[This is Saturday of a long weekend that was the best of my life. The story is true, and is legal where we live (with regards to age). Don’t forget to read the rest of the weekend.

Addressing a comment I got several times: my sister had already lost her hymen on her own via years of rigorous gymnastics.

To everyone who gave me helpful feedback on part 1, thank you. To those who commented on my spelling: 1) I can’t spell, and 2) are you really reading erotica for the English conventions? To those who had suggestions on what I should do or not do in the next part, a reminder that this is a true story]

I rolled over groggily and looked at the clock. It was 10:30 AM, way too early to be up on a Saturday morning. I rolled back over and tried to fall back asleep. As I tried to fight the inevitable, my memories of the previous day came flooding back to the forefront of my mind. I smiled and felt a familiar stirring in my crotch. I resolved to save my endurance for Angie, however, and closed my eyes to lose myself in dreams.

After half an hour of restless attempts to fall asleep, I accepted my horrible fate and reluctantly arose to face the day. I heard my parents downstairs and decided to have lunch after getting dressed. As we were eating, my baby sister came downstairs and sat across from me at the table, also dressed. She grinned wickedly when no one was looking, and I replied in kind.

Shortly thereafter, my parents left. They were going a conference and would be gone until Monday night of this long weekend. They wished us well, reminded us of all that parent stuff, and drove off. No sooner was the car out of sight than Angie turned and threw herself into my arms. I rocked back, but managed to not let her touch the ground as our lips met. Her firm legs wrapped around my back, and her arms locked behind my shoulders.

Our lips finally parted and she leaned back a few degrees. She looked at me and said

“I am looking forward to this weekend. How about you, big bro?”

“Absolutely.” I grinned back, breathless

“Let’s take it slow. We have the better part of 60 hours.”

“As you wish.” I replied

She beamed at me, and disengaged herself, easing down to the floor. With another kiss, she led me over to the couch, and we put on a movie. I sat down and then Angie sat right next to me, resting her head on my ribs. My arm went over my sister and hers encircled my chest and back. As the movie progressed, we sat there together, both desiring more and both content. I started rubbing her side, and she wormed her way even closer to me. My hand slid lower and lower, until it came to the hem of her shirt. Then I started working my way back up, inching the shirt up as my hand caressed my sister. I got the shirt up higher, and we were forced to sit up to progress. Before I could finish removing her shirt, Angie grabbed mine and yanked it off, all at once. I teased the shirt off of her head with a grin as she giggled.

We relaxed back onto the couch to continue watching the film, bare chested, save for her red bra. My fingers danced lightly over my little sister, all over her bare torso. I felt goose bumps rising on her flesh, and pulled her closer to my chest. She shivered, though in cold or excitement, I did not know. My hand traced its way up her delicate body, the hard lines of her ribs, the slight curve of her flat stomach, the softness of her arms, and the fabric enclosed domes on her chest. She sighed contentedly, and looked down. I was pitching a considerable tent by this point, and I felt her small hands work their way down my chest. Her small, strong fingers unfastened my pants and I raised my ass off the couch to allow her to slide them down. I returned the favor, slowly peeling off her pants and adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor.

She planted a kiss on my lips, and we went back to the film, down to only our underwear. Angie had matching red panties and bra, and I was in a pair of black and blue boxers. Her head was resting in my lap, right on top of my straining erection, holding it down. She lay on her side, and my hand went back to exploring her body. One hand went to her head and began to stroke her hair. The other danced its way along her side to her waist. It came to rest at her hips and began to massage her warm flash. I slowly moved my hand down, gripping her firm ass, kneading it under my fingers.

After several minutes, I began to slide my fingers lower on my sister’s ass. They slowly creped around the back of her firm thighs, and began to rub the warm flesh. Her legs parted slightly to allow my hand admittance. My other hand still playing with her hair, I worked my way up right to the edge of her panty clad pussy. As my fingers lightly brushed against it, I heard a shuddering breath catch in my sister’s throat. My touch slid over her cotton confinement, with no more weight that a feather brushed along, and Angie shuddered. I could feel the rapidly growing wet spot soaking her already damp panties. I lightly ran my fingers along the front of her panties, and she moaned lightly.

The movie ended, and my little sister looked up at me with a beautiful smile. I saw many emotions playing across her face; desire, excitement, joy, happiness, lust, but above all that was love. I could feel my own face respond in kind, and she leaned up to kiss me, her lower body not moving at all. I always was and always will be amazed by her flexibility and dexterity. The better part of a decade of gymnastics helped, but there was something unique about how she moved, like every step was a dance. We locked lips, and my hands resumed over my sister’s back. One hand went back to her panties and began to delicately trace the lines therein, and the other went to the clasp of her bra.

I fumbled with the stupid hooks for a few moments, and finally succeeded in wrestling them free with one hand. Without breaking off our kiss, she slid the unhooked bra off her petite frame. My hand went to her tiny, pert breasts and began to lovingly caress them. I flicked my finger over her nipple, causing it to harden slightly, and causing Angie to twitch with pleasure. My other hand, meanwhile, began to work its way under her panties. I felt her coarse pubic hair under my fingers, and slid my hand lower, finally feeling the warm, wet flesh below.

She finally broke off the kiss, relaxing back down and resting her head in my lap. I continued to work on her lovely tits and pussy, getting her more and more wound up. Her breathing was coming more rapidly now, and I could tell that she was done with being teased. Her eyes begged for release, and, with a smile, I decided to give it to her. I located her clit and rolled it between my index and middle fingers. Her scream at the sudden wave of pleasure was cut short as her body seized up; a look of bliss on her face.

As she came back down, I slid my middle finger into her slit, and resumed flicking and tweaking her nipples with my other hand. Her pussy was so warm and tight, I felt joy just to be able to touch something so perfect. I rapidly increased the pace of my fingering, my thumb rolling over her swollen clit and I slammed my hand in and out of my sister. Her breath rasped into her body in shuddering gasps, and she came again. I did not stop my work, however, and hot on the heels of the second orgasm came a third. Her back arched and she screamed,

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh My God. Oh My God.” As she came for the third time.

A few seconds later, with my fingers still inside her, she rolled partway over and thrust her hand through the slit of my boxers. Her fingers wrapped around my dick, and she pumped and pumped. I resumed thrusting into my sister with my fingers, and playing with her tits, as she worked my shaft. For the next few minutes we sat on the couch, our bodies intertwined and our hands working furiously to give the other pleasure. Her warm hand was firm around my cock, and my fingers were sodden inside her tight pussy. I could feel a familiar sensation in my balls, and I knew I would not last much longer.

“I am going to cum again, bro.” My sister said, in between gasps.

“Me too.” I replied, breathlessly.

With a sudden rush, I came, and at the same time I felt my sister tense up once again. We came together and both collapsed back onto the couch. After several minutes, I stirred myself enough to remove my hand from my sister’s pussy. She gasped and shuddered at the removal of the digit from deep within her body, and then collapsed back onto my lap. For several hours, neither of us moved nor spoke, unwilling to destroy the moment.

Finally we both started to stand up. I looked over at my sister’s body and my own, and I started to laugh. She looked us up and down and joined me. The two of us were drenched in sweat, and both looked worn out. We wearily climbed the stairs to the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around me and found my lips with her own. Our tongues found each other and we stood there, lost in the moment. She broke off the kiss and bent down, removing my boxers. I stepped out of them, and peeled her sodden panties off.

We slid into the warm shower, and embraced once again. The hot water cascaded down Angie’s back as we resumed kissing. My hands roamed over her back, feeling the tight muscles sculpted from years of gymnastics. Everything about her was taut and firm, from her back to her backside, her arms to her breasts, and I enjoyed caressing my baby sister. Her tits were small, only A cup, but they were perfect on her slight frame. I began to wash her, rubbing the soapy cloth over her exquisite body, and she sighed in contentment. As I washed her, I recalled her request from the previous night.

“Do you still want me to shave you?” I asked, my hand coming to rest between her legs, on the only hair below her scalp. She nodded and we rinsed off and slipped out of the shower. We stepped over to the sink, and I lifted her up and placed her on the counter. She squealed as I lifted her up, and then relaxed back on the wall. I spread my sister’s legs, getting a good look at her bush, and beneath that, her tender virgin pussy. I planted a quick kiss on her crotch, and then spread shaving cream over the area, raising the blade to her tender flesh.

When I had finished shaving my sister’s pussy, she looked down at me, beaming. She ran her hands over her newly bald mound, savoring the feeling. I leaned in and kissed her. Our lips parted and I started to kiss lower and lower. I kissed her slender neck, her pert breasts, and her flat stomach. I finally got down to her newly shorn crotch, and I began to kiss the insides of her thighs. I ran my hands up and down her legs and let my mouth wander up and up. Her hands ran over her own body, playing with her tits, as I leaned in close to her pussy. I breathed a lung full of warm air on it, and heard a moan of pleasure. I could see her getting more wet, and I could smell her. Her arousal smelled like sweat and sweetness mixed together. I continued to torment my sister for a long while, running my hands over her thighs, my mouth kissing and licking just around her outer lips, and her desire mounting.

“I can’t take it anymore, Zack.” She finally gasped.

Like a dutiful older brother, I bent down and planted my lips on my sister’s pussy. She screamed and writhed with pleasure as I sucked more and more of her virgin territories into my mouth. I licked her from end to end, savoring the flavor. I was intoxicated at the complexity of the taste of my first pussy and did everything I could to extract more of her nectar. I flicked my tongue over her clit as I sucked it into my mouth and her back arched. I licked and sucked, and I felt her hands creep over my head. Her fingers twined through my hair, holding me tightly to my baby sister. I thrust my tongue deep inside of her pussy and began to fuck her with it. She pulled on my head, forcing my tongue deeper into her. With one final thrust and one final suck, I made my sister orgasm again.

“OH GOD!” Was all she had time to shout before her entire body seized up. She held my head tightly against her pussy with both her hands and her legs, which had wrapped around my head. For several seconds, I could not breathe, but I did not need to.

As Angie came down from her euphoric bliss, I extracted myself from her beautiful body and planted another kiss on her lips. Her mouth opened and my tongue, still wet with the taste of her pussy, met hers. After a while, my sister broke off the kiss.

“I could taste myself on you.” She giggled.

“You taste amazing.” I grinned. “I hope I get to do that to you again.”

“That was the single greatest experience of my life, bro. Now let me thank you for it.”

Sliding off the counter, my sister pushed me to the ground. I lay back, with my four and a half inch erection sticking up as she got down next to me. She kissed her way down my body, and mimicking me, blew air across the head of my dick. It felt like an electric shock traveling all throughout my body. She looked up and me, and I nodded. Her warm hands began to fondle my balls. Then I felt them removed as her warm mouth came down on me. She breathed on my balls, and her tongue followed her breath. It licked around, before beginning to delicately trace upwards. She licked along and around my shaft, and then all the way up to my head.

When her warm, wet mouth closed around the head of my dick, I would have sworn I died and went to heaven. Angie’s mouth was engulfing the head of my dick, and her hands worked their way back up. One resumed fondling my balls, and the other began to pump my shaft as she sucked me. She slid her tongue over my head, pumping and kneading me all the while, and I lost it.

“I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, and my sister quickly popped me out of her mouth. She slid her hands up and down my shaft, and I came all over my own stomach and chest.

“Sorry, Zack” she said, abashedly, “I just really wanted to see you cum.”

She blushed and started to turn away, but I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me. She squealed and fell over, lying right on top of me, as we began to kiss again. I could feel my cum between our stomachs, and I could taste both of us in our mouths. We lay in our lover’s embrace for a while, before breaking the kiss.

“I think I can forgive you sis. That was the best thing ever. But now I think we need to finish that shower.” We both looked down at our bodies, and laughed. As we stood and hopped back into the shower we could not stop laughing. There was nothing funny, but when either of us would threaten to stop laughing, we could catch the other person’s eye and break out again.

Out mirth finally subsided and we stood there, as the water turned the air steamy. Without a word, I drew my baby sister into my arms and held her there. Her head tucked against my shoulder, we embraced for what felt like an eternity as the hot water cascaded over us.

Eventually, we kissed again, our lips locked and arms around each other. We both snaked our hands up to the other’s head and drew them in closer. Our other hands roamed over the other’s back. I could feel her delicate fingers on my back as I moved my hand lower and lower. I found her firm ass and grabbed it, squeezing. She squealed into my mouth and slid her own hand down. I chuckled as her ringers tightened around my ass, and we stood there, frozen in time.

I broke off the kiss and the embrace, turning around. I shut off the water and we stepped out, dripping wet and joyful. We dried off, our warm bodies in close proximity under the one towel, and exited the bathroom with one thought in mind.

“Dinner?” I asked.

“I’m starving.” Angie replied.

“Let’s get some clothes on and go eat.” I suggested

“Why bother?” She asked with a mischievous grin “They are coming off again right afterwards”

“2 reasons; 1, I don’t want to spill hot food on my naked body. And 2, I enjoy undressing you.”

“I do like stripping you down.” She mused. “I will meet you downstairs.”

“You don’t need some help getting dressed?” I asked, pretending to be wounded

“It’s a surprise for my favorite brother.”

“I’m your only brother.”

“Just go make food.”

I ruefully shook my head and went to find some clothes. I went downstairs to find something to reheat for dinner and threw it in the microwave. As the food was coming out, I heard my sister behind me in the kitchen. I turned with the food and beheld a glorious sight. She was wearing a white T-shirt and booty shorts, both so tight I would have sworn they were painted on. I could clearly see her black bra and matching panties underneath the material. My exhausted cock twitched in my shorts, and I smiled.

“Looking gorgeous, as ever, Angie” I said.

“Do you like it? Is it too revealing?” She asked with a coy grin.

I grinned back and kissed her as we sat down to eat. After we were done, we went back over to the couch and turned on the TV. I lay down and my baby sister curled up on top of me. After a while watching TV, she reached up and kissed me. I returned the kiss as my hands roamed over her back, ever so gently. I could feel her smile as my fingertips lightly caressed the muscles of her taut back.

“I really like the way you touch me, Zack.” She said with a sigh, breaking off our kiss.

I smiled and continued to delicately rub my sister. Finally she pulled me partially upright, allowing her to remove my shirt. I sat up and peeled off her shirt, as her hands worked their way up my chest. Suddenly, she pushed my back down and firmly planted her hands on my chest, holding me there. She was sitting right on top of my crotch, wearing her shorts, panties, and bra with me in my shorts and boxers. Then she began to grind her hips into mine, sighing with contentment.

I pulled my sister back down on top of me, and she brought her mouth back to mine. I opened my lips to admit her tongue and we lay there for a long while. After uncounted time, I began to work my hands lower and lower. I came to the hem of her shorts, and slowly worked them off, exposing her black panties. Without breaking off our kiss, she lifted her hips, and reached down. She grabbed my shorts as I lifted my ass and she slid them off, exposing my green boxers. As I lowered myself back down to the couch, I allowed one hand to wander down to my sister’s pert ass. I began to massage her tight butt with one hand, and my other still danced across her back.

After a while of kissing, touching, and light moaning, I redirected my free hand wandering across her back to the clasp of her bra. I wrestled with the latch before finally unlatching the black cloth and sliding it of off my sister’s arms. She kissed me more fiercely as I slid my hand between our chests and wormed my fingers under her bra. I kneaded both her breast and ass as she began to wriggle on top of me. She lifted her chest up just enough for me to slide her bra off the couch, and collapsed back on top of me. One hand still on her ass, my other was now denied access to her beautiful tits.

I reached up and wrapped my free hand around the back of Angie’s head. She twined her fingers through my hair and kissed me so passionately it took my breath away. We were lying there, in just our underwear, making out, and I could not get enough of my sweet little sister. I worked her ass with my hand and her mouth with my tongue. She moved over me more and more, getting increasingly excited.

After a time, our kiss finally broke. My little sister sat up and placed her hands on my chest to steady herself. I moved both my hands to envelope her tiny tits and began to play with them. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and squeezed her lightly. As I did so, she rocked more and more in my lap. I could feel the warmth and moisture of her pussy through her panties and my boxers. My sister started to moan as I continued to tweak her nipples. The pace of her rocking picked up and I rocked in tandem with her.

My sister leaned in and, kissing me one last time, disengaged herself from me. I smiled and shifted backwards on the couch as she moved down to between my legs. Her hands closed over my rock hard cock, still trapped in its cotton cage. She worked her way up and down my length, alternating looking at what she was doing and back to my face. Angie planted I kiss on the head of my cock, and continued to rub me.

“This time I am going to have some fun with you first bro.” She said with a wicked grin.

Her hands slid under by body, gripping my ass and raising me up. As I obliged, I felt small fingers slip under my waistband. In one fluid motion, she yanked my boxers down to my ankles, exposing my rigid erection. She lifted my legs and worked my boxers off the rest of the way, before spreading my legs to get a good look at my cock. Ever so delicately, her fingers brushed over my entire length, her light touch starting at my balls and working up. She slowly rubbed up my shaft, alighting on my head. Her warm fingers seemed to send an electric current trough my entire body. Her hands worked up and down, before coming to rest on my balls.

“Do you like me to play with you down here baby?” She asked, looking back up into my eyes.

“Fuck yea.” I replied breathlessly.

With a grin, my sister’s hand closed over my balls and began to fondle them. She lowered her head and exhaled on my throbbing erection. I could feel the warmth of her face on my dick, and then I saw her mouth open. She flicked her tongue over my head and I let out a gasp of pleasure. She looked up, making sure I liked that, and I nodded. With her tongue, she licked and flicked the head of my cock and I gasped again. Suddenly, her lips closed around my head, and her tongue flicked me again. My head fell back on the couch, and I could only watch as my baby sister slowly enveloped my dick with her warm wet mouth.

Angie’s nose touched my pubic hair, and her eyes flicked up to mine. Somehow she managed to grin at me with just her eyes, and I felt her tongue along my shaft. She sucked and licked my entire length as I slowly reached down. My hands brushed my sister’s hair, which trailed most of the way down her back, and stroked higher and higher. I brought my hands to grasp her head as she licked my again. I started to bob her head up and down on my cock, and her tongue lashed me. Her hand still squeezed my balls, and mine forced her up and down along my length.

“Oh, fuck. I’m right there sis.” I said, my eyes rolling back in my head and my hands going slack.

In response, my sister retreated up my shaft, and left her lips around my head. Her other hand started to stroke my spit covered cock. Then, with a final squeeze and lick, I blasted my load in my baby sister’s mouth. She pumped my dick hard, squeezing my balls, extracting every last drop of cum from my balls. As I filled her mouth, she swallowed again and again, determined not to allow any of me to escape her.

After I finished, my sister swallowed again, and sucked me sloppily along my whole length. Swallowing one final time, she released my dick from her mouth with a wet pop. I looked down at my shaft, which was completely drenched in my sister’s saliva, and beyond that, to my sister’s face. She smiled, and climbed back on top of me. Her lips parted as they met mine, and I could taste myself on her.

“Holy fucking shit Angie.” I finally managed, “That was mind blowing.”

“Nice choice of words bro.” She smirked.

I gave her a flat look and she smirked wider. My sister lay on top of me, wrapped in my tender embrace, as my breathing and heart rate slowly returned to normal. After I got my breath back, I sat my sister up, determined to return the favor. I flipped her onto her back, and began to rub her through the panties she still wore. I could feel the wetness spread even further, and her panties were almost completely sodden. I hooked my fingers under the cloth, and pealed it off of my baby sister, spreading her legs.

I beheld my sister in all her glory. Her bare pussy was swollen and dripping, glistening and beautiful. I bent my face down to my delicious meal. I licked up along her stomach, finding her little breasts. I sucked on each of them in turn, alternating back and forth and squeezing the one not in my mouth. My sister began to wriggle under my machinations, and I redoubled my efforts, lightly nibbling on her nipples. She gasped, and I licked back down. My tongue flitted along her thighs, and came to rest just above her swollen mound.

As I inhaled the scent of my sister’s dripping pussy, I was intoxicated all over again. I inserted my tongue into the bottom of her pussy and the breath caught in her throat. I dragged upward, tasting her entire length, and flicking her clit as I reached the end. Angie screamed with pleasure as the sensations raced through her. I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and her hand grasped the back of my head. My hands reached up and fondled her breasts again, as I sucked off my sister. I tried to move my head down to devour the center of her pussy, but her grasp was like iron, holding me there. I raked my teeth and tongue over the piece of flesh caught between my lips, and my sister came.

Angie let out a wordless shout, and every muscle in her body tensed. Her hands and thighs were around my head, crushing me against her softness. I could not breathe, but I did not care. I continued to lash my sister’s clit with my tongue as she came again. For several seconds, neither of us could move, save for my mouth pleasuring her. All too soon, her orgasm subsided, and she collapsed onto her back, freeing me. I wriggled up, and kissed my sister again.

“No more.” Angie said, several minutes later. “I cannot take any more tonight bro. I feel like I am going to explode. I just need a break.”

“Whatever you want, sis.” I replied. “We have plenty of time still left.”

“Let’s just call it a night with the messing around, ok?”

“No problem. Do you want to sleep?”

“In a bit. Right now I am too tired to sleep.”

I grinned and kissed my sister again. We lay there, without talking, without moving save for breathing for hours. Finally, Angie stirred underneath me.

“I need to sleep.” My sister said.

We extracted ourselves from each other, and slowly stood. My legs cramped, but my sister’s gave out. I caught her before she fell back onto the couch, and she looked away embarrassed. I realized with a start that her eyes were starting to tear up.

“I got you, baby.” I said, gathering my sister into my arms and planting a kiss on each of her eye lids. “Don’t worry. Let’s go upstairs.”

I carried my sister upstairs in my arms and we went into her room. She motioned to one of the drawers in her dresser and I extracted her usual sleeping attire, an overly large T-shirt and a pair of panties. I slipped the blue lacy underwear up and the white baggy shirt down. Then I carried her into my room ad lay her down on my bed. I grabbed a pair of black and red boxers and slid them on before joining my sister in my large bed. We lay facing one another, and pulled together in an embrace.

“Goodnight Zack. I love you” My sister said, planting a kiss on my lips.

“Goodnight Angie. I love you.” I returned the kiss and fell asleep with my sister in my arms.

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