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Lets pay for our college by making a public sex film
My two friends and I talked about if it would be possible to make money to pay for college by making fuck films. We decided to find out so I contacted several companies that make them and asked if they would buy our films if the thought they were good enough. I pointed out that it would be a lot cheaper for them than making their own. Most of them never answered but two did. They pointed out that everyone acting in the film would need to be at least 18 and prove it and that anyone acting in or being more than a person passing in the background would need to sign a release. After they saw a sample, we would talk about them using our movie and how much we would get paid for them.

There were three of us so we got two good cameras and headed down town to a rougher part of town. We found a spot where there was some pedestrian traffic but not a lot. It also had a couple trees that partly blocked the view of an alley that was off the street. My friends stood to the side with the cameras and I stood out on the sidewalk. Pretty soon a cute girl that looked to be in her late teens walked up the street. I stepped up to her, "Hi, My friends and I want to make a public sex movie. Would you give me a blowjob over there in the alley for $100?" She turned and hurried away. We tried another girl who slapped me before leaving. Another try, this time she was interested but turned out to be only 16. I gave her a twenty anyway for saying maybe.

We were just about to give up and think of some other plan when an attractive woman who looked to be in her early forties walked by. We had only been thinking about young girls but when she asked what we were there filming, I told her and she said that she would enjoy sucking the cock of a cute young guy like me and that the extra $100 would come in handy. OK, this was going to be our start. We had her sign the release that we had made up and gave her the hundred.

I stepped back to the entrance of the alley. "Aren't we going further back in?” she asked. I told her that it was a public sex movie and there had to be a chance of people seeing what we were doing. She thought for a minute. "I'm in." My friends got good camera angles and got ready to also zoom in for close shots. They started filming. I dropped my pants down around my ankles. I had not worn underwear. She looked at my hard six and a half boner and smiled. "Nice." Then she dropped to her knees in front of me.

"Take your tits out. I want to see them while you suck me off." It took her a minute to open her blouse and get her bra off. We could edit some of that later. Her tits were big and hung pretty low on her chest but she did have big hard nipples. The guys were filming close and far shots. I could see bulges in their pants. She put her hand around the base of my prick and her lips over the head and started jacking me. "Take your hand away and just use your mouth." She put one hand down by her side and the other on my thigh to steady herself and started bobbing up and down on my shaft, taking most of my stiff manhood in her mouth. I held her hair out of the way with one hand and played with her tits with the other while she blew me. Later on we were going to add some pictures of our friends walking by to make it look like people were passing as we did our thing. I was going to pay then $50 to be the public and sign a release.

I could feel that I was getting close. I told her that when I shot my wad that she was to keep sucking but to push my cum out around my cock so the camera would get it running down her chin. She gave me a little nod and sucked harder. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back and moaned as I came. For the camera I said, "Oh fuck. I'm cumming. Drink my cum, Bitch. Suck it down. Ahhhhh!" My cum blasted into her mouth and she let much of it run back out and down her chin, dripping onto her tits. She swallowed some and licked my prick clean and smiled up at me. The cameras were put down. We all stood there together. She put her tits back away and said, "I enjoyed that. I almost would have paid you. Almost, I said. Give me a towel so I can get cleaned up." That was something that we had not thought about. I gave her my shirt. She gave us her phone number and said we could call her if we had any more good ideas like maybe her getting gangbanged by a bunch of college guys. As she walked away, we gave each other high fives.

A few days later we were back at the same spot and set up to roll. I thought the first girl I asked was going to call the cops so we watched and got ready to run if they showed up. We waited about an hour before starting back to trying to find another girl to film. It was the third girl that I approached when I got a yes when I told her what we wanted and that we would pay her. She turned out to be nineteen. She was petite and dressed In short shorts that showed a lot of ass cheek and a cutoff tee shirt that ended just below her high firm C-cup tits. She was just what we were hoping we would get a chance to film.

We did the required paperwork and went back to the same spot at the entrance to the alley. She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me, unzipped my zipper and pulled my already hard cock out and pushed her mouth over it. I undid my belt and button and dropped my pants to the ground. She kept her lips tight around my prick and licked the bottom of my cock head each time I was most of the way out of her mouth. I knew that I would not last long in her talented mouth. She played with by balls and took every bit of me till I was in her throat. It was the first time I had been given a deepthroat blowjob. I could feel the edge of my head rubbing along the walls of her throat and each time she swallowed I could feel her throat constrict on my shaft. I was in heaven and did not even think about talking dirty to her for the movie till I was just about to climax. "Take it out and hold your mouth wide open. I'm gonna blow all over you." She moved back and I pumped my cock till it exploded, blowing a big load of thick white cum all over her face. Some of it went in her hair, some in her mouth and a lot of it in strings across her nose and over her cheeks. Then I shoved my cock back in her mouth and fucked her face some more till I started to go soft.

We almost lost being able to use this part of the movie when a man about fifty saw what was happening and stopped to watch. He had gotten into the scene. Rick thought it would look good in the movie so he went over to the guy and gave him $50 to sign the release so we did not have to cut up the action. Good move Rick.

Don got a good idea for a new and different kind of scene to add to our movie. He approached this attractive sophomore girl that had a reputation for being easy. She came to talk to us and we agreed to make her an equal partner in our enterprise. We celebrated with the three of us gangbanging her in my dorm room. Nobody thought about filming it till it was over. We would have to keep that in mind for the future.

We took her and the maintenance man from campus to a different alley. We had promised him the standard $100 and told him that he would get to fuck a beautiful young white girl. He was a fifty year old black man with greying hair. He sat on the ground next to a big trash dumpster with his back against the wall and his legs out straight. He was dressed in worn out clothes. He was supposed to be a just barely conscious wino. He had a bottle of cheap wine in one hand and was stroking his big black cock with the other. When we saw it we were please to find that he had a good ten inches.

The scene started with Karen walking down the street and spotting this person in the alley. She walked over and saw his big cock in his hand. He does not even appear to notice that she is there. As she watched him slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock while taking swigs out of the wine bottle, she reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. After a minute you could hear her start to moan.

Without either of them saying a word, she walked over to him, knelt down and replaced his hand with hers. She couldn't even reach all the way around his snake. Karen spent a minute giving him a hand job and then slipped her lips over his big member. She had to stretch to get her mouth all the way around it. He hardly even appeared to know what was happening. After looking around to see if anyone was there, she stripped naked, put her feet on either side of him and dropped her cunt down over his big black prick. She had to go slow and work to get all the way down over him but soon she was sitting on his lap with his meat fully in her cunt.

She paused for a moment and then started sliding up and down on the biggest cock she had ever had in her very much not-virgin fuck hole. Soon she was slamming herself on the black man’s shaft and grunting each time she impaled herself. Except for being big and hard, he did not show any reaction, even when she rubbed her tits against his face. He actually took another drink out of his bottle while she was fucking herself on his cock.

After several minutes, his cock could not take any more and spewed a torrent of cum into her womb, bringing on her own orgasm. Karen screamed out her pleasure and pounded her fists on his shoulders. Then she collapsed with her head on his shoulders and her tits pressed against his chest. After a minute to recoup, she got up. The camera zoomed in and showed rivers of cum dripping down her legs. She got dressed and staggered away, not able to fully close her legs. The final shot was of him lying there passed out from the wine. His limp and cum covered cock was lying in his lap and the little bit that was left in the bottle was draining out on the ground. The cameras turned off and everybody headed back to campus together knowing they had just added a great new scene to the film.

It was a week before they were able to shoot the final scene. Again they found a young girl that was willing to be paid to fuck on camera. This time it took $200 to get her to say OK to being DP’ed for the movie. She was a twenty year old black girl with big tits and a sweat bubble butt. We had already positioned an old mattress next to the dumpster and brought a clean plastic sheet with us to throw over it. As we walked back in the alley, I had my arm around her, playing with one of her breasts. She reached down and grasped my package.

We laid the mattress down and threw the plastic sheet over it. Don and I proceeded to undress her. I did the final removal of her panties while Don stripped. I slid a finger between her cunt lips and rubbed her clit. She lay on the mattress and spread her legs. Don dove between her legs, parted her dark curly pubic hair and slipped his tongue between her labia. He ate her out for a couple of minutes and brought her to her first small orgasm while I undressed and then took some close ups with one of the cameras. Don rolled her over and she straddled him and slipped her pussy over his cock. I continued getting the close up shots for another minute while he fucked her from underneath.

I put the camera on the stand and made sure it was aimed to get the scene. I took a small tube of lube that I had brought and when Don saw that I was ready; he pulled her chest down against his. I lubed one finger and worked it up her ass. She moaned. Then I added more lube and two fingers. Finally I put lube on my prick and pressed it to her little puckered hole. It did not take a lot of effort for me to work my cock into her ass. The first push was the hardest and then the rest went pretty easy. Don I got a rhythm going and Rick kept moving around to get the best camera angles.

We were surprised at how easy it was to make this slut cumm and what a loud fuck she was. She moved with us as best she could while being pinned between us. "Oh fuck. Oh shit. That's so good. Fuck me. Pound my black cunt. Pound my ass with that big hard white cock. Pound it. Yes! Yes! Yes!", she said in between screaming out orgasms. Not counting her, I was the first to blow my load because her ass hole was so tight around my cock. I pulled out and brought my cock to her face. I didn't know how she would react about sucking a cock that had just come out of her shit hole but she opened right up and sucked me clean.

Don put her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style for another five minutes before he unloaded into her womb. He pulled out and let the last blast land on her chocolate ass for the camera. She eagerly sucked him clean also. We turned off the cameras, told her what a good scene it was and asked her if we could get in touch with her again sometime. She replied that she hoped that we would.

We spent a week editing the footage and adding people so that it looked like they were walking past and that some of them had stopped and watched. We even added a cop's car driving past one time without stopping. It ended up being ninety minutes of hot porn that we were proud of. Finally I sent it off to the adult film company. We nervously waited a week before we got the reply. "We like your film and providing that you can provide all the proper releases and age proofs, we are interested in buying it and will be interested in further movies made by you. We are willing to pay $10,000 for full ownership and rights of your little masterpiece."

The four of us high fived one another and started planning our next film. College was going to be a lot less expensive and a lot more fun from then on.


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Don't worry about Karen getting a full share for being in just one scene. She will play a much larger role in the next movie and earn her share. - Author

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