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Kushina despised Kumo.
The redhead loved the land of lightning; however, its daily storms reminded her of her childhood on anisland surrounded by whirlpools…
No she definitely hated the people that lived there. Staring out the window of theRaikage's tower she nervously worried herbottom lip. While her secret husband was negotiating with the Yodaime Raikage in the next room she wasstuck staring out the window worrying out of her mind. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she admitted she didn't feel like her usual self. Normally she would be burstingwith energy, ready to shove her foot up someone's ass. She looked down and forced her arms from hugging herself.
Being in the village that nearly kidnapped her if it wasn't for Minato and helped destroy her homeland was getting to her. When a messenger from the Rai no Kunai asked for the Hokage'spresence for preliminary negotiations for an alliance she was one second away slapping a 'bowel loosening' seal to him and tossing the idiot into the Forest of Death.
Don't stab the messenger her tight ass.
However her blond baka of a husband desperately wanted peace, while Konoha was stronger than ever he wanted peace.Kushina admitted to herself that Minato's hatred of war was oneof the things that attracted her after they started dating. A quick perverted look shot across her face,"As well as other things…"
Just as her mood was starting to raise at thememories of…certain activities she silently stiffened as she felt a shadow fall over her and a gruff voice speaking. "So just what is the Leaf's Bloody Crimson doing here?"
Not even letting out a yelp of surprise as someone managed to sneak up behind her she blurred to the other side of the roomlike the elite jounin she was. Biting back the urge to swear like a sailor at the fact she wasn't allowed to go in full ANBU armor shefound even more reason to curse as she took in the person that snuck behind one of the widely admitted powerful kunoichi of the era.
Towering over her by more than a foot the man stood in front of her with an amused smirk like a mountain of muscles that she could clearly see since he obviously didn't bother to put a shirt on that morning. Firmly in battle mode she distantly noted to her horror she had to fight back a blush. However she did see he had a coat on that was white with yellow trimming. Only one man was allowed to have that kind of coat in Kumogakure…
…The man that was supposed to be a room away negotiating with her husband.
While Kushina was wondering what the hell was going on E was drinking in the sight before him. Longsilky red hair that came down to her butt, clad in a skintight black bodysuit over which she wore a small blue dress that came down to her delectable hips kunoichi sandals encased her delicate feet and violet eyes that were smoldering.
He wasn't ashamed to admit they didn't make them like that inKumo.
Talking the new Hokage was getting insanely boring, and going through all the bylaws and agreements was even worse than regular paperwork. Even he could tell that the blond was found it all as tedious as himself but managed to keep going.
He found that admirable.
Not enough to actuallyfollow his example but admirable.
Doing a seamless substitution with aRai-Bushinwhile Namikaze was distracted by one his advisors whining louder than usual he headed to his weight room to work off some frustrations. Now seeing the Hokage's supermodel escort in front of him he decided to do different workout than the one he had planned.
"Wh…what are you doing here?" Kushina grew tenser and felt her face heat up a bit as the Raikage closed the distance between the two." As the man came within her personal area she struck, going for one of her infamous groin clutchers that put Jiraiya down for the count more than once after peeping on her. It never failed….
…Which was why she was left gaping in shock after the black Kage's arm suddenly left his side in a motion faster than hereyes could track and grabbed her leg. E's smirk which never lefthis face, widened at the move, "Feisty, huh." Feeling himself get even more workedup, he decided he shouldn't be the only one feeling hot under the collar and with a delicacy that would'veshocked any of his shinobi began feedingcarful amounts of lightning natured chakra to the hand holding the leg struggling in his iron grasp.
"St..stop… stop doing that!" Stuttering, Kushina bit back moans that were trying to escape her mouth. Where the Raikage was holding her leg delightful tingles began to gather shoot straight towards her treacherous pussy which beginning to dampen the crotch of her suit. The sensations instead of dying down just got stronger as the large hand slip up and down her thigh slowlyinching its way higher. E had to force down a grunt of his own, although he noted to his satisfaction that the leg's attempts to escape was slowly dying down even if itsowner didn't notice
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