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Submissive sister gets punished by older brother.
School isn't easy for me. Although I'm really smart, I just don't get along with some of my classmates. The majority will leave me alone. It's just this one clique who always thinks they're better than me. Always badgering me about my clothing and my smart-ass attitude. I can't help it if I'm smarter than them. But I don't really flaunt it around.
My biggest rival and the leader of the future Whores of America is Ashley (Ash-face) Anderson. Biggest bitch of them all. The story of how we became enemies is really stupid. All I was doing was eating a chocolate bar in kindergarten and wouldn't share. I'm selfish by nature, so of course I wasn't going to share it. Especially with someone who tried to take it from me.
I find it interesting she can hold a grudge that long. She finds me boring. I suppose some people could call me plain. Fifteen years old, brown hair and eyes. I tan naturally a bit. Sometimes I just stay slightly pale. I'm a random person. Still have child-like features, mostly my face. I have a nice ass, though. Been told so. I'm not fat, not a pole either. Men and boys love to grab me. Especially my boobs. Probably my greatest asset. 38D. Very, very nice. I love it when my man plays rough with them.
My man... we'll get to that in a bit, 'kay?
My name is Joy Lock. I am currently walking home from a bad day at school. The bus driver had pulled over and kicked me off after I punched Ash-face straight in her snotty little face. That idiot started it, honestly. She was shouting things about me from three seats back. When she threw an empty bottle at the back of my head, that was the last straw. I got up. I walked back to her seat. I pulled her to me by the collar of her shirt and snapped at her. She slapped me. I punched her. I'm not a sissy and I don't take shit from anybody. Someone pulls a stunt like that I'll give them worse.
Which is how I got my happy self kicked off the unhappy bus. Oh well. I hate riding the bus anyway. You can smell all the boys that came straight from gym class. They are in dire need of some D.O. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, all of them I tell you. Gosh, it is so awful. I hate riding the bus because of them, the noise, and the Awful Whore Ash-face.
To be honest, I really shouldn't be making any "whore" related remarks. I am a whore myself. I love cock. Best thing on the whole planet. And not just any cock. My man's cock. He gives it to me hard every day whenever we can and however we can. He fucks me so hard I can't believe I make it out of bed the very next day. I'm his whore and his only. Wouldn't dare go to anyone else. No one else would be good enough for me. That's a fact.
I really need to call him. My cell phone is in my pocket, right were it's been all day. I text him during class. I can't help it. I need him. I just love the way he talks dirty to me during school. Well, texts dirty. On occasion I sneak to the bathroom and call him. Of course, this always calls for punishment when I get home. He says a good girl should always concentrate on her studies and hang out with friends at lunchtime (generally when I call him).
As it would turn out though, I don't have to call. He pulls up along the sidewalk. Doesn't roll the window down to tell me to get in. Just waits for me. I gulp. It's obvious I'm in trouble. I soon as I get into the truck I know I should start apologizing. The school must've called. They usually do with suspension. Or so I hear. This is my first time. And it really, really sucks.
I get in. Right away I can tell he is not a happy camper. At thirty-two years old, Gabe Lock is easy to read. To me at least. To other people he's like a mystery. Which, I suppose, is a good thing given our incestuous relationship. Gabe is my older brother. Seventeen years older than me. I wonder what the hell our parents were thinking when they decided to have me. Actually, I was an accident, so I guess they weren't thinking. But it does make me wonder what the hell they were doing, if you know what I mean.
Gabe doesn't even glance at me as I close the door to his black hummer. My brother has a thing about sturdy rides, especially hummers. We watch Zombieland enough times for me to get the hint.
"Bubby, I--" I go ahead and try to explain myself.
"Shut up," Gabe cuts me off in a stern voice. I gulp again and sink lower into the seat, not caring that the seat belt is digging into my skin. It's a pleasant feeling compared to what I'll receive when we get home. That much is certain.
He leads the way in from the garage. He leads me across the house, past the living room and into the kitchen. Gabe opens the door leading to the back patio. I walk out with him. He motions to the most uncomfortable chair a person will ever sit on. I sit down reluctantly. By the time I get semi-comfy, Gabe has already gone back inside. I watch him lock the door, my mouth half-opened in protest. But it doesn't come. I don't protest. One, he can't hear me; two, I'd get my ass busted a lot faster if I did.
Now before you get to thinking that Gabe is abusive, I just want to say he's not. He's the best older brother a girl could have. He's always been my protector. Sure what we do is viewed as immoral. But for the two of us, it feels so right, like neither of us could imagine a life without it. I'm not saying we're in love. Maybe we are, I don't know. I love my brother, but I know my place. I'm just a sex toy and I'm happy to be one for him. He treats me with love and kindness, so what more could I ask for?
Gabe is a ton of fun. Lenient, too. Sure he'll give me punishment when I need it, but he never goes overboard. Everything he does is for my own good. I am eternally grateful to him, I really am. He's the best person in my whole world and I'm glad to have him.
Even now.

I don't know how much time passes before he unlocks the door. Too much time. I haven't moved from this spot once. My entire backside hurts like hell. When Gabe walks out, Jack Daniels in hand, I leap up and cling to his legs, kissing him as much as I can before he pushes me away. I sit up and gaze up at him, hurt emotionally. I need him, I want him. I want him to say that he forgives me for being bad, that he forgives me for punching that bitch. I'm not saying I was right to punch someone. But I wasn't wrong either. Probably somewhere in between. That's what I think. And I want him to be on my side.
"You've been suspended for three days. Today is Friday," Gabe says. I nod weakly, wondering what he's getting at. An evil smile spreads across his face. Instantly hope and dread fill me. Hope because he always gets that smile when he's up to something devious. Dread because it always comes hand in hand with harsh punishment. My heart rate speeds up quite a bit.
"What is my punishment, Bubby?" I ask meekly.
"I'm grounding you. Starting now. It'll last until you get back to school," Gabe says. I let out a sigh of relief. Far too soon... "During these six days, you'll be camping out here. I'll leave food on the patio where you can get to, as well as water. But you'd better be quick unless the neighborhood mutt gets to it. Also, there will be no fucking." I cry out and reach for him again. I like camping, sure. But I'm afraid of dogs and can't last 30 minutes without fucking. It makes me cranky. And that explains my attitude at school.
My Bubby pushes me away again, this time his foot stays on my chest, pinning me down. I rub his foot, massaging it, hoping that this action will make him change his mind. He's gone crazy. It's that damn bottle. I doubt he's drunk yet, but still... it has to be clouding his usually good judgment this very instant. There's no way he would dole out a no-sex punishment. Not ever!
"Bubby... think this through, okay? Please? You need sex just as much as I do," I plead. "I need your cock. I'm even wet for you right now. Don't you want to fuck me? Paddle me? Force your cock down my hungry throat? Don't you want to tie me to the bed and do all the nasty things you love to do to me and that I love to receive? Please, Bubby, please!" But even my begging doesn't sway Gabe. In fact... he seems almost smug. That makes my heart drop. He already has this planned out. Had he kept a back up plan in case I ever got in this much trouble? 'Cause if so... this sucks.
"Amanda will be coming over for all my sexual needs. I won't need you for six days. In fact, if you keep this rowdy behavior of yours up, then I won't need to fuck you. I can keep fucking Amanda," Gabe hisses. My eyes widen and I can't help the pang of jealousy in my chest. I don't know why I feel so much for Bubby. Maybe it's because he was my first. I don't know. But I do know that I hate hearing him talk about other women. I want to be his one and only. I don't think I am. I know for a fact that some women give him head at work. I just don't know what else he does with them.
It isn't fair.
Gabe heads back inside. He's retrieving the tent. I'll have to set it up. I know he'll be watching me. He'll be watching me because he knows I'll fail, another thing to add to the list of things I'm not yet good at. Never before have I ever had the need to set up my own tent. Me and Bubby always shared one on camping trips. He set it up. Then we'd fuck inside it, sleep together... we'd do everything together.... There was no being angry with each other while we were out there. It was always just the two of us on those trips. We always enjoyed them....
I watch him eat dinner. After he's done, I get the leftovers. There's a bunch. I know he cooked more for this purpose. It could be worse, but Gabe isn't that cruel. Plus he knows how much I love spaghetti. Luckily it hasn't gone cold yet. Gabe sets out a glass of water for me. I reach out for his hand and kiss it, murmuring a quick thank you before he pulls away. I can feel the reluctance as he does pull away. I also notice that that woman hasn't come yet. I really hope she doesn't show at all.

Early the next morning I watch him do the dishes. That's my job. I don't want him to do what I'm supposed to do. I knock on the door but he doesn't even glance my way. I frown and turn back to my tent. It took me forever to set the darn thing up. I'm just waiting for it to fall over. It looks correct, but... knowing my luck it'll fall back down.
I don't know if I can take camping out here. I've already figured out that I'll have to use the water hose as a bathing system. Gabe had tossed a bar of soap into my tent late last night. Thank goodness. I hope he'll throw out my hair stuff, too. Otherwise I'll look wild. That will not be good at all.
Gabe doesn't have to work today, so I know that his chances of leaving the house are slim. We usually fuck all weekend. I hardly get to leave the bed it seems. We'd be fucking right now if he would let me back in. I swear... I hate disappointing my brother. Not because of the punishments, but because of the way it feels when I have failed him.
But instead of moping, I go back to the kitchen door and slowly slide my shirt off. I feel stupid doing it since he isn't looking, but I know that once he does, he'll come outside and fuck me where I stand. That'll make us both happy. He'll forgive me for being a bad girl.
By the time I turn around and slide my shorts off seductively and turn back around, he's gone. Gabe isn't in the kitchen anymore. I'm standing outside with nothing but a fence separating me from the neighbors and I'm in my freaking underwear. I just stare stupidly into the kitchen. Like, what the hell happened?

The whole day is uneventful. I'm about to die. He hasn't spoken to me once, nor has he responded to my pleading, my touches. Gabe even went out with some friend of his to hang out for most of the day. He hasn't come back yet. It's nearly dinner time. I may not be the best cook, but I always got to cook dinner. This will be my second day I haven't done it. I'm going to go bonkers!
When Gabe finally does get back, I can tell he's drunk. I can hear him from the other side of the house. Of course he causes me to worry. I can hear the keys jingling in his hand. I can hear him drop them at least a hundred times. I take a cautious yet hopeful jog around the house to see if I can catch him before he enters the house. When I get there I find that he's left the door wide open and that his friend has already left.
Entering the house, I silently shut the door behind me. It's already really dark. I can't see anything so of course I miss Gabe, who turns out to be right behind me. I know that as soon as I get shoved face first against the wall, his hands gripping my hips hard as he grinds his crotch into my ass. He's so hard. I want him inside me more than I want to breathe this clean air I'm breathing right now. Gabe always has this effect on me. It doesn't matter if I can smell the beer on him or not. It's always the smell of him that drives me wild at first. He knows it, too.
He grabs at me wildly, as if he's desperately clinging to his own life. I wonder what's gotten into him. Even if Gabe goes out to drink with his friends, he always comes home partially sober. I think it's safe to say that this is the drunkest I have seen my older brother. After all, he has to stay sober to take care of me.
"Dun go," Gabe whispers into my ear. He breathes heavily. I'm afraid he'll pass out. It only occurs to me seconds later that he wants me to stay. Well... of course he does. He's freaking drunk.
"Bubby, let's get you to bed," I say softly, trying to move. But he only presses me against the wall harder. I can feel his hand move around to the front of my shorts. He forces his hand down into my panties. I gasp, having missed his touch. Been a rough twenty-four hours, to be honest. "Oh!"
"You like that, don't you, Joy? You like it when Bubby touches you, don't you?" Gabe is surprisingly coherent at the moment, but that often fades in and out. I've seen it happen before.
"Y-yes, Bubby. But shouldn't we go to the bedro--"
"I miss ya so much. There's no way I'm gonna wait any longer to fuck your little tight pussy." With that, my shorts get tugged down and I feel his cock slide against my ass. My eyes squeeze shut and I worry about my ass. I just know that's where his cock will end up at. Not that I mind, but I've gotten used to him using lube. And, of course, there isn't any right now. So I'm screwed. Literally.
Sure enough, he shoves his cock straight up into my ass. I bite my hand to keep from crying out so loudly. Gabe just starts pounding away. I wonder how much he's had to drink. I really ought to pour out the alcohol in the house just to get back at him for this.
"God, you're tight," Gabe grunts. Well, duh. He's fucking my ass. But I don't correct him. I don't correct him in fear of him stopping. I don't know how he made the mistake in the first place since his hand is rubbing my pussy. I nearly laugh at his mistake.
"G-Gabe," I whimper as he starts slamming into me. Gabe's free hand comes up and grabs at my breasts, taking turns mauling them. I cry out loudly, loving his rough groping.
"So good. I love your body, sis. You're my little whore bitch, aren't you? Only mine..." Gabe bites my earlobe. He knows I love it when he does that. He often does it just to tease me, sometime even out in public when I'm least expecting it. I moan in reply to him. I'm not ever going to protest him, not when he makes me feel this good.
We somehow make it to his bed. I have no clue how we got here since he had turned me around in the hallway and began kissing me roughly. I can't remember the last time he bit my lip that hard. But we're on the bed now, his cock finally inside my pussy. Right where I needed it the whole time.
Gabe lowers his face to my breasts. While he begins sucking my right one, his hand plays with my left, pinching and pulling on my nipple just like he does with his teeth. I hold his head in place. I don't want him to stop. In my mind, if I hold him here, just like I am now, he can't leave. He won't stop. He won't stop fucking me, he won't stop touching me, making me feel all the pleasure he can possibly give me. I love it. It's mine. I want it to be only mine.
His hands trail up and down my midsection. Gabe playfully bites and licks my neck. He twists my nipples, continuing to pull and pinch them. Even if he is drunk, I'm pretty sure on some level of consciousness he is purposely doing this to remind me that I am in trouble.
Speaking of trouble, I really should get my ass out of here after he comes. If he wakes up and finds me here, I'm sure I'll be in even more trouble. I really don't want to anger him even more than I already have. That would really suck.
Gabe thrusts himself harder and harder into me. I grip his shoulders tightly, biting his neck as I have my own orgasm. He growls and shoots his load into me. My eyes widen as he does this. I'm out of birth control. He never uses a condom. We've discussed having a child before, but... I'm scared to. It looks like it hurts like hell and of course I'd have to be extremely careful while I'm pregnant.... I'm clumsy. There's no way....
"Bubby, did you pick up some birth control like I asked you the day before yesterday?" No answer. He just thrusts into me again. Still hard. Grief, this doesn't happen a whole lot when he's drunk. What's gotten into him? "Bub--?"
"I'm gonna get ya pregnant, my little whore bitch. You want my baby? You wanna have Bubby's baby?" When he says it in that voice... I can't resist him. He knows I do get aroused by the idea of getting pregnant. Just another kink I have.
"Y-yes, Bubby. Please get me pregnant," I say. I mean every word I say. I'm always honest with Gabe. I may be scared, but... I want it, too. Gabe, of course, knows this. I could never hide anything from Gabe. Nor would I want to.
"Good, sis. I'm going to give you my baby," Gabe says. He grunts and before I know it, he's coming inside me again. Usually he lasts longer the second time around, but it must be the alcohol in his system.
My eyes droop. I can only imagine how good he'll be fucking me in the morning. I can feel him on top of me. I hold onto him, not wanting him to move. I want more, but I'm so tired myself. Damn my indecisive body.

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2013-08-21 16:00:18
Yeah I understand when you submit things change. Now that you know how it works its easily fixed. I really slipped a gear for a moment when I told you to put spaces between all of your paragraphs I had already figured you had the first timer surprise about the site. Obviously someone writing at your level is going to know how to format. Do disregard the other comment, you're allowed some mistakes your first time that's how we all learn!!


2013-08-20 22:00:46
I'm glad you liked it. As for the formatting, it was correct until I posted it onto this site. I'll be more careful in the future.
Thank you for reading!

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2013-08-20 21:58:53
Imagine that another story about an idiot and an asshole. Fits right in at this site now though. Next time use tags so those of us not interested in reading about idiots doing whatever an asshole tells them to do can easy skip over your garbage, and not get tricked into accidentally opening the page. Voted negative because I just can't ever support stupidity.

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2013-08-20 19:34:08
I really like the style with which you write however your story wasn't tagged correctly. Should have been tagged with dominance and submission but its your first time so that's easily overlooked. Your formatting needs work too but again that can be tedious for first timer, some paragraphs are spaced and some aren't, spacing all of them makes it easier to read. Spelling and such is quite commendable, that's always a great thing to see with a first submission. I'm not a fan of the subject matter in this piece, but if you decide to broaden your horizons and write in other genres I would look forward to reading them. Just a few little things to fix and your going to be producing very fine work. Positive vote from me and I hope to see more from you, preferably in other genres. Do keep writing, you have talent and like I said with a bit if spit and polish you'll be headed straight to the top!!! K

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