Master takes his slave to Las Vegas for new experiences
Mistress J lead Brenda back into the Great Room then down a hallway. She stopped outside a set double doors. She opened the door and entered. The walls were painted dark gray. The room was illuminated by indirect, subtle lighting.

Looking around the room, Brenda could see many types of bondage apparatus. There was a St Andrew’s Cross, a two level spanking bench covered in padded red leather, a pillory and a few others. On one wall there were shelves with an assortment of objects including sex toys, whips, canes, floggers and some that Brenda didn't recognize.

Mistress J offered Master a seat in an overstuffed leather easy chair. He sat down and watched the women.

In the middle of the room Brenda saw a large wooden desk. She recognized it as the desk in the photo with slavesuzi. Mistress J lead Brenda past the desk to a wall covered with a section of chain link fence. She disconnected the wrist cuffs from the rear of Brenda’s harness, then pushed her back against the fence.

Stretching Brenda’s hands above her head, Mistress J attached the wrist cuffs to the fence. She lifted Brenda’s right leg to the side so it was almost horizontal and attached the ankle cuff to the fence. She did the same with her left leg. Brenda legs were nearly in a split with her weight supported by her wrist cuffs. The leash hung down between Brenda’s tits past her cunt.

Brenda squirmed, trying in vain to find a comfortable position. She was flexible but had not done a split since she was in college. She could feel her cunt spread widely. As she squirmed the leash was brushing against the clamp attached to her clit causing the bell to chime. She looked at her Master seated in the chair. He smiled as he lifted his video camera and started to record.

Mistress J stood in front of Brenda and began to run her hands across Brenda’s body. She started on her sides running her hands down over Brenda’s hips and thighs.

Mistress J took Brenda’s tits in each hand. She stroking Brenda's tits gently at first, then grabbing them roughly digging her fingernails into her flesh. She let go of Brenda’s tits and grasped the handle of the crop that Brenda held in her mouth.


Brenda opened her mouth and Mistress J removed it.

Mistress J began to rub Brenda’s tits with her free hand. She pinched Brenda’s nipples one after the other.

“Oh so hard. Are you getting excited slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress J held the crop up to the bottom of Brenda’s tits with both hands, then pinched her nipples between crop and her thumbs. She started out pinching lightly then steadily increased the pressure while pulling Brenda's nipples away from her body.

Brenda closed her eyes, her body began to tremble and she began to whimper. When her nipples were stretched beyond endurance she cried out.

Mistress J released her grip. She let her free hand drop to Brenda’s cunt. She pulled on her cunt lips, one a time, then flicked a fingernail across the bell. The bell chimed as the clamp stimulated her clit.

Brenda bit her lip and tried not to move. Mistress J slipped two fingers into Brenda’s spread cunt and slowly rotated them inside her. Brenda moaned at the intrusion.

Mistress J pulled her wet fingers from Brenda’s cunt and held them up to her face.


Brenda opened her mouth, Mistress J put her fingers in Brenda’s mouth and she began sucking her own juices.

“Do you like to taste your cunt slave?”

Brenda nodded while she continued to suck. Mistress J pulled her fingers from Brenda’s mouth, stepped back and began to explore Brenda’s body with the crop.

The leather tongue caressed her skin in a random pattern. She moved the crop over Brenda’s legs, when she reached her right calf she stopped and began to tap the tongue on the side of her calf. She tapped the same spot five times then struck with enough force to make a sharp crack.

Brenda flinched and sucked in a breath.

Mistress J continued the tapping and striking her flesh. She worked up the insides of each thigh to the more tender areas, never striking the same place twice.

Brenda was trembling. Mistress J started rubbing Brenda's tits with the crop. Mistress J grabbed one and then the other tit, holding it firmly in her free hand. She held out the nipple, tapped it five times and then struck it with what Brenda thought was full force. Brenda cried out. Mistress was smiling as she alternated between Brenda’s nipples with this rough treatment.

Brenda twisted against the restraints and whimpered. Mistress J stepped back and lowered the crop between Brenda's legs. She started to rub her cunt lips and tapping the bell.

“Since you have never eaten a woman's pussy I'll assume you need some instruction. I have a training technique that has proven to be very effective for my virgin lesbians.”

Mistress J held the crop up in front of Brenda’s mouth. She opened her mouth without being told to do so. Mistress J put the crop back in it's previous position and Brenda closed her mouth.

Mistress J turned and walked to the desk in the middle of the room. Opening one of the desk drawers, she took out a red felt bag. She walked back to Brenda slowly. She reached into the bag, took out a wooden clothes pin and held it up in front of Brenda.

“This is how I train slaves to eat pussy. I’m going to put one of these clothes pins on you in every place you should kiss, lick and suck while you’re pleasuring me. This should help you remember which parts of my body need your attention. Do you understand?”

Unable to speak with the crop in her mouth, Brenda nodded her head.

“I doubt your hands will be free, but just in case, I like having my tits caressed.”

Mistress J pinched the skin below Brenda’s left nipple with one hand and attached a clothes pin to it. Brenda made a high pitched squeal and instinctively tried to twist her body away from the clothes pin. Mistress J pinched the skin next to the clothes pin and attached another. She slowly repeated the process until there was a semi-circle of clothes pins around the bottom half of Brenda's left tit. Mistress J paused briefly, then started on Brenda's right tit.

Brenda was squirming against her restraints. The hard metal from the chain link fence was scratching her back and ass but that discomfort was being overpowered by the clothes pins pinching the sensitive skin on her tits.

When Mistress J had both of Brenda’s tits encircled with clothes pins she stood back. With a clothes pin in each hand she started to gently stroke both of Brenda’s nipples with the backs of her fingers.

“Do you like to have your nipples licked and sucked slave?”

Brenda nodded, “Um Hmm.”

“So do I, so don’t forget them.”

She attached a clothes pin to each of Brenda’s nipples.


Brenda fought against the restraints trying to get free. She was fighting so hard the bell on her cunt was chiming non-stop.

Mistress J smiled and watched in amusement. She turned and faced Master stepping slightly to the side to make sure she was not blocking his view. Master zoomed the camera onto Brenda’s tits, then her face. Brenda looked at the camera, closed her eyes and stopped struggling.

“There, that’s better. Now, when you’re eating me it’s important to remember not to go straight for the pussy. I like it better if you take your time getting there. I like to have my thighs kissed and licked, this is a good place to start.”

Mistress J started to stroke the inside of Brenda’s thighs with the fingernails of both hands. Starting from the back of Brenda’s knees she slowly ran her fingers up her thighs to her cunt. Without touching her cunt she ran her fingernails around and above to her lower belly. She gently ran her fingernails up and down just above her cunt.

Brenda was breathing hard now. Mistress J’s touch felt wonderful on her skin but she was afraid of what was coming next.

Mistress J held up another clothes pin for Brenda to see. Then she pinched the skin on the inside of her right thigh and attached the pin. Brenda started to squirm again. Mistress J continued to slowly attach the clothes pins pausing between each one. Finally there was a straight line of pins going up both her thighs stopping next to her cunt. She repeatedly ran a fingernail along the clothes pins like the keys of a piano.

“Of course I love to have my pussy lips licked and sucked.”

Mistress J pulled on both of Brenda’s cunt lips stretching them apart. After letting them go she started to attach clothes pins. Eventually she had six clothes pins, side by side, on each of Brenda’s cunt lips.

She stepped back and watched Brenda fighting the restraints. She desperately tried to close her legs to protect her most sensitive area. The bell on her clit rang with every move. Mistress J stood off to one side making sure Master had ample opportunity to video the display from his easy chair.

“Now, you should be able to tell when you have spent enough time getting me warmed up. Do you know where to go next?”


Brenda nodded her head quickly, fear on her face.

Mistress J held up one more clothes pin for Brenda to see.“That’s right slave, next you can start working on my clit.”

Mistress J attached the last clothes pin just above the tweezers clamp on Brenda’s swollen clit.


Brenda opened her mouth and screamed. She was in such agony she didn’t realize the crop had fallen until she heard it hit the floor. She squirmed and fought against the restraints. Most of the skin under the clothes pins had gone numb by now, but every nerve ending in her clit was on fire.

Mistress J walked away and let Master video Brenda flailing about. The bell was chimed continuously. The leash, swinging wildly in front of Brenda’s body, rubbed on the clothes pin attached to her clit increasing the pain. Eventually she ran out of energy, closed her eyes and stopped struggling. Her mouth was wide open as she breathed deeply trying to catch her breathe.

Mistress J stood behind Master's easy chair and said, “Slave, you dropped my crop!”

Brenda shivered when she opened her eyes and saw Mistress J’s steely eyes. There was no question in Brenda’s mind that she would be punished.

Mistress J slowly walked back in front of Brenda. She bent over and picked up the crop.

“Do you think you can remember what is expected of you when the time comes to pleasure me?”

“Yes Mistress,” Brenda said short of breath.

“Would you like me to remove the clothes pins now or do you think you need more time to think about? I wouldn't want you to forget.”

“Please take them off Mistress, I won’t forget.”

“Are you sure slave? If you don’t do a good job pleasuring me I’m going to put you back up here and start over.”

“I’ll be good Mistress, I promise. I’ll pleasure you, I’ll eat your pussy, I’ll do anything.”

Mistress J smiled. “I believe you will slave. Now let’s get those pins off you.”

She held the tongue of the crop to Brenda’s right tit and tapped one of the clothes pins. She raised the crop and slapped the clothes pin hard enough to knock it loose from Brenda’s skin.

“AAAAAhhhhhh….” The pain was excruciating. The impact from the crop, followed by the pin pulling loose from the skin was bad enough. Once the pin was off, blood rushed into the numb tissue re-awakening the nerve endings. The sensation of the clothes pins coming off hurt worse then going on.

Mistress J continued to strike the clothes pins one at a time. Most of the time she paused between between strikes. Sometimes she swatted two in rapid succession. Several of the pins took more than one swat to come off. Sometimes two would come off with one swat.

There was no pattern to help Brenda prepare for the pain. Brenda cried out with each swat. The clothes pins on her nipples were particularly painful.

Mistress J continued swatting the clothes pins on Brenda’s thighs, then her cunt lips. Finally there was only one clothes pin left. The one on Brenda's clit. Mistress J removed that one by gently opening it with her fingers. The blood rushing back into Brenda's swollen clit caused a wave of pain that took her breath away.

Mistress J allowed Brenda a moment to catch her breath. Then she said, “I had planned on letting you eat my pussy now but we have this little problem. You dropped my crop on the floor, you disobedient little slut. Something has to be done about that. I don’t want it to happen again.”

Mistress J unsnapped the ankle cuffs from the chain link fence and lowered Brenda's feet to the floor. Brenda stood on unsteady legs. After disconnecting the wrist cuffs from the fence, she re-attached them to the back of Brenda’s harness.

Mistress J tugged on the leash and lead Brenda to the desk in the middle of the room. She directed Brenda to lie on her back on the desk.

Above the desk was a metal yoke suspended from the ceiling by a chain. The yoke was about 3 feet wide with attachment snaps on each end. Mistress lifted each of Brenda’s legs and attached her ankle cuffs to the snaps. Brenda’s arms were under the small of her back, her legs spread wide held up toward the ceiling.

Mistress J walked around the desk running her fingers over her slave’s body. She walked to the wall and put her crop the shelf. She picked up a slapper and strolled slowly back to Brenda.

Mistress J let Brenda see the slapper. It was made of black leather. The body was a rectangular shape, about 4 inches wide and 16 inches long. Mistress held the handle attached to one end with the loop around her wrist.

She began to run the smooth leather over Brenda’s body and up and down her legs. She teased her cunt lips with the slapper and tapped the bell.

Brenda's clit was still very sore. She wasn't sure if she felt pain or pleasure. Brenda couldn’t believe how aroused she was.

Then without warning Mistress J raised the slapper up and struck the inside of Brenda’s left thigh.


The sound echoed off the walls. Brenda cried out in pain. She struck the same spot on Brenda’s right thigh. Brenda twisted against the leg restrains and tried to lift her upper body.

When she settled down she opened her eyes to see Mistress J standing there between her legs with a smile on her face. She began to rub the slapper against the inside of Brenda’s thigh and then struck her on a different spot.


She worked her way up and down her thighs and ass never hitting the same spot twice.


Brenda struggled and cried out almost continuously. Over and over again Mistress J found a spot on Brenda’s legs that had not felt the sting of the slapper. When she finally stopped Brenda was out of breath. Tears streamed down the sides of her face.
Mistress J walked around the desk to Brenda’s head. Letting the slapper dangle from the wrist strap, she began to stroke Brenda’s tits and fondle her nipples.

Mistress J leaned over Brenda. Her tits hung down over Brenda's face. Mistress lowered her tits onto Brenda's face and began rubbing then back and forth.

Brenda was shocked at suddenly having soft skin from Mistress J tits brushing her face. When she felt one of the big hard nipples next to her mouth she began to lick and suck it. Mistress J allowed Brenda to suck that nipple, then moved the other to her mouth for the same treatment.

Brenda was amazed at how Mistress J’s tits were covering her face. She immediately forgot about the slapper. She felt Mistress J’s fingers massaging her tits and gently pinching her nipples. Then Mistress J’s hand slid down Brenda’s belly and between her legs. Brenda felt two fingers slip into her cunt.

Brenda moaned with pleasure. The soft touch of the fingers in her cunt was everything she desired. She started to grind her hips against the Mistress J’s fingers. Brenda sighed while she sucked and licking the tits covering her face.

Mistress J stood up. Suddenly the fingers were gone from Brenda's cunt, the tits gone from her face. Brenda looked up into Mistress J’s smiling face. She was looking down at Brenda while she licked her finger’s.

“You have duties before you will be allowed to cum, slave.”

Mistress J unhooked Brenda’s ankles. She pulled Brenda up to a sitting position with the leash. Mistress J gave several sharp tugs on the leash until Brenda slid off the desk. She lead Brenda to an overstuffed leather easy chair across from Master.

Mistress J tugged down on the leash until Brenda knelt in front of the easy chair. She sat on the chair directly in front of Brenda with her legs spread. Brenda stared into Mistress J's shaved pussy. She put one of her stocking clad legs over the arm of the chair and touched the inside of her thigh with the fingers of one hand.

Master was sitting directly behind Brenda. He had an unobstructed view of Brenda's gorgeous pink ass and cunt. Mistress J faced him giving a clear view of her incredible body. Mistress J looked at Master and smiled as he video taped the two women.

Brenda watched Mistress J in the chair with her legs spread wide. She breathed deeply while she waited for instructions. She swallowed hard knowing that she would never be the same after what she was about to do. Leaning forward, Mistress J grabbed a handful of Brenda’s hair and pulled her toward her pussy.

With her arms strapped behind her back, Brenda leaned forward awkwardly and had to crawl on her knees to keep her balance. Mistress J held Brenda’s face about an inch from her pussy.

“Eat Me Slave.”

Brenda started kissing and nibbling her stocking covered thighs. She was surprised how much she liked the feeling of the nylon against her lips and face. She worked her way from the inside of Mistress J’s knee to the top of her stocking, then she did the same on the other leg.

She kissed and licked the skin above her stockings. When she reached the first garter strap she bit it between her teeth and pulled it away from Mistress J’s leg. When it was stretched out she let it go allowing it to snap back into place.

Brenda kissed and licked her way up to the shaved area above her pussy. When she reached the bottom of Mistress J’s corset she bit down on the leather and pulled. She looked up and into Mistress J’s smiling face.

When their eyes met, Mistress J nodded slightly. Brenda closed her eyes and started licking and kissing her skin again. When all of the skin above Mistress J’s stockings and around her pussy was wet from Brenda’s tongue, she started licking and sucking her pussy lips.

When she reached her slit she ran her tongue up and down slowly, then nuzzled between the lips kissing and licking. Once again she felt something hard and unnatural where she thought Mistress J's clit should be. She went back to her pussy lips sucking them into her mouth one at a time, licking the soft stretchy tissue while it was sucked inside her mouth.

So far Brenda was thoroughly enjoying her first taste of another woman’s pussy. She kept working at Mistress’s pussy feeling it getting wetter. Finally Mistress J pushed Brenda’s head back slightly with one hand. Reaching between her legs with the other, she spread her pussy lips with her fingers. That’s when Brenda saw the hard object.

Mistress J’s clit was pierced with a silver ring. The piercing was vertical through her clit and the ring poked straight out toward Brenda. Hanging from the ring were two small silver chains one slightly longer than the other. Attached to the end of each chain was a miniature manacle.

Brenda looked at the piercing then up at Mistress J’s smiling face. When Brenda felt the pulling on her hair she put her mouth back on the spread pussy in front of her.

With her mouth wide open, Brenda covered the pierced clit and started to suck and lick. Feeling the large hard bud with the ring and chains, she flicked her tongue everywhere she could reach. Both flesh and metal were flicked about equally. Brenda heard Mistress J moan and felt the grip tighten on her hair.

Master had never seen anything so erotic. He was looking at his slave, arms strapped behind her back bent over and eating another woman for the first time. Brenda had her knees and ankles spread. Her cunt was wide open and soaking wet. The little bell looked incredibly sexy hanging down from her clit. Mistress J was humping her hips against Brenda’s mouth, her eyes closed tight.

“Master William, would you please release one of my slave’s hands? I must have her fingers inside me”

Master walked behind Brenda and released the snap holding her right wrist restraint. After doing so, he stepped around behind Mistress J's chair.

With her hand now free Brenda lifted her head long enough to lick her fingers while she looked at her Master. She smiled and plunged her face back into the waiting pussy.

Brenda had to resist the urge to finger her own cunt. Starting with her middle finger, she penetrated Mistress J. Then she put in her index finger, followed by her ring finger. She manipulated the inside of Mistress J's pussy, while continuing to suck and lick enthusiastically.

Brenda looked up and saw her Master with the camera. She was so excited she almost came. Her Master wanted her to have this experience and she wanted him to see it. As he watched, Brenda opened her mouth wide and held the little chains and manacles on her tongue for her Master to see.

Brenda went back to licking and sucking. The slurping sounds were getting louder. Brenda’s head was moving up and down rapidly as she tried to reach every part of Mistress J's pussy.

With her face between Mistress J’s legs, she looked up past the leather corset and big tits to see both Mistress J and Master watching. Mistress J was looking at Brenda and biting her lower lip.

Brenda was in sensory overload. Brenda could feel Mistress J’s smooth skin against her face and lips. Brenda breathed deeply through her nose to capture the musky scent of Mistress J’s perfume mixed with the natural smell of her aroused pussy. The taste of Mistress J’s wet pussy was delicious. Brenda could hear her own slurping sounds mixed with Mistress J’s soft moaning.

Mistress J looked up at Master.

“In case you were wondering, this slave loves to eat pussy”

With her head leaned back toward Master, Mistress J closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Her whole body stiffened as her orgasm rushed over her. She held Brenda’s hair tightly to keep the slave working on her pussy, enjoying the waves of pleasure flowing through her body.

The feeling of another woman cuming in her mouth was nothing like Brenda expected. The sudden change in taste and the rush of wetness was so intense it felt like there was a chemical reaction going on between Brenda’s mouth and Mistress J’s pussy.

Oh my God, I love this, thought Brenda. The only way this could be better is if Master were fucking me right now.

Finally Mistress J’s body relaxed and she released Brenda’s hair. Brenda did not want to stop and continued eating her soaking pussy. Mistress J had to push her head away to make her stop.
Brenda leaned back panting. She wiped cum off her face with the fingers of her free hand and then licked her fingers clean. She looked into Mistress J’s glazed over eyes and smiled.

Mistress J slowly stood up in front of Brenda. Stepping around her, Mistress J re-attached Brenda’s wrist strap to the back of her harness. Leaving Brenda kneeling in front of the chair, Mistress walked back to the desk and opened one of the drawers.

She reached inside and took out a large black strap-on dildo with a leather harness. She walked back in front of Brenda and started to strap it to her body. Brenda couldn’t take her eyes off the dildo dangling in front of her face.

Is this really going to happen? Am I really going to be fucked by another woman tonight?

Mistress J stood in front of Brenda. The big black dildo sticking straight out in front of her.

“Suck my cock slave”

Brenda leaned forward as Mistress J pushed the hard rubber cock into her face. Brenda opened her mouth and sucked it in. Mistress J held her head and slowly fucked her mouth with the dildo. She mixed her saliva with her Mistress’ cum in an effort to get the dildo lubricated. Mistress pulled the dildo out of Brenda’s mouth and sat down.

“Stand up slave, turn around and straddle me. I want your Master to see this.”

Brenda straddled Mistress J’s legs spreading her knees wide. She felt Mistress J grab her waist and guide her onto the dildo.

Brenda looked at her Master sitting in the easy chair. He rubbed his cock through his slacks with one hand and held the video camera with the other.

Mistress J rubbed the dildo up and down Brenda’s slit, she felt the hard rubber tip ready to slip inside. Holding one of the leather straps on Brenda’s harness firmly, she pulled her down ramming the rubber cock all the way inside her cunt.

The shock of having her cunt filled so abruptly made Brenda feel like she had the wind knocked out of her. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t believe she was really being fucked by another woman. When Brenda finally did inhale it sounded the gasp of a drowning person.

Mistress J fucked Brenda hard. She held the straps on Brenda’s harness with both hands. With a firm grip she rammed the dildo into Brenda’s cunt as hard as she could.

Brenda was bouncing up and down on the dildo, her tits and leash bounced with every thrust. The bell on her clit chimed constantly. The feeling having her arms restrained while the strong dominant woman forced her body up and down on the dildo was incredible.

She opened her eyes and saw her Master rubbing his cock while he watched her. Brenda stared into her Master's face, her mouth wide open but not breathing. Her body shuddered as her orgasm swept through her. She gasped and her body began to go limp.

Mistress J slowed and then stopped. Pushing on Brenda’s ass she said, “Stand up slave.”

Brenda was weak kneed and stood up slowly. Mistress J stood up. Tugging on Brenda’s leash, she led her to the spanking bench. She pushed Brenda forward and told her to kneel on the bench.

The lower part of the bench was divided into two leather covered pads. When Brenda knelt her legs were spread. Mistress J pushed Brenda forward until her torso was lying across the upper section of the bench. Her head was hanging off the end.

Mistress J moved up behind her. Putting her hands on Brenda’s ass she gripped the flesh, rotating her ass forward to give her better access to Brenda’s soaking cunt. She abruptly shoved the dildo in and started fucking her again.

Brenda was in heaven. She could feel Mistress J’s hands firmly gripping her hips while she fucked her. Mistress J's long fingernails painfully dug into Brenda's skin, a constant reminder she was being fucked by another woman.

Mistress J was totally in control. Brenda was helpless with her hands strapped behind her back and leaning over the bench, She could do nothing but accept the hard fucking until Mistress J decided to stop. She hoped it wouldn’t be soon.

Brenda had another orgasm and then heard Mistress J speaking to her in a deep throaty voice.

“You like eating pussy slave?

“Yes Mistress.”

“You like being fucked by another woman slave?

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you a lesbian slut?”

Brenda didn’t answer.

SMACK! Mistress J slapped Brenda’s ass.

“Are you a lessie slut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Say it!”

“I’m a lessie slut,” Brenda said quietly.


“I'm a lessie slut.”

“Again, keep saying it until you come again!”

“I’m a lessie slut….I’m a lessie slut…I’m a lessie slut.”

Brenda’s next orgasm was even stronger than her last. It flowed through her until she felt Mistress J’s hand pulling her hair twisting her head around.

“Look at your Master.”

Brenda looked and saw Master. His hard cock was out of his pants. He stroked it as he watched the two women.

“I think it’s time you asked to suck your Master’s cock.”

Brenda was bouncing back and forth on the bench from Mistress J’s hard fucking. Her speech was labored when she said,

“Master…may I…please suck…your cock?”

Master stood up and took off his clothes. He walked in front of Brenda, his rock hard cock in front of her face. Holding the video camera in his left hand he grabbed her hair with his right.

She opened her mouth wanting to feel his cock in her throat. He slipped his cock into Brenda’s mouth and started to push.

Brenda wasn’t sure if it was because she had been deep throating the night before or if it was because of the hard fucking she was experiencing, but she felt very little gag reflex when his cock hit the back of her mouth. He pressed more, Brenda gagged slightly and then his cock was all the way down.

Master and Mistress J used Brenda like a fuck toy. They set up a rhythm with Brenda’s body. Mistress J would pull Brenda back by the hips onto the strap-on getting full penetration in her cunt. Then Master would pull Brenda forward by her hair getting full penetration in her throat.

Brenda felt like a complete slut and loved it. How long they kept going like this she wasn’t sure, Brenda could hardly breathe with her Master’s cock slamming in and out of her throat. When she came again they slowed giving her a much needed rest.

Brenda felt Mistress J leaning over her. Her big tits and hard nipples rubbed against Brenda's back. Brenda loved the feeling. Then she heard Mistress speak. At first thought she misunderstood, but she knew she couldn’t have. Mistress J’s mouth was right next to Brenda’s ear when she said,

“Master, may I please suck your cock?”

Brenda opened her eyes as Master pulled his cock out of her mouth. She looked next to her to see Mistress J looking up at Master’s face. Master moved his cock in front of Mistress J and she sucked it in her mouth.

Mistress J continued to fuck Brenda slowly while she sucked and licked Master's cock. She moaned as she sucked. Master let go of Brenda’s hair and grabbed Mistress J’s hair. He began pumping his cock into her mouth.

Brenda watched Mistress J suck her Master’s cock just inches from her face. She knew she should be jealous but instead she felt total arousal. Master began thrusting his cock into Mistress J’s throat until she gagged.

He pulled his cock out and pressed into Brenda’s mouth. She immediately took it all the way down her throat holding it there until she was out of breath. Master pulled his cock out and offered it to Mistress J. She sucked it in but was not able to deep throat. Nevertheless she sucked enthusiastically.

Mistress J fucked Brenda hard when Brenda was sucking Master's cock. Brenda came again. Master kept his cock in Brenda’s mouth. He lifted Mistress J’s head by her hair.

“Take off that strap-on.”

Mistress J pulled the dildo out of Brenda’s cunt and unbuckled the harness. Master pulled his cock out of Brenda’s mouth. He walked around the bench and knocked the strap-on out of Mistress J’s hands onto the floor.

He grabbed the back of Brenda’s harness and pulled her up to a standing position. He put the camera on spanking bench and aimed it at the desk, then he released Brenda’s wrist cuffs from the back of her harness. Taking Mistress J by the arm with one hand and Brenda’s leash with the other, he marched both women to the desk.

Pulling down on Brenda’s leash, he said, “On your knees.”

As Brenda knelt, he released the leash and grabbed her hair.


Brenda opened her mouth. Master shoved his cock in and rammed it all the way down her throat. Brenda’s nose pushed against Master's lower belly, his balls pushed against her chin. Brenda stuck out her tongue and licked his balls.

Mistress J watched Brenda enviously as Master fucked her throat in a slow steady rhythm. Still holding Brenda’s hair with his right hand he put his left hand behind Mistress J’s neck and pulled her to him.

He kissed her deeply, their tongues met and explored each others mouths. Mistress J put both her arms around his neck. Master’s hand slid down Mistress J’s back and unfastened her bra.

Brenda looked up and saw the embrace and the passionate kiss. She felt a flash of jealousy that was followed by excitement. She sucked harder on her Master’s cock. Brenda’s hands were free now. She fingered her cunt with one hand and ran her other hand up Mistress J's leg.

Brenda found Mistress J's pussy and slipped two fingers inside. Mistress J moaned into Master's mouth. Her body dipped slightly as her knees became weak. Mistress J held Master's neck tightly to steady herself.

This was the first opportunity Brenda had to touch the tweezers clamp attached to her clit. She moved it from side to side. It stimulated her clit almost to the point of pain. She wiggled the clamp until the bell chimed. The sound aroused Brenda even more. She kept wiggling the clamp until another orgasm swept through her body.

Master released Mistress J’s neck and broke off the kiss. His hand slid down to her tits and he pulled off her bra. He grabbed her right tit roughly and pulled it to his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on her nipple then grabbed her left tit for the same treatment.
After sucking and licking Mistress J's tits, Master pulled his cock out of Brenda’s mouth. A long string of saliva drooped between his cock and Brenda’s lips.”

Pushing down on Mistress J’s shoulder he said, “On your knees.”

Brenda's fingers slipped out of Mistress J's pussy as she knelt in front of Master.

Master pulled Brenda’s hair and said, “Spit on her tits, get them wet for me.”

Brenda turned and spit on Mistress J’s tits several times.

“Hold your tits up.”

Mistress J cupped her tits with both hands and held them up for Master. He slid his cock between her tits. Without needing to be told to do so, Mistress J pressed her tits together engulfing his cock.

Rocking her body up and down, she stroked Master's cock between her tits several times. She stopped with the head of his cock sticking up between her tits. Leaning her head down, Mistress J pursed her lips and released a long string of saliva over Master's cock head. She squeezed her tits together even harder and started to rock up and down again.

Brenda stared her Master’s cock disappearing between Mistress J’s big tits. She was so turned on by the sight she started to finger her clit again.

Master grabbed Brenda’s leash and pulled her to her feet. He ran his right index finger through the D ring on the front of Brenda’s collar and pulled her to him. He kissed her deeply. It was now Brenda’s turn to feel his tongue in her mouth. He put his left hand on the side of her head, then let it slip down so he could fondle her tits. He kissed her long and hard while tit fucking Mistress J.

He broke the kiss and pushed Brenda back but held her with his finger through the D ring. Brenda looked down at Mistress J and watched the woman squeezing her Master’s cock between her big tits. Her whole body was pumping up and down.

“You like a hard cock, don't you slut?”

“Yes Master.”

“Were you teasing me earlier because you wanted my cock?”

“Yes Master.”

Master pulled his cock out from between Mistress J’s tits and stepped back.

Turning Brenda toward Mistress J he said, “Take the clamp off my slave’s cunt.”

Mistress J released the clamp. The rush of blood flow back in her clit made Brenda squeeze her legs together and whimper. He pushed Brenda toward the desk while pointing to one end,

“On your back slave, ass there”

Brenda sat on the edge of the desk and lay back as she was told.

Master grabbed Mistress J’s arm, pulled her up.

“Get up, slut. On the desk. My slave is going to eat you while I fuck her.”
Master stepped to the desk where Brenda lay. He lifted her legs straight up putting her calves across his chest. Her high heels pointed straight up above his shoulders. He dragged her ass to the edge of the desk to his waiting cock. He let his cock lay over her cunt and he rocked back and forth feeling the wet lips massaging his underside of his shaft.

Brenda spread her cunt lips with fingers exposing her clit. Brenda's whole body jerked when the shaft of Master’s cock rubbed against the hard swollen bud. Her clit was so sensitive from the tweezers clamp and clothes pin it felt like an electric shock. She didn’t want it to stop.

Mistress J got up on the desk and squatted over Brenda’s face. Brenda looked up into the wet gaping pussy. The clit ring and little chains hung down toward her face. Mistress J lowered her pussy onto Brenda’s waiting mouth. She immediately started to lick and suck greedily. Master shoved his cock into Brenda’s cunt.

Mistress J pressed and rubbed her pussy onto Brenda’s mouth. Brenda had the feeling of being smothered by her pussy and she loved it. Her Master was fucking her so hard her whole body rocked back and forth on the desk. This made her face slide back and forth under Mistress J’s wet pussy The movement only increased Mistress J's pleasure. Mistress J leaned forward and started to finger Brenda’s clit. That pushed Brenda over the top into another orgasm.

Brend kept working on Mistress J’s pussy wanting to make her cum again. Master grabbed the front of Mistress J’s corset and pulled her forward onto her knees. He pulled his cock out of Brenda and shoved it into Mistress J’s mouth. She sucked him like a whore.

With her mouth full of cock, Mistress J moaned loudly and flooded Brenda’s face with cum. Master pulled his cock out of Mistress J’s mouth and began to fuck Brenda again. Mistress J held Brenda’s legs behind her knees rocking her ass up and down against Master’s thrusts. Master gripped the front of Brenda’s harness tightly while he pounded her cunt.

Brenda thought she would faint as another orgasm swept through her. Master pulled his cock out of Brenda and Mistress J immediately began to suck him again. He continued alternating between Brenda’s cunt and Mistress J’s mouth.

Eventually he pulled his cock out of Brenda’s cunt and walked to the other end of the desk. He climbed on the desk behind Mistress J.

Brenda wrapped her arms around Mistress J’s ass and grabbed on with both hands. She spread Mistress J’s ass and thighs opening her pussy for her Master. Master’s cock was just above Brenda's face, pointed at Mistress J’s pussy like a spear.

“Do you want my cock, slut?”

“Yes, Master. Please fuck me. Please.”

In one hard thrust he rammed his cock into Mistress J. and started fucking her. Mistress J gasped as Brenda began licking and sucking her pussy again.

Her Master’s balls were rubbing across Brenda’s forehead and nose with each thrust. Master put his hand on Mistress J’s head, pushing her down between Brenda’s spread legs.

“Eat her. Eat her cunt”

Mistress J leaned forward and began to lick and suck Brenda’s cunt. The two women were locked in a 69 lapping at each other while Master fucked Mistress J.

Master pushed Brenda’s hands away from Mistress J’s ass and grabbed her there himself. Brenda ran her hands over Mistress J’s back. The leather corset held closed by the tight laces felt wonderful under Brenda's fingers. Brenda reached under Mistress J and started to caress and squeeze her big tits. Mistress J moaned loudly when Brenda pinched her nipples.

Brenda could hear the loud slapping sound and feel the impact of her Master’s thrusts against Mistress J’s ass. She could taste Mistress J’s cum and feel it all over her face. Her own orgasms were coursing through her like a waves crashing on a beach.

Suddenly Master pulled his cock out of Mistress J’s pussy. He pushed her forward off of Brenda’s face, and stuck his cock in Brenda’s open mouth. Brenda tilted her head back as far as she could and Master shoved his cock all the way down her throat. He fucked her that way and then pulled out, ramming his cock back into Mistress J.

He went back and forth between Mistress J’s pussy and Brenda’s throat until he finally rammed his cock down Brenda’s throat and held it there.

Brenda felt the goose bumps on her Master’s balls and the familiar trembling at the base of his cock. He pulled his cock back so just the head was in Brenda’s mouth. Brenda tightened her lips under Master's cock head and sucked as hard as she could.

Master's sperm exploded into Brenda's mouth. She tried to swallow all of his cum but some leaked out of her mouth and ran down the sides of her face.

They all collapsed in a heap on the desk, totally spent. Eventually Master prompted the women to get up. They all moved to one of the overstuffed easy chairs and curled up in each others arms.

Eventually Mistress J stirred and got up.

“Master William, may I please have the key to the locks on this slave’s shoes. I’m going to give her a bath”

Master told her where to find the key in his pants pocket.

Mistress J told Master there was a guest bath in the pool house. He was welcome to take a shower and then help himself to whatever refreshments were available in the bar. After taking the key from the pants pocket Mistress J tugged on Brenda’s leash.

Brenda was dozing in her Master’s arms and whined like a child waking from a nap. Master told her to get up and go with Mistress J.

Mistress J lead Brenda out of the dungeon by the leash.


2015-05-31 03:09:51
so fucking hot.

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Omg...that was so hot, I wasn't sure who Master was going to cum in or on, I half excepted him to blow it all over Brenda's face and Mistress J's ass there at the end. I do hope the shower is tender, I don't think Brenda can take much more abuse, plus she still got to be able to walk into & out of the hotel and the flight home. During the flight home they should join the mile high club.

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