Alliance or the Horde. I don’t care what race you are, who you side with, or anything. Once you are in our sights, you are our prey. Now, letting you live means that there will be more sailors out there to loot in the future. So as long as no one tries anything stupid we can make this nice and quick.” He turned and looked at his men. “Check their cargo and take their weapons. I want this raid to produce more than a few coppers!”

His men cheered as she ran down to the holds below the deck. As they did, Raalia felt the captains gaze fall on her. He seemed to be studying her and nodding every once in a while as if he were looking at a check list. He then turned his attention onto Callie and seemed to repeat the process, but with fewer nods. Slowly his gaze fell back on the Draenei which made her feel every uncomfortable. The gaze was like a blade which pierced her to the core. Like he was ripping off her clothing with just his eyes. A sigh of relief almost escaped her lips once his focus was taken away from her as his crew began to bring up crates from the lower decks. The Tauren pulled out a scroll and a quill pen as he began to inspect the contents of each crate. Then after each one he would say something in his native tongue and the crate would be taken to the other ship. Once the last crate was onboard the Tauren turned toward Adren and grunted.

“Not enough,” he said as he handed his captain the scroll. Adren scanned the scroll and slowly let out a sigh. Then he turned to his captives.

“We have a problem,” he said simply. “According to my trusted colleague, what we took from you won’t even cover the costs of the cannon balls we fired at you. Nothing but cheap weapons, rations, and wool. Now, who will speak for all of you?”

“I do,” said the Captain Heroldmoore as he stood up. He was an old man from what Raalia could tell. His hair was grey and had a scar on his left eye.

“I see,” replied Adren. “Well then, I’m feeling good right now so I’ll make you a deal. I’ll take the female Draenei and human to make you for our loses. In exchange I’ll let you and the rest of your crew go free. I’ll even let you keep your rations.”

“Never,” said Heroldmoore as he spat on Adren. “I demand that you fight me one on one for…” He didn’t get any farther as Adren vanish and appeared behind him. Then, in a single motion stabbed him in the back. Then, just as quickly, Adren pulled out his blade and allowed Heroldmoore to fall to the ground.

“Now who is in charge,” asked Adren. The first mate stood up, shaken at seeing his captain killed before his eyes. “Do you agree with my terms?”

“Y-Yes sir,” stammered the first mate. Adren nodded and motioned towards the two women seated on the ground. Two orcs then went over two the two women in question, picked them up, and carried them over to the pirate ship.


Raalia found herself in the captain’s private quarters. She hadn’t seen Callie since they had been taken onboard. The last she saw of her she was being taken to the lower deck. Raalia knew that she might have shared her fate had the captain not ordered her taken into his private quarters.

The room itself wasn’t unpleasant. One entire wall was a window that allowed her to see were the ship had been and on both sides were bright red drapes. Currently she was sitting on a nice oak bed while facing a bookshelf on the other end. The door was closed and she was sure it was being guarded. Right now they were too far out at sea for her to try and escape. But once they made port she would make her break. It was her only real option.

There was then a knock on the door and a moment later Adren walked in. with him he carried a pot and two empty cups which he placed on a small table near the bed. Silently he poured tea into both cups. When he was done he pick up one and began to drink from it and then set it back on the table to show that he had in fact drunk from it. Finding herself thirsty, Raalia picked up her own cup and drank from it.

“It’s good,” she said. “What is it?”

“Steelbloom Tea,” said Adren as he picked up his cup once again and then sat down next to Raalia. “It’s an old family recipe. You’re now the fourth person to have tried it on this ship except for me.”

“I am honored,” said Raalia as she drank a bit more tea. “So, what is to be my fate?”

“Direct I see,” said Adren. Raalia suddenly began to feel warm, but ignored it to listen to her captor. “Right now I think you can guess what I plan on doing to you. However, the overall scheme is that I plan on selling you.”

“Excuse me,” demanded Raalia. However, her voice was a bit weaker now. Also, the heat was beginning to grow. It had begun in her stomach, but was now moving towards her legs. She could feel her panties getting wetter.

“I’m sure that you think that there are no more slaves,” said Adren as he drank from his tea. “But that is not true. Secretly, there is a good market for sex slaves. Most people want blondes or anything with a big enough bust. But there are also those who want something more…exotic. And you don’t come across a find like this every day.”

At this point, Raalia was on her back. Her mind was a haze of lust that began to eat away at her rational mind. That space between her legs was getting hotter and hotter. She could feel herself getting wetter and wanting something that she knew she shouldn’t. She tried to fight it, but it was a losing battle as her hands lipped under her robes to caress her folds.

Adren smirked at the Draenei masturbating before him as he set down his cup. From his pocket he pulled out a small dagger and brought it to her neckline. Then, gently, he began to cut his way down until her robes were ripped to shreds. But he didn’t stop there. He also cut off her bra and finally her panties. Now standing he began to admire his handy work. It seems that either priestesses shaved or that Draenei were naturally bare. As he marveled at her body, he began to undress himself until her was equally bare.

Deciding to take her body for a test drive, Adren went to one of Raalia’s hardened nipples and gave it a lick. Hearing her respond with a moan, Adren began to circle it with his tongue and from time to time flick it. At the same time he moved his hand over her other breast and began to play with it. He pinched her nipple and gave it a good twist. He kneaded it for a while and then he gave it a good slap.

Slowly, Adren moved down her body until his face was in front of her pussy. He stared at it as her hand continued to play with herself. Moving her hand out of the way proved harder than he thought for she kept putting her fingers back into her pussy. In the end, Adren had to hold both her hands at her sides so that he could enjoy his meal in peace. And enjoy it he did as he dove it with long, deep licks. Adren found that the taste of pussy juice was different between the races. He had expected Raalia’s to be more like an Orc’s, which had a bitter sweet taste to it. But instead Draenei pussy tasted sweet like strawberries. Raalia arched her body as his tongue began to tease her clit. Electric shocks surged through her body as her eyes rolled back into her head. Soon she found herself trying to thrust herself into his face so that his tongue would go deeper.

“On all fours, like a worg,” he commanded. Raalia could do nothing but obey. She wanted more, she needed more. Of what, she didn’t know but some part did. And that part told her that in order to get it she needed to obey. Soon she felt something long and warm rubbing against her slit. It went back and forth slowly, coating itself with her juices. She began to moan loudly, her eyes closed. Nothing else existed other than this wonderful feeling. Then, to her horror, it stopped.

“Please don’t stop,” she begged.

“Oh, it’s not over yet,” said Adren as he trusted his entire cock into her pussy. Never before had Raalia felt such pain. She screamed as tears ran down her cheeks. She could feel her blue blood run down her legs. Her grip on the sheets tightened and her head sank to the bedding.

Adren paused as he allowed Raalia to get used to the feeling while he savored her pussy. It was so tight and warm. It also felt as smooth as silk. It was taking a lot for him not to cum in her right away. But he couldn’t cum yet. He had to let her feel it all before he started training her. That was his way of doing things. His crew had their own way of training new girl, but he preferred a more gentle approach. Slowly, she would give herself to him. She would play any game, perform any act he desired of her. And she would do it all willingly.

Deciding that she was ready now, Adren began to thrust slowly, causing her to hiss. Smirking, Adren pulled back until he was almost out and then moved forward. It was so, so very slow that it was painful. Soon Raalia began to feel the same way as she moved her hips back in an attempt to keep his cock inside her.

“So you like this?” he asked. Raalia moaned in response and Adren slapped her ass. “When I ask a question you answer! Got it?”

“Yes!” she cried out.

“Do you like this?”

“Yes, I love it!”

A smirk appeared on the captain’s face as he increased the speed of his trust. Raalia cried out again, but not out of pain. The pleasure was overwhelming her. She was seeing colors she never knew existed and could hear her own heart beat. All that mattered right now was this pleasure at this moment. She had been a fool to lock herself away in the life of a priestess. And the pleasure kept on building up like a tidal wave until finally it seemed to explode as she came. But the captain didn’t stop, he just kept pumping into her as she felt another build up and then explode. This happened several more time until he finally came inside her. His hot seed hit her walls causing her to cum one last time before passing out.

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