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Authors Note: Thanks for the comments and rating on chapter 1. There is no sex in this one and I apologize for that, as its long enough as it is and please respect my ownership of this story despite its quality. As many of you know this is my first series so I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out until now. So again feedback is encouraged so please comment. And also again, mind the themes and if one of them is not for you, please skip this story/series. Thanks and Enjoy –AngelOFLife

Chapter 2, Aquiring

So there Jack stood, on a platform stretching to infinite in a black universe staring at the man named Angel of Life. Really just an everyday occurrence, he thought to himself smiling inwardly. He was starting to think that his mom might’ve slipped some LSD into his sandwiches.

“Ok, if you’re really an Angel, then prove it.” He said expecting him just to falter because he was sure he wasn’t an actual Angel and this was just a hallucination.

“If you insist,” Angel said. Angel closed his eyes and then all of a sudden the world shifted around him. He was suddenly on the edge of an enormous rock-face cliff over-looking a scene that had long ceased to exist. He looked up and squinted at the apparent sun and giant jungle around him. Large winged beasts were soaring in the skies over the distant mountains. And long-since-extinct reptiles of the Jurassic era were towered above him. He swore the scene of ancient dinosaurs below and around was too real and too vivid for any drugs to create. “Whoa,” was all Jack got out, awestruck by the simulation of the heat on his shoulders and the mud under his feet. He did a three-sixty taking in everything around him; the vivid colors, the smells of the flora and fauna, and especially the towering necks of the ancient beasts all around them. It was then that the realization hit him. To a human, this being wouldn’t be seen as an angel despite his name; this man would seem more like a god!

“Anywhere else?” he asked Jack with a friendly grin.

Jack contemplated his options for a moment. He already believed he was in the presence of a powerful being, but on the other hand he had the opportunity to visit ant time or place he could envision. So he thought back to his year in eighth grade history and he knew where it was he wanted to go. “Uh, could you take me to the third day of the battle of Gettysburg?” he asked a bit sheepishly.

“A curious request but quite possible through me.” He said. “Just keep in mind that this is a simulation and won’t affect the past outcome of the actual battle.”

Suddenly the world around him changed once again and he was standing on a boulder strewn ridge shouldered by Union troops aiming rifles down the barren hillside. Then it hit him; he was standing before the battle of round top and he was on the side that was supposed to retake big round top. Angel was nowhere in sight no doubt observing him. The smell of gunpowder wafted through the air and the sun blared down on him as stray rounds flew at them from the confederate lines at the round top. No one noticed as he reached down and picked up his rifle and shouldered it. He looked around and like the calm before a storm he saw men praying, tending to wounds, and anticipating. After a bit of waiting someone came and told them it was time to move. So Jack and several hundred Union men gathered and converged on Big Top. The ground was uneven and the uniform and rifle were heavy. As they neared the large hill the confederates decided to finally put up fire and rounds flew at them. Screams and shouts emerged as Jack realized it was too much too handle.

He laid down flat on the ground as men ran past him shouting and firing up at the enemy. Suddenly a large man grabbed him and thrust him forward. Jack looked at the man with pleading eyes, but this man had seen a lot action and he had no sympathy to give. So there Jack was, not even sure if this simulation could actually kill him, charging up to a certain death. The next few minutes were blurry as time seemed to speed up and he finally realized he was standing at the top of the hill surrounded by cheering Union soldiers watching the retreat of the confederates. Jack nearly broke into a smile as he was glad he was alive and also because he got to witness the cheering.

The scene froze there as the landscape shifted back to the black infinite plain with Angel once again standing in front of him. He was about to tell Angel that was one of the most terrifying things he had ever done when he looked at Angles’ eyes and realized the man who pulled him off the ground in the charge was Angel.

“Hey! You could’ve gotten me killed!!” He yelled.

“Well your still alive aren’t you? And besides, I think you handled that pretty well.” Angel said grinning. A floating holographic screen appeared and there Jack saw himself being picked up to boldly charging forward towards certain death , and in that moment he couldn’t tell the difference between one of the life-risking soldiers and himself.

“Wow,” he stammered in awe at his boldness. “Er- I mean whatever.”

“So while we’re on the topic of your deeds, why don’t we talk about why I’ve brought you here?” Angel Said.

“Yeah why don’t we?” Jack answered.

“As you know I am a higher being and as you’ve probably already guessed I am also the one who gave you that orb that bonded with your body-“

“So that wasn’t just a hallucination!?” Jack exclaimed “That was you! But why? I missed three whole months of my life!!”

“Yes that was me, and I’m sorry for that unfortunate but quite necessary side-affect. You see, for the approximate three months you were asleep, the formula was learning your DNA and readied it for changes that I would make.”

“What do you want with me or my DNA!?” Jack asked suddenly cold with fear.

“Jack I would like to give you the gift of powers. I don’t believe I am mistaken in saying that you have already put them to the test.” He said with his eyebrows raised and a sly grin.

“You mean like that thing with my sister?! That was me?!”

“Yes, and also little incidents like your mom doing you an unconditional favor or other little things like that and also not to mention your increased equipment size.”

“So that’s what those incidents were all about! And all I have to do is use the abilities you give me? It sounds too good to be true…”

“Well I’m not going to tell you why I’m having you do this. Not just yet. So for now, the only abilities you’re going to receive are: Mental Suggestion 1, and Self-Modification 1. That is if you do choose to accept them and my task. So what is it going to be?

Without a pause Jack replied, “Why the hell not?”

“Ah good. I’m glad we see it the same way.” He said with a slightly relieved look. “Now my only rule is that you don’t murder or injure anyone. So that is it for now. Don’t forget what I’ve told you… Bye.”

Jacks eyes opened and he lay awake in his bed strangely more tired than when he first went to sleep. Contemplating whether or not Angel or anything he showed him was real he went into to the bathroom.

“Okay,” He thought to himself. “If I really do have the ability to modify my body, then I want wings and a Halo.” He waited for a second and nothing. “I thought so. Just an elaborate dream.” But with his remaining interest he thought to himself.” I want to be slightly more muscular.” He waited for a second and chuckled to himself, and just when he was about to give up. He noticed his arms and chest started to feel more defined and slightly more solid. His clothes became a tad lighter and he looked a bit bigger.

“Holy shit! I really met Angel and he really gave me powers!” Jacks mind raced and he thought of all the possibilities that could be accomplished. “I could have any girl and I could improve myself almost anyway I choose!” He mulled over awhile and then it hit him and his friend Eric was going to the Amusement Park tomorrow evening with these two girls! Damn this is going to be awesome.

Dreams of what to come mulled over in his mind as he finally drifted off to sleep for real this time.

To Be Continued…

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2014-01-07 19:05:32
as a gal, if you met 木村 in the drama, w his look and age but no job, no $ and low practical sense,would you still be araetcttd to him? i would -shrug- guess this is the 魔力 of 木村大神.香里奈 argument at the supermarket was quite touching is it true / false that people find it hard to trust you if you are poor? just likeis it a must to say all the right things at work to have a good prospect? ordo we have to act pleasantly if not pleasingly so that everyone around 歡迎你的存在?the cruelty of the pragmatic reality always 值得反思.for a gentleman, perhaps 打回原形應是憤怒的 for a gal, 任何不好的事發生大多是偒心先. we are indeed emotional creatures most of the time :d a_a

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2013-08-20 12:59:16
Great story. I agree with the other commentators that these are frustratingly short. It feels as though you're giving us just a preview, not the actual story itself. Please make them longer.

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2013-08-20 05:11:31
I like your storyline. But u can make the stories longer. If you had seenthe top stories on thus site they were as mostly very long. If you need an example, look for an author named Capitus. Check his no of reads and also the comments on hos on his last story you will understand what I mean.

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2013-08-20 00:33:50
loved everything but that it was alittle short also im sad that the next one isnt out


2013-08-19 10:32:24
Yeah I do apologize for the time I took to write it. I've just been busy recently

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