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Jefferson from wolfpub

Saturday, December 23rd, Mid-afternoon
Dave and Jennifer stepped out of Jennifer's bedroom, both now fully dressed, and found all four girls waiting for them.

Dave smiled. "Are you all a little anxious?"

"Yes!" they all screamed at the same time.

"Okay, why don't you all go downstairs. Molly, get yourself a drink of something, I'll get the formula and meet you in the kitchen."

All four girls ran down the hallway with a little pushing and shoving and down the stairs.

"No pushing on the stairs!" Jennifer yelled after them.

Dave went into his room and got the SLuT10 formula. He turned to leave the bedroom only to come up short when he realized Jenn was standing in the doorway.

"You realize that they're not gonna let this go, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"They're going to want to keep playing and experimenting."

"It's a new toy, Jenn. Once the newness of it wears off, they'll relax."

"Maybe. I hope so. Have you thought anymore about my offer?"

"What offer?"

"I'll take that as a no. My offer for you and the girls to move in here. It'd be nice for the girls to have a man around the house and, you've gotta admit, David, with Olivia and if the girls come to stay with you permanently, you're going to need a bigger house."

Dave thought about that for a second.

"You know you're right. I hadn't thought of that."

"I'd really like it if you came to stay with us, David. I think the girls would like it too. My house is closer to Em and Hayley's school. We wouldn't have to pay taxes and such on two houses. We could split the bills. My girls would have a father figure and your girls would have two new sisters and a woman in the house."

"I'll think about it. Honest," Dave said with a smile.

Jenn moved out of the doorway and followed Dave down the hall.

"I can't believe I'm allowing this," Jenn said. "My daughter is going to be a submissive little slut." She shook her head.

Dave couldn't help but smile at the phrasing.

"One of the drawbacks to me coming to live here maybe."

"You would think so, wouldn't you? But It's not. I think I've accepted what's happening. I know I can't change it so I'm just trying to... limit the damage, I guess."

"You've always been good at damage control," Dave told her as they reached the bottom of the steps. Dave turned around to face his sister. "One day, it'd be interesting to put all of you - you, Olivia, and all four girls - under and see what happens."

Jenn smiled. "You're a pervert."

David gave her his best lecherous smile.

"I know. When did that happen?"

"When you were about fifteen, I think. That's when you started spying on me."

"Got some good pictures, too. Too bad the Internet wasn't around back then. Otherwise, pictures of you would be everywhere."

Dave got a smack on the shoulder for that comment.

They entered the kitchen and found all four girls seated at the table. There were three small glasses of water setting on the table instead of just one. Dave stopped and looked at the glasses, then at the girls.

"Why three glasses?"

"I wanna see what it's like, Daddy," Hayley said. "Just for an hour. Emily has promised not to make me do anything horrible."

Dave turned to Meg.

Meg shrugged. "Might as well try it. See what it's like. Molly sure seems to like it."

"You want only one hour, too?"

Meg nodded.

Dave then turned to Emily. "Think you can handle all three of them?"

"Sure, Daddy, no problem." Dave worried because Emily had her own lecherous smile.

Dave sat down in front of the three glasses of water. He carefully dropped three drops into the first glass. He passed the glass to Molly. He then refilled the dropper and put one drop each into the other two glasses. Hayley took one glass for herself and passed the other across the table to Megan.

Molly looked around, a smile on her face.

"One... Two.... Three."

All three girls then put the glass to their lips and chugged the entire glass. No one spoke for a long second.

"I don't feel any different," Megan stated.

Dave laughed. "SLuT10 takes a little longer to kick in than SLuT9 does. Give it a few minutes." Dave closed the bottle of SLuT10 and stood up. "Em, they're all yours. Just remember to not make them do anything they don't wanna do."

Emily nodded. Dave turned and, with Jenn following him, left the kitchen, slipping the bottle of SLuT10 into his pocket.

"Okay, everyone up," Emily said, a huge smile on her face. "And upstairs."

Emily led the three others up the stairs. By the time they reached Megan's bedroom, where the four of them always hung out when they were together, Emily saw the signs that the formula had kicked in. All three of them had blank stares on their faces. Emily smiled and rubbed her hands together devilishly.

"Meg, close and lock the door. We don't want to be interrupted here."

Megan went to the door, closed it and then locked it. She returned and stood in line beside Hayley, with Molly on the other side of Hayley.

"What to do? What to do? Everyone find a seat while I figure out what to do with my three pretty little slaves."

Emily sat down at Meg's desk as the others all found themselves a seat.

After a moment, Emily finally came up with a plan.

"It's time for a game of Truth or Dare." She looked around at the other three girls. "There is absolutely no lying. You can refuse to answer the question but if you do, you must do the dare. No re-do's. I will ask the questions and the three of you will answer them. Any questions?"

None of the three had questions.

"Okay, first, a question for all of you." Emily paused for a moment as she thought up a question. "What is the furthest you have gone with a guy? Molly, you first."

"I've gone all the way."

"Okay, Megan?"


"No guy has touched your tits? Gotten his hand in your panties?"

"No," Megan said. "Just kissing."

"Okay, Hayley?"

"Light petting, beneath the shirt."

"Oh, really? Who and when?" Emily asked, surprised at her sisters answer.

"Peter Kowalski. Piper's brother."

Piper Kowalski was a girl who lived a few blocks from their mother's house and was good friends with Hayley. Piper was a rather sweet girl, the same age as Hayley, that Emily knew pretty well. Piper's older brother, Peter, was a year older than Hayley and Piper and a year younger than Emily. Both Peter and Piper went to the same school as Em and Hayley. Peter was considered one of the cutest guys on campus. Unfortunately, he was also one of the dumbest. Each and every year there were rumors that he had failed enough classes to be kicked out of the school but each year Peter kept coming back. He was considered cool and cute but, rumor said, his parents were paying the school thousands of dollars every year just so they wouldn't kick Peter out.

"Peter Kowalski felt you up?" Emily asked, amazed. "When?"

"A couple weeks ago when I was over at Piper's house. There were a bunch of us there to see Piper. It's when she was so sick, just a few days before she came back to school. Peter brought home a bunch of his friends. We all ended up in the basement and played Seven Minutes in Heaven."

"You got Peter Kowalski into a closet and made out with him?" Emily asked, incredulous.

Hayley just nodded.

"And you didn't tell me about this before now, why?"

Hayley shrugged. "Never came up I guess." Hayley blushed.

"Did he get hard?"

Hayley shrugged. "If he did, I didn't feel it."

"You're not gonna date him, are you?"

"No!" Hayley stated, rather emphatically.

"Good," Emily said, relieved.

"Is he the only one you ended up in the closet with?"

"No, there was one other," Hayley admitted. "Jacob something. I don't know him. As soon as we got in the closet, he said he had a girlfriend and wasn't going to cheat on her. We just ended up sitting there talking the entire time."

"Okay, next question is to Ms. Molly. How many times have you had sex?"

Molly shrugged. "I don't know. Not a lot. Maybe a dozen times."

"With how many different guys?"

"Three, including your father."

"Who were the others?"

"My present boyfriend, Charlie, and I don't wanna talk about the other."

"If you don't tell, you have to do the dare."

"I'll take the dare then," Molly said.

"Okay," Emily said, a huge smile growing on her face. "Take off all of your clothes. You have to leave them off until I say otherwise."

Molly shrugged, got up from the bean bag chair she'd been sitting in and quickly removed all of her clothes.

"Be warned," Emily said as Molly moved from the bean bag to the bed with Hayley so the plastic wouldn't stick to her bare skin, "each time you take a dare, the dares will get harder.

"Next question is to Megan."

For the next twenty minutes, Emily quizzed her sister and two cousins on every juicy detail she could get out of them.

Hayley never refused to answer a single question. Molly refused a second question and was forced to get the vibrating dildo everyone knew she had in her nightstand, put it inside her, and keep it there until the game finished. Megan refused to answer a question about her kinkiest fantasy and was also forced to sit there naked until the game finished.

Having found out every juicy piece of gossip she could from the three, Emily ended the game but left both Molly and Megan naked and had Molly continue to play with her dildo.

"Meg, I want you to go downstairs and get all four of us something to drink. I'll take a Coke."

Hayley and Molly, who was recovering from her third orgasm brought on by her vibrating sex toy, placed their orders.

"Do I have to go naked?" Megan asked. Emily just smiled and nodded. Megan blushed furiously but left the room without further complaint.

"Hayley, get naked."

"You promised..."

"I promised no sex and there is no sex in my plans. Not for you anyway."

Hayley glared at her sister for a moment but then stood up and began undressing. Emily also stood up and left the bedroom.

"I'll be back in a minute," she said as she left the room, shutting the door behind her. Emily then went into the bathroom and procured the various items that would be needed for the next part of her plot.

Megan felt herself lucky that her mother and Uncle Dave had apparently moved into the basement, or back up stairs to one of the bedrooms. No one saw her running through the house naked or bending over to get everyone drinks. Trying to carry all four of the cold bottles or cans proved difficult but she eventually managed to get them organized in such a way that nothing was pressing into her naked flesh.

By the time Megan returned to the bedroom with the drinks, Molly's dildo had been put away and towels spread across Megan's bed. Also laid on the bed was an electric razor and some scissors. Megan passed out the drinks and the three enslaved girls all turned to Emily to see how she would torture them next.

Emily smiled once the three girls were standing there, waiting for her orders.

"Damn, this is a power trip. Okay," she said after a moment of celebration. "We are going to shave."

"Shave what?" Hayley asked.

In answer to her sisters question, Emily simply undid the button to her jeans and pushed her jeans and panties down her legs. She then stepped out of them and pulled up her shirt to show off her naked, bald pussy.

"What do you think?"

"When did you do that?" Hayley asked as she moved closer and bent over to get a better look at her sister's newly shaved crotch.

"A few days ago. Brian's been trying to talk me into doing it for a while now. I figured it could be my Christmas present to him."

"He's also been trying to talk you into taking it in the ass," Hayley noted. "Or are you saving that for his birthday?"

Emily giggled. "Maybe."

"You're going shave all of us?" Megan asked as she rubbed the thick black hair covering her own pussy.

"Everything goes!" Emily said, sounding like a TV commercial for a used car dealer. "Who wants to go first?"

"Do we have to?" Megan asked.


"I'll go first," Molly volunteered.

"Lay down and spread 'em, slave girl."

"Yes, mistress," Molly said, copying Olivia's earlier behavior.

Molly lay down on the bed, now covered with towels, her legs hanging off the bed and spread her legs wide. Emily removed her shirt and bra, joining the other three naked girls, got a pillow, and put it on the floor. She kneeled on the pillow. Meg and Hayley watched as Emily picked up the scissors and a small comb and began trimming the large majority of Molly's thick black pubic hair. Once it had been trimmed down, Emily used the electric razor to finish the job and finally a disposable razor and some shaving cream to clean it all up. She then wiped it down with a warm, wet washrag and rubbed some aloe cream into it to help with any itching.

"What do you think?" Em asked once completed.

Molly got up off the bed, went to the mirror and looked at herself. She ran her fingers over her mons and smiled.

"I like it."

"Good, because you get to do Hayley. I gotta go to the bathroom."

Emily dropped the shaving stuff onto the bed and almost ran from the bedroom. She went across the hall, into the bathroom, closed and locked the bathroom door. Emily then fell back against the door, closed her eyes and spread her legs. Both hands moved at once as one slid down between her legs, split her pussy lips and searched out her small clit. The other slid up over her belly to one of her breasts and squeezed it and twisted the nipple. Emily began to rub her clit furiously. Her eyes closed, head thrown back until she came, explosively.

With the orgasm out of the way, she relaxed and slowly allowed herself to slide down the door until she was sitting on the floor.


Back in the bedroom, they picked up the towel that held all of the clippings from Molly, laid out a clean one and Hayley lay down and spread her legs. Molly was now kneeling on the floor using the scissors and comb to cut Hayley's bush down to a length that the electric razor could handle. Hayley's bush wasn't quite as thick as her cousins so it didn't take nearly as long. By the time Emily returned from her trip to the bathroom, Molly was almost finished.

"You okay, Em?" Hayley asked when Emily re-entered the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Hayley didn't say anything else but noted her sisters flushed face and diamond hard nipples. Emily took a seat at the desk across the room and watched from there as Molly finished her task. Once finished, Hayley went to the full length mirror and checked herself out.

"Wonder what Daddy would say?" she asked but got almost no reaction from her sister.

"Okay, Meg, your turn. Lie down," Molly said, having picked up the towel that had been beneath Hayley and laid down a new, clean towel.

Meg made her way over and laid down and spread her legs. Like her sister, Meg's bush was thick.

"Hayley," Molly said. "She's all yours."

Hayley looked down at Meg's thick bush and shook her head. She kneeled down, picked up the scissors and the small comb, and set to work.

Nobody noticed Emily staring at Molly. They were all too interested in Hayley's work. After a few minutes, Emily stood up, went over to Molly and took her arm and pulled her towards the door.

"Hayley, you doing okay?" Emily asked over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Hayley said as she and Meg watched Emily drag Molly away.

"Good, keep it up. I'll be back to check on you all later. Molly, come with me."

Emily released Molly's arm, opened the door and exited the bedroom. Molly looked back, shrugged her shoulders, followed her cousin out of the room, closing the door behind her, and followed Em down the hall to the room Emily was staying in. Emily went in, stood by the door until Molly was in the room, she then shut and locked the door.

"What's up, Em?"

Emily didn't speak. She took Molly's arm and led her over to the bed. Emily then climbed into the middle of the queen sized bed and spread her legs.

"Eat me. Now!" Emily ordered.

Molly hesitated for just a second, then got onto the bed, climbed between Em's legs, ran her fingers over Emily's bare pussy, then leaned in close and slipped her tongue into Emily's slit.

"Oh, god, yes! Do it!" Emily ordered. She then grabbed Molly's thick black hair and pulled her face into her pussy. "Eat me, slave. Eat me now! Lick it. Suck it. Bite it. Make me cum!"

Molly, unable to refuse the order set to work. First she found Emily's clit and began flicking the small nub with her tongue., first up and down, then left to right and then apparently randomly. Emily kept hold of Molly's thick hair, making sure her slave didn't try to pull away or stop. At that moment, Emily didn't care if Molly could breathe as long as she kept her tongue going.

When Molly slid a finger into Emily's vaginal canal and began finger fucking her while at the same time continuing to lick and suck at her clit, Emily's hips and back arched up off the bed and she groaned as she had an orgasm.

"Don't stop, slave. Eat me!" Emily ordered after the orgasm passed and her ass returned to the bed.

Molly did as ordered. She pulled her finger from Emily and jammed her tongue into her cousin.

"Oh, yes! Tongue fuck me, you nasty little slut! Oh, god!"

Molly moved her hand up on to Emily's bare pussy and slid her thumb down into Emily's slit. It found her clit and began to rub. Within a few minutes, Emily's ass once again came off the bed and she moaned through another orgasm. Emily had to bite her lower lip to keep herself from screaming, which would have told everyone in the house what was going on in the bedroom.
Back in Meg's bedroom, Hayley was finished trimming Meg's bush down to a manageable size and was just starting with the electric.

"What do you think they're doing in there?" Meg asked.

Hayley wondered for a brief second whether she should tell what she suspected. Then realized that there wasn't any real reason to hide it.

"I think Emily's horny. I think that's why she went to the bathroom. I don't think Jilling-off did it for her though."

"What do you think she's making Molly do? Finger her?"

"Maybe," Hayley said. "I imagine it's more likely she's having Molly eat her."

Meg's eyes got wide. "Molly wouldn't do that. She doesn't get into girls. I didn't know Em did."

Hayley smiled. "Emily doesn't, usually. If you're horny enough though, does it matter whose tongue is licking you?"

"Are you saying you'd do it with another girl?"

Hayley shrugged. "If it was the right girl, maybe."

Meg was quiet for a moment as Hayley continued shaving her with the electric razor. "Would you do it to me?"

Hayley stopped what she was doing, turned off the buzzing razor and looked up at her cousin. "Do you want me to?"

"You said it. If you're horny enough, does it matter whose tongue it is?"

Hayley looked down at Molly's partially shaved mons, then down at the thick pink lips that covered Molly's sex. She lowered her face down and inhaled deeply, wanting to know what it smelled like. She looked up at Meg.

"I'll do you, if you agree to do me after."

Meg's eyes got wide. "Are you serious? You want me to..."

"If I can do it, why can't you?"

Hayley kneeled there on the floor and watched as her cousins face showed a half dozen different emotions as she considered Hayley's offer.

"Are you at least willing to try it. If you don't like it, fine. But you have to try."

Meg considered this for a second, then nodded.

"You better do it."

"I will," Megan promised.

Hayley set aside the electric razor, sat back on her heels a bit, then moved forward, spread Meg's thick pink pussy lips with her fingers and slipped her tongue in. She kissed what she thought was Meg's clit, then ran her tongue over it.

"Oh, god!" Meg screamed, then pushed her hands down between Hayley's lips and her own pussy and sat up.

"What's wrong?" Hayley asked, a playful smile on her face.

"You would not believe how strange that felt. It felt good, weird and kinda tickled all at the same time."

"Do you want me to do some more, or not?"

Meg quickly nodded, lay back, and moved her hands.

"Here I come," Hayley said and leaned in once again. She again spread Meg's pussy lips and slid her tongue in. This time, she licked up and over the clit, causing Meg to inhale sharply. Getting a good reaction, Hayley did it again and again.

Hayley had never had sex, of any kind, with anyone. The closest she'd come was being felt up in a closet and that had only happened once. She had never done anything, below the waistline, with anyone but herself. She found Meg's scent to be a little musky for her taste but the taste wasn't nearly as bad as she had thought it would be. Hayley had to giggle, as she continued licking Meg, at the thought that she was actually giving oral sex to another girl. She wondered if giving oral sex to a guy was anything like it. The more she licked the more anxious she became for Meg to cum so she, Hayley, could find out what it was like to be licked by another person.
Once the three girls had swallowed the SLuT water, all four had run off upstairs. Dave and Jenn had retired downstairs to the family room. With it being mid-afternoon on a Saturday, Dave was sure there was some sports game on he would want to watch. Dave flopped down on the couch in the family room, picked up the remote control, and turned on the TV. It was about then that he realized his sister had followed him downstairs and was sitting on the couch beside him, staring at him. He ignored her as he searched for a sporting event that he was sure would send Jenn running for the hills. He finally found a football game and turned up the volume.

It was what Dave called a "who cares" game, because Dave didn't especially like either team, Kansas City or Oakland. He didn't care who won but it was a football game and it was better than nothing. He forced himself to not look at his sister who was still sitting there staring at him. When she got up, he thought he was going to get a reprieve but instead of leaving the room, she turned sideways and kneeled on the couch, now facing him fully and still staring at him. Dave muted the TV.

"I'm not going to watch the game, am I?"

"Of course you are, David. Feel free."

"What do you want, Jenny?" Dave asked, using a nickname no one had called in her twenty years. Dave figured if she was going to act like a kid again, he could treat her like a kid again.

"I have two questions for you. The first is easy. Just yes or no."

"Fine, what's the question?"

"Can I play with your new toy?"

"My new toy?" Dave asked, confused.


Dave turned and looked at his sister, arching his eyebrows.

"Oh, come on, Dave. I told you that I've had relationships with other women before. I like Olivia." Jenn shrugged. "It's not a biggie. The only reason I'm asking is I don't wanna cause any trouble between you and me or you and Olivia."

"If Olivia doesn't mind, I don't mind."

"I already asked her. She said if you gave her permission, she would have no problem playing with me."

"Don't do anything too kinky to her, huh? No bruises."

"I wouldn't do that, David."

"What was the second question?"

"How do you feel about letting the girls have a small Christmas party tomorrow? Just a few friends. Fifteen max."

"It's your house, Jenn. You can do what you want."

"David, you've pretty much taken the alpha male job in this house. It just... feels right to get your approval. Would you mind?"

"No, but isn't it kind of late to be organizing a Christmas party now? I mean, you want to have the party tomorrow, right?"

Jennifer nodded. "I know it's a little quick. I wanted to make sure the roads would be okay before I mentioned it to the girls though. Like I said, it's going to be a little tiny thing. Barely a party. Meg wants to see some of her friends. I imagine Molly wants to see Charlie."

"I'm sure Em would love to invite her beau." Dave shrugged. "Come to think of it, it sounds like an excellent idea," Dave said, suddenly smiling. "I wanna talk to this guy Em's dating."

"Em's got a steady?"

"Apparently. She told me her mother doesn't approve. Kids name is Brian Hartwell. They've known each other since kindergarten. He used to live near us. Apparently Rebbecca doesn't like him but also doesn't know he's going to The Academy either. Apparently him and Em have been an item for a while. I've met the kid before but haven't seen him in a couple years. Should be interesting to see how Em reacts to him being here, considering what's happened recently."

"What's happened recently is another very good reason to do this. They need to be around other people. They've been pretty well locked in this house for two days now."

"Okay, organize your party."

Jenn leaned forward, getting to her hands and knees, and kissed David on the cheek.

"Thank you, brother dear." She scampered off the couch and headed for the stairs. "Oh, and you're welcome to invite someone over to, as long as they don't mind a bunch of teenagers running around, unless you and Olivia are monogamous now."

"I think I'll wait until the girls are finished doing whatever the girls are doing to tell them. I'm sure they can contact their friends this evening."

"Where are you going then?"

Jenn turned around at the bottom of the stairs, a huge smile on her face.

"To play with your new toy some more."

She arched her eyebrows evilly, just as Dave did, then laughed and ran up the steps. He could hear her giggling all the way up the stairs.

Dave turned back to the TV, unmuted it, and zoned out on football. As always happens when someone wanted to talk to him while he was trying to watch TV, as soon as Jenn was gone, the game went to commercial.

Dave rolled his eyes, muted the TV again, laid his head back and considered the party.

Invite someone, hmm? Dave leaned over, pulled his wallet from his back pocket, opened it and pulled out a small piece of paper with two phone numbers on it. Might not be a bad idea. Dave smiled and slipped the small piece of paper back into his wallet.

Emily kept Molly hard at work eating her for a good twenty minutes. By the time she let her cousin get up, Emily's clit felt raw and her pussy was sore.

"Stop, Molly, stop," Emily gasped and pushed her cousin's face from her hot, soaking wet pussy. Once Molly moved away, Emily closed her legs together to protect her sore parts.

Emily looked down at Molly and immediately busted out laughing.

"What?" Molly asked.

"Your face is soaking wet."

"It's your fault," Molly said. Molly leaned off the edge of the bed, picked up a shirt that was laying on floor waiting to go to the laundry. She was about to wipe her face off.

"Don't," Emily shouted and Molly froze with the dirty shirt inches from her chin.

Emily got up onto her knees and pulled Molly up into the same position. Molly tossed the shirt aside. Emily leaned in and licked Molly's right cheek. For the next five minutes, Emily gave Molly's face a tongue bath, licking up her own lubricating fluids as well as Molly's saliva which was smeared all over Molly's face, from one cheek to the other and from her chin to her nose. Molly just closed her eyes and let her lick. Molly was a little surprised at how good the tongue bath felt on her face.

Once Molly's face was as clean as it could be, Emily pulled away. Their eyes met and locked, then Emily leaned in and gently kissed her cousin. The first kiss was quick and lacked passion but Emily's lips quickly returned and this time there was passion. There was heat and their tongues were soon in the other's mouth.

Within minutes, their arms were around the other as the kisses got harder and deeper and they continued exploring the other's mouth. Emily wrapped her arms around Molly and then leaned to the side and both of them tumbled to the bed on their sides, facing each other with their arms still wrapped tightly around the other, their breasts pressing into the other.

Emily's mouth quickly found Molly's again as her hand slid down Molly's side and then cupped her ass, trying to pull Molly even closer. Molly wrapped her arms around her cousin and held tight, both girls now completely lost in their lovemaking.
Megan was still breathing hard when Hayley wiped her face off and climbed up onto the bed beside her cousin. Megan still lay on the towel that was there to catch her shaved pubic hair, the job was not yet complete.

"So, I guessed you enjoyed that?" Hayley asked happily.

"It was wonderful. I can't believe you did that."

Hayley just shrugged.

"Do you want me to..."

Hayley turned her head to face her cousin.

"I'd like you to at least try it. You did promise."

Megan nodded, sat up, and slid off the bed ending up on her knees just where Hayley had been moments before. Megan's head was spinning, her stomach felt as though she had just had a serious muscle cramp and her pussy was wetter than she could ever remember it being before.

"Just so you know," Megan said as she crawled between Hayley's wide spread legs, "that was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"How many have you had?" Hayley asked, looking down at her cousin.

"Lots, but they've all been self-induced."

"Hairbrush or fingers?"

"All of my hairbrushes hurt when I try them."

"You are using the handled end, right? Not the end with the bristles?"

"Yes!" Megan responded to the obviously teasing question. "All the handles are too big. They hurt."

"Just leave it in a minute or two. Don't move it around. Just leave it in and it'll get better."


Hayley nodded. "Yeah, when I first tried it, it hurt me too. When it slipped out to Em, she told me to just put it in a little bit, until it just starts to hurt, then let it sit there and the pain will go away. I tried it and it worked. Now, I can fit almost an entire hairbrush inside."

"Seriously?" Megan asked, wide eyed.

"Yeah. You just have to keep working at it. The more you do it, the further in it goes, the easier it gets, the better it feels. Trust me."

There was a few seconds of silence as Megan stared down at her cousin's already wet pussy.

"Just so you know, I've never done this before."

"I hadn't ever done it before a few minutes ago. Shit! Come on. Don't chicken out on me."

Megan nodded her head, used her fingers to spread Hayley's tight little pink pussy open and then leaned down. She then pulled away quickly.

"Oh, God, it stinks!"

"Thanks a lot," Hayley said, rolling her eyes and sitting up.

Hayley stood up, grabbed her clothes and stormed out even as Megan apologized and pleaded for forgiveness.
Jennifer tried to be quiet as she opened the bedroom door. She peeked in, saw Olivia still asleep in the bed, and crept in, quietly closing and locking the door. She tip-toed across the bedroom and slipped up onto the bed and scooted herself up right behind Olivia. Olivia was laying on her side, her back to Jennifer. Jenn scooted up, pressing her chest and stomach to Olivia's back, slid a hand between Olivia's side and arm, wrapped it around Olivia, slid up her belly and cupped one of Olivia's tits and began to massage, squeeze and rub it.

"I don't know who that is but I know it's not my master."

Jenn just smiled and suppressed a giggle.

"Whoever it is, I hope your hand isn't making promises your body can't or won't keep."

"My hand is not making any promises I'm not willing to keep," Jennifer whispered into Olivia's ear.

"Mistress," Olivia said, recognizing Jenn's authority.

"That's right. And guess what. I asked Dave if he minded sharing his new toy. He said I could play with you as much and for as long as I want as long as you're willing."

Olivia rolled over onto her back and looked up at Jennifer.

"Well then, Mistress, what do you wish of me?"

Jennifer smiled, lowered her head down and kissed Olivia, gently but lovingly on the lips.

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