(A/N: I apologize for any errors, and if the plot moves too quickly. I did the best I could! Please Enjoy!) My name is Katelyn, my husband Tony and I have been together since first grade! 20 years ago he slid that ring-pop on my finger... But now he finally made it official! Here is my point of view of my "Freaky Honeymoon"
(At Our Resort-Home)

We're here at the bahamas for my honeymoon. I lit the beautiful red and heart-shaped candles and placed them on the dresser near our bed. He left to go get my favorite favorite drink; sparkling cider! I'm not a drinker, so I like that instead.

I placed rose petals all over the bed and played his favorite slow-song CD on the stereo. I heard him slowly close the front door downstairs. "Honey?"

"I'm upstairs!" I said. He walked upstairs while holding the fine bottle with two glasses in his other hand. He looked around the room in awe, immediatly putting down the stuff.

With his eyes full of lust, he said "Honey, I need you and I want you so bad right now". I nodded my head gracefully with a nervous look. He ran over to me and pulled me so close. He grabbed my cheeks and we started to makeout. I made soft moans as I slowly walked backwards towards the bed.

I was wet already. He layed me onto the bed and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it; landing on the stereo. Before he could continue, I flipped him over. "Sit up, It's showtime." I said. Then with one blow ( dirty look ;) ) I blew out the candles.

I slowly unzipped the back of my dress and let it drop, showing my curves and Victoria Secret panties and bra. He was so aroused, I noticed a huge buldge in his pants. "Am I turning you on? " " Hell fucking yes Kate!" he said. I was satisfied with that answer.

He pulled down his pants and boxers then pulled out his huge friend. " I can't wait till' you put that 8 inch cock in me! " He smiled. It made me hornier and I began to slowly unstrap my bra and threw it at him. He was jerking off the whole time and seemed like he was too phased out to pay attention.

I teased him by slightly pulling down my underwear. "Nope!" I fondled with my breasts and finally slid off my underwear. Showing my clean and shaved pussy. I was fully naked and... so was he! I walked over to him sexily and I grabbed his cock while dancing my way to my knees. Watching him intently I put it in my mouth halfway and started to suck. I began to deepthroat. He grabbed my hair when I started gagging. "Ah fuck KATELYN!" "mmm". I drooled all over his cock and started making slurping noises, rubbing my hand up and down his cock. "JUST LIKE THAT!"

I pulled back and pushed him on the bed even more and straddled him. I teased him again by saying "Oh daddy, I need you in my hot wet pussy!" and he said "OH MY GOD KATELYN LET ME GIVE IT TO YOU!" Just as I was about to say something he grabbed my ass cheeks and began thrusting in and out of my pussy! "Oh, fuck Tony, yes!" he was fucking me so hard, you could hear his balls slap against my ass! "What's my name bitch?!" "T-TONY" I cried. Then he flipped me over and pushed my knees past my ears and began to drill my pussy like it was the last time. "What's my FUCKING name?" "I DON'T.. I-" He was even starting to hurt me a little his cock was deep in my pussy. "SAY IT!" "Ohhh! BANG MY PUSSY DADDY!"

Then he pulled out of me, and I was mad because I almost came! "What the fuck was that!?" "What?" he said "GIVE ME YOUR COCK!" I cried "Huh?" "I SAID I-" Then he shoved his cock as far as he could in my pussy and I made a loud gasp like I was about to drown! "I want you to have my kids Katelyn."

He went in and out of me slowly while rubbing my clit. "Ahh, yes..." "Put a baby in me." It felt so good to make love with the love of my life.

"Katelyn I'm gonna cum!" he began to drive in and out of me even faster. "FUCK, me too!" My eyes rolled to the back of my nead and I felt a rush of ecstasy run through my whole body. "OH MY FUCKING....MMM" I had such an amazing orgasm as I felt his sperm shoot up into me and hit my cervix, it mad me cum again. "TONY, YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD!" he kept fucking me slowly through my second orgasm.

He collapsed on me and we flipped over and began to makeout. "I love you so much Craig!" I whispered.

Oh shit.

he yelled.
"Tony, it was a mistake!"
"WHO ELSE ARE YOU FUCKING, BITCH?" he pushed me off of him with his face filled with rage. "Craig, I mean- No, Tony! It's n-nobody I swear!"
"Katelyn who is he?"
I felt so bad...
"Craig is...Craig is my ex boyfriend.."
"You SAID you had no-one before me!"
"Well, I.."
"I'm going to teach you that I can fuck you better thant Craig or more than any other motherfucker can."
"No, please! Don't hurt me, I'll do anything daddy!" I croaked.
"Get on all FOURS!"
"What? Cr- Tony, I've never done Anal!"
"Do you want to save this relationship?"
"Yes, but.."
"Okay, alright..."

I slowly positioned myself on all fours, afraid of what's going to happen. "Oh you're going to like this!" He slowly came behind me and pushed into my anus. "Oh my gosh, it hurts! Please don't do it!" I cried. He shoved it all the way in making me feel a wave of shock, pain and pleasure. "Damn, you are fucking tight!"

CLIFF HANGER!!! It hurts for me to continue! ~Kate

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I would make you swallow my cum everyday.

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If it hurts, you should probably stop.

No, really.

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hope your making a part 2 of tis madness

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