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Margaret had finished work an hour ago but was still dressed in her air hostess uniform. A tall slender blonde, she cut a dash in her rich red blazer, elegant pencil skirt and stylish high-heel shoes. An eloquently spoken woman too, Margaret had an air of refinement about her.

The married mother of two was driving, but not to her home. Margaret had told her husband, Geoff, that she was working late that night due to delays caused by bad weather. However, Margaret was in fact on her way to meet up with her lover, Stephen, a pilot on the airline they work for.

Margaret parked up on an alleyway round the corner from Stephen's home. She undid her scarf and threw it on the back seat. One final quick glance in the mirror, and finally Margaret exited her car, locked up and headed to Stephen's house.

The pair quickly made their way to the bedroom. A half-dressed Margaret speedily undid her lover's trousers and began orally pleasuring him. Stephen moaned softly and grasped Margaret's head, pulling her face closer into the crotch. As Margaret enthusiastically caressed his cock with her playful tongue, Stephen undid her bun, allowing her long luxuriant blonde hair to cascade down.

Soon the pair were naked in bed and romping wildly. Margaret was now perched astride Stephen, gyrating lustfully on his throbbing cock, groaning loudly as it pummelled deeper and deeper into her warm wet pussy.

After a while of riding on top of her lover, Margaret eased herself off his member and lay beside him. "FUCK ME UP THE ASS!" she demanded. Stephen grinned slyly, and duly obliged. Manoeuvring behind Margaret, now on her hands and knees, he grasped her hips and entered her ass. Margaret began screaming as Stephen frenziedly tore into her ass, his huge rock-hard dick stretching her anal passage in unimaginable ways.

This was pure sexual ecstasy for Margaret. She was now no longer the prim and proper 41 year old married mother of two. She was now a deranged lust-crazed harlot. And she loved it! Geoff, her husband, was a good husband but nothing special in bed, and in truth a bit of a bore. Stephen, however, had introduced his work colleague to sexual pleasures she could have barely imagined previously.

Some hours later, about 3am, Margaret got up, showered, and began to get ready to go home. A meticulous woman, Margaret studiously redid her hair into it's usual bun and put her uniform back on. She paused briefly, looking for her scarf, but then remembered she had taken it off in the car and thrown it on the back-seat. Finally, she kissed Stephen and left to go home.

Margaret made her to her parked car, unlocked it and got in. As she reached for her seat-belt, Margaret suddenly became aware of something behind her in the back-seat. In a blink of an eye, she felt her satin scarf being wrapped round her neck and tugged tight. Margaret clawed furiously at her neck, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to prise away the ligature. She frantically tried to wrestle herself away, her legs flailing around. One of her high heels came flying off, smacking against the passenger side window. But despite Margaret's desperate struggles, her scarf remained wrapped tightly around her neck. Her chest heaved out in a grotesquely exaggerated manner, in a vain attempt to get air into her bursting lungs. Soon, however, Margaret succumbed to the inevitable. Death.

Satisfied that the elegant blonde was now dead, the killer exited the back door and opened the driver's door. He leaned down and kissed Margaret gently on the lips, gently caressing her protruding tongue with his own. He snuggled his face against her neck and smelled her precisely-styled hair. He didn't recognise the scent of the shampoo Margaret had used on her hair, but did find it to be pleasant. He did however recognise her perfume - J'ADore - one of his favourites. He now undid Margaret's bun, and began playing with her now loosened long hair, twirling bunched up strands in his fingers. He paused to take a look round. Nobody about, and the alleyway was not visible to the houses round the corner. He continued to admire Margaret.

He eased his right arm under Margaret's skirt and reached up for her panties. Removing them proved to be a bit difficult due to the tightness of her skirt, but he persevered and eventually succeeded. Delicate white cotton panties, with a pretty floral design along the top. Looking closer, he could a small blob of sticky opaque substance on the inside of them. He found this strange. He had been following Margaret for some time and knew her to be fastidious about her clothing and personal hygiene. He knew she was fucking Stephen, but also knew that she would have showered afterwards. Whatever this substance was - and it certainly wasn't semen, it could only have been 'emitted' during his strangulation of her, An old girlfriend (still alive, for now) used to produce this cum-like substance at orgasm. Had Margaret orgasmed as she died? Who knows, but it made him smile.

The killer placed Margaret's panties into his trouser pocket. Now he opened her blazer and unbuttoned her blouse. He reached round to her back and unclipped her bra, before removing the garment from the body of the dead woman. Quiet a nice bra, white again, with pretty floral embroidery on it. He studied her breasts. Margaret was not a particularly well-endowed woman, but her breasts although small were still quite pert and had a pleasing shape. He noted her nipples to be protruding, erect even. Another sign that Margaret was sexually aroused as she died?

Anyway, he now had what he came for. Almost time to leave. He removed Margaret's scarf from around her neck. Aroused, he masturbated frantically for a few moments before ejaculating into the scarf. He then scrunched up the scarf and stuffed it into Margaret's mouth. And then he left, leaving Margaret's bedraggled corpse slumped in the driver's seat of her car.

Stephen's world was now about to come crashing down. A married man himself – his wife was a senior nurse at the local hospital – the discovery of the strangled and molested body of his lover just yards from his home would go on to cause a huge scandal. Although quickly ruled out by police as being a suspect, the cloud of suspicion would hang over Stephen for ever more. Worse, intimate details of his and Margaret's sexual antics became public – horrifying and embarrassing Margaret's family and friends who cringed at the revelations of her fondness for rough, brutal even, anal sex.

That night, however, a man arrived home. He went up to his bedroom to get changed. He removed his trousers and boxer shorts. He then took an item from out of his trouser pocket, a crumpled pair of white cotton panties. He then put them on and pulled his trousers back on. A bit tight, but they'll soon stretch to fit. And he'll keep them on. Until the next time.
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