A friend asked me to write a revenge story against his ex
I had sat in the dark of the car park for a few hours now when i saw her walking to her car. Her body was snugg in a black dress that threatened to let her bosom spill out. Obviously the whore had had a big meeting today. She always parked on this side of the car park that had no cameras. Id watched her for a few weeks as she got to her car, lay on the bonnet and used a dildo to fuck herself before putting her panties in a envelope in the mail. I videoed her a few times as she cried out her bosses name, and planned to use it later...
As she got to her car i made my moved. Grabbing her by her ponytail i threw her to the floor, and as she lay winded I straddled her, shoving a pair of panties into her mouth. She was disgusted as she felt the weeks worth of cum lathered over them. Shed never give me a blow job, and now she had a mouth full of her own cum covered panties. Pinning her down i gaffa taped her gag in place and said "Hello Watermelon!" In my most meancing voice. She struggled against me, but i held her tight. "Revenge is mine for you being a heartly bitch. I will make you pay over the next few days!"
Throwing her into the back of my van i climbed inside shitting the doors behind me. Beth tried to get up and move away from me, but in the confined space i had her trapped. She tried to claw at her gagged mouth, yet I grabbed her chubby pale wrist, spreading her arms wide and using my body to press her against the wall of the van.
She tried desperatly to knee me in the balls, but I was prepared and she moan in pain as her knee conectes with the box i was wearing.
I pushed her wrists into the zip ties on the vans wall, and pulled them tight, enjoying the sight as they dug into her chubster wrists. Using my knee I spread her legs and zip tied her ankles, again enjoying as they cut into her. I stood up and looked at her face. She pleaded with her eyes to me to let her go. I slapped her hard across the face, the again. I still said nothing, letting my silence make her more fearful. I heard a soft pattering and looked around. She had pissed herself. I burst out laughing.
Leaning in to her i whispered "You destroyed my life bitch. Now you yellow, pissing piece of shite I am going to humiliate and hurt you until I am bored of you. Then..." I left the threat hanging.
I slowly drew my knife, and showed it to her. Very softly i drew the tip of the knife over her skin, letting her feel the danger of the blade. She trembled as i took the knife to her dress, slashing down the front, and ripping it open. Looking at the curveu body i remembered the boring sex, laying on that chubster, my penis doing little until I cummed and all the things i wanted to do to her. With quick moves i soon had her in just her panties.
I stood back and admired her chunky body, those gorgeous DD breast looking so lovely hanging free on her chest, her curved sides and her thickest muscled thighs. I sighed as i thought if the pleasure id get from her. I was glad i took in tatooing and piercing during the two years since she screwed me over. Taking a gimp hood with only nose holes i put it over her head, making sure she could breath properly through the holes. Giddy with excitment I jumped into the drivers seat and sped off to my first stop for my revenge...

Part 2: Rules and Induction

Getting back to my place i opened the back of the van. Walking up to the whore strapped to the side. I looked at her wrist and ankles and enjoyed the way that the plastic ties had dug into her skin. I reached up and grabbed her massive boobs and smashed them together. "What a lovely rack my little bitch" i told her.
Cutting the zips, she tried to fight back, but as she couldnt see i overwhelmed her easily. With a quick push she fell from the back of the truck and rolled down the hill into the pond at the bottom. It wasnt deep and she was soon sitting in the pond shivering, muddy and very very scared.
Walking down to her with a rope in hand I put the loop over her head and around her throat. A choker collar, i could tighten or loosen it with a flick of my wrist. Taking the spare rope i started to whip her fat arse and back. She yelped through her gag. "Come.on, walkies" i said pulling on the rope. She might have been a bitch but she wasnt stupid and knew compliance would be the best option until she could escape. Little did she know that my plan left little for her tp escape to.
My whore slowly walked in front of my up the hill, arms out to feel for anything she might bump into. Deciding i was getting bored i used my strengtu to lift her up and carried her into the house, into a special room i had built. Putting her down on the floor i contemplated the next action. Planning and reality were very different...

Taking my new whore I lead her into the house, into a room specially built for this. Tying her wrists with rope I run it through a hoop in he ceiling pulling it taught until she is on tiptoes. Taking the gimp mask I whip it off her head,roughly pulling her hair as I do so. There she is in front of a giant mirror and can see herself there. Walking to in front of her, I slap her across the face. "You're a stupid whore, you are going to submit to me!" She shook her head so I slapped her again. I kept up his demand of submission until she tried to say something through her gag. Ripping the tape off of her mouth I let her talk.
"Please let me go, if I'm good you'll let me go?"
I slapped her again and laughed. "Obey over the next few days and we'll see."
Loosening the rope I ordered her to kneel on a device next to her. As she lowered herself down, I manoeuvred the attached vibe into her wet wet pussy, pulling aside her piss soaked panties. Strapping her legs down, I tied her arms behind her and put a neck brace on so that she couldn't mover her head. I shaved her head, leaving just a thin strip running down into a pony tail as she screamed and wept. Taking my cock I pushed it into her mouth, feeling the lips around my cock. Even she wasn't stupid enough to let her teeth touch my cock. "You clever slut" I tell her as I fuck her throat "I'm going to make you gag, so open that throat." Putting my hands behind her I pushed my cock in deep and skull fucked her until I felt her start to gag, and as she did I pushed my cock further. Soon I felt the warming as her puke slipped past my cock. Pulling out it looked at her. Taking her head I pointed at her in he mirror "you filthy whore, look at yourself!" She saw herself, boobs zip tied and swollen, tied up, puke dripping off of her chin, and she wept. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry" she kept muttering through her tears.
Untying her, I ignored her protests, taking her to an old leathel injection chair. Using the restraints I tied her to the chair, and used my modification to tie her legs apart. Taking my piercing gun, I put a loop through each nipple, making her scream. Securing her head, I straddled her with my tattoo tool. After I finished I looked at my work. I showed it to the bitch in the mirror, and she screamed in rage. Inked across her face was the word 'slut'!
As she lay on the chair I told her the rules. No praying, no touching herself, no talking. And she was mine. After he day I was feeling tired, so I lined my hard cock up with her pussy. Holding onto the chair I pushed my nice big new 8" cock into her pussy. Spent a fortune making my cock bigger, and took pills to reduce my cumming. I fucked her hard, really hard, using he chair to ram my cock in, my fingers going down her throat, making her gag more. As I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out and dumped a load onto her pubes. Looking at those pubes, I knew they had to go, grabbing a handful, I ripped them out, she screamed, and I pulled another handful out. Those pubes had pissed me off for long, I wanted a soft smooth twat to stick my tongue in.
After a few hours I headed to bed, thinking of the filthy, puke covered whore I left crying and shaking in the dog cage downstairs. Logging onto my pc, I went to to start my next part of my plan...

Motherly Love

I stood on the corner of the street waiting to set he next bit of my plan into motion. I waited for the woman to come to me. Here she walked own the street. A woman of about 40 walked towards me. Her short but curved frame was accentuated by th dress that she wore, though I barely fitted over here massive tits. His was Beth's mother. Luckily for my plan we had never met and Beth wasn't the type to show off photos.
"Hi, you Tom?" she said
"Yep" I said.
"We'll, I've only a short amount of time whilst my hubby is a work, shall we get on with it?" She asked.
"Righto" I said and led her into my flat. Walking into the bedroom, I turned to her. "You really want me to fuck you"
"Oh god yes" she cried.
"Give me a second to freshen up" I said pointing at my cock
"Hurry back"
On my way to the loo I slipped though a hidden door into the lair I held Beth in. It was sound proofed, an one wall was a mirror that at the touch of a button could become one way. Beth was strapped to a device, her hair shave to a thin mane, her forehead tattooed with 'SLUT' on it. Her head was restrained so she couldn't look away, and I'd put headphones on her. With all the microphones n he bedroom, she would hear it as if she were there.
"Look who I found"
A single tear rolled down her face. By day 2she had learned begging was useless and not to speak out of turn.
"Say what you are meant to when I walk in"
Through gritted teeth she said "master use, abuse and punish me or being a sell out fat pig whore"
"Very good" i told her, replacing the headphones.
Walking back into the bedroom, i crossed over to her mom. Catching her from behind i kissed her neck, and turned her towards the one way mirror so my whore could see everything. Kissing the neck of mother i reached around her waist, my hands sliding over her belly and over her massive tits. "Oh Mummy this is so wrong but feels so right" i said. When on the site the whores mother had said she wanted some son/mom roleplay, so i seduced her to fuck her where her daughter could see...
"Oh Tom, but mommy has wanted this for so long," the mother of my whore replied pushing her big ass into my crotch. Running my hand up her back I unzipped her dress, and she stepped away, letting it fall to the floor.
"Oh mommy!" I cried upon seeing her outfit underneath. Black stockings, crotchless panties and a matching half cup bra. "You did want me didn't you"
"Oh Tommy, if you don't fuck mommy she'll go mad!"
My cock was hard, not because of the (albeit beautiful) woman in the room, but because of the humiliation that my whore must have felt at seeing her mother as such a slut with perverse kinks. I was shattering her view of family life.
'Mommy' came over to me and knelt before me, unbuckling my trousers and letting my huge cock escape my boxers. "Oh my, you are a big boy now" she said, her voice filled with lioness like lust. Before I knew it, she had taken half my cock into her mouth!, her hands were on my bum, pulling herself onto my cock. I silently wondered if we could have done his when I was seeing her daughter and the thought of it kicked my lust into working too. "Oh mommy, that feels so good! Can I touch your boobs?"
Dragging herself off my cock she stood up, drool running down her chin, but she didn't care. Taking my face she buried in h bust as she took my cock in her other hands. "That's it son, motorboat your mom!" She cried and I did. As she wanked my cock I reached behind her, and undid her bra. She let go of my cock and stepped back, holding a nah on her bra, I knelt down between her legs, my tongue darting up into her shaven pussy, I was surprised. "Mommy it's so soft and smooth"
"Oh baby, all the girls are doing it now. Thought you wouldn't want mommy's hairy cunny so I shaved". The more excited I got her, the less lady like her language got. As I slipped my tongue into her wet soft pussy, she let her bra fall off, her massive tits bouncing free. She took each one and started squeezing the nipples, all of this in front of the mirror, so the bitch slut tied up on the other side could see her mother acting lke such a horny tramp!
"Oh baby" she moaned "don't stop, mommy's gonna cum!" She said bucking on my face and I started lapping up her cunt juices. As her orgasm passed she stepped away from me. "Fuck mommy baby or else she'll go mad!" I didn't want to disappoint, and got onto the bed. She climbed on as we'll on her hands a knees, facing the mirror. Her desire to see herself getting tucked was making this easier than I thought. I reached for a condom, but she stopped me "no baby, fill mommy up with your seed!". I couldn't refuse her any longer, " ok mommy". I said as I slid my huge 8" in to her, my hands holding her hips. I gave a few gentle strokes at first, the plan was to show Beth the bitch that her mom was a slut too that begged for my cock, not that I was in charge of her mom.
After a few strokes I got what I wanted "fuck mommy hard son, make her cunt feel as sore as when she gave birth! Fuck your dick is big" the slut on the bed cried. I stared to pound away at her and she was soon cumming, screaming out a mix of mommy references and gibberish, until I felt my balls tightening. "Mommy, I'm gonna cum!" I cried. "Fill me up!" She said. As my cock spurted into her I spanked her arse, and body twitched from her having another orgasm. We sank to the bed when I'd insisted cumming, and after a few minutes she noticed I was still hard. "Hmm again baby?"
"Mommy, can we try reverse cowgirl?" I asked innocently. Some boys at school talked about it and I don't know what it is. " hearing a grown man talk like a little boy wa turning her on again and she said "sure baby"
She straddled me, facing the mirror again. She sighed as my cock slid past her crotchless panties, now soaked with cum, into her soft, warm pussy, she started bouncing on my cock, and I reached around, grabbing her nipples "don't be gentle dear, let me feel it" she cried out. I twisted her nipple harder and she stopped her bouncing as a massive orgasm hit her, and she jumped off me, as she squirted everywhere "oh god honey, mommy hasn't done that in years!" She said, a huge smile on her face. "Here, let me finish you off!" She put her mouth to my cock and deep throated me, she was a pro at this and soon had me cumming, as I told her I was, she point my cock at her tits, my cum covering them in white goo. "Mmm, son, our momma is so proud!" She said, before looking at the clock. "Shit! I've gotta get home!" She said, diving or her clothes. As she turned to leave she asked to do this again. I sincerely said that I would enjoy it, shocked by how much fun I had with her. Suppose after years of dead fish missionary sex with the whore locked up in my flat, I genuinely enjoyed her mother quirky sex.
After here mom had gone, I went to the study, and edited he videos to get all the best views of our sexual encounter, before going to my who're in here little room. She was kneeling on her rack, sobbing at what she had seen "mom" she cried "why?". The betrayal by her mum had caused her more pain than I ever could... But I could add to that. Walking up behind her I slipped my cock into her pussy, which was nice and wet despite her protests. "If she is my mommy, are you my sister?' I whispered into her ear. She gritted her teeth as i came inside her and muttered "thank you sir" to try and prevent further events. The poor girl still thought i might let her go. Aww bless!
Untying her from the device, i lead her by her mane to her cage and threw her inside. Turning on the tv screens surrounding it, i put the dvd of me being fucked by her mom on repeated, turned the volume up. I walked out to plan the weekends fun...

"Night of the Unwed"

A couple of days after fucking her mother I walked into my slaves room. As usual, she was chained to the cage she slept in, her chubby belly all swollen from the huge amount of water I had made her drink the night before. I rattled the cage and she cam awake, instantly groaning from the swollen bladder. Opening the cage, I raised an eyebrow
"Good morning sir, please use and abuse me today like the slut I am. I live for your cock, I want for your punishment. This slut cums when you tell her and you own all she is" she said, though her eyes told me it was a lie. However, the hopelessness in those eyes betrayed that it was becoming something she believed in. Make someone say something enough times they believe it, make them live a lie long enough it becomes the truth.
"Good morning slut" I said, hooking the chain on her collar to a ceiling hook. Walking around her, I took her arms and linked them to the bar above her too. Taking a modified pair of leather panties with a funnel and hose at the bottom, I made her put these on. Once she was dressed, I slipped behind her, and pushed my dry cock into her arse. Luckily I had numbed my cock first, so only she would feel the pain! "Ahhh oh god!" She cried and tears sprung to her eyes instantly. I fucked her arse hard, my hands pinching her nipples until I felt it was time. Reaching down I put pressure on her bladder. "Uh, ah" she moaned trying to keep the piss in, but it flowed out, right down the funnel, and through the tube to the shower head above us. As I fucked her in this golden shower, I felt the arse fucking getting slicker. Looking down I saw the blood running from her arse. As my numbed cock refused to cum, I pulled out of her. Unclipping her, I pointed to the rough soap and bucket of cold water. "Clean yourself whore" I told her. "Tonight we are going on a journey" limping, she moved to obey me, and I walked out to prepare for the final phases of my plan.
I called my partner in crime. "We are coming over, are buster and duster ready for tomorrow"?
"Yes master" came the reply, followed by "can I cum sir, I've been so close for days now, like you told me to be"
"A few more days pet, a few more" I told my partner.
Later that day, I returned to my whore. She was sitting on her electric dildo machine, getting hard fucked like I had told her to, she was obviously exhausted from a day of being fucked and the floor was flooded with her cum. Turning it off, I said "get dressed whore, 5 minutes"
She staggered to the wardrobe area and 5 mins later came back 'dressed'. She was wearing leather panties with a and internal dildo and a lacy bra. Around her neck was an iron collar, welded on, with a heavy chain attached. Her head was still shave into the mane like a horse, and I could plainly see the word 'slut, on her forehead.
Taking the chain I lead my slut to the van, where I had first abducted her. With a tazer pressed to her back, she knew she couldn't run, though I think she was beginning to get Stockholm syndrome anyways. "Get in" I told her and she climbed in. In the back of the van was he kneeling device and I strapped her to it, fixing her into an immobile position before getting into the drivers seat. "One stop before the farm I own" I told her.
It was late when we pulled up outside our destination. Unstrapping my cargo I lead her inside. Taking her face by her jaw I made her look around. "Look familiar?" I asked her. She cried out when she recognised the church hat she was in. "We'll?" I menaced her
"Yes sir, it's where I was meant to marry you sir" she said, though not with the complete arrogance and snide tone she had a few weeks ago.
"Yes" I said. "This is my best mates church, and he has lent it to us for the night"
Leading her up the isle and past the alter, I slammed her into the 6' cross at he back of the church, and sh cried out, as blood spurted from her nose. It was broken but she started crying all the same. Taking some thin string I used it to bind her to the cross before stepping back. Out of my pocket I took a tube of deep heat like gel, but at twice the head and rubbed it onto her nipples. Letting it warm up, I went to the van to get some toys to play with.
I returned to my slut and set down the box. "How is the boobs deary" I asked sweetly
"Oh god" she snivled "they are burning, it hurts so much!"
"Good" I said, and put two bulldog clips onto her nipples. All alone her Chubster back I attached pegs, with string running through them, ready to be yanked off later. Next, was a carefully carved extra hot chilli. Lubing her ass with cum from her pussy, I carefully inserted the chilli, causing her to scream again!
As she hung, tied to the cross by rope that was cutting into her fat wrists, I took a ring gag, putting it in her mouth, making sure she couldn't bite down on her tongue. Next to come out the box was a florists cane. Sturdy and flexible, I took it to her ass. After a few moment her arse was nice and red, and she was whimpering around the gag in her mouth. Looking at that red arse made me über horney, and I took my final toy out of the box. Six strands of toughened leather, bound into a whip. I laced one stroke across her back and she screamed from the pain, before she could recover, I pulled the string, whipping the pegs off of her back. She panted from the pai , and I laid a few more strokes across her back, getting a feel for it. Luckily the cross protected her front from the whip, I needed that later...
After a dozen strokes, her back had begun to bleed, but I wasn't done yet, and kept going until she passed out and all was quiet in the church again. Locking the church, I went to talk to my partner in crime about the next step....

Buster and Duster

Returning to rhe church i looked at my whore, hanging limply on the cross at the end of the church. Still unconcious from the pain. It pleases mento see her like that and i heft the bucket of vinegar i have brought with me.i threw the contents of the bucket over her bloody back and she woke up, then screamed as the stinging of the vinegar began. Walking up to her i squashed her face onto the cross and turned it towards me. I spat in her face. "Ugly pig bitch, today will be fucked properly!"
I cut her down and she collapsed to the floor. I kick her ass and tell her to walk to the van on all fours, and if sh needz to piss she should do it on the way. I load her back onto her sex machine in the van, then take the hose to clean her back. We arrive at the farm we own and i walk her into a large room with another bondage device installed. Strapping her to it i explain that i am going to clean her back so it heals faster and i can use her again. I clean and bandage her back despite her screams and crying until she is safe from infection.
Blindfolding her, i wheel the device to another room, with the cut out of a horse's ass and back, and wheel her so her pussy lines up with a hole. "This is where we collect horse sperm for breeding" i tell her as a setvant in a gimp mask leads a horse in. Taking off the whires blindfold i say. "Meet duster, he will be your sexual partner for the morning.
"Oh god" she sreamed as my gimp assistant with the bulging pregnant belly and massive tits sat under the horse stroking its massive cock. "Im so sorry for what i did to you" the whore said as i walked the horse around to behind her. Her arse was still burning from the chilli so the pussy it would be. I had been fisting her for a week so the horse would fit. I moved duster into position to mount the fake horse, and as he did so, i pushed his cock through the hole until it was tuching the whores pussy lips. Duster got the hint and this fine stallion push his long hard cock onto those lips until they parted and accepted his cock. Tye slut screamed in pain and pleasure as the cock started pulsing in and out of her now well used pussy. Horses dont fuck for very long and after a few moments, duster started to spray his cum into the whores belly. As he started to cum the whore started shaking and screeching uncomprehensible words and started gushing herself. Duster didnt like this and pulled out, pulling on her pussy as he did making her scream again. His cock kept gushing cum all down her legs and arse, and a stream of her cunt juice squirted from the sluts twat.
After this I brought my cock around to her mouth, and fucked her sobbing face while my gimp girl lead duster away to reward him with a sugar lump. As my cock gagged her my whore started puking, and i collected it in a jug. Soon i felt my balls tightening and i shot the load from my cock. I plastered her face with my cum, before turning to my gimp. I signalled to her, and she lay herself down, rubbing her swollen pussy furiously until she started to moan, at this point I poor the puke over her and she started squirting over the whores face. As she lay the I laughed "the pig whore and the beached whale" before walking out.
My assistant brought the whore to my office later. She was still coverd in mine and dusters cum. I strapped her down over a block leaving her arse high in the air. "Once last fuck the you get a rest, doctors orders!" Before I whistled. In trotted a Great Dane. "Meet buster" I said. The whore groaned and silently wept, resigned to her fate. "Anything to say?" I asked her "please master fuck me, please sir, but not the dog." She begged and I shook my head. "I'm still punishing you" I told her.
With a certain whistle the dog came around her arse and started licking her pussy, after a few minutes I whistle again and Buster mounted the whore. I guided his small cock in. The whore grunted as the dog fucked her, his little penis growing as he got laser, and soon a scream let me know that the dog had knotted. The dog went flaccid and flopped out of the whores cunt, a trickle of cum following. She had passed out. I woke her with a stream of piss. Once she was awake I nest rapped her and pushed a buzzer. Three men in leather hazmat suits and ww2gas masks walked in, all with the medical symbol on their chest. "She's all your doc, how long"
The lead guy held up on finger. "One week. Ok" I said before slumping into my leather chair as they dragged her off to the medical building...

Leaning back in my plush leather chair i thought back on the last few weeks and the events. The abbductions, shaving and tatooingy whore, fucking the mother. Thinking of this i logged onto my comp. Sure enough there was an email from the whores mom.
"Tom, i really enjoyed our session. Please let me know when work lets you have time off again. Mommy misses you. Lol. "
I typed a quick reply.
"Dear mommy,
I am afraid it wont be for a few weeks. However when we meet prepare for a good time. Your sonny found some stuff on the internet he needs explained."
Ah the mom of not one but both my sluts. I thought back to the days this plan was hatched...
It was a miserable night. The whore had dumped me a few weeks before and torn my world apart. Like the civil war it seemed friend jad turned on friend as that medusa spread venomous lies about me to oir group. I was consoling myself with a bottle of wine and some good old skyrim. At least my wife on that was loyal!!! There was a knock at the door. Groaning, i stood up and answersd the door. Standing on my
Doorstep was the last person i expected to see! "Hello Maggie" I managed to say.
She was shaking and crying, her eyes burning with rage. Through gritted teeth she asked to come in an talk.
"What was it you wanted to talk about" i said when we were seated, pouring her a glass of wine.
"That whore, she, she married the bastard!!"
"Sorry,?" I asked.
"You know.. she .. er..left you for my boyfriend right?" I nodded, not trusting my voice "well they are engaged. Its 'love'"
We talked for some time about what we could do to her as revenge, some idea silly, some rather well thought.
Maggie looked at me suddenly, 2 bottles of wine later. "Would you do this to her? Destroy her?"
I thought of my shitty life since the break up."yes"
Maggie dived across the room and started kissing me, her small chubby frame and d size boobs rubbing against me. I pushed her away. "Your not 16" i muttered but the hard on from plotting revenge showed that i was open to the idea.
She stood up, smiled at me and unzipped her knee length dress. It fell to the floor and stood there in just her panties. Her young but perky d breasts standing proud, her chubby belly touching her white panties, wisps of ginger pubes poking over the top. She stradled me, ripping off my shirt as i fondled her breasts and arse. She reached down, pushing my shorts down, pulled her panties aside and shovedy cock into her dripping pussy.
She rode me hard and i was soon close to cumming as she held my face to her boobs. I came inside of her. Getting off she grabbed my leather belt and bent over my knee, still panting "spank me, i need to be punished" i raised an eyebrow at this. "You like that?"
"Please... master? I need to be hurt, i love spanking. Twist my nipples! Beat my breasts!"
I shruggedy.sholiders and took the belt to her arse. Soon it was red and my.cock was hard again. I lifted her up and literally threw her onto the coffee table, which groaned from the impact. Whipping down her panties i fucked her hard the table, keeping going even when the table broke under us. I slowed down before I came and picked up a splinter of wood. I pushed it against her nipple and she started shaking under me, her pussy shooting cum over my.cock and balls. Pushing in deep i put a second load into her.
As we lay there getting our breaths i looked at her. "Im master?"
"Yes sir. I am giving myself to you completly. But i have one fetish i hope you can meet?"
"What is it?"
"I want you to get me pregnant and abuse my preggo body. I know where to give the babies away"
"Insult me and everuthing. It makes my pussy tingle. The more im your slave and slut and whore and baby muma the better i feel about myself."
And thats how the plan was formed...
Remembering that night and hen I had with maggie over the next few months whilst we plotted I turned and pushed a button on my desk. A camera screen appeared, glowing in green of a night vision camera. It showed the pentinance passage. A corridor that linked Maggies room to my study it was pitch black and the walls her lined with shock sticks hat I rearranged everyday. I watched as her swollen body stumbled down the corridor and her twitch every time she touched a stick. The large painting in my study swung open and she stood there, panting, still wearing the gimp mask. Walking up to her I unzipped the mask and drew it off of her head. Reaching up I undid the bun, letting her glorious red hair fall down her back. I had mad her grow it down to her knees and when braided it made a great restraint tool.
Standing behind her as she stood there, her hands on her head as was the standard position, legs apart, I pressed my body against hers and without warning shoved three fingers into her already soaked pussy and finger fucked her hard, her massive tits wobbling and her full belly making her groan. I reached up and grabbed a lactating nipple, my pinching making her whimper, and as milk flowed, she spoke "please sir, may I cum"
"Tell me what your sister is first"
"She's your whore sir"
The sluts body convulsed around my fingers and the nipple pinching made her squirt, her juice running down my hand onto my wrist, puddling on the floor. Her knees shook, but she remained in he position. "You are my whore too." I told her. "Never forget that"
"No sir" she said the soft dripping of her cunt pleasing me.
Taking a metal cane, about the diameter of a wire coat hanger, I turned back to her. I brought the cane down on her left butt cheek, causing a bright red line. Maggie moaned in pleasure "thank you sir" she said. I brought the cane down on her right but cheek "thank you sir" Maggie moaned. I repeated this until her arse was criss crossed with red welts, before picking up some plastic zip ties. Hefting her massive swollen breasts (her usual e's had swollen to at least HH's) I tied a zip tie around the base of each one, causing the blood and milk to be caught in each breast. Her already sensitive boobs became more so. Leading her to the desk, I bent her over it, and taking some of the cum from her pussy, I lubed her arse. Getting her to spread her butt cheeks I pushed my cock in into that fat arse of hers. "You fat little whore" I told her as I fucked her arse roughly, her engorged and sensitive boobs rubbing on the rough grainy surface of the desk. "What are you."
"Your slut sir" she said. She was soon shaking from needing to cum and begged me to let the orgasm hit her her arse clenched, taking me over the edge. With one last grunt and thrust Ieft my load in her ass. Then I cut the ties off of her boobs and left her in the study. As she was due to drop, I had allowed her some freedoms, and so when she was ready she returned to her room. I got a message a few hours later. She had gone into labour.
I walked down to the labour room, and smiled. There she was, tied to the birthing table, the stirrups spreading her legs wide.i got a good look at her snatch, all sweaty and gooey from her water breaking. She had been in labour for 3-4 hours and the doctors reckoned it woul be 1-2 more. Before the baby arrive. "Hello" I said
"Master" she smiled weakly, exhausted from the birth. All around gas masked doctors were looking at screens and inspecting her birth. I hoisted a duffel bag. I brought your bag, I said. She smiled again. "Thank you Master. Can you please take the stuff out, I'm a bit... Tied up"
I laughed at the bad joke, and opened the bag. First out was a pair of breast pumps. I showed the chief doctor and she nodded. I put the pumps on the swollen tits of my lover and turned them on, she groaned and mils started to flow from her nipples.
Next out of the box was a gag, teeth marks all over its surface. Again I put this on maggie and she seemed relived to have something to bite down on when the next wave of pain hit her. Last was a tape and headphones. On this was 4 hours worth of me. I was telling her how much I hated her sister, mixed in with insults about how Maggie was my slave,and my clum slut, and how the baby was just an issue. As I turned to leave the doctor followed me, and pointed to a room. I walked in.
The doctor ripped off her mask and suit, and a thin brunette stood before me, an hour glass figure with perky c cup breasts and a nice shaved pussy, taking my cock she sucked me to hardness, then bent over the table in the room, spreading her ass cheeks and rubbing her clit. "Ah Melissa, you always did look after my welfare"
"I did indeed Mr Emery" she replied. Melissa was an employee, not a slave, but she did enjoy fucking me over the eighteen years she had been the family doctor. Well, the 10 since I realised was a penis was for when I caught my mom whoring herself to some guy. "When will my slaves be ready?" I asked her.
"Your whore needs a few more days sir, your lash bit deep, and the horse tore her up good. The baby mums, she should be fine tomorrow, as long as there is no complications."
"Thanks doc" I grunted and put a load into her ass. I grabbed a boob for good measure, and left.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next day I visited Maggie in her room. She was tired, but she smiled weakly. I walked straight up to her and slapped her face. Who are you to smile?i demanded, before I flipped her onto her front. She cried out at he rough treatment but the juices on her hairy snatch gave her way. I ploughed straight into that pussy I had been under doctors orders to to use for the last month, enjoying the feeling, lke coming home to a warm bath. Pushing her fac into the pillows I fucked her for a lon time, her now slightly wider twat not milking my cock as usually. I wrapped an arm around her throat and fucked her hard, making Maggie cry with lust and hormones. However it had to end and I put a load into her pussy. I fucked that cunt of hers in various ways for th next week and a half as we planned our end game for the whore. By the end of the week doc Melissa confirmed she was Preggo again, much to our delight. Meanwhile the baby was on its way to a lovely family in oakridge, Indiana, the Becketts. Thy would give it a better life than we could.


Two and a half months had passed since the duster/buster day and i had enjoyed the comforts of both my slut and Maggie over the time whilst the endgame came into play. Througj out this time Maggie had helped my to punish her sister but wore her gimp mask at all times, as she slowly became more pregnant again over the months.
I awoke that morning. Once again to the warm feeling of maggie in the bed beside me. She wasnt moving, but she wasnt alseep. Her ass her still bruised and sore from the caning i had given her the night before for some invented mistake. She had screamed through out the caning as her cum squirted out into the collection bowl. I then fucked her throat sore before depositing a load onto her massive tits. Sitting up i looked at her, tied to the bed and gagged, both of her nipples tied with string to ropes above the bed. Untiying all the ropes, i dragged her into the bathroom and put her into the bath. Taking my cock i unleashed a stream of piss onto her face before stretching and watching her frigg her pussy "Sir may i cum" she asked.
"What are you?"
"Y...y..your cum..buk...ket" she stuttered trying to control her orgasm. "You may" i said
Her body shook and made massive tits and belly wobble.
I waited for her to climb out of the bath and told her to come with me. We wandered into the study and looked at a monitor. The whore was still hanging limp on tye cross, her face showed her to be asleep. The night before, before the activities with maggie, I had used and abused the whore. Tied to a cross with zip ties that cut deep ibto her chubby wrists i made her pay for all lues she had told about me. She had said that i used to pull on her hair, so i hung a very heavy weight off of her braid. She said that i had hurt her with anal, so i pushed a large unlubricated dildo up her arse very slowly, enjoying the screams.she said that i had made her swallow my cum, even though it made her feel sick, so i made her drink a litre of the stuff before sticking my fingers down her throat and watching her puke. Lastly, she had said I couldn't satisfy her so I fucked her for hours until we were both exhausted, then set up a fucking machine under her.
I lead Maggie into the room with the cross, and for the first time, it was without the mask. Maggie got on all fours and I slipped by cock into her arsehole, all lubed up as it was from her squirting I had collected. I screwed her arse as she kept her head down. The whore awoke to the sounds of us screwing and he looked up at us, blood, cum and puke covered as he was. As she looked up, I spanked Maggie, a prearranged signal. She made her moan of pleasure extra loud and looked up, locking eyes with the whore. I fucked Maggie harder and she moaned loudly, trying to keep her eyes on her sister as her massive swollen titties and bulging belly swung under her with each thrust. Eventually she needed to cum and shouted "please master may I cum?"
"Who are you?"
"Your slave sir!"
"Who is that own the cross?"
"Another of your whores, my sister!"
She started shaking and bucking as she came. I was soon needing to cum, and pulled out, flipped her over and dumped my load on her well shaved pussy. "Thank you master" she panted.
I left her on the floor and approached the whore on the cross. "My mum, my sister. I..." Her head fell. "Master..." She said.
I smiled a vicious smile and cut her down. As she fell into my arms I grabbed her hair. "It doesn't change a thing, I love your sister and you see how I treat her!" I throw her to the floor. "There is one last thing!"
Pressing a button, a man walked in. It was the whores husband, maggie's ex. He walked in with a pistol in his hand. Kneeling before me he said "master" with the tone of total adoration. After showing him the videos of he whore at work, he had come on board. Both me and mags had forgiven him because he had drawn us together, so long as he became my slave. As an established accountant I had come to trust him, and he love me the more I abused him. As he took my cock in his mouth, he passed me the pistol. The look of complete brokenness on the whores face made me hard.
A shot rang out.


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1) Ok this is fiction. Read the disclaimers.
2) Yeah... sorry about the spelling. Downside of using a phone to write it.
3) I wamted it to be a mystery who was shot... make your own end on that line :)

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I want to know who he shot also. If he shot his ex he left her off to easy

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I just want to know, after braking her did he really shoot her that like WTF.

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I want revenge on my ex gf so i am putting her number on here 828-242-8603,she is 14

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