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Tony and Julie get a little more involved
I woke up early on friday morning, wondering if Julie would say anything about what happendd last night. I did my morning routine, had a shower, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to the kitchen for my breakfast. I was making toast when Julie came down.
"Heey Toonny" she said dragging out my name and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"hey Julie. Listen about last ni-" I had to stop talking because mom came into the kitchen.
"Hey you guys" mom said.
"Hey mom" me and Julie said simultaniously. Just then i could smell burning and realised it was my toast.
After breakfast i got dressed for school and decided to leave talking to Julie until after school. School was its same boring self, but my friends realised something was up. It was second class, drama, our teacher never pays attention to us so its our class for talking.
"Hey Tony, you've barely spoke all lesson man" said my friend Johnny.
"Yeah Tony you look like somethings on your mind?"said Kristy, yes i have a hot girl as a friend, we've been friends since we were little so i never thought of asking her out but Johnny had on multiple ocasions.
"Yeah, but i dont want to talk about it" I replied, i dont think they would take it well, "hey guys my little sis licked up my cum last night", somehow i dont think that would work.
"Sure well if you want to talk about it im here" Kristy said, she was always nice to me. Johnny on the other hand, he's more of the joker of our group.
"Probably having a little trouble with the ladys" which had him and Kristy laughing.
"Leave him alone Johnny" Kristy tried to say in between giggles. The rest of the day was the same old stuff. I was walking home from school thinking to myself, should i try to go further with Julie? I know its incest but what seems so good cant be that bad can it? I got through the front door and decided that i wasnt gonna talk to Julie straight away so i went to the kitchen to make some snacks and go watch T.V. I passed the living room with no one in it and made my way to the kitchen. I went back to the living room and sitting on the couch looking at me was Julie, she was in a white top and a pair of skinny jeans. I could tell she didnt have a bra on, it was quite cold in the house. She patted the couch beside where she was sitting and grinned at me. I sat down beside her with a bowl of chips and a can of coke. We sat in silence for a while watching T.V, well i was anyway, any time i looked at her she was looking at me with that grin on her face.
"What?" i asked her as she put her hand in the bowl of chips.
"Nothing" she said in a baby voice.
"why do you have that grin on your face?" "just thinkin about you" she whispered, barely audible as if she was daydreaming.
"what?" i asked again not making out what she had said. As she took the bowl off me and set it on the floor, she climbed on my lap.
"i said i was thinking about you Tony" she said alot louder this time.
"Julie what are you doing?" i asked puzzled and starting to worry because, even though she is my sister i felt a boner coming on.
"something ive wanted to do for a long time."she said and before i could ask what she planted a soft kiss on my lips. I started to kiss her back then realised ehat i was doing, pushing her off me and standing up. She looked up at me with her best puppy dog face.
"Julie we cant were brother and sister, thats incest and its wrong" i said to her, not sounding to confident(should have paid more attention in drama).
"i know that but you didnt seem to mind last night and by the looks of it you dont mind now, or at least a part of you doesnt." She said with a seductive look on her face, biting her bottom lip and looking at my now pitched crotch. God she looked sexy.
"Julie no its wrong."i said, trying to sound dominant. Again with the puppy face."wait what do you meen youve wanted to do it for a long time?"
"I meen, ever since we were little ive liked you, all the other kids at school say they fight with theyre brothers but youve always been kind to me and cared for me. I pretty much wanted to kiss you since i started puberty." she said, still eyeing up my crotch.
"look Julie as much as i want this aswell it just it-"i was cut off again.
"You do! Thats great!" she said jumping up wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a long kiss, a passionate one. This time i thought oh what the hell YOLO, just then i heard the front door open. Our parents were back. We both quickly sat down on the couch and i grabbed the bowl of chips of the floor to hide my still solid boner.
"Hello kids, how was school?" Dad asked as he walked by. Julie turned round and started ranting about how her friends had pranked some kid and i just tuned out. How could she go from kissing her brother one minute to talking like normal to her parents as if nothing had happened. Julie finished talking, looked at me and whispered
"ill see you tonight" then she looked to see if our parents were looking and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Dinner came around and it was my favourite, peri peri chicken and potatos. I was too busy eating to listen to my family talk. That is until...
"Hello, earth to Tony, any body in there?!" shouted my little sister, still acting as if nothing had happened.
"what?" i asked with a half full mouth of potato and chicken.
"mom asked how school was Tony." Julie said looking at me.
"just the boring same old, same old." After that dinner was just the normal small talk, mum talking about the office and dad talking about sports or the car.
When dinner was over me and Julie had to wash the dishes. She washed and i dryed so she was finished first. Before she left she turned to me grabbed my crotch(our parents were in the living room) and whispered to me " see you up in my room" bit her lip again and gave me a kiss, safe to say i had a hardon for the rest of the dishes. When i finished i was pretty thirsty but i decided to go up to my waiting sister.
I went upstairs and used the bathroom, then made my way to my beautiful sisters room. I walked in and the sight i saw was magnificent. My sister was lying on her side propped up by her elbow in a loose black top and a pair of pink panties. And i had just gotten rid of that boner. She sat up as i walked over to her and she pulled me in to a deep, tounge filled kiss. We knew our parents wouldnt be upstairs for a while, theyre favourite show was on. She broke the kiss to say
"i love you Tony and i always have." We went back to kissing but i lay her down on the bed and lay on top of her, without breaking our passion filled kiss. We were there kissing for a good five minutes straight whe she lifted me up a bit and started removing my shirt, as she lifted it over my head i began removing hers. I put my hands behind her head and rolled her on to of me. As my hands glided across her back she reached behind herself and took my hands in hers, she placed my left hand on her tit and squezzed it against it and moved my right hand down to her pantie covered butt cheek. I squezzed down on her tit, pinching her nipple wich awarded me a pleased moan from Julie. After a little more groping she sat up and removed her top, revealing her perky tits and her erect nipples.
"do you like my titties big brother?" she said in a seductive voice.
"No i dont like them, I love them" with the biggest smile ive ever seen on her she leaned down hovering her tits above my face, i knew what to do. I took her left nipple into my mouth, running my tounge around it and every thurd rotation i licked across it.
" oh yes Tony, suck my nipple, you like sucking your little Julie's tits dont you?" she moaned out. I tried to say something along the lines of your fucking right i do, but my mouth was full so it just came out as moans, which Julie seemed to enjoy.
"oh god Tony im so horny" she practically yelled. I pulled her nipple out of my mouth to say "keep it down or mom and dad will here you"
"sorry, in just so fucking wet!"
"well theres something i can do about that"

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2014-11-05 00:48:38
Why did you stop? Some crit about english but so what? Learn from it and move on to the next chapter.



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2013-08-21 04:26:34
The idea for the story is fine, you need to spell check but even that won't help you if you don't know proper English. You use "theyre" when should be their. Also when speaking in the first person, it is not "i" it is "I," it needs to be capitalized. You leave out the apostrophe on contracted words. These are all elementary English you should have had before high school. You need to clean it up

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2013-08-19 17:33:01
Suggest you stop writing on your phone and go to a full keyboard. Good story, better with more white space.

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2013-08-19 10:38:51
Do one with mom invovled


2013-08-19 09:44:53
WAY too short. Interesting story and could be true. You need to Proof Read your work BEFORE you send it off. Good Luck ! (countrycadillac)

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