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a brother and sister in need of money make a porn movie, part 2
part 2

I wrote this some time ago, I just forgot to publish it, have fun.


It had been a month since my sister Kathy and I had sex, it was for financial gain of course or we told ourselves that, we fucked on camera got paid and that was the end of it, our financial situation was still very bad, but that money had helped, we managed to pay some of our bills however we weren’t out of the woods yet.
We avoided each other but at the end it was not possible , we had to see each other for whatever reason, I think after about two weeks we were almost back to normal.
One day Kathy called me out of the blue and asked me to stop by her house after work, I did, the girls were there, we hanged out for a while until her dad came to pick them up, it was slow going but we were starting to get back on our feet, still we had a lot of bills to pay.
After the girls left Kathy told me the porn guy called.
“about?” I asked
“he wants us to do another video” she told me,
My heart started to race, I had to sit down
“Only this time he wants it to be a proper movie, with several cameras, director, and all those thing…”
I was silent, I just listen
“He said it would be big, and that he would pay us double “
10 000 dollars, now that was money, I was speech less
“we would only have to have sex with each other, and same rules as last time” she was so calm as she spoke
I didn’t answer, I was just thinking, did I want the money? Yes!, did I want to fuck my sister again?, of course..
“What do you think?” I asked her at last
“It’s a lot of money” she told me, I nodded
She stared at me for a couple of seconds and started to pace around the room, biting her nails “are you willing? “she finally asked
“to have sex with you , in front of strangers, for money?” I responded
“yes” she answered
we stared at each other in silence for what seemed forever
“all right” I agreed
“all right then, I´ll call the guy”
Fuck and that was it, I was going to have sex with my sister once again. What was I thinking!
That week I couldn’t sleep, my mind was spinning
After a couple of days I went back to Kathy’s house, we made small talk and she told me about the date and the place we had to go to make the movie, she explained that we would be given a and that we would have sex, we stared silently at each other for some time without saying anything
“are you ok?” my sister asked me
I nodded
Finally the day came and we went together to the address the porn guy had given us, it was at some industrial zone, I had never been there.
An Asian chick met us at the door; she was very nice looking, very petit with super black hair and a pretty face
“you´re the brother and sister right?” she asked , with a little accent
“yes…” I stuttered
“I can tell, you do look alike” she answered
I stood silent
She put a hand in front of us and said “ I’m the assistant of ….everything, there’s a door to the right, take all your clothes of and put them in one of the lockers, there’s a bathroom with a shower, do what you have to do and then put a bathrobe some slippers and walk to the set, leave your underwear on, you will probably need an outfit for the scene, it will be provided, there is a but it’s not Shakespeare so don’t worry, the director or I will feed you any lines if needed, do not make a sound, do not talk to the other talents and wait until you are called… any questions?”
“Uhm, how long will it take … for you know… “ I asked her
“Don’t know, but it will be today!, be patient, it’s a porn movie, it’s all amateurs, however some requests where made” she responded in a very professional way.
“we didn’t know we had to act “Kathy asked
“like I said it’s not Shakespeare and no one is winning an academy award for their performance , I’ll try to get you a copy of the lines but don’t worry “
We both nodded and she pointed us towards the door.
Once inside Kathy started to shake, we were both a little scared, “keep it together” she said , “relax” she repeated, pacing around the room and biting her nails, I guess she was saying it more for herself than for me, it was a shitty little room but it was clean, we both started to undress, I was staring at her as she did it and she was staring at me. We didn’t speak.
“ are you nervous? She got close to me
“I am, I just hope I can get it up, I’ve never had sex in front of other people” I was scared shitless I just didn’t want my sister to know.
“Yeah, that’s two of us, I also never expected to be making a porn movie with my brother and here I am”- she started to laugh –“and besides you´re a professional porn star now”
I laughed as well “you’re right!, don’t worry ill fuck you good”
“That’s my little brother, making me proud” we both finished putting our robes on and got out of the dressing room and walked towards the lights
We walked onto the set, I had never seen one, it was like a half apartment, it had a fake bathroom, with a bathtub , a fake kitchen with a table a fridge and some chairs and a fake bed room, a small living area with a sofa and a TV, some bookshelf’s ,according to porn guy Gus the only people in there would be the actors , the director, two camera guys and two girls one to handle the boom, and one to for illumination , even Gus wouldn’t be allowed to be there, it was very secret and very private, one of the things he had told us was that once we were on board there was no going back it was a one time opportunity , we had to keep our mouths shut about what we saw because it was very underground and illegal, and to top it the movie had to be made in one day, one of the main reasons was to cut costs, making this kind of movie was very, very expensive , so it was all or nothing. Me and Kathy were all in.
The Asian chick came to meet us, there were some people around, in bath robes and sitting on chairs around the set, it was dark so you couldn’t make them out right.
She spoke quietly “they just wrapped the father and daughter, it took more than expected, a lot more, the old fart was giving us hell and it was a complicated shoot, were doing the mother and son, then we´ll do you guys”
“All right” Kathy said “what do we do in the mean time”
She pointed towards two chairs on the side and said” sit, watch and don’t make a peep, don’t move because if this take doesn’t work we´ll call you, and the director is in terrible mood, as a matter of fact we all are”
We didn’t say anything and went to where we were told.
Kathy set next to me and moved the chair closer to my side, she was shivering, somehow I was feeling more relaxed. On my right I could make out two persons, one was an older gentleman maybe around 40 or 50 and next to him was a not very attractive girl with a couple of extra pounds blond, maybe around 25, I couldn’t tell, I assumed it was the father and daughter because they both looked pissed and arguing in a low voice.
I didn’t get it all but it was something like …”it’s your fault dad, you asshole…”
Suddenly the little Asian chick sped past us “last warning, shut the fuck up”
Then I assumed It was the director who screamed in a very thick British accent “tell that cunt to shut her pie hole”.
Every one shut up
I looked towards the fake kitchen, , the fake bed room was to our left they were lined up side by side, they had one very big camera on a tripod with one guy behind it, another guy had one over his shoulder, it looked heavy, the guy caring it was big, at least 6 feet, one skinny girl had like a huge microphone (boom I had been told) .
Another girl stepped in to the light of the set leading two persons in bath robes, the first one was a busty long hair burnet, I could see her curves over the robe, behind her, at first I thought it was a girl, but once I looked again it was a kid, very young looking kid, and skinny as well, he was too young looking.
Kathy grabbed my hand, she knew I was about to get up “don’t!, remember what Gus told us”
I stayed put
The British director said “this is how it’s going to happened, Linda will take you to wardrobe, she will give you the lines to read , she knows what we want on film, once that is done you’ll introduce yourselves to the camera then we´ll shoot, I’ll tell you the positions and what to do, kid pay attention and do as your told, agreed?, good now let’s get this rubbish going”
They didn’t even have a chance to answer, the director just clapped and sat on a chair.
“kimmy I don’t want the bloody mike in the take , got it?”
The girl nodded,
“all right camera 1 is the tripod, camera 2 is the one that James is holding, when I say 1 look at it, only for this time and make the introductions, ready ? Get naked and go, start rolling both of you, Carlos I want a full body shot, try to be professional please”
Carlos said something in Spanish and got behind the camera
Everyone cleared the set, and after a while, the mom and son returned, I had my chance to observe them in the light, the burnet removed her robe and let me tell she was hot, her breasts were huge, she must’ve of been around 35 years old tops, she was shorter than my sister and thicker, her dark hair reached half her back.
She stood in front of the camera and said “my name is Monica Wilson (or something like that) and I’ve been having sex with my son for 3 years”
Kathy squeezed my hand and looked at me.
Then the kid was supposed to come in front of the camera but I guess he was shy, the mom had to go talk to him.
She repeated and said the same thing, then the kid came into view he was a scrawny looking boy, he had a very squeaky voice “my name is Tim Wilson and I’m going to have sex with mum”
“all right great, see that wasn’t hard at all ,Linda guide them thru the scene”
The kid was wearing some shorts and t-shirt a number to small and some fake glasses, it made him look a lot younger than he was, the mother had a summer dress on, super sexy I might add, they rehearsed the scenes for a couple of minutes, believe me it was a no brainer, I was amazed that the kid got it so quick.
Kathy was still holding my hand, no one spoke
Then the director spoke “places people , let’s get this going”
And the scene began.
The kid sat at the table, pretending he was crying , the thick plastic glasses made him look like a nerd.
“What happened baby” the mom asked as she pretended to some chores
“some kids beat me up at school” the kid said
Then the mother went close to him and hugged him, pressing her breasts against his face, “did they hurt you baby?”
“u hum” the kid nodded and hugged his mother some more pretending to weep
I swear her breasts were so tight in that dress , and her cleavage was so pronounced it was only a matter of seconds before it ripped
The mom kept on holding the kid close and was caressing his head saying “there, there, don’t worry baby, mommy´s here, it’s going to be all right”
The kid pretended to cry pressing his face deep in his mothers bosoms , he started to fondle his mothers breast over her dress, they couldn’t fit in his hand, he was squeezing one boob, he slid a hand under the cleavage and played on, the mom pulled down the dress reveling a huge tit , the kid went crazy kissing it and playing with it, all this time he was sitting down while the mom was standing next to him. The mom kept on caressing her sons head while he played with that breast like it was his favorite toy.
The director said something, I didn’t hear. The mom pulled out her other breast, and presented them to her son, her nipples were hard and pointy, let me tell you that kid buried his head in those things.
The director said something again .the mom put her hand over her sons crotch and said “my poor little boy, let mommy take care of you”.
He was still glued to her tits, she started to touch him and slid her hand down his shorts, the camera man was on them the whole time, she started to play with him, “let me see, let me see” she said as she separated him from her chest , she pulled down her sons shorts and standing to attention came his small cock, well it wasn’t that small, I just wasn’t used to comparing dick sizes, at once she got on her knees and wrapped her lips around it, sucking him at one
Kathy squeezed my hand and whispered to me “she’s doing it, she’s giving her son a blow job”
Only it wasn’t a blow job any more, that kid was fucking his mothers mouth, she had one hand on his ass and the other on his cock guiding it to her , he was holding her head and humping , her long silky black hair was a mess, she would hold his cock with her hand and then put it back in her mouth.
it wasn’t long before he finished inside her mouth, she swallowed almost all of it, he stopped humping and closed his eyes.
The mom got up and they stopped filming the director came into the set whispered something to the mom in her ear, and she did the same, “ok, take five everyone” he said
Kathy whispered to my ear again “this is to nasty, you think shell fuck him?”
“oh I’m sure he will” I told her
The mom was just standing around, she didn’t even cover her breasts, standing in front of her son I noticed she was only a couple of inches taller than him, the kid on the other hand had pulled his shorts back up, mom threw her arms around him and started to kiss , tongue and everything , not in a motherly way, me and my sister stared at each other.
I don’t think five minutes had passed when the mom said they were ready to go, man being young and horny!, she was right, she pulled the kids shorts down and he was hard again, she continued to suck his cock and they continued to film
Once again the director said something like on the table and naked, it was softly y so I couldn’t make it out
The mom removed the kids shirt and he jumped out of his shorts, mom lost the dress as well, she was hot, those huge knockers were just too much, her areolas were big and brown her nipples were pointy, she had a nice ass, her pussy had some hair, standing in front of her son, she was probably half a head taller than the kid, she presented her breast to her son and he went crazy, with one hand she started to jerk him.
The mom had to separate the kid from her, he was madly lusting her breasts. She sat on the table, opened her legs and started to play with her pussy, the kid moved a chair in front of her , got on it, mom got a hold of his young pecker and guided it to her slit, and just like that he was in, fucking his mother.
Kathy yanked my arm and stared at me, “holy shit” she said ,I was incredulous as well , the kid was fucking his mother, the mom was grabbing his ass and saying “that’s it baby, good, good boy, keep going”
The kid kept humping his mother, he was going crazy just thrusting in wildly,he was all over her as she laid on the table, he kept on playing and kissing his mothers tits, his hands looked small by comparison , mom opened her legs wider pointing them towards the sky and grabbed his small behind with both hands, guiding his movements,…..
The camera man was very close getting every possible shot.
“get on all fours, make sure you get a nice angle” said the director talking to the actors and the camera guy as well
The kid pulled out and stood on the chair again, mom got on all fours on the table, the kid got on the table as well as he didn’t quite reach his mom, and once he was in he started pumping again, he didn’t have a rhythm or anything you could see he was very excited, he was holding on to her waist a couple of times he popped out of his mother, but she guided him back in, this went on for several minutes , once again the director spoke, they both got down from the table, the kid laid on the floor his erect cock pointing upwards, the mom parted her legs and guided herself on to his cock, she sat on it and started to ride, the kids small little hands couldn’t hold those huge tits in place, they were moving like they had a mind of their own, mom was acting she was yelling “yes, yes, fuck your mom, good boy…”, she kept moving, suddenly she stopped, stayed on top of her son, but not moving, the camera guy got close to her , filming her pussy, the director asked something I didn’t hear and mom responded “he came again…. inside”, the director approached her and so did Linda they spoke for a while .
The Asian chick came towards us.
“You guys are up” she said “they´ll finish the scene after you, let’s go”
Kathy and I stared at each other in silence, I took a deep breath and stood up, my sister followed, we came into a room I hadn’t seen before, apparently it was wardrobe,
The Asian chick Linda told us the break down, it was some cheesy story about her husband leaving her, I would come to her house, we would sit on the couch she would hug me and say she was grateful, and that she wanted to thank me, we would make out she would give me a blow job, we would get naked and we would have sex.
“Any questions?” she asked
“What about positions? “my sister asked
“the director will tell you what to do, listen just try to make it as hot as you can, don’t look so much in to it” she told us to use our own underwear , the clothing was supposed to be clean, but better safe than sorry, she also gave us the , it was so funny, I gave a copy to Kathy, while I picked my clothing, I put some jeans that where a number to small, and a grey shirt, Kathy put some red jeans and an ugly shirt with some kind of flowers on it, I don’t know what we were thinking we just stared at each other and laughed.
We read our lines and rehearsed very quickly. My sister was nervous, she was shaking and pacing around the room chewing her nails, “we can do this right” she said to herself, “it’s a lot of money, we need it” she repeated
I held her and told her to calm down,
“shit, I think I’m going to die, I can’t believe I’m doing this” she told me softly with tears in her eyes
“I know, don’t think about, it” trying to calm her, and myself at the same time, sure we had sex before once, but it’s not the same doing in front of a lot of strangers, with cameras and all that, plus the incest thing, it was my sister I was going to do, and everyone on the set knew it, we were both shaking.

Linda came a couple of minutes later and told us they were ready, we hugged for what seem to be forever, she held me tight, and whispered “I’m sorry I talked you in to this”
Filming start
We introduced ourselves like last time.
My sister was supposed to be devastated after her husband had left her
As I hugged her I told her “don’t worry he was a scum bag, you deserve better”
She hugged me back and responded “I know, I know, it just I don’t want to be alone …”
We moved towards the couch and I told her “don’t worry you won’t be alone, you’ll always have your kid brother to take care of you”
She pretended to cry on my shoulder, I held her
She moved closer, the camera guy was in our face, she said “how can I ever make it up to you, you have always taken care of your older sister”
She was so close now …
She kissed me, it was weird as hell, I kissed her back, I froze, I don’t know why
The director yelled “keep filming, kiss her!! Touch each other, make out” , “like you love her”
We did, I started touching her, putting my hands on her back and on her ass, she was doing the same , touching my chest and face, we started kissing passionately, or at least pretending to do so,I touched her breast over her shirt, I got my hands on my sisters back, unhooked her bra, opened her shirt and started to play with her tits, my cock was getting hard, it was awkward doing it in front of a camera and strangers, I couldn’t see all of them because of the light but I knew they were there, I tried not to think about it. Kathy’s nipples were stiff, she presented her breast to me I was biting ,squeezing, sucking on both of them, my sister held my head as I did this. I kissed her neck and searched for her mouth she responded, she got on top of me and grinded her crotch against mine. She could feel my hardness, I knew it and so did she, we stared at each other’s eyes for a couple of seconds without speaking, she held my face and continued to kiss me. Her hands were on my crotch , touching my cock over my pants, I kept on kissing her and playing with her breasts.
“ok, blow job now!” the director said
My sister got of me and almost bumped the camera , the other camera guy was filming from across the room, the boom girl was hovering around,
Kathy opened my pants and pulled out my cock, she held it in her hands and just stared at it, it was already hard, she stroked it a couple of times and stared at it for a couple of seconds before putting it in her mouth, “ohh sister I always wanted you to do that” I was supposed to say that line and use the word SISTER as much as I could, I was really getting in to it, Kathy was doing a good job, she would stroke and suck, I could feel her tongue on my shaft, she would open her mouth and put it back in, take it out and introduce it again I put one of my hand on her head and moved her hair behind her ears so I could see as she sucked me, I don’t know how long Kathy sucked me, all I knew I was getting close to finishing.
The director said “good now brother eat her pussy”
I was waiting for this, I need a break Kathy was giving me great head, she started to undress slowly, I kind did the same but not as sexy as her , we were naked almost at once, my sisters breast where perfect ad her nipples pointed out, she had shaved her pussy, only a stripe of brown hair remained, she sat down on the couch and opened her legs, “time to return the favor little brother” once again it was the lines we were suppose to say, I got down on my knees and got closer to her sex , I could smell Kathy’s pussy, to my surprise she was wet, I started using my tongue the way I knew, my fingers helped, Kathy would moan… “hmm that’s it little brother.…”, I would play with her clit, lick it kiss it, bite it, everything I could think of, I was inspired, for a couple of minutes I concentrated on the job and completely forgot about the people surrounding us, Kathy would grab my head and caress it, one of her legs was over my shoulder, the other was spread apart giving the camera a nice angle.
“ok some action now, fuck her like she is” the director had to repeat himself a couple of times before my head finally processed what he was saying
“Fuck me little brother” Kathy said out loud
I stood up , cleaned my mouth , stroked my cock a couple of times and got on my knees, my sister sat down towards the edge of the couch opening her legs ,she was staring directly at me, she looked down at me penis and then at me again, I moved towards her opening she grabbed my shaft and guided it , I slid right in I couldn’t believe I was in my sister once again, it was so hot, Kathy held me from my waist and guided my movements, in and out in and out, slowly, slowly enjoying every minute of it, we were just staring at each other, kissing, I kissed her breasts and her neck , I held her head with one hand and pulled her towards my mouth so we kissed some more, she put her hands on my chest , I remembered that we were being filmed, so I broke our embrace and put my hands on her breasts, paying attention to her nipples, my tongue playing with both of them, every once in a while I would kiss her, still fucking her a nice rhythm.
“Now sister get on top of your brother” once again the director.
I pulled out and stood up, I offered my hand to Kathy and she took it, I sat down on the couch, holding my cock upwards, Kathy grabbed it and opened her legs, she aligned herself with it and sat down, I could see as my cock parted her lips as it went in,” hmm that’s it little brother “, she said loud enough , I looked at her and she had her eyes closed she put her hands on my chest and started to move up and down, gaining speed every time, I moved up wards arching my back to kiss her breasts, my hands were on her thighs, I could feel her insides, it was so wet and tight, I kept on kissing and licking her tits, she was riding me increasing speed every time, I felt her pelvis grinding she would move up and down an also forward and backwards, I moved my hands holding her ass cheeks the guy with the hand held camera stood behind her she leaned to me ,I spread her ass and arched my back upwards burring my cock deeper in her, thrusting hard ,she did the same moving up and down faster , the sound of flesh slapping against flesh was intense , she was making an effort, I didn’t think she had it in her, moving her body the way she did, mi own sister riding me like there was no tomorrow I knew we were doing it for the money but we were putting on a good show.!
Once again my mouth found a breast and sucked it hard, my hands were still on her ass cheeks , Kathy stopped and got of me it was incredible to see my cock emerge from her, it was so unreal, making a porn movie with my sister.
I stood up and got my bearings Kathy got on the couch on all fours presenting her ass to me, she put one hand on her butt and looked back to me, I stroked my cock a couple of times and moved close to my sister wet snatch, I licked her a couple of times, she tasted excellent and before I knew it I was inside her once more, one hand on her ass giving the cameraman a good angle, he was on his knees right next to me, slowly and with rhythm I was thrusting in and out, when camera guy moved, I held my sister waist and pulled her to me, both of us moving in sync thrusting hard, she leaned forward pointing her ass upwards, I held her waist harder and pulled her closer, hammering my way in to her, she was grunting, and panting, slapping skin against skin.
“good, good this performers I like” the director said ”sister get on knees and suck him, tell him to cum over your tits!”
Kathy did as she was told, stood up from the couch and held my hand, “little brother I want you to cum all over my tits”, she jerked my cock, kissed me on the lips and got on her knees , at once she was sucking me, I closed my eyes , I don’t think two minutes had passed when I said “sis I’m coming”, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jerking me, I grunted and exploded with pleasure squirting all over her chest, she squeezed my cock and rubbed it on her tits, she did this several times, looking at the camera she opened her mouth and put my cock in letting it rest on her tongue.
“great, cut it” the director said, “let’s get the mom and son again and wrap this thing”
Kathy and I started picking up our things, Linda helped us to our robes and passed us a towel so we could dry ourselves , I was feeling self conscious now , about being naked, about having sex in front of all these people, and specially about fucking my sister on tape, boy did I feel awkward.
We were at our seats when the mom and the son came again to the set, they just removed their robes and at once were engaged in foreplay, the kid was kissing his mom and rubbing her all over, at once he was hard.
“All right, suck him and tell him to cum over your tits” this time I heard him
My sister was sitting next to me she didn’t say a word; we hadn’t even made eye contact, just the two of us sitting quietly in the dark.
Mean while mom was on her knees sucking her son, well actually she wasn’t sucking him, he was humping her mouth, only a couple of seconds of that and he came all over her. She licked herself and her sons cock, the director yelled and everyone relaxed, before long the lights were on.
It was a huge warehouse, not a lot a people, I got a nice view at the father and daughter, and also at the mom and the son as they walked towards us, we all just sat there waiting
Finally I asked at loud, “what now?”
It was Linda who answered, “the director is also the editor, there’s a small editing station in the set, he’ll look at it and if we need another take, we´ll film it”
“He´s editing the whole movie it’ll take forever” I said as my understanding it did take a long time
“no hell just watch very quickly , he´ll edit it tonight, we rented the whole thing for 24 hours, it shouldn’t take long”
“Just get our cash ready” it was the blond who spoke, the daughter
“it’ll be ready” and with that the Asian chick left us on our own
“Maybe we should have a party afterwards” the blond said
No one seemed to pay attention to her, we just sat in silence
The little kid whispered something to the mother’s ear, she nodded and spoke to Kathy
“my son likes you” she barked out at Kathy,” says yous hot, and would like to do it with you some day”
Kathy just froze, got red all over and shamefully looked at the floor
“I like your brother, or is it lover?” she stared at me
We didn’t say a peep
“What you think yous to good for us “she barked out
“it’s not that” I said , calmly “it’s just that we don’t normally do this kind of thing”
“what? fuck or act on tapes?, cause I saw yous and yous where having funnnnn” class all over I noted
“both” I said
“so you doing it for the money?” she asked
“yes that’s why” I paused
“money at first , that’s how it begins , but it was way before I need money that I was fucking my son”
“same here “the blonde spoke “daddy over there was fucking me since I was 5, now he can’t even get it up!” she put emphasis on the last part

“hmm,” she said as she stared my way ”I agree with Blondie over there maybe we could have a party after”
“that what I’m talking about” spoke the blond daughter
“hmm, I think we´ll pass” I said
They kept on babbly and talking , we waited, waited and waited.
After about 3 hours Linda came back, she said It was looking good and that she would get us some food.
We ate and waited some more.
My sister and I basically stayed close, trying to ignore the other performers,
Almost another hour passed, when Linda finally came by
She told us we were ready, that we should come back tomorrow for our money, at once every one jumped, and started to protest, Kathy and me remained silent, apparently, you got paid after you did the deed, I don’t know why but I kind of laughed, I whispered to Kathy “now we´re whores that got to be paid at once..” she laughed as well.
They kept arguing for some time, the white trash blond was raising hell, biching and complaining, the burnet mom joined her.
Apparently they reached some kind of agreement, Linda left but didn’t seem happy
“number one rule of illegal porn, get paid at once and cash!” blonde trash spoke
I guess it made sense
Linda came back one last time, told us to get dressed and that she would have the cash for us.
We went to the lockers, waited for our turn , got dressed, and waited some more.
Finally Linda came back, first the mom and son, then the blonde and her old man, we were last.
Lind gave us each an envelope, asked us how she could get in touch with us, so Kathy wrote down her phone number, we counted the money, 10,000 each, it was a fat envelope we were both happy, before we left Linda spoke
“Listen, you guys were good together, the director liked what he saw, we´ll get back to you”
We didn’t say anything and left.
The drive home was quiet one.
We got back to my sisters place, I said my goodbyes and drove home in my shitty car, with 10,000$ to pay some bills.
Some days later my sister called me at work, she told me she got the tape and that I should stop after work by her house.
We ate dinner and I played with the girls for a while, it wasn’t so awkward as I expected, after we put them in bed, we went to the kitchen to talk.
Kathy served us a couple of drinks, she was telling me about how many bills she had paid, I did the same.
“I got the tape, Linda delivered it.” Kathy told me
“Should we see it? “ I asked
“ I don’t know”
I wondered for a while if we should see it, so I risked it “lets watch”
“ok” Kathy said, I noticed she was exited
We checked on the girls to make sure they were asleep, after I followed Kathy to her room, she closed the door, and put the tape In , I on the edge of the bed.
The title was INCEST 7
Father daughter appeared in yellow letters
It was the white trash blonde with her dad, they introduced themselves and proceed to act a stupid scene, I fast-forward the scene it wasn’t worth it.
Next came the mother and son, we watched for a while but I fast-forward almost all of it, the burnett was hot.
Next came in yellow letters brother and sister
It was our scene.
We looked so lame, the clothing we had was horrible, and the lines were so bad.
“no academy award for us” I said
Kathy laughed
We were kissing now on screen, it looked good and passionate, both of us stared in silence, I was sucking my sister tits on the tv, it was strange watching myself do that, it didn’t look bad at all, the cameras where well placed , my sister was sucking me on screen now, I looked towards her, she kind of shrugged, we were both embarrassed, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, my sister was on the other side.
“I think this one turned out better” Kathy said
I agreed , it did look better, the camera work, the quality even the close ups where better, I got up and forwarded the tape a little more, she was riding me on film now. Riding me very hard, there were camera switches, there was a close up of my dick in her while she was riding me, then a close up of her face, she had her eyes closed, her hands where on my chest. I looked at her again she was speechless and her eyes were wide open I got up and fast forward some more, I was doing her on four , I was going to get up and move close to the vcr, when Kathy spoke “let it play”
I sat down and watched when Kathy was on her knees sucking me in the tv that is, I turned around and stared at my sister, when I was finishing all over her breasts on screen I did the same thing, “don’t smile you jack ass” she said
I laughed and so did she
“well..what do you think” Kathy asked
“it was ok, I guess”..”now what?” I asked
“now we forget about this forever” she said “and never speak of it again”.

The money helped , it helped a lot. Kathy kept the tape, I never asked her about it, every time we saw each other I think we secretly wanted to talk about it or do something about it but it was a sort of unspoken arrangement that we had we would play dumb and not mention it, we didn’t lust or drool over each other but the feeling was there. Things got better, better in every way, we were still deep in debt , however the porn money gave us time to breathe. The next couple of months little things happened, little things that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to but still made me wonder, like the time I walked in to the master bedroom and Kathy was naked getting dressed, she didn’t mind me staring, or the time she accidently rubbed her ass against my crotch , or one time when she gave me a goodbye kiss and it was on the mouth and longer than a regular kiss .
I didn’t pay attention to any of those little things until an unexpected visitor came back

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