4' 11" love machine
There was an exceptionally beautiful 4’11” woman by the name of Sue A. working in the factory where I was employed. I swear, she was the spitting image of Linda Charter, who played the character of “Wonder Woman” in a TV series years back. She won my heart from the start and I still have fond memories of her today.

As I have already stated, she was 4’11”, stocky, not fat, muscular but not over done and she touted some well endowed tits that were anything but less than perfect. I thought for the longest time they were fake, until I got a first hand look and feel for myself. Her hair was a sandy light brown, shoulder length and complimented her angel like beautiful face. She had the most captivating smile that I have ever seen. Her teeth were perfectly straight and the brightest white. Her ass was very firm and she knew how to walk to show it off. My boss caught me starring at her one day when she was walking to the water fountain and said, “magnificent isn’t it?” and with a smile and an intended compliment, I said, “It sure as hell is” as I made my way back to work on the machine to which she was assigned. As you know from a previous story, my name is Wally. I’m a maintenance mechanic for the factory where Sue and I work.

As I was working on Sue’s machine, she approached me with some questions about the machine and the reason it had quit running. I tried to work on the machine and talk to her at the same time. However, when a beautiful woman, such as Sue is standing right in front of you, it’s hard to work and stay focused. She asked me why I was so nervous and I stuttered and she laughed. I felt silly and I could tell that I was blushing. She reached out and touched my hand, to get my attention I think, because I was so nervous that I wouldn’t even look at her… “Would you like to have a drink with me at the College Inn after work?” she asked. It was like I had lock-jaw or something; my mouth moved, but nothing came out. She laughed again and said, “I’ll take that as a yes!” I nodded and grinned. I regretfully finished the work on her machine and called the others on her line back to work. I was really enjoying our conversation and hated to move to another downed machine. As I passed by my boss’s office, “you better fuck that Wally!” he said with a laugh and a grin… “#6 is down” he mumbled as I walked away.

Quitting time seemed forever stalled and the clock appeared to have stopped, however, the whistles finally blew and I made a mad dash for the time-clock. Sue was going out the door as I finally got to punch out…just as I placed my time card in the rack to leave, the boss called me to his office. I thought, “oh fuck, what now, why now?” and I entered his office not quite sure what to expect. Much to my surprise, he gave me a dollar on the hour raise and the next day’s agenda; I thanked him and he said, “it’s overdue Wally and much deserved. Now go meet Sue before she changes her mind.” In a flash I was out the door and looking for Sue…I didn’t see her car…my heart sank, just then a car horn scared the hell out of me…then this sweetest voice said, “let’s take my car and I’ll drop you off on the way back.” It was Sue; she had changed into a halter top and shorts while waiting for me. The sight of her revealed body got me HORNY as hell. I never had the opportunity to see so much of her soft, smooth, and well tanned skin before. Whew-Wee, She was a knock-out and my cock got rock hard instantly…she laughed and said, “I see you’re glad to see me!” Yes, I was blushing again. We chatted, mostly small talk till we got to our destination. We went inside to find some of the crew already there. Mike laid the playing cards on the table and said, “May the best man win.” It was a tradition, for the guys to draw a card and the lowest card bought the first round of the day for everyone. Yes again; I was the low man. Sue laughed and gave me a hug saying, “I want a Miller Light beer” as we made our way to a table. I told her that I didn’t invite every one and she just smiled and said, “Its okay Wally, you’re here and that’s all that matters.” I was pleasingly surprised at her statement and a bit confused by it. Was she saying that she had feelings for me or just glad that I showed up? Those questions were soon to be answered and the events that followed I could only have dreamed about in my way of thinking.

What seemed like only a few minutes, were actually close to five hours. I had four beers, a little buzz, but not drunk. It was close to 9 p.m. when I suggested to Sue that we needed to be going because 4:30 a.m. was going to come around really fast. She extended her arm and placed her soft hands on my hand. My cock got harder than a rock, in fact, so hard it hurt. “I think I’ve had too much to drink Wally, would you drive me home?” she said. I eagerly agreed and with that we excused ourselves. When we were in the car, the seat was too close, to high, and I was as uncomfortable as a gold fish in a shot glass. Sue laughed and said, “Okay, I get the picture, but you’re in for a slow ride to your car.” I laughed and we traded places…in the process of passing each other at the front of the car, Sue gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “you gave it the old College try.” I really enjoyed the hug and her perfume was intoxicating. The fragrance was driving me crazy! She was doing pretty well with her driving, for someone who is to tipsy to be behind the wheel of a car. Not wanting the evening to end, I suggested that we grab a burger or breakfast before calling it a night, to which she enthusiastically agreed. We found a little diner and gave small talk till we both were stone sober. Realizing it was now midnight, we headed to my car, but she wasn’t driving very fast; the truth is, the speed limit was 65 MPH and we were going somewhere between 45 and 50 MPH.

I started at the same time as Sue to say something, and we both stopped, apologized, and insisted that the other go ahead with their conversation…then we laughed. Golly-Gee, she was gorgeous and sexy as hell and I wanted to tell her so too, but my lips wouldn’t agree with my brain. Neither of us said anything for the space of about 3 or 4 minutes and then Sue blurted out, “would you like to come to my place for a night-cap drink?” “Hell yes I do!” I thought but my lips said, “do you think we should, it’s pretty late.” A funny expression came on her face as she pulled to the side of the road and stopped. She undid her seat-belt and motioned for me to come closer to her. I leaned forward and before I knew it, she was kissing me on the mouth and sitting square in my lap, rubbing her pelvic against my already hard cock. As she broke off our kiss, (my lips smoking and my head reeling) she quietly said in almost a whisper, “Is this plain enough for you or do I need to get undressed in the car?” My cock was throbbing and I think it would have said, if it could talk, “Hey stupid, let me do the driving!” “No ma’am, I’ve got the picture, quite clearly now.” “Good” she said, as she got under the wheel again and proceeded to her apartment, this time at about 70 MPH.

Once we were inside her place, she instructed me to get the beers from the frig and mumbled something about being out in a minute. I wasn’t prepared for the breath-taking goddess that appeared in the doorway of her bedroom once the door opened. “Wow-Wee fucking damn” I thought as she approached me in her see-thru night clothes and closed my gaping mouth with her soft hand. “I take it you approve of my attire?” as she took her beer. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I thought. Those tits stood straight out, begging for attention as she sat down next to me. Her hairy mound was dark in color and well manicured and absolutely nothing was left to the imagination…Damn, she was more beautiful and sexy that I could even imagine. Our eyes were now trained on each other as she took a couple of sips of her beer. “I think you are over dressed Wally” as she began to unbutton first my shirt and then my jeans and remove my boots. Sitting my beer on the end table, she took my hand and led my naked body to her bed. We kissed for what seemed like an hour, seconds really, when breaking away, I said, “now whose over-dressed?” With one movement of her wrist and a tug of the string, her night clothing fell to the floor. My eyes were overwhelmed with her naked beauty and my nostrils filled with the intoxicating aroma of her presence. We embraced each other, kissing, copping a feel of each others bodies…I picked her up in my arms and lay her on the bed…kissing the entire length of her body from her mouth right down to her toes and back again…well, almost all the way back, because as I approached her puss with my mouth, she grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth like a frog snatching a fly from mid air…fuck it felt fantastic as she took it into the back of her throat…Whew-Wee-Wow!!!

I took the same liberties with her puss, putting my tongue on her very swollen clit and rubbing side to side and then up and down multiple times and finally sucking it into my mouth. Her clit, literally was the size of a very large marble, almost golf ball size and boy did it feel good in my mouth, like a large wad of warm bubble gum moving on my lips and tongue. Listening to her moan and groan as I was eating her puss made me almost cum in her mouth. I was so enthralled with her clit and the sweet juices flowing from her puss that I had completely blocked out what she was doing to my cock until she had me right on the brink of orgasm. Her legs were so tightly wrapped around my head that I could hardly move in an effort to make her cum. I could taste her cum on the tip of my tongue and I was struggling to get every drop when I could hear her moaning, begging me to stop, “Fuck baby, you’ve got to stop, oooo fuck, please baby, stop tongue fucking me” and as I began to stop, fuck!!! The cum started flowing from her puss like a ruptured water pipe, loads and loads and I was licking it up as fast as it spewed out until she lay there limp and motionless.

She began to move slowly; still had her hand wrapped firmly around my cock; I started to move, she gripped my cock harder and said, in a playful voice, “no you fucking don’t mister; I’m not done with you yet.” As she rolled on to her side and thrust my cock deep into the back of her throat again…moaning, and moving in a circular motion until she had ever single inch in her mouth and throat. Cupping my balls with her hands, she began to slide her mouth up my shaft until she reached the head of my cock and she stopped, letting her tongue rub around the perimeter of the head and then quickly sliding down the full length of my cock until she reached my balls again. I can’t put into words what this angel of a woman was doing to my body and the amazingly wonderful feeling that was emanating from my groin as she continued to gyrate her magical tongue on my cock. I felt as though I was floating in the air, about six feet from the floor as this woman fucked me with her mouth. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my orgasm mounted to a place ready to release, and I heard Sue say as she started jerking my cock, “Not yet baby, don’t let this beautiful piece of meat release its love nectar” and then she placed her mouth on my bare cock head and slowly “slobber sucked” it with these strange sucking sounds till I was going insane to release, and again, I heard Sue’s voice, feeling her hand jerking my cock as she spoke, “Don’t you fucking let your cum go yet! You hear me! Don’t you fucking dare let it go!” as she once again went down on my cock…this time was different, she went all the way to the base of my cock and started moaning and humming; I was really frustrated in a fantastically strange way and started moaning and begging her to let me cum…pleading for a release when I heard her sweet sexy voice say, “now baby, fucking cum in my mouth now” and without hesitation, I exploded with what must have been a coffee mug full of cum into Sue’s eager hungry wanting mouth…I couldn’t believe how much and how good this orgasm was and I didn’t think it was going to stop…Whew!!! It was then that I heard this quiet little voice say, “aah, is that all the love juice you can give me baby?” as she milked the last of my cum from my cock. I told her I was sorry, but that she had gotten more cum from me than I had ever given up before, to which she laughed and kissed me on the mouth.

We cleaned up, I grabbed our beers and crawled back on the bed at her insistence. We had small talk for about an hour or so. Then Sue set her beer on the bed table and got a toy vibrator out and plugged it in…putting it to my cock, squeezing some oil on my cock to amplify the feeling without making me sore…Whew-Wee fuck, it felt good…the purpose was to get me hard again and that did not take very long believe me. Once she had me hard, she put the vibrator down and started to straddle me as she said, “Now, mister, you’re going to get a fucking you will never forget and it better not get around the shop at work!!!!” And with that she began to lower herself onto my cock. She was so fucking tight, we had to stop and let me finger fuck her with oil until I could get two fingers inside her puss. A beer and a half hour later, she was lowering herself again on to my very erect and firm cock. Now folks, I’m not that big, 7 1/2” long and the girth is only 5 3/4” round. As she started down, she started begging me to go slow, that the pain was horrible, several times she said, “Son of a Bitch, your fucking cock is huge, fuck it hurts.” I would ask if she wanted to stop and she would reply with a pained tone in her laugh, “this wouldn’t be taking so long if your cock wasn’t the size of a beer bottle.” As she would continue to force herself down on my cock until finally, after half an hour working and groaning, she had taken the entire length of my cock into her puss. With a pained expression on her face, she grinned, “see, I told you I could do it, but please, just don’t fucking move for a minute until I get used to your size.” We engage in a long kiss, tongue swapping, enthralled in the moment. Then I felt her move slowly up, moaning as she rose to the tip of my cock; then slowly sliding down until she reached the bottom of my cock; the more she rose and fell, the easier and less pain she felt till we could move freely in and out with no pain and just down right great pleasure.

Watching this beautiful angel face woman raise and fall on my cock was the greatest sight that I have ever seen. The sensation that was generated in my cock and through my groin is indescribable, but very, very enjoyable. I began to suck her tits, first one, and then the other, they were delicious and the more force I used in suction on the nipple, the more she groaned and moaned until she climaxed so hard she couldn’t move…and she wouldn’t let me move either…giggle. She had a powerful orgasm that lasted close to 2 minutes before she could move again…slowly moving again, she said, “Now mister, your fucking turn and you better not cum until I tell you, you can, okay?” I agreed, “fucking promise me mister!” she said sternly. I laughed and said, “I promise, I won’t cum till you tell me too.” And with that, she began to ride my cock with long slow strokes, fuck, I’m telling you, this woman was damn tight and fucking amazing. I was afraid of hurting her and yet it was the best feeling fuck that I had ever experienced. We started kissing, I played with her tits, and of course her magnificent ass as she began to go a little faster, with each few minutes going faster and faster.

Here’s the picture, this little 4’11” woman, with absolutely the best looking tits that eye has ever seen, with an angelic gorgeous face, her feet firmly planted at the top of my hips on the bed, bouncing her gorgeous fucking ass up and down like a well oiled machine on my very hard cock like there will be no tomorrow. Me? Fuck, I’m in heaven with this action, both mentally and physically. Then it happens, we’re sweating, face sucking and my climax reaches a boiling point…I start to moan, “No you fucking don’t” with an almost angry voice as she slows down, taking long slow strokes and not bumping my balls quite as hard until the sensation calms down some and then she begins to speed up and whispering in that soft angel like voice, “Do you like your cock getting fucked like this Wally?” all I can do is nod my head because the climax is starting to build to a boiling point again, and I begin to moan, preparing to release my cum deep inside her puss, when she slows way down, and whispers, with that almost angry voice again, “Not fucking yet mister, don’t you fucking dare cum yet…you promised, you hear, you promised me” as the urge slowly subsides and she starts taking longer strokes, going faster and faster only this time, Sue is letting her ass cheeks slap my balls harder than ever with each stroke…until I can’t possibly hold back my love potion to her fuck motion another second.

Expecting any second that she’s going to stop me, I’m reluctant to allow myself the pleasure of going for the milking that is about to fly, when she with a sexy encouraging voice says, “I want you to fill my puss now baby, cum for me baby, cum now, I want you to fucking cum now baby” and with that my cock exploded, eight really hard shots with three or four trimmers after, till I couldn’t move for ecstasy…Sue started kissing me and telling me, “that was the best fuck that I have ever had Wally, when can we do this again?” as I struggled to recover. It was then that I looked at the clock on the night stand…holy fuck, 3:10 a.m. and I scrambled to get showered and dressed… “slow down Wally, let me fix you some bacon and pancakes and we can go to work together... “Wow, you fuck and you cook?” I said as I finished straightening the bedroom. When she finished her shower and got dressed, she fixed some breakfast and we ate. We had plenty of time seeing I didn’t have to go all the way home, some forty-five minutes away. I thanked Sue for an enjoyable night and apologized for not letting her get some sleep and she smiled and said, “Hey, I was on the other end of your fuck stick, remember?” We kissed and made our way to work…I clocked in at 4:20 a.m. and was not feeling the least bit tired. As the day wore on, fatigue set in and all I had to do to recover for the endurance of the clock was Look at the “Wonder Women” running the machine third row from the back of the building. What an amazing night and even greater woman.
We were quite the item for about a year. Her dad got sick unto death and she left to take care of him till his death, a year or so later. We never got together again, but I will always have fond memories of the first night that she turned my balls blue. Thank you Sue A. for a wonderful time and the happy days we shared together.

I hope you, the readers, have enjoyed this story. The format on this story is not a wall of distracting text as it was with “A Triple Dare.” I’m hoping for positive comments and more stories for you.


2013-08-30 20:02:11
This story was very hot and I could relate to the two main characters.

Thanks, WallyBear.

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2013-08-25 04:08:46
First, Linda's last name is Carter. So she and Sue looked alike? Except for the near-foot height difference, being bulky and a different hair color? Alike? You're either deluded or sight-impaired.

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2013-08-21 08:39:45
good story, keep up the good work.

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