Jason woke early on Sunday morning finding it difficult to get his head straight. His first priority was to clarify whether the events of yesterday were as real as he hoped now that daylight was streaming through the windows, or if they were nothing more than an incredibly vivid erotic dream. Thankfully that was settled with no real effort on his part, as he opened his eyes to find Tracey sitting patiently on the bed, wearing nothing more than a sheer blouse and a happy smile. His second priority was to identify a deliciously tantalizing smell, which turned out to be nothing more than a fresh cup of coffee but was a very pleasant surprise just the same.

“Ummm….what time is it Tracey?” He asked.

“Not sure.” She smiled. “I think it’s a little after eight.”

“So, no Sunday sleep in for me today?” He asked, stating the obvious.

She shook her head but was still smiling as she did so. “I guess not. Audrey and Amy are cleaning up, so they said I should wake you so that you….had time to….send us home with a smile when our parents pick us up.”

“I seem to remember a couple of special requests for this morning.” He laughed.

“Is that ok?” Tracey asked with the slightest tinge of concern. “We didn’t….wear you out or anything last night did we?”

“I’ve had a great night’s sleep so I think I’ll be fine.” He reassured her, as he sipped his steaming coffee and felt the caffeine coursing through his system. “Have you and Amy enjoyed yourselves this weekend?”

She laughed happily. “So much Daddy, thanks to you. I kept wondering what it would be like and how it would feel, you know, because it was my first time. But it was just so much better than I expected! It’s funny though, I feel….really different….and I’m not sure if I can explain it but….I just feel like a totally different person to the one that arrived yesterday. It feels real good though.”

“I guess making love for the first time is a pretty big step, so it will probably change how you feel about a lot of things.” He assured her as he put his empty mug on the side table, stood and stretched easily. “I need a quick trip to the bathroom and then we’ll see about your special wish for today.”

“Yes please.” She said softly. “That’d be great!”

He took a while to empty his bladder as they’d had plenty to drink last night, but with the pressure relieved he walked back and lay on the bed beside her. He took her face in his hands and kissed her lips, softly at first as he allowed the intensity of passion to build naturally. One hand dropped down and caressed her firm breast through the sheer fabric, and once again her enjoyed her response as her tiny nipple immediately grew longer and harder to his touch. She moaned softly into his mouth, their tongues dancing as her breathing grew deeper. It would have been easy to kiss her for hours, but her sense of need was building quickly so he moved back to end their kiss, moving the soft fabric aside to gaze at her perfect young breasts. “I could spend all day looking at your breasts Tracey, they are simply perfect.” He assured her.

“Next time I’ll be topless before Mom’s car crosses the sidewalk.” She promised.

“I’d like that, so much.” He replied before he dipped his head and took a rigid nipple in his mouth.

It took Tracey less than a minute to reach her first shuddering orgasm, which she repeated virtually as soon as her second nipple received the same loving attention. “Oh…God.” She whispered breathlessly. “How do you do that? How….can you make me cum so fast?”

“I think it’s more you than me Tracey.” He chuckled. “But I love the way your body can do that, it’s pretty special.” He licked a long path through the valley between her breasts, and moved up until he was straddling her body. Her eyes were sparkling as she waited to see what would happen next. He pushed the tip of his cock down and slid the slippery glans across her nipples, applying a coating of lubricant that he spread carefully before sliding it back and forth along her cleavage. “Push your tits together honey, that way you can control the pressure while I fuck your sweet body.”

She did as he instructed and he lay on top of her, careful not to crush her with his weight as he started fucking steadily. His oozing cock provided all the lubricant required, and his libido celebrated the first tit-fuck he had enjoyed in years. “Oh shit.” He whispered. “Fucking your tits is fantastic Tracey, simply fantastic!”

As he moved his skin slid across the points of her rigid nipples. “Fuck yeah.” She agreed. “This is going to make me cum like crazy Daddy. I’m so happy you like my tits so much.” He continued to thrust away, his cock sliding between her breasts with increasing ease as his dribbling glans ensured friction burns would be the least of their worries. She was moving beneath him, experimenting with different positions and levels of pressure as she cradled his slippery cock between her firm orbs. “Are you going to cum a lot Daddy?” She asked softly.

The mental stimulation of tit-fucking this hot little teenager made that something of a superfluous question, and he grinned down at her. “I’m going to cum so much it’ll be running everywhere, so I hope you’re ok with that.”

She giggled up at him which only increased the pressure on his sliding shaft. “Go for it Daddy. The more you cum the better I’ll like it, seeing as this is my last chance for a while.”

He was thrusting so far that his cock-head was within an inch of brushing her chin, and she gave him a sexy look before extending her tongue and just managing to flick his tip before he slid back. He groaned at the unexpected sensation. “Keep doing that…..and I’m gonna blow any time now!” He warned her, so of course she did it again. “Uhhh…..Uhhhhh……FUUCCKKK….YEAHHHHH!!!”

His cum erupted, his first gushing spray hitting her chin with a force that made her flinch momentarily. “Ohhhh……CUMMIIINNNGGG!!” She squealed in delight as she joined him, the room filling with the heady scent of perfect sexual release. The valley between her breasts was saturated as thick rivers of white cream dribbled down her body and pooled on the sheets. Her neck was coated as well, and he found the strength to lift his body slightly so that he could smear his final bursts across her breasts and nipples. “Oh yeah Daddy.” She encouraged him. “Paint my tits with cum; I want your fuck-juice everywhere!”

His dribbling spray finally came to an end and he rolled over to lie on his back beside her. As he watched she slid a slim finger down her cleavage, scooping up a bead of cum which she held above her open mouth until it dripped down. She tasted his seed before smiling at him, and rubbed her cum-covered chest over his before she took his shrinking cock in her mouth and gently bathed him with her tongue. He groaned at her oral embrace on his sensitive skin and closed his eyes, allowing his sense of feel to convey everything he needed to know.

He allowed his body to recover, his mind ensuring he knew how fortunate he was to have enjoyed Audrey’s friends in such an indulgent way, and reminding him he owed her big time. A smile spread across his face as his eyes opened to see Tracey waiting patiently. “I think you really enjoyed that Daddy.” She laughed.

“And then some honey, and then some! So what happens now, seeing as you girls seem to have this morning all planned out?”

She laughed easily. “We should have organized later pick-ups today.” She agreed. “But I’m supposed to take you down to the kitchen when we’re finished, so that you can look after Amy while I help Audrey clean up.”

He struggled to his feet and held out his hand. “I guess you’d better take me away then.”

She led him into the kitchen where Amy and Audrey were just finishing up and both girls rushed over to give him a good morning kiss. Audrey smiled up at him. “I could smell you before you walked in. I don’t think I have to ask if you and Tracey enjoyed yourselves.”

He could only nod in agreement. “That was one heck of a way to start the day.” He laughed, which had her blushing happily.

Amy’s hand wrapped around his soft shaft and stroked it gently before she bent over the clean table and flicked up her little skirt. Just as Audrey did most mornings, she had a butt-plug nestled in her tight sphincter and her pussy was glistening it the light. She glanced back over her shoulder and smiled sexily. “Audrey loaned me her plug, and I’m going to wear it every chance I get so that you can fuck my ass when we come over next time. Would you like that Daddy? Would you love to slide that perfect cock deep in my tight little ass and fuck me hard until you cum?”

Before he could reply Audrey joined her and flipped up her skirt, showing she had a similar sex toy in her ass. “I’m using the next size now Daddy, as I really want to stretch myself for you. Amy can keep hers until she’s ready for a bigger size, that way you’ll have at least two hot little asses to fuck when you feel like getting down and dirty.”

“How come I miss out? Daddy might want to fuck my ass too.” Tracey asked in mock-complaint.

“Because you have tits!” Amy laughed loudly in a quick-witted response.

When he walked in he had quiet reservations about being able to fuck Amy before she went home, as he had lost count of the number of times he had cum yesterday and given Tracey a huge load earlier. Whether they had done this on purpose he would never know, but seeing Amy with her tight ass stretched and Audrey’s even more so, his cock was sending familiar stirring sensations to his brain. Audrey moved over and crouched down, looking up at him as she cupped his balls in her warm hand. “How would you feel about fucking Amy’s ass next time Daddy? Would that turn you on?” Before he could reply she lifted his cock and took him into her mouth. Her lips held him as her tongue flicked across his flesh, exploring his taste and texture as he grew inside her. His eyes were torn between watching his daughter suck him and Amy bent over the table waiting, her pussy oozing fluids in preparation.

“You sluts are going to be death of me.” He growled. “And to answer your question Amy, I would crawl over hot coals for the chance to fuck your tight virgin ass.”

She waggled it back at him. “Then I’ll keep it just for you so that when you slide in there, you will know you’re my very first, ok?”

“More than ok!” He croaked, sliding his cock free from Audrey’s mouth and walking over behind Amy, resting his firm hands on tiny tight butt. He pulled her cheeks apart and slid forward until his now firm cock was brushing the entry to heaven, and pushed forward. “Oh yeah. Fuck yeah, so fucking tight!” He groaned, feeling the added pressure of the plug in her ass making her cunt even tighter as he felt her heat.

“Mmmmm!!!” She moaned in willing acceptance. “I’m loving your cock more and more Daddy. I love how big you are and how you stretch me when we fuck!”

He slid deeper, forcing her pussy to open and allow him to push even further. “You are one….sweet ….cunt.” He hissed as his body started fucking her of its own accord.

She lay her head down with a dreamy smile, Tracey and Audrey watching closely as Jason drove into her slim body. Every time he thrust into her his cock slid deeper, convincing her body to accept him until his ball sac brushed her dripping labia. “So big.” She gasped. “I’m so fucking full! Give it to me Daddy, please. Fuck my hot cunt and give me a cum-bath. Oh Christ, I love your cunt-fucking cock so much!”

His hips rocked in rhythmic motion as he fucked her steadily, gradually increasing speed as his cock seemed to grow even harder and longer. It seemed the more he fucked these willing sluts the more he wanted them, as though he was addicted to teenage cunt. “Oh yeah. So good baby, such an amazing fuck!”

“Come on Daddy. Make me your dirty girl. I want you think of lots of filthy fuck games we can play next time. Will you do that for me? Will you think of really dirty things we can do next time we sleepover?”

“Count on it Amy.” He assured her. “It you want get dirty, I’ll be delighted to help you out.”

“Fuck yeah!” She agreed. “Ohhhh….uhhhhh…..UH…..CUM FOR MEEEE!!!”

A sudden gush of hot juices bathed his cock and her body shook around their point of connection. A sudden spasm in her pussy applied a squeeze of pressure and his body gave up the unequal contest, his seed pumping deep inside her as he shook and shuddered in sympathy. Despite having already cum once he was surprised as his cock continued pumping, a thin trail of hot jizz oozing down over his balls and dripping on the floor as he finally emptied out.

His cock shrank and slipped out with a soft liquid sound and he found a chair to rest in, his chest rising and falling as he breathed deeply. Amy looked back with a dreamy expression. “I’m so gonna miss you after that.”

“Don’t sweat it girlfriend.” Audrey replied. “You know I’ll be taking good care of Daddy for you.”

“Bitch!” Amy and Tracey said together, before laughing at her tease.

Amy pushed herself up and stood, glancing ruefully at the clock. “Guess I’d better hit the shower because Mom will be here soon.”

“I’ll come too.” Tracey agreed. “Though I’d much rather leave Daddy’s cum right where it is.”

Audrey put her arms around Jason’s waist. “You’d better shower too Dad, because you smell like you’ve been fucking all weekend. I’ll open some windows and finish tidying up here, ok?”

He bent down and kissed her before they headed off in different directions. By the time they’d showered, dressed and the girls had packed it was time for the parents to arrive, and it was Gail, Tracey’s Mom, who was first to press the doorbell. She bustled in and greeted everyone, declining Jason’s offer for coffee as Tracey’s brother was waiting in the car and they had to drop him at a friend’s house. Tracey hung back as her Mom walked down the drive and stood on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you so much for this weekend Daddy, it was just fantastic. Make sure you call me next time your wife goes away, ok?”

He was going to pat her on the butt but decided to give it a long slow rub instead. “That’s a promise.” He assured her before she skipped happily down the path.

It was another ten or fifteen minutes before Jenny arrived, and once again she was happy to have a coffee and a chat. Jason found it difficult to concentrate knowing what he knew now, and he kept drifting away as he surveyed the swell of her breasts, the curve of her hips, and the tight outline of her cute butt under her slim skirt. He couldn’t resist the temptation to mentally undress her, and then imagine her in a sixty-nine with her sexy daughter. She brought him back to reality when she asked if Amy had behaved herself, and he smiled as he assured her she’d been no trouble and was welcome any time. “Have you heard from Amanda? Is she due home soon?”

He reluctantly shook his head. “No idea Jenny.” He replied honestly. “This restructure seems to be riddled with problems and the last time she called she sounded pretty frustrated. I’m hoping she’ll be home tomorrow or Tuesday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets put back a little.”

She put her empty mug down and slid her chair back. “I guess we’d better be going then. Jimmy’s looking forward to having Amy back home this afternoon.”

“I’ll just bet he is!” Jason thought to himself with a sly grin before he spoke. “It’s always good to see you Jenny.” He assured her. “We’ll have to have you all over for a barbecue once things settle down for Amanda.”

“That’d be great!” Jenny agreed as Amy picked up her bag.

Amy gave Jason a hug and grinned up at him. “Thanks so much for having me Mister Weston, you really are a cool Dad and Audrey’s a lucky girl. See you at school tomorrow Audrey.”

“You bet.” Audrey replied, and they walked out to the car.

Jason closed the door and they grinned at each other. “Wow baby girl, it’s been one hell of a weekend!”

“Sure has Dad.” She agreed enthusiastically. “I might go and slip into something LESS appropriate. Is it time for a drink-drink? Meet you by the pool in five?”

“Yes and yes honey, see you there.”

He poured two glasses of wine and went outside, enjoying another perfect day as he slid his shirt from his shoulders and lay back to soak up some sun. Audrey came out a few minutes later, wearing her tiny white bikini bottoms, heels and stockings. “Fuck me; you’re such a hot little slut.” He complimented her.

She flashed a sexy smile as he passed her glass and she took a slip, taking the lounge beside his. “So Dad how was that? Did your little slut keep her promise?”

He grinned across at her. “I don’t think I could put into words how incredible that was, or how much I appreciate you arranging for Tracey and Amy to come over. I was expecting to have a great time, but that was just so fucking fantastic I’ll never, ever forget it.”

Her tiny chest puffed out in justifiable pride. “Did Amy and Tracey surprise you?”

He nodded emphatically. “They blew me away in every sense of the term.” He acknowledged. “It was so good to be with Tracey, especially knowing I was her first, and Amy? Wow! I never would have picked that she had been fucking her Dad for years, and her Mom too. Like…..fuck me!!!”

“Now you can see why I was so surprised, but when she showed me that clip on her cell it was impossible to doubt her.”

“I got the feeling they’ll be having some fun as soon as they get home.” Jason suggested.

“Wouldn’t surprise me if they did.” Audrey agreed, and then she chuckled quietly. “I just hope you didn’t spoil her, seeing as she says her Dad’s cock is a lot smaller than yours.”

He shrugged in a carefree manner. “Not much I can do about that honey, but she is one wild child. Were you there when she practically begged me to come up with new things to try the next time she comes over?” Audrey nodded. “Any idea what she meant by that?”

“Not specifically.” She replied. “But I think she’s really hot to try anything and everything. She begged me to loan her my plug so she can start stretching her ass. She hardly talked about anything other than how turned on she got watching you fuck me there, and she’s SOOO KEEN to do that with you.”

“Speaking of that, are you ok with the larger one? Which one have you got now? Is that the middle of the three?”

She nodded happily. “It feels good Daddy, really, really sexy. It was just like you said, because I’d reached the point where the small one just slips in real easy now, so I figure I’ll wear this one for a week or so, and then I might try the big one.”

Jason shook his head in wonder, but there was no way he was going to argue. “You are such a hot little cunt.”

“Speaking of that, are you all worn out or do you think we can have some fun?” She smiled coyly. “I kind of missed out this morning, which was fine because Tracey and Amy had to go home. But, now it’s just the two of us, is there any chance I could get a reward for introducing you to some hot new cunts?”

He grinned and held out his hand, encouraging her to come over and join him. She sat on the lounge beside him and spread her legs, giving him more than enough room to slide his hand between her thighs and start gently massaging her tiny pussy. “Why don’t I lie back and you can see if you can find a face you can fuck with this exquisite little cunt. And you can go as hard as you like honey, you can grind my face down into the dirt it that gets you hot, because you sure as hell deserve it.”

“Bad Daddy!” She laughed loudly. “But that’s a great idea.” She moved up his body until she was straddling his face and he was looking straight up at her moist slit. Her hands gripped her labia and pulled them to the side, before she lowered slowly down. A long, whispering hiss slid from her mouth as she felt his lips and tongue touch her glistening flesh, and then she started gyrating slowly as she followed his instructions. His tongue slid deep inside her, enjoying the taste of her juices and the internal warmth that enveloped him as he kept working away, scooping her oozing flow into his mouth before pausing briefly to swallow, and then continue exploring for more. She started lifting up and down, fucking his tongue with tiny movements so he held still and allowed her to take control. A tiny spray of cum bathed his face before a stronger release followed, and then she moved slightly and ground her clit against his lips. He managed to slip his tongue beneath her hood and take her protruding flesh between his lips, sucking it firmly and steadily as he felt it grow in response to his touch. A stronger cum assured him she was enjoying his attention immensely. “Oh yes Daddy, wicked, wicked Daddy. Suck my little clit please, suck my tiny cock and make me cum and cum! I’m loving this so much but I’m going to have to fuck you soon. My cunt needs a big hard cock inside it, stretching it open and filling it with fuck-juice. Have you got one more load Daddy? Do you think you can put out the fire inside my pussy?”

“Mmmm.” He mumbled through a mouthful of clit. “MMMFFFF!!”

She came again, a little harder this time, her tangy juices coating his skin as she continued grinding her flesh across his face, before she had to lift up and take a moment to catch her breath. She glanced back at his cock, pointing skyward with tiny traces of moisture decorating his crown, so she slid down his body until her pussy was pushing his shaft backward. She lifted up until it sprang forward, and slipped it easily inside her with a satisfied sigh. “Fuck. Nothing feels as good as having your cock inside my cunt!” She hissed.

“I couldn’t agree more.” He growled as he gazed up her, a picture of indulgent lust at play.

She started lifting up and down, coming perilously close to seeing him slip free before she ensured his captivity by sliding back down until she was resting on his thighs. Ever so gradually she built up speed until she was fucking him furiously, her tiny body lifting and dropping as she continued gazing down at him with growing need written all over her face. “I’m gonna fuck you so good!” She cried out as she continued to impale herself on his rigid cock. “Do you love my pussy Daddy? Are you addicted to my cock-fucking cunt? Gimme a load please. Give me a huge cunt-full of cum!”

She was cumming continuously, rivers of moisture trailing down her body as she fucked him harder than she had ever fucked him before. He was building steadily toward his own release, though his two previous orgasms had provided a measure of control. He looked up to see a bead of perspiration run down between her breasts, and couldn’t help but note her nipples were firm and extended. Another cum-bath caressed his cock, and he gave himself to the moment as his balls sucked upward and his jizz started spewing inside her. Her eyes grew wide and she grinned down at him. “Oh yes, thank you Daddy. YES! Fill my cunt please, give me every drop of your cum!”

His body answered her desperate call, firing long and hard until he could feel his cock resting in a slippery cocoon of warm liquid, knowing he was done as he lay still. Her body toppled forward until she was lying on top of him, a look of serene contentment on her resting face.

He was just thinking life couldn’t possibly be better, when he heard the soft but unmistakable sound of the sliding door open, before Amanda screamed at him in fury. There was absolutely no question that he was in deep, deep shit.

“Jason? JASON! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” She shrieked as she rushed over. “You bastard! You fucking, sick, deviate bastard! You….you’re…..YOU FUCKING PEDOPHILE! How could you… could you do this? To me! TO US!!!”

Audrey’s body abruptly disappeared as Amanda used her adrenaline-fuelled strength to lift her off Jason’s cock and drop her on the lounge. Before Jason could react a stinging slap knocked his head sideways before he just managed to block the next one, gripping her wrist in a steely grip. “Let go of me you sick pervert!” She spat in his face, and he responded by spinning her round, using his free hand to pick her up by the waist, and carry her inside with Audrey hurrying to follow. A heel lashed back and caught him across the shin, causing him to flinch in pain as he slammed the door shut and dropped her in a chair.

He stood back in an attempt to defuse the situation, his hands spread in a vain gesture of placation. “Calm down Amanda. I know this is a serious shock but, please calm down and at least give us a chance to explain!”

“Explain what?” She snapped. “That you were sleeping naked and Audrey tripped and somehow landed on top of your cock? For fuck’s sake do not insult my intelligence! You’re going to prison you fucking pedophile! I cannot believe this! My own husband, fucking….OUR DAUGHTER!”

Jason was feeling distinctly uncomfortable standing naked in front of his wife with the evidence of his indiscretion on open display. He was trying to find something, anything to say when help arrived from a surprising direction. “Dad’s not going to prison Mom.” Audrey said simply.

“And why the fuck not?” Amanda snapped in fury. “How do you think you can stop me from reporting….this disgusting behavior?”

That question was directed at Jason, but it was Audrey that answered it. “Look Mom, Dad didn’t start this, I did.” That revelation had Amanda sitting back looking completely perplexed. “I seduced him pure and simple, and before you say that I’m just a child and I couldn’t possibly know what I was doing, I knew EXACTLY what I was doing. I was sick and tired of seeing Dad mope around because you were always working or away from home that I figured he wasn’t getting any, so I decided to seduce him and….I guess you could say I wanted to take your place.”

This revelation was an unexpected twist and Amanda was clearly struggling to comprehend the words that had come from her sweet daughter’s mouth. “You….you wanted to take my place? You…. decided that seeing as I was busy you’d just move in….and start fucking your father? That’s bullshit Audrey, pure bullshit. I have no idea why, but you’re just covering for him.”

Jason strode over to the bar and poured two fingers of Bourbon, somehow resisting the temptation to empty the bottle into the glass. “Believe or not Amanda, she’s telling you the truth.”

“But….this is so wrong.” Amanda fired back. “And you should know better Jason! This is so fucking illegal that I simply cannot comprehend how you could give in…..regardless of the temptation.”

Jason had decided enough was enough. “Was it wrong? Of course it was. Did I know I was crossing a line a father should never step over? Hell yes! But it happened Amanda. Am I proud of it or happy about it? Right now I’m fucking sure I’m not, but it happened because I am completely sick and tired of jerking off in the shower, ok? I was weak. I gave in when I knew I should have been strong. Audrey had no way of knowing she caught me at a time when I was vulnerable, but she did. And you know what? FOR THAT I’M NOT SORRY!”

Amanda was on the back foot, temporarily at least, and Audrey decided it was time to push harder. “Mom, stop and think will you? Just stop….and think. Look at Dad, go on, take a good look. He’s a good looking guy! How long has it been since you really looked at him and realized how lucky you are? Most of my friends’ fathers are fat, going bald and have a beer gut hanging over their trousers, and you don’t seem to notice what you’ve got waiting for you at home. And you know what? I’m one hundred percent sure he’s never been unfaithful, and I’ve seen the way some of the Mom’s flash their eyes at him and smile when he picks me up from school. You guys used to be all over each other every chance you had when I was younger, I used to think it so gross! But now I realize that’s how people behave when they’re in love and they want to be with each other. I’m not saying this is all your fault, but even when you’re here, you’re not. Do you know most nights I’m bed before you get home or finish working on stuff you bring home? You two are nowhere near old enough not to be spending time together!”

She sat back and breathed deeply, her face flushed from a mixture of stress and concentration.

Amanda looked as though she’d been slapped, having just been on the receiving end of a succinct dressing down from her teenage daughter. “That’s not fair.” She said in a softer tone. “You have no idea how hard things are these days.”

“Then tell me how hard they are Mom.” Audrey replied simply. “We live in a nice house and I go to a good school. Dad seems real happy at his job and still has time to be with me, or with you if you wanted, so go ahead. Tell me how hard things are and I’m happy to listen and learn.”

Amanda’s brow furrowed in concentration; and a couple of times she opened her mouth to speak but seemed unable to find the appropriate words. “You….don’t understand honey.” She finally said lamely.

Jason sat down and took a sip from his glass and locked eyes with his wife. “Well I don’t understand either.” He said simply. “So you can explain it to both of us.”

“Look. I….love what I do, and, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I guess….I don’t get that same feeling….here, and that’s not your fault because it’s just the way the chips fell at the time.” She looked across at Jason, perhaps trying to read his body language but receiving nothing more than a neutral stare. “When you lost your job we were under a lot of pressure, and I know you haven’t forgotten that, so I was lucky to be with a company that does well when things go bad. I guess….I kind of got used to it and it seemed to work with you taking care of Audrey and fixing up the house.”

“That’s all ancient history Amanda and you know that as well.” Jason said, being careful to keep an even tone in his voice. “Sure it was valid at the time, but that was many years ago now. To me the question is whether you’re interested in finding a balance between work and home. I’m done tip-toeing around and suggesting everything’s ok, because now you know everything’s not ok. If you won’t do it for me then do it for Audrey, because she’ll be off to college in a few more years, and I can see you wondering where the time went and wishing you’d spent more time with her. The only trouble is, by then it’ll be too late.”

Amanda took a deep breath and looked at Jason and then at Audrey who was watching expectantly. “I’m not making excuses here, but I’m so tired I can’t think straight. I only made it back today because we worked right through last night to get it done. I’m going to bed, and I think it might be best if I sleep in spare room tonight. I’m not working tomorrow so maybe you could let me sleep in and we can sit down and talk about it when you get home. Right now I’m confused, I’m angry, and I’m really upset. I really need to get some rest and then try and get my head around all this.”

“Fine with me.” Jason agreed.

“Me too Mom.” Audrey added. “As long as you promise you’re not going to do anything to get Dad into trouble.”

“I don’t know if I can promise that.” She replied. “But I won’t do anything without talking to you first. Is that fair?”

Audrey and Jason both nodded and Amanda stood and smoothed down her skirt, before trudging slowly away.

Audrey managed to give Jason a wan smile. "You were right Daddy, I should have listened to you."

"About what in particular sweetheart?" He asked.

"About how Mom would react when she found out."

Jason shrugged. "I think I know her pretty well, but that's still a bet I would have been happy to lose."

"I'm worried Daddy." Audrey admitted. "I don't ever want to stop making love to you, but, I can't see how we can keep going after this."

That was the last thing he wanted to hear, despite the overwhelming logic. "Let's not rush into anything just yet Audrey. It's going to take a while for the dust to settle and find out how we all feel about this."

"Can I ask how you feel Daddy? Do you still want to be with me, or is it over now?" Her voice was soft with a faltering trace, as though she was frightened of both the question and the likely answer.

"I don't want my feelings to influence your decision, but the only way I intend to stop is if you tell me that's it, we're done. If you're happy to keep going then that would make me very happy."

"But Mom is bound to insist we stop now, and never be together again." She moaned.

He nodded in agreement. "No question about that, but aren't you forgetting how this whole thing started?"

She smiled, but only briefly before the dark frown returned. "I guess I had forgotten for a minute. But what if she tells you she's sorry, and she wants to spend more time with you? Surely that means it's over for me."

He shook his head emphatically. “I really shouldn't take sides, especially against my wife, but there are no guidelines for this sort of thing.” He patted the couch and she hurried over to sit beside him as he took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. "What has happened between us is very, very special, and not just because I've had the opportunity to make love to you whenever I want. What it has done is open my eyes to how unhappy I was, and how long I've been feeling....empty, and lonely. I have love to give and need to receive it just as much, and you've opened my eyes to how fulfilling that is. I don't want your Mom and I to break up, and I'm happy to compromise as much as I can, but I have every intention of being with you until you tell me that part of our life is over. I'd love Amanda to join us, and I do mean US, but I won't allow her to push you aside."

Her eyes were gleaming, though he wasn't sure if that was because tiny tears were forming. Her hands squeezed his firmly. "Oh Daddy, you really mean that don't you. Oh God, that's the most wonderful thing anyone's ever said to me!"

"I've waited a long time for your Mom to remember she has a family, perhaps too long." He said wistfully. "I'd be over the moon if things changed now, but that doesn't give her the right to dictate terms or behaviour."

"I think we're in for a rough few days." She said ruefully.

"Too true." He concurred. "But I've never believed in wasting time worrying about things I can't control. It's out in the open now and in time that could be a positive thing, so we'll just have see how things pan out from now on."

"I'm so going to miss not waking up beside you in the morning." She said earnestly.

"And I’ll miss that so much too!" He replied with surprising fervour.

"We'll have to keep Amy and Tracey a secret." Audrey said, stating the painfully obvious.

"Oh yeah, we won't even open that door! Hey, here's a random thought. Want to watch Iron Man?"

Despite the gravity of the situation Audrey dissolved into helpless shrieking laughter until her sides hurt. "Oh my God Dad, that really was random! But yes, I'd love to watch Iron Man, and thank you for trying to help me feel better. Any particular movie? One, two or three?"

"Two sucked, but either one or three is fine."

"Three it is." She agreed, still laughing happily as she fished through the pile of DVDs until she found the disk and inserted it into the player. They decided to put some clothes on in case Amanda woke and came in, and sat back cuddling on the couch and watched the movie, each thankful for the distraction that took their minds off the current problems.

It was getting late when the movie finished and Audrey asked if they should wake Amanda for dinner. Jason wondered whether that was a good idea or not, and walked quietly into the spare room to find her sleeping soundly. As she had worked right through the previous night he concluded it would be best to let her sleep, and went back and told Audrey who prepared a simple dinner for them. After they tidied up the kitchen they watched TV for a while, before Audrey reluctantly kissed him goodnight and headed for her own room, sad to be sleeping alone for the first time in over a week.

Amanda woke around three in the morning to a silent, darkened house, and went to the bathroom to relieve the pressure on her bladder. She had slept surprisingly well and felt refreshed and clearheaded, deciding to head to the kitchen and make herself a coffee while she attempted to make some sense of her unwelcome discovery. As she sipped the steaming liquid she considered what she had witnessed when she arrived so unexpectedly, and how shocked she had been to learn her husband and daughter were involved in an incestuous relationship. This caused her to think carefully about how well she actually knew them, and how this could have happened without her picking up any warning signs. She struggled to comprehend it, because her heart knew Jason was a principled loving man, and a devoted, caring father. So how could something so out of character have happened?

She thought about Audrey, and her open admission that she had seduced Jason and he had given in to her youthful charms. There was no doubt Audrey was growing up fast, seemingly leaving the child further behind with every week that went by. Only recently Amanda had wondered if she was developing an interest in boys, or was perhaps even experimenting with them. She knew girls matured quickly these days, but to the extent Audrey could overcome Jason’s moral standards at thirteen? It didn’t seem possible despite the irrefutable evidence.

These factors led her to question her own behaviour, and in particular her involvement with her family. She recalled Jason’s increasingly frequent comments that she was spending too much time on her work, and neglecting her family as a consequence. Could it be true? Was she to blame for creating a situation where a sense of neglect had driven her husband into her daughter’s arms? The more she thought about it the more a quiet voice kept telling her that she had to accept at least some of the responsibility. As woman with ambition it had been difficult to climb the corporate ladder. At first it was a sense of need that had driven her, with a young child and an unemployed husband it had fallen on her shoulders to support her family. She had risen to the challenge, putting her hand up for the difficult tasks her co-workers sidestepped for fear of criticism if it all went sour. At first it was difficult to get the recognition she deserved in a male-dominated industry, but she persisted and started moving up, accepting more responsibility and doing whatever it took to achieve success. She adopted a “failure is not an option” approach, driving herself and her small team hard, and spending increasingly long hours attempting to meet deadlines that were close to impossible. While she knew her work/life balance was increasingly slanted, the kudos and recognition became an addiction that she could no more do without than oxygen.

“And right there Amanda, is the crux of the matter.” A quiet voice confirmed. “You’ve become so fixated on success that you’ve neglected the people that should really matter to you. When was the last time you thought about how you could spend a weekend with your family, or seduce your husband and have an enjoyable night in the bedroom? You know Jason’s values probably better than you know your own, how else can you account for what happened? How long do you think this has been festering away, eating at his soul until he succumbed to Audrey’s undeniable charms and the fact she was here, waiting, for whenever he wanted her.”

“You stupid fool!” She said out loud as she poured a fresh cup, before the silent recriminations continued. “You stupid, selfish fool! You’ve watched so many friends find their marriage in tatters and smugly sat back saying that would never happen to you. Question is....what the hell can you do about it now? Is it too late? Is there any chance you can salvage this? you just give them a green light, turn a blind eye, and concentrate on your career while they do....whatever they want?”

She was somewhat horrified at that thought, as she always enjoyed sex with Jason and loved the way he never failed to ensure she was more than satisfied. But somehow intimacy had slid down her list of priorities until it was infrequent and perhaps less satisfying. “I’m still young, so how I could have let this happen? Easy, other things became more important, that’s how.”

She felt the beginnings of a headache as her mind continued with the increasingly frustrating question and answer process, so she shook her head violently in an effort to regain some semblance of control. “Ok.” She thought. “I can do this because solving problems is what I’m good at. So start working through the process and let’s see where that leads.”

Her first realization was that Jason must feel as though his balls were in a vice, and he and Audrey would be living in fear of her calling Child Services and reporting what she had discovered. “So how do you feel about that?” The quiet voice enquired. “You know Jason would never abuse her, and she’s openly admitted she seduced him, so do you want to ruin the lives of three people for this? And what would that do to your career Amanda? You’d be the wife of a convicted sex offender. How would that piece of news go down in the office if it ever became public knowledge?”

“Shit.” She whispered out loud. “That wouldn’t be good!” She mentally ticked the first box by deciding that this would have to be dealt with privately, and resolved to put their minds at rest as soon as they sat down together.

“That’s a start.” The voice congratulated. “But now it gets a little more complex because you have to work out where things go from here. So he’s fucking your daughter and that’s not good, but at least he’s not picking up women in bars or something, and Audrey isn’t being exposed to adult infidelity because he decides to bring some strange woman home.” She thought about that for several minutes, sorting through fact and speculation in an attempt to find a way forward. She realized she could demand this never happen again and could probably enforce an agreement, but she would never be totally sure. Even coming home unexpectedly wouldn’t really satisfy her concerns, and would only create an atmosphere of suspicion that was hardly conducive to resolving the problem. “Your options are virtually non-existent Amanda.” The voice of reason told her. “If you’re not going to report them and you have reservations about whether you can reduce your work commitments to extent you’d have to, then you have no option than to allow it to continue, but they’re going to have be extremely discrete!”

She was far from happy with that aspect, but knew that sometimes your choices were limited to the least unpleasant option, which was clearly the case here. That raised an interesting question, in that Audrey would need some form of birth control. She had no idea what form of contraception they were using if any, though she prayed they were, but she would need to be protected from an unwanted teen pregnancy.

While she made some progress she now found herself considering the most difficult aspect of all, where to go from this point. “Oh Jesus, this is a real mess!” She chased her tail in circles for a few minutes, which only served to confuse her further as she grappled with the conflicting factors. The problem was she genuinely loved her job and her family, but could no more tell her director that she needed to reduce her hours than cut off her arm, but that was the reality she faced. She had no doubts that would see her career drive headlong into a brick wall. Sure, Jason could continue spending intimate time with Audrey, but that wouldn’t last forever as she was sure to meet a boy and fall in love at some point, which would see Jason left out in the cold. There had to be a way out of this horrible maze, but she couldn’t see it at the moment. “Fuck it.” She spat in frustration. “There has to be a solution, there just has to be!”

She accepted there would have to be changes at work; the vexing question was how to keep things happy at home without her superiors noticing that her level of commitment had changed. A memory flashed across her mind as she recalled her director politely suggesting she had a tendency to micro-manage details, rather than allow her team to take care of the mundane tasks. She had two very capable junior managers, both of whom had demonstrated a work ethic similar to hers, and the fact that both were due for salary reviews was decidedly opportune. She could free up some time by providing them with additional responsibility under the guise of a salary increase, and was sure they’d jump at the chance to impress.

Her trips away and late meetings were a problem that simply wouldn’t go away and for which there was no real solution, though she felt she had made solid progress already. If she allowed Jason and Audrey to enjoy each other with her blessing, and made an effort to be with him whenever she could, perhaps the combination of factors would be enough to keep everyone happy. For some reason she wondered what they did together, and whether it was different to way she and Jason made love. Knowing he was such a considerate lover, she knew he would have taught her the delights of intimate pleasure, but did Audrey introduce new aspects that piqued his interest? She was a girl with a mind of her own but Amanda had no idea what she enjoyed sexually, hardly surprising given she had only just learned her daughter was no longer a virgin. Audrey trusted Jason implicitly, so she would be willing to go along with anything he suggested, and she wouldn’t have had time to develop inhibitions or strong dislikes. But Amanda couldn’t clear the nagging doubt that perhaps, just perhaps, her husband found their daughter better in bed.

Her mind drifted to some of things she and Jason had done together, and how much she had enjoyed them. An image of being on her hands and knees as Jason drove his thick cock past her clenching sphincter and deep into her ass appeared, but suddenly it was Audrey willing him on, graphically begging him to fuck her, and fuck her hard. Amanda’s hand slid between the folds of her robe and started stroking her slit, progressively bringing her oozing fluids to the surface. Another image appeared, this time of Audrey on her knees as Jason slid his cock into her mouth, his tiny daughter grinning up at him as her cheeks sucked inward. One finger slid inside her pussy before a second followed, a stretching sensation radiating from her primal core as she fucked herself slowly. The image moved on until Jason groaned in an oh-so-familiar way and slid back, jacking his hard shaft until his cum sprayed all over her, coating her face with thick beads of pure-white jizz. Amanda rolled her shoulders forward to allow her fingers to thrust deeper inside, her cunt running freely as her breathing became increasingly ragged. The image of Jason’s cum running down Audrey’s body was enough to bring her to a climax, and her body shook as she felt her slippery cum coating her still thrusting fingers. Her movements slowed and her breathing finally steadied before she slid her fingers free, bringing them to her lips before she tasted her own juices as she sucked them clean. She stood and switched off the light, walking quietly back to her room. Her final thought was that if she was competing with her daughter she would approach it as she did a difficult task at work, using every resource available to ensure she came out on top.

Jason woke the next morning with a deep sense of foreboding as though a dark cloud was hovering overhead, waiting for the perfect moment to end his life with a crackling lightning bolt. He showered and dressed for work before heading to the kitchen to see if Audrey was making breakfast. Sure enough she was there, sitting at the table with Amanda. His spirits lifted just a touch when Amanda smiled and asked if he'd like a coffee, so he sat down and sipped the warm drink while he waited to see if this was when the axe fell as she spoke. "I think it would be fair to say that you hit me with the biggest surprise of my life yesterday, so I hope you can understand why I reacted the way I did."

He nodded to confirm his agreement. "I can appreciate what a shock that would have been." He agreed. "And the way you reacted was pretty much how I would have, if it was me that walked in and saw....that."

"How's your shin by the way?" She asked. "I think I gave you a fair kicking at one point." He lifted the leg of his jeans to show a bright purple bruise and she laughed for a moment. "Sorry, it really wasn't funny was it?" He shook his head and wondered if this seemingly harmless banter was a positive sign. "I woke up around three or so and had trouble getting back to sleep. I think my body clock is all messed up after working such long hours lately. Anyway, I came down and made a coffee and spent some time thinking about....our little problem. I'm going to keep Audrey home today because we have a lot of things we need to discuss. Any chance you could take the day off as well?"

He thought about that for a minute, before realizing it just wasn't possible so he shook his head sadly. "I really wish I could, but we're pouring a slab this morning and we need a full crew to ensure it doesn't start to cure before we've got it level. If there was any way out of it I'd make the call, but today is the worst possible day."

She seemed unconcerned and shrugged her shoulders. "Ok, we can talk when you get home, in fact that might even be better. I just want to tell you that, despite how I reacted yesterday, I understand that I have to accept some responsibility for what led you two know, and I accept I’ll have to make some changes. I also wanted to say that I want remain a family matter, and I won't be making any calls about it." Jason breathed a huge sigh of relief and looked as though he was about to speak when she held up her hand. "I also like to think I'm a realist, and while I intend to make some changes there are still going to be days I have to work late and times when I have to go away. So you two are going to have plenty of time to be intimate behind my back, and I may as well accept that will happen so the best thing I can do is say that I'd rather have this out in the open than worry about what you might be doing when I’m not here. If that’s something we can agree on, there are a few conditions we can talk about later. How does that sound so far?"

Jason was struggling to believe what he was hearing, and readily acknowledged that fact. “It sounds sensational Amanda, thank you. It’s a hell of lot better than anything I expected, and I have to say I’m feeling far more relieved than I would have thought possible.”

She smiled reassuringly. “Do you want some breakfast before you go?’

“That’d be great thanks.” He managed to reply, still struggling to believe he was going to get away scot-free. He glanced at Audrey whose face shared his sense of acute relief, and they sat quietly as Amanda prepared a simple breakfast.

When breakfast was finished Jason pushed his chair back and kissed Amanda and Audrey goodbye, assuring them he’d be home as early as possible. As he walked out the door Audrey looked at her mother with an expression of curiosity. “Ok Mom, what did you want to talk about?”

Amanda poured a fresh coffee and wondered briefly where to start. “I guess I need your help honey.” She started off, which earned another curious look. “I’ve been so busy with work for so long that it took something like this to give me a wake-up call, but it’s going to take time to turn things around. I promise I’m going to work on a better balance so I’m here for you and Dad more, but some of the things I need to change will take a while to put in place. So the first thing is, I need to ask you both for some understanding....and a little patience....but I will get there. Yesterday was a hell of a shock because I had no idea, but when I thought it through I realized I was lucky that your Dad didn’t go to some bar and pick up, because I don’t know how I’d deal with that.”

“I don’t think Dad would ever do something like that.” Audrey replied earnestly. “It’s just not the way he works.”

Amanda nodded. “I think that’s true, but I had no idea you two were....together either, so I’m a little uncertain about that side of things. And I guess when your Dad and I have been’s been...oh I don’t know.....kind of routine? I mean it’s still great and enjoyable, but....the spark and spontaneity are missing. Look, what I’m trying to say is that I need some help to work out what really turns him on these days. You know, what really gets his attention and drives him a little crazy.”

Audrey couldn’t help but smile briefly, thinking about the fun they’d had with Tracey and Amy, but knowing there was no way she could ever reveal that aspect. “Ok Mom. I haven’t had anything like your experience, but if you want to know what I think turns Dad on, I’m happy to tell you.” Amanda sat forward expectantly, feeling as though she was sharing illicit secrets with a close girlfriend. Their discussion took quite some time as Audrey happily detailed every aspect she could think of. Amanda was surprised to learn about Jason’s preference for a clean-shaven pussy, as she kept hers neatly trimmed but he’d never suggested she shave it all. His predilection for sexy heels and stockings or tights was something she was aware of, but had slipped down her list of priorities. With a little prompting Audrey went on to talk happily about how they had enjoyed each other, confessing to the way they enjoyed porn together and what it lead to. Figuring she may as well get almost everything out in the open, she told Amanda she had badgered Jason into giving her alcohol, quickly adding that he kept a very close eye on how much she had to drink.

Amanda shook her head but smiled as she did so. “So my baby’s having sex and drinking at the ripe old age of thirteen? What are you going to be doing when you turn eighteen? I’m sure you’ll turn me gray by then!”

Audrey giggled happily. “Nah, now that things are out in the open I’m gonna have to behave myself if you’re going to be around more.”

Amanda looked at her closely. “Is that what you really want honey? Would you really like me to be around more?”

“Of course that’s what I want silly.” She replied. “It’s cool having Dad here, but I miss you just as much as he does. You can go and make all the money you want once I’m in college, but for the next few years it’d be really great having you home more.”

Amanda nodded, once again acknowledging things had gotten way out of balance. “Then I’ll really try to be here for you, and your Dad. So, do you want to come shopping with me and help me pick out some little bits of nothing that will bump your Dad’s blood pressure up a notch or two?”

“Sounds like a lot more fun than going to school.” She agreed, so they went to dress before heading out to the mall.

They spent the morning shopping and had a wonderful time, stopping for lunch in a little cafe before Amanda suggested they go the hairdresser and get their hair and nails done, and then asked Audrey what they could make for dinner and get Jason’s week off to a great start. They decided on fresh shrimp and some thick Atlantic salmon cutlets, before picking up a couple of bottles of white wine to go with the meal. “I guess you’d like a glass or two as well?” Amanda asked.

“Only if that’s ok with you Mom.” She replied, hoping it would be.

A check of the time suggested they should be heading for home, otherwise Jason was likely to beat them there, and when they were in the car Amanda glanced across. “Umm, I need to ask you a personal question, and I really want you to be honest with me, ok?”

“Sure Mom, what’s on your mind?”

“Well, I’d really like to do something special for Jason tonight, something that gets us all off on the right foot. So I was wondering how you’d feel, if you and I put on some kind of sexy show for him, but something really hot with some girl on girl action. Is that’d like to try?”

Audrey couldn’t conceal an expression of surprise. “Mom? Are I never were interested in girls.”

Amanda blushed. “I don’t know if I’d say I was bi, but ok, I did fool around with a couple of girls at school when I wasn’t much older than you. Look, if it’s something that doesn’t appeal to you that’s fine, I just thought it might be fun and it would certainly get your Dad interested!”

“Then how about this.” Audrey suggested, clearly thinking on the run. “We could be wearing something sexy when Dad gets home, and we could let him watch me shave you. And he gets real hot knowing I’m wearing a plug in my butt, so after I shave you I could play with your ass and plug you, and then you could do me. Maybe then we could break for dinner, and after that we could enjoy some girl on girl until he can’t take any more and joins in. Does that sound like the kind of fun you had in mind?”

Amanda was amazed at how quickly she had developed such a sexy scenario. “Jesus Audrey, that sounds so hot I think my pussy is getting wet right now. Let’s do it. I can’t believe what an evil little mind you have, but it’s pretty cool too!”

They arrived home and raced to their bathrooms, showering quickly before drying off and carefully applying some makeup, and dressing in teasing outfits that were sure to have Jason’s cock growing as soon as he saw them. Audrey had chosen a tiny high-waisted g-string with matching sheer top, white stay-ups and heels. Amanda had gone for sexy mauve baby-doll, again with stockings and a pair of killer heels. When they met up in the kitchen each looked at the other and grinned. “You look so grown up Audrey.” Amanda congratulated. “You’re a very sexy young woman.”

“And you look like a woman who’s seriously ready to fuck Mom. Dad’s going to love this!” Audrey assured her. “Oh shit, I forgot the shaving kit.”

She raced off to get the items she needed and made it back just as Jason walked in. He stopped mid-stride and whistled in appreciation when he saw them. “! I can see you girls have been busy today.”

Amanda walked over slowly, resting her hand on his cheek as she kissed him lovingly. “We sure have honey. Now, would you like to shower and change and then meet us back here?”

He smiled and walked over to Audrey, kissing her on the lips. “I can’t think of anything I’d like better. Give me five minutes.”

“No hurry.” Amanda assured him. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Amanda mixed Jason a drink and poured two glasses of wine, sipping on hers as she handed the other to Audrey. “That tastes so good, I feel more relaxed than I have in ages.” She said simply.

“Sometimes it’s good just to have a chill-out day Mom.” Audrey replied.

“That’s something I haven’t done enough of lately, but I aim to do more from now on.”

While they waited for Jason they peeled and de-veined the shrimp, piling them into serving bowls before washing their hands thoroughly to remove any traces of seafood odour. Audrey boiled the jug in preparation for Amanda’s shave and they sat and waited. It couldn’t have been much more than five minutes before Jason walked in, a few beads of water testament to a rushed towel dry before he’d dressed. He gratefully accepted his drink and took a sip, feeling the alcohol relax his body.

“How was your day honey?” Amanda asked. “Everything go ok with your concrete pour?”

“Yeah, no problems. We got it down and level so we should be able to start on the framework tomorrow. Now, I’m real curious as to what you two got up to today, as it seems you’ve been cooking up something.”

“We’ve had a very enjoyable day.” Amanda agreed. “Audrey and I chatted about this and that, and she.....brought me up to speed about what you two have been doing.” That comment caused Jason a moment of concern, as he wondered how much had been revealed before Amanda continued. “For example, I never knew about your preference for shaved pussies so Audrey kindly offered to shave mine. How would you feel about watching your daughter shave my cunt? Is that something you’d enjoy?”

“Oh yeah, I’d like that a lot!” He enthused.

Amanda smiled at Audrey who walked over to get her shaving gear. “Where do you want me honey? Up on the table?”

“As good a place as any Mom.” Audrey smiled, picking up the cordless clippers.

Amanda climbed carefully onto the table, sitting on edge and spreading her legs wide. Audrey switched on the clippers and slowly trimmed Amanda until a thin strip of tiny hairs remained, and then shook the can of foam vigorously before spraying a thick pile into her hand. She massaged it into Amanda’s skin before picking up the razor and stroking it steadily, carefully removing the stubble until she was completely bare. A thorough wipe down with a moist wash-cloth followed, and then a gentle massage with after shave balm. “I’ll bet that feels real good now Mom.” She commented as she stood back and surveyed her handiwork.

Amanda ran her fingers across her smooth mons and then stroked up and down the length of her slit. “Oh yeah, that feels so good. I can see this becoming a regular thing.”

They glanced across at Jason who was sitting back with his hand in his shorts, a prominent bulge moving up and down as he stroked his cock. Audrey smiled at him. “Any reason why you need the shorts Dad? Looks like you’d be more comfortable without them.” Jason laughed and slid them down, enjoyed the sensation of having his cock free. “Oh look.” Audrey went on. “I missed a spot of foam.”

She crouched down and took hold of Amanda’s labia, carefully drawing them back to expose her glistening pussy. She moved forward until her lips were almost touching her mother, extended her tongue and gave her pussy a long slow lick. “That’s got it.” She said as she moved back. “Hang on, there’s another bit.” Again her head moved forward and her tongue went into action, and with no further teasing pretence she started kissing and licking her Mom’s pussy. Amanda lay back on the table, happy to give herself over to the decadent delights of having her daughter tonguing her cunt while her husband stroked his proud cock. It had been so long since she’d enjoyed the intimate touch only another woman could provide, and she wondered briefly if Audrey was simply a natural or had been practising with her girlfriends. Her juices started flowing and the most exquisite sensations moved across her body like gentle ripples on the surface of a pool.

She saw Jason smiling at her. “Enjoying yourself darling?”

Her eyes drifted closed for a moment. “So much.” She admitted freely. “And I know I’m being greedy but I’d like more, so why don’t you bring that cock over here, and jam it into my mouth!”

That was something he was more than happy to comply with, and in seconds his rigid shaft slid between her lips and he was back in a warm moist place he hadn’t visited for some time. He started moving gently, fucking her mouth with a steady motion as he looked down and watched Audrey enjoying the delights of feasting on her Mom’s cunt. Amanda face and chest were flushed pink, and he felt her cheeks suck inward as her tongue explored him. A shudder rippled through her and Audrey moaned through a mouthful of pussy, so Jason figured that was Amanda’s first cum of the night. A stronger second orgasm followed and she groaned around his cock, sending delicious shivers to his tightening balls. Her head started to move, rocking toward him as though wanting more of his cock, so he pushed forward, taking his glans past the opening of her throat. He watched her carefully, prepared to move back quickly if she looked like gagging, but she kept sucking happily so he continued fucking her. Audrey’s head was moving rapidly between her thighs, searching for places she hadn’t touched yet and taking her Mom even higher. “Mmmm....mmmfff....MMMMFFF!!” Amanda groaned around his cock, bringing him perilously close.

“If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, now would the time to say so.” He groaned down at her. Her response was simple and clearly understood, as she pushed even further toward him and her cheeks sucked in deeper as she increased the pressure. “Ok....oh yeah....such a hot fucking mouth..... UHH....CUMMIINNGG!!!” His cock strained against the flesh of her throat and fired his seed deep inside, spraying one forceful burst after another as she took his cum in blissful acceptance, her throat working to swallow which only increased the pressure and made him cum harder. He had no idea how much jizz he sprayed inside her, but knew it was a serious load.

His wilful explosion and Audrey’s thrusting tongue combined to take Amanda over the threshold again, and she struggled to process the overwhelming feelings she hadn’t experienced for some time. With faltering strength she managed to push Jason back from her mouth and Audrey away from her pussy, so that she could lay back and simply breathe.

Jason went to Audrey and wrapped his strong arms around her, kissing her face and tasting the tang of Amanda’s cum as he held her. “That was such a turn-on honey. Seeing you making love to your Mom with your mouth had me cumming so hard!”

She took his hand and placed it over her cunt, encouraging him to feel how wet she was. “You’re not the only one who got turned on Daddy.” She said quietly. “I think I almost came too.”

Amanda hadn’t moved, lying still with a dreamy smile on her face. “Now that’s what I call a five-star fucking.” She whispered to no one in particular.

Audrey laughed happily and leant down to kiss Amanda on the lips, the kiss growing deeper and more passionate as the seconds ticked by. Finally she stood, smiling down at the prone form. “You taste sweet Mom, it must be Daddy’s cum in your mouth. I’m guessing you enjoyed the way I sucked your tasty little cunt?”

Amanda’s hands drifted down until they were stroking her slit. “So much baby. That won’t be last time we enjoy that.” A sense of consciousness was returning as she propped herself up on her elbows. “We did have some other....things planned, but I think I need a little time to catch my breath. Anyone hungry?”

A chorus of agreement saw Jason help her down and ensure she could stand, before she moved unsteadily around the kitchen. Before long they were seated and made short work of the shrimp cocktails as the pieces of salmon sizzled away on the stove. Amanda smiled at her family as she kept one eye on the frypan to make sure dinner didn’t finish up charred. “Remember this morning when I suggested we should lay down some ground rules? Is everyone ok if we talk about that now?” Jason and Audrey indicated that was fine, so she went on. “The first priority for me is making sure Audrey doesn’t fall pregnant, because that is something I want to avoid at all costs. I think we need to find a way to put her on the pill, though at her age I’m not sure how we can do that, and I also want to know what kind of contraception you’ve been using so far.”

Audrey replied before Jason had the chance. “Dad got me some morning-after pills, and I’ve been real careful to make sure I take one every morning after....we’ve had sex the normal way. It’d be much better if I could go on the pill, because then I’d get used to taking one every day so I’d be less likely to forget.”

Amanda nodded slowly, and then went to the stove and turned the sizzling pieces over. “I’m really glad to hear you’ve been sensible, but I just wish I could come up with a way of getting you on regular birth control.”

“There may be a way Mom.” Audrey replied, treading very carefully to make sure she didn’t give too much away. “One of my friends used to get really bad cramps every time she got her period, so bad that sometimes she couldn’t come to school. So her Mom took her to the doctor and he put her on the pill straight away, and said if that didn’t fix it to come back and they’d try one with a different strength. Do you think that would work?”

Amanda looked thoughtful and then smiled at Audrey. “What a great idea honey! That’s simply brilliant. I’ve heard of that before and it seems the only way to alleviate the cramps is though birth control, so I think that would fix the problem nicely. I was worrying about how we could justify putting a thirteen year old on the pill, but that’s the solution for sure.”

Jason breathed a silent sigh of relief, as he had worried about the ramifications if Audrey forgot her morning-after pill following a night of wild sex, so that aspect seemed to be under control. In the meantime Amanda served dinner and put bowls of salad and some béarnaise sauce on the table. “I think that could work.” He agreed. “What were the other things you wanted to discuss?”

She spoke as they ate, taking the occasional break for a mouthful of food or a sip from her wine glass. “The first thing I wanted to say is how sorry I am that things got this bad, and I promise I will make some changes so that I’m here more often and try not to bring so much work home. But I also need to be honest and say I love my job, and there will still be times when I have meetings that run late or I have to go away. So if either of you feel that things are slipping back again, I want you to sit down and talk to me because I know old habits can be hard to break, but I promise I will listen and I really will try.” She looked across at Jason. “BUT, I do ask that you do that face to face if you feel you should. Please don’t ring me or wait for me to ring you when I’m away and I’m so tired I can’t think straight, ok?”

He nodded. “That’s more than fair, and I’m sorry for giving you a bad time when you called. I should have thought about it before I opened my big mouth.”

She lay her hand over his momentarily. “I think you had grounds to do that but the timing could have been better. The final thing is, and this is something I’m really serious about, what happens in this house stays in this house, and we make sure we’re discreet and we don’t say anything to anybody, like ever!”

Audrey and Jason exchanged a brief knowing look, each wondering if they should reveal the fact that two others already knew, before silently deciding this was not the right time. “Fine with me Mom.” Audrey agreed. “As far as I’m concerned it’s nobody’s business anyway, so I don’t see any reason to talk about it.”

“And I have no wish to get arrested so my lips are sealed.” Jason added.

Amanda sat back and dabbed her lips with a napkin. “That covers things as far as I’m concerned, anything else you want to talk about?” A pair of heads shook. “Ok then let’s drink to that, and I want you to know I’ll be feeling pretty lonely next time I’m away and I know how much fun you’ll be having while I’m working.”

They clinked glasses and enjoyed their wine, each feeling far more comfortable than they had for the previous twenty four hours. Amanda cleared the table before smiling at Audrey. “Now you little minx I believe payback is in order so it’s your turn up on the table, on your hands and knees please.”

Audrey smiled happily and assumed the nominated position, wiggling her tight ass as Jason wondered what was about to happen. The girls had concealed a bag of sex toys and lube earlier, and Amanda slid the drawer open and picked up the butt-plug and bottle of lube. She moved behind her daughter, stoking her firm butt cheeks with soft caresses, before taking a cheek in each hand and easing them apart. Jason took an expectant breath just as Amanda spoke. “Your tongue felt so good in my pussy baby, and it made me so hot that I thought you’d like to feel my wet tongue deep inside your tight little ass. Would you like that Audrey? Would you like me to make love to your ass with my mouth?”

Jason’s cock jumped immediately as Audrey replied. “I think I’d love that Mom. Knock yourself out!”

Amanda started licking up and down the cleft between Audrey’s cheeks, her pointed tongue sliding slowly over her pink rosebud every time. When she was thoroughly wet her mother’s tongue focused on her clenched muscle, kissing and licking it as she started to apply gentle pressure. Audrey was whimpering in hedonistic delight, her slim hips moving in slow circular motions as her wanton desire rose. Jason watched in awe as his wife’s tongue slid inside, the tip disappearing as her daughter opened to her. Ever so slowly Amanda fucked her ass with her pointed tongue, sliding it in and back, in and back, as she probed carefully. A trickle of fluid slid down Audrey’s labia, collecting in the fold above her clit before dripping slowly down onto the table.

Jason couldn’t sit still for a second longer, standing beside Amanda and stroking her shoulders. “Fuck this is hot honey.” He acknowledged. “Suck that little bitch’s ass, and suck it real good. Get your tongue deep in her dirty hole and see if you can make her cum. Her ass is really tight isn’t it?”

“Mmmm.” Amanda mumbled.

“I wish you could have seen the first time I fucked her filthy little ass honey, it was so intense. She was so tight it took forever to get half my cock in there, but once I did she was such a great fuck. I think I nearly blew her head off when I came. It was fucking awesome!”

“Mmmmm....MMMFFF!!” Amanda moaned again, her own hips starting the gyrate.

Jason moved behind her, easily picking her up by the waist until she was bent forward with her mouth still locked on Audrey’s sphincter. His cock slipped inside her pussy easily, burying itself in her slick cunt until his balls brushed against her. He started fucking her firmly, using long strokes to stretch her open as she continued tonguing her daughter. Amanda moved back carefully, continuing to enjoy Jason fucking her as she uncapped the lube bottle and poured a thick bead over Audrey’s gaping rear hole. “I love you fucking me baby.” She whispered back to Jason. “But don’t cum, I think Audrey deserves your next load.” Her hand found the butt plug and she coated it thoroughly with the greasy lube, pushing the point against Audrey’s tight little ass as it attempted to close. It slid halfway easily, before a steady consistent pressure saw her stretch to accommodate the widest part of the bulb.

“Oh....yeah.” Audrey hissed. “Oh fuck....yeah!” The plug slid home, her muscle closing around the narrow stem and holding it snugly in place. “Tag...Mom.” Audrey gasped. “Dad can fuck me.... while I....plug your ass.”

“Sounds like an offer a girl shouldn’t refuse.” Amanda laughed as Jason slid back and watched his girls swap places.

No sooner was Audrey in position than Jason was sliding his painfully hard cock into her dripping cunt, pushing her forward until her face was resting against her mother’s butt. There wasn’t the slightest trace of inhibition as Audrey’s tongue started probing Amanda’s most private place, and she continued licking and probing until her tongue slid inside. She experienced tastes and scents that were raw and earthy but not unpleasant as she continued to explore, her mind rejoicing in such a primal connection. “That’s it honey.” Jason encouraged. “Get your tongue deep into that dirty slut’s ass. You’re such a good cunt aren’t you, such a good little fuck-whore.”

Audrey nodded. “MMMMM!!!” She attempted to reply, wiggling her hips to reinforce her agreement.

“Suck it baby. Suck that dirty bitch and see if you can make her cum while I fuck your perfect little cunt. Does my cock feel good? Can you feel how deep I can fuck you now? You are one sweet little fuck honey. I so get off fucking your pussy!”

He continued driving deep inside her, finding it just that little bit easier every time he took her. He couldn’t see clearly, but the position of Audrey’s head suggested she must have had her tongue deep inside Amanda by now. She pulled back and gave Jason a quick smile, pouring a long stream of lube across her mother’s now wide open hole. Thankfully the larger plug was within reach, and Jason started fucking Audrey harder as she struggled to slide the large plug into Amanda’s waiting ass. It must have been close to impossible for Audrey to concentrate as Jason was thrusting firmly as his climax drew closer, and a mixture of erotic grunts and groans echoed around the room as each body was totally involved in sensations of increasing lust. Audrey’s perfect cunt clamped firmly around Jason’s cock as she came and came hard. With a gasping breath she slammed the plug home to a wail of delight or pain, she had no idea which, from Amanda as her body was stuffed to capacity. Jason’s balls were firing little electric shocks and he came, groaning loud and long as his seed rapidly filled Audrey’s clenching pussy to capacity, the excess flowing freely down his balls and forming a growing pool on the floor.

As if it were rehearsed the movement stopped and silence reigned as spent bodies rested in the afterglow of a feast of indulgent fucking. Jason could feel his heart thudding as his cock slowly shrank and finally slid free, thankfully allowing him to find a chair to rest on. Audrey was lying half over Amanda, both bodies rising and falling with steady replenishing breaths. They stayed like that for some time, the minutes ticking past until each felt they were ready to move. “OMG.” Audrey said softly to nobody in particular. “OMFG! Daddy, fucking you is something really special, but with Mom here as well? It’s good it nearly makes me want to cry. It’ totally different....and....oh fuck, I can’t find the right words.”

Jason smiled softly. “I know how you feel princess, and I’m not sure I could find the words either.”

“That was just fabulous.” Amanda added. “I’ve been such a complete fool. I’d forgotten how good it feels to do something like that, and now I can’t believe I allowed that to happen. One thing I’m sure of, I won’t make that mistake again!”

Jason stumbled over and kissed her perspiring forehead. “You’ll never know how happy I am to hear you say that.”

To his surprise she laughed softly. “Actually, I think I have a fair idea.”

He stood and stretched, easing tight muscles as he moved. “Well ladies, I think you’ve had the best of me tonight so I’m heading for bed. Same time same place tomorrow?”

Audrey gave him a sexy smirk. “Could be Daddy, but we’ll have to come up with some new games to play before then won’t we Mom?” Amanda grinned and nodded as she carefully climbed down. “After all, we can’t have you getting bored.”

Jason laughed heartily. “Like that’s going to happen!” And with that they headed off to bed.

The next few weeks felt as though a breath of fresh air had blown through the house, with Amanda keeping her promise to spend more time with Jason and Audrey, both of whom thoroughly enjoyed her new sense of focus. There was still the occasional late meeting or crisis that had to be dealt with, but now this normally saw Amanda rushing home in the hope there was still time for some private pleasure before bedtime beckoned. Audrey seemed to be maturing every day, rapidly leaving the young girl behind and becoming a confident young woman in every respect. Amanda took her off the doctor and took care of the birth control issue, leaving her worry-free about being with her father.

Jason had wondered if a sense of jealousy would develop between his girls, though so far they both seemed more than happy to share time with him and each other. Amanda had encouraged Audrey to explore bi-sex, and enjoyed the opportunity to satisfy her own latent desires that had lain dormant for so many years. In many cases they insisted Jason sit back and play the voyeur as they pleasured each other, the level of lust building to the point that a variety of dildos and other sex toys were regularly used now. Recently they had watched a porn movie together which saw Audrey fist Amanda’s oozing pussy while simultaneously sucking intently on her rigid clit. Amanda has dissolved into a massive cum that saw Audrey’s face dripping with slick juices, before Jason couldn’t wait a second longer and slammed his cock deep in Audrey’s ass before he fucked her until his cum was running freely from her gaping hole.

The only unresolved issue was Jason and Audrey’s involvement with Amy and Tracey, and they spoken about getting this final secret out in the open several times, but failed to agree how they could do so without jeopardising things just when they were going so well. On the way home from school Audrey had told him Amy and Tracey were extremely keen for a repeat of their previous sleepover, and regularly asked if Amanda had a trip planned anytime soon. “Amy’s been wearing her butt plug every dad Daddy.” Audrey told him one afternoon as they drove home. “She wanted me to tell you that she really wants your cock in her ass next time, that is, if there’s going to be a next time?”

Jason had wondered about that several times as things were so much better with Amanda now, but he was still having extremely pleasant mental flashbacks to his previous weekend with Audrey’s wanton girlfriends. “That’s a tough one Audrey.” He readily acknowledged. “There’s a part of me that says I’d be crazy to do anything that would jeopardise things now, but that was such an amazing weekend there’s another part that tells me to go for it.”

“Yeah, I feel that way too.” Audrey agreed. “Things are much better with Mom now, but spending the weekend fucking with Amy and Tracey was so hot I’m keen to see what a second visit would be like.” Jason nodded in agreement, as her feelings mirrored his own. “The other thing she wanted me to tell you is that her Dad’s cock just isn’t doing it for her anymore, and she thinks you’ve spoiled sex for her....unless you’re the one fucking her! And, she wanted to know if you’ve come up with some kinky games to play with her.”

He felt his cock stirring at that exciting prospect. “I’ve come up with a few new things we could try, but I get the feeling you know something I don’t. Is there anything you want to share with me honey?”

Audrey blushed brightly so Jason knew he was onto something, but had no idea what. “Umm.... maybe....but it might be easier if I show you. Do you want watch a movie when we get home?”

“If it’s one of your special ones I’m all for it.” He replied earnestly.

“Ok, but....I’m not sure if you’ll like this one. It’s....pretty far out.” She replied.

“Well there’s only one way we’ll find out isn’t there?”

They arrived home, hurried inside and Audrey grabbed her tablet and plugged it into the TV. The movie was completely different to others they had seen, as the opening titles came up in a foreign language that Jason figured was probably German. The movie clearly had a bigger budget than the normal porno, as it was set in a stately home and the characters were extremely well dressed, but other than that it started off fairly normally and before long women were sucking on cocks before they slid inside pussies and asses. Jason found the foreign language a little disconcerting as he had no idea what they were saying, but that soon passed when the real action started. A muscular man slid his cock into a woman’s mouth, but instead of thrusting into her throat he held it there for a few seconds, and then started pissing. Rivers of urine filled the woman’s mouth until they flowed down her body, soaking her sheer blouse until it was virtually transparent as she knelt in a growing pool of piss. When he had finished she showed him her mouthful, before swallowing lustily. Before Jason could comprehend what he was watching they reversed positions, and she squatted over him before soaking him with her own golden flow. If that wasn’t enough the camera panned to another couple, where the man lay on his back as a woman lowered her ass onto his cock, and once he was safely inside her she lay back and started pissing over his legs. Other characters walked into shot, and soon rivers of golden urine were flowing over bodies wherever he looked.

In dumbfounded shock he glanced over at Audrey, whose eyes were half closed as she slid three fingers into her glistening cunt. “Do you....mean to tell me....that Amy is into that?” He whispered incredulously. “Does she get off.....pissing on people....and.....having them....piss on her?”

“Yes Daddy.” Audrey softly confirmed. “And....she’s not the only one.”

“You?” He asked in disbelief. “ that too?”

She blushed and nodded. “It’s kinky stuff like this that gets me really hot Daddy.”

“No way.” He half shouted. “No fucking way! And what about Tracey? Is she into that as well?”

“Not so much, but she’s played around with us a little.” Audrey confessed. “She’s fine with it on her pussy and tits, but she doesn’t really like it on her face or in her mouth so much.”

He shook his head in wonderment. “My God. I’m really struggling to believe this.”

“I’m sorry Daddy, is it a turn off for you? I hadn’t shown you this before because I didn’t know if you’d be into stuff like this.”

“I don’t know if it works for me or not honey. But it’s one hell of a shock!” He acknowledged. “I had no idea you girls were into things that like this.”

“I guess we’re just keen to try things and see how we feel about them Dad.” Audrey stated simply. “It’s really like you said when they stayed over before, if we try something and don’t like it we just move onto something else. If we find we enjoy it then we can explore it further. Amy did hint that she was pretty kinky.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but this isn’t what I had in mind.”

“She really goes off when we play piss games Daddy, I think you’d be amazed....she just....goes completely out of control!”

“” Jason whispered, realizing his cock with dribbling precum. He picked her up effortlessly and put her on her knees on the floor before almost tearing his clothes from his body. She smiled up at him as she watched him wrap his hand around his proud cock and move forward, opening her mouth as he slid past her lips. With weeks of practise she could deep-throat him easily now and he slid deeper, feeling the exquisite sensation of her throat opening in acceptance. Her revelations coupled with watching the on-screen action had him harder than he had been for days, and he fucked her face firmly from the start. She folded her hands behind her back and allowed him complete freedom, sensing that it wouldn’t be long until his seed was flowing freely inside or over her body, wherever he chose to put it. “So you really like it too? Do you get off having someone piss on your face?” He growled.

“Mmmm.” She groaned with smallest compliant nod.

“In your mouth?” He asked incredulously. “Do you actually like having someone piss in your mouth?”

“MMMMM!” She replied with another tiny nod.

“And you’ve pissed on Amy too? Over her face and her body?”

“MMMFFFF!!!” Was the enthusiastic response.

“Then how about this?” He almost shouted. “I’m going to fuck your sweet face until I’m ready to blow, and then I’m going to pull out and cum all over your slut face. Then I’ll take you outside and throw you on the ground and piss all over you. Would you like that cunt? Do you want Daddy’s piss all over your body?”

“MMMMM! MMFFFF!!!” She nodded again, so enthusiastically she almost lost her hold on his cock as he slid back before driving back inside her throat. Her hand moved and started thrusting into her pussy, ravaging her cunt in time with him fucking her face.

“You little slut. You fucking depraved cock-whore.” He growled as he thrust harder and deeper. “You fucking piss-bitch. I can’t believe what a dirty little cunt you are, but I’m fucking loving it! Oh God....Oh FUCK! HERE....IT.....COMES!!!”

He whipped his cock back and just had time to get his hand around it when the first pulsing spray shot from his tip, spraying firmly across her expectant face. Spray after powerful spray shot forward, covering her face and hair with glistening trails as he continued cumming. Her eyes remained open as she smiled in encouragement, until his diminishing flow dropped to leave creamy beads running down her breasts toward her busy fingers. Before she could cum he crouched down and scooped her up in his strong arms, striding purposefully toward the door before he slid it open and carried her outside. He picked out a patch of grass and almost dropped her on it, growling that she should lay back on the warm ground. “Convince me you want this you dirty little cunt!” He growled.

She smiled up at him. “You know I want it Daddy, so go ahead, piss on me. Piss all over your little slut!”

Thankfully his cock had partially softened, and he stood over her was he willed himself to let go. Surprisingly it was harder than he expected, and it took a few seconds before the first hesitant stutter trickled from his slit. As always, he had drunk plenty of water through the day to keep his hydration levels up, and once he finally got started his golden piss streamed from his cock. His first spray hit her chest and pooled in her tiny belly button before dribbling down onto the ground. An adjustment to his aim saw her tits running in yellow juice before he lifted higher and sent a stream across her pursed lips. A knowing look passed between them as she opened her mouth, and he resumed by sending a stream into her mouth before managing to pause again. She nodded and he released the remainder of his flow all over her face and hair until golden rivulets ran down her skin and the air was heavy with the salty aroma of a relieved bladder. When his final drips hung suspended from his glans he took a handful of her saturated hair and dragged her lips back to his totally spent cock, making it clear he expected her to clean him with her mouth, which she did with enthusiastic passion.

He was still boiling with lust, unable to believe what had just taken place despite witnessing it first hand. He helped her to her feet and lay in the pool of drying liquid on the ground. “Your turn.” He barked simply.

She stood over him, her skin gleaming with the remnants of her piss bath as she stretched her soaking labia and exposed her moist pussy to his hedonistic stare. “Anywhere you don’t want it?” She enquired simply, her smile growing even wider when he shook his head.

Just as it had for him, it took a few seconds for her to get started, and her first gushing spray drenched his cock and balls. He had never seen a woman pissing before and was surprised she could easily adjust her aim by moving her hands and hips, and she walked her golden rain up his body to cover his chest before taking a step forward and drenching his face. He stayed still allowing her fluids to run down his body, content to have her spray wherever she chose. As the final drips hung suspended from her labia and fingers he hesitated for a moment, before thrusting his face against her dripping cunt. She gasped as his tongue slid inside her and he drank her remaining fluids, his need overwhelming as he ground against her and licked and sucked every residual drop. Her hands took hold of his head, partially in encouragement but also to ensure her legs didn’t give way as he devoured her. She was gasping and shaking as he drove her body to state of blissful release, the flavours on his palate changing from a salty tang to a smoother, sweeter sensation. Again and again he brought her to shuddering climax, until she desperately pushed him back before collapsing in his arms.

Finally satisfied he rested for a moment, before picking her up and walking carefully into the pool with her arms still locked around his neck. He immersed their bodies in the clear water, allowing the gentle movement to rinse them clean before she whispered she was ok, and they enjoyed a leisurely swim as they washed away the remaining evidence of their indulgent sex play. Audrey dove down to the bottom of the pool, surfacing in front of him and tilting her head back to clear her hair from her smiling face. “That was really, really erotic Daddy! Did you....enjoy it too?”

He grinned back as she wrapped her hands around his neck again, and he felt her legs slip around his waist below the surface. “It was fucking amazing. I just go so hot I think I completely lost it for a while. I’ve never done that before, ME!”

She smiled coyly. “So, do you think you might want to have some fun with Amy like that?”

“If she’s up for it....then count me in.” He laughed.

At that point the sliding door opened and Amanda walked over with a curious half-smile on her face. “I’ve just spent ten minutes watching an interesting movie you two left running. Is there anything you want to tell me?” She asked as she slipped off her shoes and sat on the edge of the pool.

Audrey blushed again but Jason decided he’d answer his wife’s question. “Our daughter confessed to an.....interest in water sports honey, so we’ve been experimenting with that if you want an honest answer.”

Amanda looked a little shocked at his candid response. “Really? You’ve been.....pissing on each other? Oh my God! Ummmm.....that’s kind of kinky isn’t it? was it?”

“I think you could say we enjoyed ourselves.” Jason laughed easily. “But, we understand if it’s not to your taste honey, it was pretty wild.”

“I’m not sure if I could come at that.” Amanda replied. “I mean, it was interesting to watch, but I don’t know if I could it.”

“That’s ok Mom.” Audrey added. “It’s one those things I have to be in the mood for. I just found the movie by accident....and....I guess I just got curious.”

“You’re a wild child honey.” Amanda replied. “I don’t know where you come up with these ideas, especially ones like that. Look, I have some bad news. I’ve tried to keep my work commitments under control, but I have to go away tomorrow and I’ll be away until next Tuesday. I’m really sorry, but I did say things like this would still happen.”

Jason and Audrey exchanged knowing glances before he looked back at Amanda waiting anxiously for his reaction. “Things have been going really well and we both know how much of an effort you’re been making, so you go and do what you have to and we’ll be right here when you get back, ok?”

“Are you sure it’s ok? I don’t want to fuck things up just when they’re going so well.”

“It’s honestly fine.” He assured her. “We knew this would happen so we’ll find some way not to miss you too much.”

“Sure will Mom.” Audrey added. “I’ll take good care of Daddy while you’re gone.”

Amanda gave her daughter a knowing smile. “That’s what worries me. Just don’t wear him out before I get back, ok?”

Audrey laughed loudly. “No promises there, Mom!”

With that settled they climbed out of the pool and found some towels to dry off. Audrey looked at Amanda while she towelled her hair dry. “Mom, I was actually going to ask if Amy and Tracey could come over for a sleepover this weekend. Would that be ok with you seeing as you’re going away?”

“That’s really up to your Dad sweetheart, seeing as he’ll have to supervise you.” Amanda suggested.

Audrey turned to Jason with a pleading smile, acting the part with consummate skill. He shrugged his shoulders trying to make sure his naked cock didn’t give the game away. “If it’s ok with their parents it’s fine with me. I didn’t have anything special planned.”

“Cool!” Audrey replied happily. “I’ll go text them now.”

Audrey skipped inside to get her cell and text her friends, and Jason felt a familiar stirring just below his waist at the prospect of another weekend with a trio of extremely willing nymphs. He took Amanda’s hand and led her inside, pushing her forward until she was resting on the kitchen bench before he flipped her skirt up and slid her lacy panties down. She giggled in delight. “My, someone’s anxious aren’t they?”

“Seeing as you’re going away and I won’t have this hot body to enjoy, I don’t want to waste any time.” He replied as he slid his cock inside her already moist pussy.

She relaxed down onto the cool surface before reaching back to pull her butt cheeks apart, a soft groan echoing around the room as she felt herself open. “Did you and Audrey...really piss on each other?” She whispered.

“We sure did.” He laughed as he continued fucking her strongly. “And it was incredible. I have no idea where she comes up with ideas like that, but she is one very broad-minded young lady.”

“If you ever....decide to do it you think I could watch you?” She stammered. “I don’t know.....if I’d want to join in....but I have to admit I got a little worked up watching the movie. I think it’d be....really watch it for real.”

“No problem.” He assured her. “If you just want to watch that’s fine with me, and I’m sure Audrey would be ok with it too.”

He could feel her heat increasing, as though the friction of his working cock was bringing her juices close to boiling point. She stretched out on the table, relaxing as he continued fucking her steadily until she shivered through an easy cum. “I so needed that!” She whispered. “You have no idea how hard it’s going to be to go away, knowing what you and our sexy daughter are getting up to.”

He laughed easily. “Then make sure you let me know when you’re coming home and I’ll rest up so that I can make it up to you.”

“That’s so sweet, and I’ll do exactly that. Now fuck me stud, fuck me good and hard and give me something to remember until I get home.”

He drove deep inside her, enjoying the comfortable feel of her body as it embraced his cock. He briefly wondered how she would react to witnessing another piss session, and whether she would be unable to resist joining in until rivers of golden liquid ran down her flesh. Jason felt it was a likely scenario, and his cock grew even firmer thinking about it. He realized he was sweating freely and his climax wasn’t far away, so he thrust harder until his balls were slapping against her flesh. “Oh yeah, that’s what I need honey.” She encouraged. “Give it to me hard lover. I’m so ready for a cunt-full of cum!”

“Then....take....this!” He growled as his cock started spurting firmly inside her. Her flesh wrapped around his and bore down, ensuring he wouldn’t slip free and providing additional stimulation, not that it was needed. His large hands gripped her hips firmly and pulled her back, holding his spurting cock exactly where they both wanted it as his balls drained, neither moving as he filled her primal cavity.

“Ohhhh.....YES!” Amanda hissed. “Fill that cunt Jason. SO FUCKING GOOD!” She used her body to push him back, crouching down as took his spent cock and jammed it into her mouth, her lips and tongue subjecting him to blissful pleasure as she cleaned every inch carefully. Finally satisfied she sat back on her haunches and smiled up at him. “I love the way you taste after fucking me. It’s so hot!”

He gave her a satisfied smile as he helped her stand, wrapping his arms around her before kissing her deeply. “And I love everything we do babe, every...fucking...thing!”

With a little reluctance she suggested dinner would be a good idea, so they headed for the kitchen to get the evening meal underway before she had to pack for her trip. Audrey came bouncing in happily and announced Amy and Tracey would love to sleepover, asking if they could pick Tracey up on Saturday morning as both her parents were busy and wouldn’t be able to bring her over until mid afternoon. Jason assured her that was no problem, so they enjoyed dinner before Amanda headed off to pack for her early flight the next day.

Audrey ensured Amanda was well out of earshot before updating Jason on the girls weekend visit. “Amy and Tracey as so excited Daddy, they can’t wait for Saturday.”

“Why don’t we tease Amy a little?” He laughingly suggested. “You can tell her tomorrow I’ve come up with some seriously dirty games I want to play with her, but I wouldn’t give you a clue what I have in mind.”

She laughed happily. “You’ll have her climbing the walls in frustration Dad. I’m gonna tell her for sure.”

“Mom wants to know if she can watch us next time you want a golden shower.”

“Really?” She whispered in amazement. “I didn’t know if she’d go for something kinky like that.”

“She’s not sure if she actually wants to do it, but she seems real keen to watch it for real.”

“I guess we’ll have to put on a show when she gets back then.” Audrey said without a trace of reservation.

Jason envied the uninhibited nature of one so young, and how prepared she was to try anything and everything. When he extended that to include Amy’s fervent wish that he come up with some dirty games to play, his cock started to grow in anticipation.

He needed to focus on more mundane tasks, so he brewed some coffee and took two cups up the bedroom to see how Amanda was going. She was almost finished, just adding some final clothing to her bag. She accepted the cup with a grateful smile. “What time is your flight?” He asked.

“Early!” She groaned. “Six thirty flight so I’ll have to be up around five, which isn’t the kind of start to a day that I enjoy. At least this job looks easier than the last one.”

“Yeah, that was tough.” He agreed, though both silently acknowledged the aftermath wasn’t much fun either.

“Do you think you’ll cope with a houseful of girls for the weekend?” She enquired.

“Sure.” He nodded. “Amy and Tracey are no trouble, so I’ll just keep half an eye on them and leave them to have some fun. Who knows, I may get a chance just to laze around the pool and soak up some sun.”

“You’re not making me feel any better.” She laughed with a wry smile.

“Sorry.” He apologised. “I guess we’d better have an early night if you’ve got to be up that early.”

She agreed so they went and said goodnight to Audrey, enjoying a pleasant shower together before heading for bed.

He got up with Amanda the following morning and joined her for breakfast, just loading the plates in the dishwasher when the cab driver tapped his horn briefly. The first traces of dawn were breaking when they walked out the door and she held him for a while, seemingly reluctant to break their embrace. “I’m really going to miss you and Audrey, but I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“We’ll be right here honey, so you get it done and come back when you can.” He replied, and she stepped into the cab and waved until it drove out of sight.

Jason took Audrey to school and picked her up that afternoon, delighted to hear she had passed his teasing message to Amy, who had hounded her all day for more details. “Poor little slut is going crazy Dad.” Audrey laughed as they drove.

The stopped off at the mall and picked up food, soda and alcohol for the weekend, before Audrey seriously suggested he have the night off and rest up for the weekend. “What?” He exclaimed in disbelief. “Mom’s gone away and you don’t want to fuck?”

She stroked his thigh slowly. “Of course I want to fuck, silly! But I think this could be a....very physical weekend and I want to make sure you can handle the three of us. Things took a while to get started last time, and somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Jason could see the sense in that so he reluctantly agreed, and they had a very relaxing evening watching TV and talking until it was time for bed. At least he had Audrey’s warm body beside him for company, so he resisted the temptation to make love to her and held her in his arms as he drifted away.

They were sitting down to breakfast when Audrey’s cell chimed, and she grinned as she read the message. “Tracey says she’s ready and wants to know what time we’ll pick her up.” Audrey laughed.

Jason glanced at his watch. “Talk about keen.” He replied, just as his cell buzzed. He picked it up and checked the screen, bursting into laughter as he passed the phone over to Audrey who read the message out loud.

“And when I say I’m ready, I’M SO READY!!!”

“You’re better at messaging than me.” Jason grinned, still trying to contain his amusement. “Tell her we’ll be on the way in five.”

Audrey’s fingers flew across the screen and she hit the send icon, and the phone buzzed a few seconds later so she held it up for Jason to read. “Why so long???” It said.

They were both still laughing as they climbed into his pickup and accelerated up the street. Tracey must have been peering through the window, because she was locking the door and throwing her bag in the back before the car stopped in her drive. She had dressed to impress, wearing a simple yellow sundress with spaghetti straps and a plunging rear, complimented by a stylish pair of white heels. The movement of her breasts made it clear that if she had a bra for the weekend, it was tucked away in her bag. “Thanks so much for coming to pick me up Daddy!” She gushed.

“No problem Tracey.” Jason replied. “I told you I’d be happy to come and get you if you couldn’t get a ride over.”

“And I’m soooo glad you did.” She replied. “You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this. Listen, do you feel like pizza for dinner tonight? If that young guy is working I’ll bet I can get dinner for free!”

They all laughed at the memory of Andrew delivering their pizzas, and almost dropping them when Tracey answered the door in her see-through top. “My God.” Audrey gasped hysterically. “I so hate your tits!”

Tracey wasn’t the least concerned. “Tell someone who cares girlfriend. Daddy loves ‘em!”

“And that is the absolute truth.” Jason gasped as he struggled to concentrate on driving.

They were interrupted when Audrey’s cell rang and she fished it out of her bag and answered the call. “Hi Amy. What? We weren’t expecting you for an hour or so. Ok. Yeah, we’ve picked Tracey up and we should be there in five minutes. Sure. See you soon!” She ended the call and smiled at Jason. “That was Amy. She and her Mom are at our place wondering where we are.”

He glanced at his watch and shook his head. “I wish you girls could get your timing organised. A man could get the idea you’re all real keen to get started on something.”

He pulled up kerbside so that Jenny could back out when she was ready to go, and they all hurried over. “Sorry Jenny.” He apologised. “Audrey told me you weren’t coming over until later and Tracey needed a ride.”

“Don’t apologise Jason.” Jenny smiled. “Amy originally told me around ten, but she’s been driving me crazy all morning. I figured if anyone got it wrong it wouldn’t be you.”

“All good then.” He assured her. “Time for a coffee?”

“Not this time, but maybe tomorrow when I pick her up?”

“That’d be fine, we’ll see you then.”

She kissed her daughter goodbye and headed off up the street.

They raced inside and Jason locked the door as the girls rushed off to Audrey’s room. They were back in a few minutes, after they had all changed into something completely inappropriate for anywhere other than inside the privacy of the house. All wore attractive heels, tiny skirts that concealed very little and sheer tops that, in Tracey’s case in particular, displayed their budding chests to full advantage.

“Fuck me.” Jason whispered as his gaze moved slowly over each firm body. “I swear you girls get sexier every day!”

Amy walked over and kissed him, slowly at first but then with increasing lust and passion. “I think it’s more like fuck us, and thank you. We dressed to please you, you know.”

“I get that.” He assured her. “And I really appreciate it.”

She turned her back and slowly bent forward at the waist until her fingertips touched the floor, her tiny skirt rising slowly to proudly display the butt plug stretching her tight ass. “I’ve been wearing this every day Daddy, and I’m ready for you to take my anal virginity whenever you want it.” She teased. “And your slutty little daughter teased me so bad yesterday, but I’m sure you know that already. So when are you going to tell me about the dirty games you want to play this time?”

His cock was standing proud and firm, creating a tent in his shorts that would have looked ridiculous in other circumstances. “Soon baby, soon.” He assured her.

He was distracted when Tracey turned her back and bent forward, displaying a unique pair of tiny panties. “Do you like my knickers Daddy?” She said as she spread her legs to provide a clearer view. They consisted of nothing more than two pieces of elastic joining a waistband, one on each side of her labia with nothing between them. “I cut the fabric out of them so you can fuck me while I’m still wearing them if you like. Have you ever fucked a girl who still had her panties on?” She teased huskily.

“Never. But I like that idea....a whole lot!” He said, temporarily overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of sex that was on open display. “This is going to be one serious weekend of fucking. Who’d like a glass of champagne to start?”

A chorus of happy agreement saw him take a bottle from the refrigerator and pop the cork, and they headed outside for some sun. Jason took a sip of champagne and Audrey placed a full glass of soda beside it, winking at him briefly. “You need to keep your fluids up Daddy, I think you could sweat a lot today.”

He thanked her and drained the glass, knowing that when he felt the need to relieve himself he wouldn’t have to go inside. “You’re right honey.” He grinned at Audrey. “Would you top me up again, and maybe bring the bottle back?”

She happily complied as he slid his shorts down and sat back, enjoying the gentle breeze on his skin as he gazed around before deciding to start with Tracey and her magnificent young breasts. “Hey Tracey, why don’t you bring those unbelievable tits over here?”

She grinned happily and walked over, clearly anxious to see how he wanted to start the weekend. As she stood beside him he uncapped a bottle of lube, pouring a thick bead into his palm before handing her the bottle. “I’m going to get you ready, and you’re going to do the same for me.” He said simply. “Then I want you to straddle my cock and lower yourself slowly down until I’m all the way inside your hot little cunt. Then those fabulous breasts and my face are going to have a fantastic time. How does that sound?”

He started massaging her pussy gently as she breathlessly replied. “I think that sounds absolutely perfect Daddy.” Then she crouched down and squeezed a bead of lube along the length of his cock, and used her hand to carefully ensure every tiny crevice was covered. She was already wet to his touch, and it only took a minute to ensure her glistening pussy was slick with lube while she worked down to his ball sac.

She lifted a slim leg and straddled him, finding it difficult to grip her slippery labia and pull them back as he pointed his cock at the intended target. She gasped softly as she felt their flesh connect, before she lowered slowly downward and they both savoured the feel of a tight, teenage cunt stretching around a rigid cock. “Oh God Daddy, I’ve missed this so much. You have no idea how many nights I’ve laid in my bed, rubbing and fingering myself trying to make it feel like this. But nothing feels as good as having your incredible cock in my cunt. This is heaven!”

He glanced over at Amy and Audrey, sitting side-by-side on the adjoining lounge as each slowly stroked the others’ pussy, watching Tracey’s pussy stretch to accommodate Jason’s impressive cock until it disappeared from sight. “Ahhhh.” Tracey hissed. “Oh yes Daddy, that’s what your little slut needs.”

He put his hand behind her back and drew her toward him until her hard nipple was an inch from his mouth, and then he opened and took it inside. Her cunt clenched tightly around him as his tongue flicked her hard flesh, and again as she felt his lips lock around the tiny base. He wasn’t surprised when she came the second his teeth applied modest pressure, her heat so intense that her cum almost felt cool. She remained still, content to have him inside her without moving as they both focused on her acutely sensitive nipples. He moved from one to other, giving each a brief period of decadent attention until it was time to change. The pressure of his lips and teeth gradually increased, which provided a simultaneous escalation to the intensity of her seemingly endless ability to orgasm. One cum followed the other as he drove her body to the point she felt she would dissolve into a pool of steaming liquid, until she breathlessly begged him to stop. “No...more....please! rest...for a minute.”

He released her nipple and kissed her slender neck. “But I haven’t filled your cunt with cum yet honey.”

“MMMM!!! Couldn’t.....take” She murmured through partially pursed lips as she somehow found the strength to lift her body up and collapse on the lounge beside him. “So...good. Too....fucking...good!”

Realizing she was serious he gave the peace her body craved, and locked lustful eyes with Amy. “You said you wanted to get dirty this time, so how about we start with a deep, stretching ass fuck honey?”

“Fuck yeah!” Amy enthused, forgetting about stroking Audrey’s pussy as she hurriedly stood. “Where do you want me Daddy?”

“Bent over that table will do just fine.” He assured her as he watched her move into position. “Now, reach back and take good hold of tight little cheeks and pull them as far apart as they’ll go.” He inverted the bottle of lube and squeezed a thick bead into the top of her ass crack, watching it slide down until it pooled around the stem of the plug. Gripping the base of the plug he rotated it slowly, smearing the lube around her sphincter before he started easing it back. He body was reluctant to release its captive toy, but finally allowed it slip free leaving a gaping hole behind. His cock was firm an oozing precum from his slit as he carefully lined up his shaft, and pushed forward before her muscle could close.

His drooling cock-head slid inside her, stretching her even further than the plug had achieved. “SO BIG!” She gasped, as he paused when she had taken around two inches or so. “My God, so fucking big! You’ve ruined my sex life Daddy.”

That was a curious comment to make, so he called her on it. “How did I do that Amy?”

“My Daddy fucks me so nice, but his cock is so small by comparison to yours. Now, every time he fucks me, I keep thinking about how much better it feels when you do me. It’s so sad!”

Everyone laughed at her unusual confession, including Jason as he continued to work his cock deeper. “I don’t know what to say to that honey!” He acknowledged.

“Not much you can say Daddy.” She replied. “Just make sure you fuck me as hard and as often as you can, ok?”

He pushed forward, seeing almost half his slick shaft vanish past her ring of muscle. “Now that I can promise.” He assured her. She was applying as much effort as she could to hold herself open, giving him a grandstand view of their first ass fuck. She wasn’t quite as tight as his first time with Audrey, but the difference was very small.

“Feeling so good now Daddy.” She grinned. “Do you love fucking little girls in the ass? Does your cock get real hard and wet watching what you’re doing to me? I hope you have lots of filthy things planned for me this weekend, because I so want you to do everything!”

“You’ll soon find out Amy, but I can guarantee this is just the start.” He growled down as another inch found a hot, tight hiding place.

She started rocking back against him, working with him to force his probing cock deeper into her body. “That’s it Daddy, that’s really getting me hot now. Fuck my ass, please. Fuck my dirty virgin ass and pump some of that wonderful cum into my filthy little hole. Nice girls don’t do anal, so you’re lucky I’m such a cock-hungry little cunt!”

“No question about that.” He agreed as he started fucking her harder and deeper. “I know exactly how lucky I am to have three sexy little sluts wanting to share their bodies with me, so I’m going to show you a real good time this weekend. Right now I’m getting off watching my cock sliding in and out of your hot little ass, and seeing how far it’s stretching. Can you feel how hard my cock is now? I’m so hot to fuck you that I’m going to dump a huge load of cum in your dirty ass. Then I might make you suck it clean before I fuck someone else. Are you that dirty slut? Would you take my filthy cock in your mouth and suck is clean after I finish fucking your slut hole? I’ll bet Audrey and Tracey would get off seeing you do it?”

“Yes.” She hissed softly. “YES! If that’s what you want, I’ll do it!”

“You really are a dirty little slut.” He growled. “This is going to be a fucking awesome weekend! Now take my cock, you cunt. Take it hard and deep inside your whore hole!”

His cock was driving deep inside her with little care if she was comfortable or not. Her body was writhing on the table, pivoting from the point where his pumping shaft impaled her tiny body. “I love how you talk dirty to me Daddy. Come on...fuck your whore! Fuck your nasty little slut deep in the ass, pump me full of cum, then jam your cock in my mouth and make me suck it clean! Yeah Daddy, I’m a cheap slut whore that will do anything you fucking want! Ahhhh....ARRGGHHH!!!”

A gush of cum pumped from her quivering pussy and left trails oozing down her things. He inhaled deeply, enjoying her musky scent before he gripped her waist firmly and, with one final lunge, buried his cock balls-deep and started to unload. “UHHH.....FUUCCCKKKK!!!” He roared, his twitching balls pumping spurt after greasy spurt deep inside her. She came again as she felt her ass being filled with jizz, sensing each spurt until his quivering cock lay spent inside her. He gave her a minute to catch her breath before he slid easily free, picking up her plug and forcing it back in place to hold his greasy load inside her. Then he took a firm hold on her shoulders and dragged her body across the table until her head was lying down over the side. With fires of lust burning in his eyes he took a hold of his shaft and wiped it across her lips, seeing her smile dreamily as she opened her mouth. With a sense of disbelief he slid his soiled cock past her cherry lips, and closed his eyes in decadent delight as she started licking and sucking him clean.

Audrey appeared beside him, her face flushed from the erotic stimulation of what she was witnessing. “She is one wild child Daddy!” She hissed softly.

He grinned at her. “That’s for fucking sure!” He agreed, sliding his cock back and scooping her body up in his arms before he carried her off the paved area and lay her down on the grass. Audrey and Tracey followed, wondering what he was going to do next. He smiled at Audrey. “Why don’t you slip that wicked tongue of yours into Amy’s hot little fuck box honey?”

Audrey grinned in delight and went to work, lying on the grass between Amy’s lewdly spread legs as she ground her face into her friend’s still running cunt. Jason stood to one side and watched for a while, his spent cock in his hand as Audrey’s mouth worked on bringing Amy’s libido back to the boil. Tracey stood beside him, watching in awe as she took in every sight and sound. “I thought last time was hot Daddy, but this is so much better than that already!”

He gave her nipple a quick squeeze in response, before attracting Amy’s attention. “Hey slut! Remember when you asked me to think of some dirty new games we can play?” Amy’s eyes opened and she nodded enthusiastically. “Ok.” As he spoke the final word he released a short spray of glistening piss, aimed perfectly at Audrey’s face and Amy’s pussy. The liquid splashed over both girls but neither seemed the least concerned, Audrey moaning into Amy’s cunt as she felt the warm fluid running down her face. Tracey gasped in surprise and her eyes opened wide as Jason resumed pissing, walking his stream up Amy’s body until rivers of piss were running from her tits and pooling on the ground. His spray kept moving until he was pissing directly on her face and she opened her mouth wide, allowing his strong stream to fill it until the overflow ran from her lips. When he felt his bladder was almost empty he aimed higher still, until Amy’s dark hair was soaked from scalp to tip. A final shake saw the last tiny beads spatter across her face and body, and he was done.

Amy wiped the fluids from her eyes and opened wide, grinning up at Jason as she inhaled the salty aroma. “I think someone’s been telling tales Daddy.” She said softly, nodding down at Audrey who was trying to slip her tongue even deeper. “And I’m so glad they did. That was so fucking good!”

“You’re such a sick cunt Amy.” Tracey whispered. “I don’t know how you can get off doing things like that.”

“Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it girlfriend.” Amy advised simply, and then she lay back, pulled her labia to the sides, and pissed all over Audrey’s slippery face. Jason watched until her flow trickled to a stop, before pushing Tracey to the ground and spreading her legs, and he lay down beside his daughter and sucked Tracey’s cunt until she begged him to stop, his face saturated with several loads of teenage cunt-cream.

With everyone satisfied, for now at least, they rested for a while before diving into the pool to wash their bodies clean. Jason was the first to climb out and opened the large shade umbrella, draining another glass of soda before he sat back and sipped his champagne, loving the feeling of the alcohol coursing through his body and relaxing his muscles with the breeze on his skin.

Amy was next to climb the stairs and came straight over, lying beside Jason on his lounge and stroking his chest lazily. “That was so good Daddy, thank you so much! I can’t believe how hot I was when you said you were going to fuck my ass and make suck your cock clean. I mean, it was just so dirty but I so wanted to do it for you. And then you pissed on us while Audrey was eating my .....fucking amazing! She did tell you about my....interest in golden showers didn’t she?”

Jason smiled as recalled how that particular topic came up. “She actually ambushed me with a movie scene, and then she told me how much you....enjoyed it and that you girls had been experimenting. I’d never done it before, but I figured there was no harm in trying. Do you know why it gets you so hot?”

She giggled and shook her head. “No fucking idea.” She admitted easily. “Maybe it’s because my entire sex-life has been....unconventional. I mean, I’ve been fucking my Dad for years, but I just seem to get really excited about doing things most people don’t. I’ll give you an example. When I watched you fuck Audrey’s ass last time I got so hot I thought I was going to burst into flames, and I’m not exaggerating! Seeing you do that for real, I just knew I wanted to try it so bad!”

“And now that you’ve tried anal how do you feel about it?” He asked with genuine interest.

“Absolutely loved it.” She gushed. “If nice girls don’t do anal, I’m never going to be a nice girl!”

They laughed easily, watching Audrey and Tracey splashing around the pool until they finally stepped out and allowed the sun the slowly dry them off. Jason’s curiosity was piqued when Audrey called her over and they huddled together, occasionally glancing across at him as something was discussed, and finally agreed on. Audrey walked over with a sexy sway to her hips, picking up a chair that she sat on and then slid forward so her butt was just resting on the seat. “Daddy.” She said sweetly. “Why don’t you come over her, get down on your hands and knees, and show the girls what a sensational cunt-sucker you are?”

There was no reason to refuse a suggestion like that so he moved over, got down on his hands and knees, moving his head forward as she spread her legs for him. He started licking slowly up and down the length of her slit, tasting a mixture of perspiration and urine, and loving every sensation. As he became increasingly involved in making love to her with his mouth her felt a body touch his as someone crawled underneath him, before a moist pair lips slid up the length of his hanging cock. His shaft hardened quickly from the combined sensations of doing his best to get Audrey off, while someone else was doing the same to him. His slid his pointed tongue deeper and flicked it around her cavity, feeling her temperature rising to match his. Then he gasped as he felt a pair of small hands grip his butt cheeks and pull them apart, before a zephyr of breath tickled his sphincter and a moist kiss caressed his clenching hole. He gasped again as a pointed tongue flicked over his muscle, probing insistently as someone did their best to slide their slim pink tongue into his ass. He had no idea who owned the mouth sucking on his cock with increasing urgency, but felt the lips sliding further up his shaft until they brushed his ball sac. While he had no wish to gag the teasing the mouth, he was unable to stop his body pushing downward, trying to stuff more cock into whoever it was. The tongue probing his ass finally succeeded in relaxing him to the point of capitulation, and he opened to accept a primal probing for the first time in his entire life.

He was panting as he tried to focus on Audrey, succeeding to the point she grab two handfuls of hair and pulled his head forward as she came against him, a stream of cum bathing his face as continued to suck her tangy juices. He managed to pull back enough to locate her clit, and sucked it firmly until she came again. A finger slid past his sphincter and probed his prostate, but the tongue was still there as both worked to reduce him to a quivering mass of trembling nerves. Audrey came again, sighing softly as her fluids cascaded from her clenching cunt, and the mouth below him applied increasing pressure, his balls providing clear warning a major release was mere seconds away.

With a final grunt he came, pumping thick copious spurts firmly into the accepting mouth as he felt it suck and swallow, suck and swallow, draining every pearl of creamy cum. The tongue in his ass pushed deeper, as if it knew he was blowing his load with almost frightening force, and it was all he could do to rest his cheeks against Audrey’s thighs until he was spent, and unable to move.

Audrey’s hands stroked his head as the mouth below him finally released his spent cock and allowed the soft breeze to cool his overheated flesh. The tongue and finger slowly slid free from his ass, until gentle laughter reached his ears. “I think that’s what you call one fucked father.” Audrey happily suggested.

“I think he really got off having my tongue in his ass.” Amy giggled.

“That’s for sure.” Tracey agreed happily. “I think I just put on five pounds. He came so much I had trouble keeping up!”

“Hey Daddy.” Audrey teased. “How about a nice cum-bath for your hot little sluts?”

He groaned deeply, still rooted to the spot. “Maybe....later. Much....later!”

Audrey got to her feet and helped him stand, maintaining a firm grip on his arm as he wobbled unsteadily over and collapsed onto a lounge. She poured him a glass of soda and held it to his lips as he drank like a parched man found wandering a desert. She grinned round at her friends. “I think we’d better make lunch while we let Daddy rest for a while.”

“I think so. Maybe we’ll have to cook the barbecue today!” Tracey agreed, and they headed inside to the kitchen.

******************************* TO BE CONTINUED *********************************


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