my g/fs lil sister took my load
my g/f has quite a big familly she has 4 sisters and a brother.
theres charlie1 megan 5 kim 13 michelle 16 peter 17 and my g/f keeley 19.
this story is about how i took sweet michelles virginity.

keeley had just come back from her 2 week holiday with freinds.she was back the same day as michelles 16th birthday party. she arrived home around 12 noon and the party was already swinging.

I arrived around 7 oclock as keeleys mum and dad were just going out for the night and left keeley to look after the kids. i said hi and gave her a cuddle and we talked about how the hoilday went and things, keeley got realy drunk as usual and fell asleep.

i tried waking her but it was no use she was so tired from the flight and the drink had just topped it off so i left her and had a few more drinks and chatted with pete. shortly after i went to bed around 12 i think.i went into keeleys room witch she shares with michelle
and turned on the playstation and had a quick blast on gta.

after an hour or so the door opened and in walked michelle.
hi she said hi said hi back and she came and sat next to me on the bed.

ive never really looked at her the way i did that night shes usually wearing baggy jeans and a t shirt but tonight she looked pretty sexy.she was wearing a little white mini skirt and a low cut pink top. i looked her up and down she looked fantastic thats when my cock got hard.

shes never really had a b/f and shes always well behaved straight As never in trouble at home or at school. Any way she asked if i wanted a game of tennis on the computer so i agreed. as she bent over to put the disk in she fell over (must have been from the drink) her legs went up in the air and i saw her sexy pink thong.

i couldent belive it i would have thought she would be wearing normal white knickers or something .she giggled and said hey stop looking i just laughed.

we had a couple of games then she asked if i wanted a drink so i agreed and she reached into keeleys draw and pulled out a bottle of bacardi and two glasses.we had a few drinks then she started talking about me and keeley and saying she wished she had a b/f and saying that she was ugly and all the rest of it.

i told her she was really pretty and she looked even better tonight as she was dressed.
she looked at me and said why lie u know im ugly, i grabbed her and gave her a big kiss,would i do that if i thought you were ugly michelle? i said she said u would kiss me properly if u liked me. That was it i grabbed her and we fell onto the bed snogging.

I was moving my hands all over her body squeezing her ass and tits stroking her legs she loved it i soon had her sat on top of me i moved her forward so she could feel my hard cock, Mmmm u do like me she giggled with her eyes all over the place you could tell she was drunk. i said yea i really do like u i said as i flipped her over and onto her back
i lifted her skirt and kissed her pussy throughher knickers as she giggled,then i slowly pulled them off.

i licked her from her ass to her clit then kissed her belly button before pulling out my cock.i placed it at the entrance of her sweet pussy witch was totally bald! i lookedd at her and placed her hand on my arms squeeze me if it hurts ok babe i said she just giggled.

i slowly pushed my cock inside her looking in her eyes all the time. i sank it into her till i felt her hymen,thats wen i got second thoughts it was like her hmen was saying please dont do this shes no ready shes still only a little girl.i thouht FUCK YES iam gunna fuck her even if she isnt ready even if she is a little girl. And i pushed hard and pop went her cherry she squeezed the fuck out of my arms with a loud scream.her pussy was so tight it felt great my cock tore into her and all i could feel were her soft hot and wet pussy muscles squeezing my rock hard cock.i fucked her for about 15 mins like this she came a few times moaning to even the slightest twitch of my cock

i clmbed off of her and got her on all 4s infront of the tv and fucked her doggy wen noticed a picture of me and keeley ontop of the tv. michelle baby i said look at that picture and tell keeley wat ure doing with her b/f.
she laughed and looked up at it keeley im fucking ure b/f and it feels so good wot u gunna do bitch its my cock now! i laughed and looked at the picture keeley ure little sister is a beter fuck than u will ever be she so fucking sexy! we both laughed then my cock twictched i wrapped my arms round michelles waist an held her. she said dont cum in me and tryed to get away but i had a tight grip.

she screamed no please ill get prenant i laughed and said i dont care im cumming up u and thats it.i rammed it deep inside her to the hilt and it came pumping into her 2 weeks worth of cum! i drowned her ovaries with my sticky hot seed ive never come so much in my life and it was all deep inside sweet michelle! mmmmm what a feeling!

I pulled out my cock and my cum came dripping out all pink from the being mixed with the blood from her hymen.she turned round and said im going to bed now and she climbed into bed i picked up her knickers and gave them a big sniff they were still wet from wen we were snogging earlier i had a quick wank and put them in my pocket and went to bed.

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