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A young marine home on leave and a young girl who's always loved him
Lucas stepped down off the bus as he shouldered his rucksack;
At 6' 2" he was tall and well built, his desert-tanned skin, various scars and short crew-cut hair made him immediatly intimidating to people he met, but he was gentle at heart and glad to be home after so long.
It'd been a long trip back to his home in the small town of Lakersville, Chicago
But as he reflected, it had been an even longer trip to get back to the States having spent the last four years taking cover in a filthy fox-hole in another dusty heap of sand called a country.

He walked through the old town for a while, checking out the old sights;
The school he'd grown up in, the small house his mother had raised him and 8 other kids in.
His final stop stirred up the last memories before he had shipped off to boot camp....

It had been four and a half years before, and he's been fresh out of high school, young, eager to make a name for himself.
He'd planned to go on a booze-up with some pals before they all shipped off,
but that was before he had met maria;
She still had two years to go in high school and he hadnt noticed her much before that night.
She was from a wealthier family and as such, traveled with the more elite crowd,
She was a heavy set girl, well developed even at that young age, and always wore the latest fashions her Daddy bought her.
But that night they had met at a small bar while he'd been waiting on his friends and had ended up spending the night under the bleachers back at school.
He'd never told her he was shipping off the next day.

Lucas wondered how her life had turned out, his mother had written to him about most of his old friends back home, but she didnt know about Maria and Lucas had never asked.
Shrugging he spotted one of the old bars he used to visit, it was beginning to rain so he quickly dashed across the road looking forward to a taste of home.

Inside he shook off the early drops of rain and looked about, the place was quiet enough;
Two men were playing cards in a corner and a girl was serving drinks to a much older man at the bar.
Lucas stepped over to warm himself by the fireplace, he was still in his combat pants and t-shirt and it was cold out.
As he stared down at the water droplets on his boots evaporating in the heat, he spotted a pair of cowgirl boots step up infront of them, glancing up he came face to face with the bar girl.
"Hey there, can I get you something?" she asked, smiling easy.
He couldnt help but take in her beauty, she was thin, but had a curvy ass and almost oversized looking tits, she was dressed in the pair of old cowgirl boots he'd noted earlier and a short denim skirt and blouse.
He nodded, "what evers good", she spun easily on her heels and walked back to the bar.
Ambling over, Lucas sat as far away from the already drunk older man and kept to himself.
The bar girl pored him a shot of something good and as he threw it back he noticed her looking him up and down.

"Can I help you girl?" he asked, startling her slightly;
She leaned her elbows on the counter and looked him in the eye,
"Lucas Malcolms" she said simply.
Lucas smiled, finishing his shot, he couldn't recall ever meeting this young woman; but if he played his cards right he thought he had a shot tonight.
"Who wants to know?" he replied.
"Maria Fieldings" she replied, blushing shyly;
"wait... What?" Lucas stared in amazement, Maria had been just a screw to him, some highs hook fun;
And now here she was, 4 years and what looked like one hell of a diet later.
Maria winked, "you can stop staring now"
"Whoa sorry" replied Lucas, taking the bottle off her to pore another shot, "I just didnt recognise you with your hair that way...."
She laughed at his obvious tease, "Don't give me that, your obviously getting hot under the collar now soldier"
He smirked, the alcohol taking affect, "Sure" agreed Lucas, "But I'm betting you're alot hotter someplace else"

That was it, they spent the night talking to each other at the bar, Maria asking about his time as a soldier and he asking after her family.
Lucas learned Maria's father had lost it all when recession took hold and her diet had come about more because of her struggling to pay for enough food to keep going.
She had dropped out of college and ended up working in the bar just to pay for her crummy 2 room apartment down the street.
"least you have a place to stay" joked Lucas.
"tonight, you can too" she replied with a smile.

They walked to her place hand in hand, she was only 5' 5" so he took his time so she didnt get left behind.
As they walked into her apartment he grabbed her ass,
"so...." he began, before he could continue she had her lips pressed against his as he felt her tongue probing his mouth, he responded,
His tongue subdueing hers as his hands began to undress her.
As her skirt hit the floor she stepped out of it, dropping to her knees she unzipped his pants.
Lucas moaned as her lips tried to take all he had to offer, but he was a big man, she had to make do with the head.
He stroked her long blonde hair, pulling on the ponytail to force her head off his cock so he could kiss her.
They made It to her bedroom, she lay back on the bed while he pulled off his clothes,
She grinned, "keep the dog tags on soldier...."
She stripped to her cowgirl boots as he pushed get back on the bed, kissing her, his stubble brushing her neck as his stiff member began to slip between her legs....
She gasped, reaching down to help guide him in as she bit her lip.
He slid up into her, she fit like a glove.

They made love all night long, her being more dominant then he remembered at times,
Eventually she collapsed beside him, their passion spent and sweat covering their heaving bodies as he stroked her thigh.
Lucas grinned, it was good to be home.


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2013-08-26 21:45:13
The story was fine, but the comments out of hand. I have many friends that have or are doing 4 years in sand pits right now. They are in every branch and I have seen many fresh home without they jacket on hot days. Just try to read and enjoy.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-24 00:22:06
It was a start. Not great, but a start.

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2013-08-22 01:11:39
I enjoyed the story-story line but I was looking for sex. Maybe when he was looking at her at the bar, her nipples got hard, her pussy got moist her clit tingled...

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2013-08-21 23:32:59
not much of a story

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2013-08-21 22:18:36
Bullshit story I was a Marine and none of this shit fits.

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