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as the Raikage nearly tore the table apart with his handholds. Looking at the long black maleness above her she decided enough was enough.
All this hard work wasmaking her thirsty.
The redhead suddenly jerked the black's manhood down and quickly devoured it. She felt pussy flood as she heard a satisfied growl from the huge man. She slowly alternated from bobbing her head on his dick to licking the head and gulping down the thick precum that rushed upfrom the big balls she was kneading with both of her hands.
A satisfied growl of her own came from her stomach.
Now it was E's turn to throw back his head and groan. He never got a blowjob like this, not even from thewoman that was nicknamed the 'Legendary Sucker'! It only the thought of hisreputation as one of the best fuckers in Elemental Nations thatkept his eyes from going the molten pools of violet that Kushina's had become.However short of taking the hands he was using to guide her head to cover his ears there was nothing to stop him from hearing her voice which dripped with sin. "You know not even the Hokage isthis big, you're a lot harder, and even tastier than him…" Shecausally spoke as she began to jack him off again. "I'm impressed, he would've come by now, but since you haven't this just gives all the time in the world to lick and lick andlick…."
However as the minutes passed and he still hadn't busted the load she desperately wanted inher stomach she decided to bring out the big guns. She unbuttoned the top of her dress and with hermind clouded by lust ripped the top of her suit off in frustration. She smirked as she saw the Raikage droolat her swaying her DD's. Kushina knew heloved the sight of her large tits. She knew heloved it even more as she wrapped them around the bottom of his cock and deepthroated all she could handle.
E nearly shouted with pleasure as the redhead went crazy giving head to him. She giving him a titty fuck on moment and then licking up her saliva on his dick slowly devouring his dick inch by inch. "Oh you're agoodcocksucker aren't you?" Smirking he started to talk dirty, "I bet you don't go all out like this for Namikaze, you just love shoving my big dick down your throattoo much don't you?"
Kushina eyes widenedas she heard the derogatory comments,but there were two reasons she didn't give a fuck. First they were true shedidlovesucking his huge dick and eating his cum. Second was that the dirty talk turned her on like nothing else. Her eyes widened even further as his hands which were surprisingly gently in guided her head, shoved her down as far as she could go on his dick. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on gulping down the thickest load of cream she ever had down her throat. As his grip finally slackened a fewseconds later she stayed in place for a moment sucking down the last dregs with a few pumps before sliding back.
E nearly swore he came again when he saw her sit back on her ass and gulp downthe last mouthful of cum she had and seeing her tongue flicker out for more.
Kushina was in a satisfied haze she usually only got after eating a deluxe bowl of ramen, 'Hell this might be better than ramen.' She thought amazed to herself. However now she wasvaguely disappointed in was over, after all even the 'blond guy whose name escaped her' couldn't get it back up this…..
The lithe Uzumaki nearly creamed herselfwhen she saw the tower of black flesh ashard as before."Did…did it even godown?" She whispered incredulously to herself, however she heard a load snort andan answer to her rhetorical question. "I don't know what pansy you've been with," with devious smirk on his face which said he knew exactly who she was with, "But it takes a hell of lot more than that to makemelimp."He finished off with a lewd gaze to her dripping crotch.
At this point Kushina could have done a lot of things. She could have grabbed a seal from her kunai pouch and slapped it on him before he even knew what happened. She could have darted away at full speed andalerted her husband. And even though it wasn't her style she could have screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs.
Instead she went over the table that the E was leaning against and laid her top half on the surface shivering at how the cool and smooth surface felt on her nipples and lewdly stuck her wet pussy out while standing on her toes. Looking backshe flipped her hair to one side and crooked a finger.
"You can come over here and shove that big black dick inside mytight…little….wetpussy…if you dare." E never refusedchallenge before and sure as hell wasn't about to start now. Heactivated hisRaiton no Yoroiand covered the distance between the two so fast Kushina didn't even have time to widen her eyes before she screamed as every inch of his dick sank into her.
Namikaze Minato snapped his head up from reading over trade agreements as he thought he heard a very familiar sound.
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