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"I love this!",she screamed as she came again, "My tits, pussy, and ass are tingly and your huge dick just keeps fucking-"
E watched as her eyes rolled up as she had a particularly good orgasm. He could barely think himself but he did hear something he had to jump on. His jutsu increased his reaction time, speed, and strength, and if he was careful could leave women with a happy smile on their face. However it usually went for the strongest hot spots ona woman's body, usually he only heard two….
He smirked once again; this was going to begood.
With speed only her husband could follow E swiftly flipped the Uzumaki onto her back and took in the sights.
Her heaving breasts were visible through the hole she ripped to get to them. Her tight suit was stained with both of their cum and sweat making it seem even tighter. Her dripping pussy to his shock sealed itself back up as he pulled out and their cum ran down her long, well muscled legs. Her longred hair cover half herface leaving one burning violet eye visible and a wet darting tongue, running over sinful lips.
In other words she was hot as hell.
Kushina could only stare in confusion as he suddenly lifted her with hand set on her hips into the air. Confusion shifted into shock when he raised her ass to mouth and gently tongued it. She couldn't help but moan in surprise. She definitely got the picture when he lowered her and his cock was pointing her small asshole instead of her pussy.
"Did Namikaze ever fuck you up the ass?" He asked because this was a first for E, he was cunt man throughand through.
But he would have turn in his man card if missed the chance to sodomize his enemy's girl while he was in the next room.
Double since she was a hot redhead to boot.
Quirking an eyebrow Kushina had to shake her head in a firm no."I asked if he wanted to do it once, but he wanted to learn some medical jutsu to make it safer first."
E's opinion of his fellow Kage managed to go up and down at once.
"So then Uzumaki slut…" He paused to let Kushina shiver in his arms, "Do you want me to claim yoursecond virginity?" Kushina paused to think about the last couple of hours of sheer pleasure she suffered at her most hated enemy's hands for a moment and the number of orgasms she lost track of and realized there was only one answer.
"Fuck, yes."
Not wasting another moment the Raikage immediately lifted herup and set her ass on top his dick.
Then he pushed down.
Kushina had to resist the urge to scream in pain this time. Luckily some of her juices from her pussy leaked near her ass and the earlier rimming made the passage of the iron bar that he called a cock easier.
Also she was an Uzumaki.
As E held her rock still for a minute she began to squirm.
Then her toes curled.
Her moans at being sofull sang out like music.
Finally the sign she was ready for him to pound her ass came when she wrapped her long legs around his torso and started to hump his dick.
He moved and forced down a shout and an urge to cum.
The woman in his arms didn't bother with either.
"Oh Kami, you hot bitch you ass is sooooo fucking tight!"E swore that the hole just wouldn't let him back out and just triedto suck him in deeper and milk his load.
He loved it.
Kushina was too busy keeping the rhythm ofhis dick up and her assslamming down usingthe tight grip she had with her legs and arms for leverage and watching her cum fly all over the room eventhough there wasn't a dick plugging it. Although as she threwher head back E could hear her whispering"Bastard" over and over like a mantra as they fucked each otherto oblivion.
E felt himself getting close and with a familiar glint in his eyes slammed Kushinaagainst the window and drove in his dick even deeper.
"There's that noise again!"
"YES, YES. YES, you bastard fuck my asshole with your big dick make me scream so loud everyone will fucking know!" E was going overtime as he was almost to his second load, and slammed Kushina against the window so hard cracks formed.
She just screamed andwrapped her limbs around him tighter.
"This is the fucking best-" Whatever she was about to say was silenced as the Raikage slammed his lips onto hers and theymade out as he drove his dick as far as it would go and both felt the biggest orgasms of their lives as Kushina's asshole gripped his cock in a fist and milked it for all it was worth.
Both collapsed on the ground and were gasping for air as cumspilled out of Kushina's second hole.
Lying in a pool of liquid Uzumaki Kushina never felt so sated before in her lifewith a smile which was probably going tohave to be pried off her face .
"You know these are called preliminary negotiations for a reason right?"
Her smile just got wider...
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