Nyx finds a ground int eh Underdark who love using traps.
Nyx with a smile started through the underdark started making her way through vengeful underground. She did her best to hide from hook horror and the other monstrosities of the underdark. The world within a world. Where everything was a twisted version of its self on the surface world. With creatures that had a sense of twisted sense of honor that would make a dwarf sick and a human crumble. Nyx was a nimble and subtle elf. Making off with an artifact of a war band of orcs. This specific war band had a very, very valuable magical ring that had the ability to turn one not only invisible, but leave no heat signatures or bodily sound. If one was wearing heavy-plate armor however. That would be heard. It hid ones heartbeat, ones smell even. She was perfectly invisible to everything in the underdark. She entered another cave sneaking around. The slim yet voluptuous redheaded elf was sneaking through tip toeing deftly. Her tight leather bodice made sneaking fairly easy. She had a belt of daggers stretching from her right shoulder to her left hip looping around. The elf had three piercings, two in one elongated ear, one in the middle and one at the tip, and one in the other at the base.
The only armor she really had was a elbow plates and shin guards. Both made of steel that plated all the way around. She kept quiet and didn’t hear anything as she kept going down the cave. Suddenly her foot fell through a face piece of floor and a snap sounded out and an echoing metallic ring.
It was a trap!
She berated herself for being so stupid. Then when she realized what kind of trap it was she berated herself more for being so obviously stupid. She was a master thief and this was a kobold trap. Kobolds were well known for their traps but they never reached anywhere to her esteem. And now that she looked a bit harder she saw where the fake ground was all over. She facepalmed. She looked around and saw no sign of any kobold though. She knew the ring was only good for one sand cycles a day, (One hour) and half a sand had already gone by. And the trap that was on her, snapped against her shin was designed to shatter that bone. It was much like a bear trap, but a bit more advanced. There was three master switches on the device and she would have to find them all she knew it would take at least a minute or two. Then she would have to inspect her shin guard to see if it was still wearable and then plot a course mentally through the cave. It would all take about five minutes. Five minutes she didn’t want to spare with the ring on. She pulled a dagger and gave one last look around. There were rocks and small boulders up and down the whole thing. She hadn’t heard any of the small lizard people’s patrols or anything. She figured herself safe. She quickly slipped the ring off before getting to work on the device.

After he heard the trap snap Griil thought for sure they were going to be jumping a dark dwarf. But when he peered over the boulder he hid behind he saw nothing so he gave no signal to the rest of his five brethren. The two and a half foot creature with bronze scales and small spikes going from the tip of his tail up his back shook his head getting down. He held his makeshift spear tightly waiting. His long snout shifted once as his frail frame sighed. Kobolds may have been small but they were deadly in numbers and malevolent to a fault. The only creature among them that was renowned as more malevolent was the fifth member. A goblin named Jek. Both species were known to be weak, kobolds more than goblins, but everyone fear being capture by them. He suddenly heard a clanking noise. He slowly crept back up to see a gorgeous elven girl with red hair and a luscious body with ample breasts and ass. He gawked for a second or two but knew this was the time to try out a new formation they had practiced before they had set up here. A technique to surround a victim and give them no chance to attack.

Nyx’s heart lept as she heard the squealing noise that was the kobold language. She looked around frantically just as she got the trap to release. She began to scramble out when kobolds and one goblin were suddenly surrounding her from all sides. She pulled two daggers from her belt looking around franticly, she had jagged stone headed spears all around her, threatening to stab her at any time or if she tried to stand, or run. She sat there as the goblin said something in elven.
“Drop daggers.” It said quite fluently,
She did as instructed tossing them away. The goblin looked to one of the kobolds angling his head towards her. The kobold nodded and went forward reaching for her belt of weapons. She suddenly gripped his wrist pulling him over as she pulled another dagger and slipped it under its throat.
“Back off otherwise I’ll kill him!” she warned dangerously in goblin speak, she knew some kobold, but she wasn’t about to lower herself to the standards of their brutal and stupid language.
The kobolds laughed in a mocking way as the kobold struggled suddenly alarmed in her hands. That’s when it dawned on her. These kobolds didn’t care if she killed the kobold. It was kobold to abandon any who fell behind and if one would die in the hands of an enemy use the time the enemy kills them to either kill or capture the enemy. Or run.
She narrowed her eyes and she shoved the cold steel blade under his chin. The kobold suddenly quite moving. The creatures immediately jumped her. They jumped all over her as she fought back against the quick and agile things. She plunged her dagger into one last ones chest. With a feeble squeak the thing died on her dagger. She dropped it as she tried to reach for another. Her other arm swinging out tossing a kobold off of her. It flew a few feet and smacked against a wall. She was starting to get the upper hand and knew she could win because these stupid creatures made the mistake of trying to capture her.
That’s when the goblin lifted his shortsword and bashed her over the head with the hilt of it. She dropped unconscious.
“Quick kill it!” one of the kobolds squeaked,
“No!” Jek roared backhanding the kobold sending it to the ground.
Griil was inclined to agree with Jek, “Look at her. Look at beauty. Does it not stir cock?” he asked with a vicious smile.
The first kobold stood again holding his cheek, “But what if she wakes!” he cried,
“Wouldn’t be fun if she didn’t.” Jek said with a matching smile,
“She kill us! She too strong!” he exclaimed, “I say we kill then finish the hardenings and then eat.”
“I not have fucks with corpses’s.” the uneducated goblin said, “besides,” he started looking at her again, “I has ropes’s.”

Nyx’s mind stirred, her hands were tied behind her back, quite well too. Too good for kobolds. She felt no weight on her right shoulder nor of a shoe. Her face was against the cold stone floor. The rope was tied tight around her waist and to her shoulders. She looked around seeing the kobolds standing around her and the goblin. She felt holes in her leather. One at her ass, one at her pussy, and her tits hung out. She sighed shaking her head a bit. It suddenly occurred to her who tied the rope.
“She’s awakes’s.” the goblin said with an evil chuckle. They got closer as she tried to stand up, she brought her lower body up by her knees and began to lift her upper body by her abs when a kobold grabbed the rope around his shoulders and steadied her for his elongated privates. She took a look of shock and gasped as the kobold shoved his dirty phallus in between her pert and luscious wet lips. She tried to scream out as the kobold shoved it all the way in. It loved the feeling. Her soft wet lips around his cock. Another kobold slid deftly under her body as he stuck his dick between her large tits, large for an elf. He grasped the sides of her tits and squeezed the around his cock, since the kobold was so small they were easily the biggest and softest cushions he ever felt on his phallus. One kobold came behind her and a long thin snake like tongue touched her pussy lips. Nyx flinched once with a quick and sudden chirp of a moan. The kobold went in licking her pussy quick and deep. Nyx couldn’t lie to herself. It felt great. But she knew there was one more. Suddenly she felt a cruel hand smack the side of her ass. It shook lightly, but her ass was tone, and firm. The goblin stepped over the kobold.
Nyx could feel him sticking the head of that nasty goblin cock right on her asshole.
Her ass was tight and warm. He pressed forward and grasped the sides of her ass and really, really had to press as Nyx tried to scream. She tried to struggle out of it but she could barely move her arms. She felt the goblins ugly and unclipped fingernails dig into her flesh as he pulled out and shoved it back in. He repeated the motion again and again slapping her ass viciously. The kobold at her pussy knew she was enjoying it. She had already had two orgasm.
The kobold at her mouth felt her lips, quiver. Her moans shudder.
The kobold with his dick between her tits gripped her tits harshly and kept humping like a little rabbit. The kobold who was eating her pussy like a starving dog finally rose satisfied with her sweet delicious taste. He put his cock to her soaking, and dripping musky lips. He slipped his cock into her pussy as she gave a gentle moan. He seemed to be going smooth, like he was trying to spare her pain.
She didn’t want that.
Nyx began grinding hard. Her pelvis ramming up and down as she gave another moan cumming. The kobold at her mouth was losing his mind. It felt so good. Finally it shot its load into her mouth grasping her hair and pulling her forward violently. Her red hair dropped back down as the kobold fell to the floor in pure pleasure. It laid on the ground in front of her slowly stroking its increasingly flaccid member as Nyx spit the nasty lizard cum to the ground. The kobold at her breasts then shot a load onto her chest. Now it was only Griil and Jek.
Nyx’s top half had fallen now that there was nothing to hold her up. But never the less she grinded her ass off. Jeks face contorted as his green grimy toes twisted cumming into her asshole. Jek pulled out giving her right ass cheek a smack and biting her other ass cheek hard once. Now it was only Griil. Nyx used her leg to trip the kobold and then lifted herself and planted herself on top of the flimsy kobold. She bounced up and down moaning loudly. Her face getting red as another orgasm washed over her riveting through her body. She gave soft and eloquent moans now as she grinded and pounded. The kobold grasped her ass tightly and then looked to the ceiling as he came with a loud squeaking grunt. Nyx stood up immediately knowing the sound. The cum flew into the air but Nyx did not let it go inside of her.
“Ok, we came. Now we eats the elf. Yous can make a good jerky out of elfs’s skin.” Jek said. Nyx slowly walked over to Jek, a seductive look in her emerald green eyes as she went bent over a bit. She whispered lightly into the goblins ear.
“Do you really want to kill me when you can have yourself a like elf slut to fuck and mount anytime you want. Nobody in your way of life has an elf slave, not among goblins and kobolds. Think about the title you could gain. ‘Jek, the elf conqueror.’” Jek could not lie, he liked that title very much, and the way she was talking made him hard again.
“How do I’s know yous telling the truths’s?” the goblin asked a bit skeptical.
“Let me prove it.” She said in a seductive tone putting her cheek against his and slowly going down as all of the kobolds watched in envy. She wrapped her lips around his long member. His face looked in the heavens for all but four seconds. Nyx may have been only able to move her arms a very tiny bit, but letting her move them at all was a mistake.
The goblin shrieked in pain as blood poured from his privates. Nyx stood up as the kobold all began to run towards her. She spit at one as a still hard goblin cock flew and smacked the closest one in the face making it fall out of shock. Nyx grabbed a dagger from the screaming goblins belt and turned around just in time to plunge it into a kobolds chest. She pulled the dagger to stab another but the entire body of the kobold came with so she threw the body instead at the charging kobold collapsing it. The last standing kobold just stared at her in terror seeing the goblins blood still thick around her lips and dripping off of her chin.
“You were the one who fucked my mouth weren’t you?” she asked with slowly narrowing eyes. The kobolds eyes shot open as he turned around to run. But being taller, Nyx caught him in no time. She pinned him against a wall easily as it squeaked out in terror for help.
“You want to see what else I can do with my mouth?” she asked viciously with venom tipping her words. She came in hard biting into the scaly flesh of the kobolds throat. Blood gushed from the wound. The kobold squirmed for less than five seconds before going limp. She turned around pulling the kobolds dagger. The one who had his dead comrade tossed at him was charging. She whipped the dagger out and took the kobold off of its feet, killing it instantly. The last kobold alive was on the ground sitting in shock, staring at the dismembered phallus. The goblin had been dead for a while now. The kobold had a large speck of blood on his face. The goblins. She stood over it with a dagger as it slowly looked up.
“You wanna live?” she asked,
The kobold excitedly while terrified nodded, “Then go back to your clan and tell them that all surface elves are just as dangerous as me. That these dark elf pansies are nothing compared to the wrath of a surface elf. I let you do this to me because I wanted it, and now almost all of you are dead.” It was all lies of course but if she could save some of her fellow elves it was worth the lie.She scoured the dead bodies for her equipment back including the ring. Having no choice but to walk around with her bum, flower, and breasts hanging out she began to walk off as the kobold sprinted.

She got out of the cave with the ring on and took off as she emerged from into the bright suns embrace. She took a deep breath of fresh air with a smile. She walked into her beloved woods no having not a care in the world.

The illithid stared at her walking silently behind her, literally only five feet behind her. She was completely unaware. The Mindflayer had less then noble intentions as he walked magically silent with both of his hands behind his back clasped, his head tentacles squirmed lightly as it thought about when to make its move on the poor elven girl.

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