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the sexy moans were making his baggy pants tighter. He growled in displeasure, usually his trysts went quickerthan this, he came, he saw, he fucked for hours, and then he left, leaving behind a very satisfied woman.
This was different.
He wanted to absolutely dominate the redhead gasping with her eyes closed, instinctively trying to get her cunt closer to the source of pleasure.He wanted the seals that his underlings insisted on so they wouldn't have to hear barbells clanging and load grunts, put to the test as she screamed his name as hepoundedher into orgasmic goo, see her cum again and again as she rode him shouting how her boyfriend in the next room couldn't please her this well.
And he was going to get it right now.
Kushina let out a cry of disappointment as she felt spikes of pleasure stop, just as she was about to come out of her lust filled fog and get backto trying to kill the bastard violet eyes caught dark brown ones. Kushina felt the knee of the leg still standing weaken at the glint in his eyes.
The glint that her 'I'm going to fuck you overand over and you are going to fucking love it no matter what.' Sheloved Minato and while his dick more than satisfied her and he managed to keep up with her famous Uzumaki stamina…
He was just too gentle.
She wanted to be ridden hard and fast, to hear the bed frame crack against the wall,and see her cum flyingthrough the air with the force of the fucking. And somehowthe thought that her fantasy would happen at the hands of the Kage of the village shedespised just made her hotter. She watched as his free hand that could cup her entire pussy did just that slowly rubbing back and forth. Anyone watching would've found it curious she made no attempt at stopping him and even no attempt to stop herself from rubbing it. Her eyes widened as she felt big fingers gripping the fabric.
Kushina gasped as shefelt the crotch of her bodysuit torn away and her head snapped back as humongous fingers forced their way into her slick cunt. "No panties, hmmmm Kushina-chan" She shivered as he whispered right next to her ear, his hotbreath making her even wetter as drops of cum began drippingon the floor. Her handsbegan clutching at the wall behind her as sheshook in ecstasy, "Oh my Kami!" she said with a moan as the fingers began to speed up, she had seen dicks smaller than what was invading her pussy! She felt her pussy begin to tighten as she was about to experience one the biggest orgasms of her life.
When suddenly the fingers that were hammering inside her quickly withdrew and she collapsed in a puddle of her own juices.
Anger began to swiftlyreplace lusty confusion as she spoke words she never thought would leave her mouth, "Whythe hell… did…you…" The lithe redhead trailed off once as she looked up at something she was too preoccupied to notice earlier.
The huge bulge in E's pants.
She felt her mouth dryand unconsciously licked her lips. While Minato was more thanabove average the dick that looked like itwas about to rip its way out of the pants itwas confined in was incredible. Maybe the rumors that she refused to listen to about the dark-skinned men from Kumo had a grain of truth….
E had to chuckle as thesexy kunoichi on her knees in front of him was struck dumb by his cock. It was a sighthe never got tired of seeing in women. Thishowever would have a treasured spot in hismemory along with that blond with the huge knockers and that redhead from Mizu that was almost as hot as the one in front of him.
"Take it out." The command pierced Kushina's daze, as she glanced up at the malelooking sternly down at her, while she hated the look she also had to admit it seriously turned her on. Did she really wantto do this? Before now, all of the action was pretty one-sided, if she took this step the Uzumaki would becheating on her lovinghusband, who while a baka at times was an ideal spouse.
Then as if it sensed she was staring at it the dickthrobbed.
As her hands shot up to rip the pants off shedecided she could put what's his face out of her mind for the moment. Her eyes slowly traveled up inch by inch as the mammoth pillar of flesh managed stay erect in the air. A dollop of precum dripped from the top and landed in her open mouth.
Oh yes indeed, out of mind for a very long time.
Faster than she could eat a bowl of ramen she gripped the dick in her hands, absently noticing gleeful disbelief that two hand couldn't cover it, and swiftly started to give the Raikage the best handjob he got inhis life. E groaned as creamy hands flew up and down his cock, he stumbled backwards and leaned on a nearby table as Kushina knee-walked with him. Glancing down he almost came at the sight of the Hokage's girlfriend licking her lips as she stared up at her handsblurring up and down above her heads.
Kushina gave a quick smirk as she added some hard twists to her motion and heard wood cracking,
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