I just finished the third chapter of this story in less than a week and a half. I'm really on a roll and I hope everyone's enjoying reading this story as I'm enjoying writing it. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Chapter 3

“Careful, Fred,” Velma called from the back of the Mystery Machine.

“Sorry, Velma,” Fred apologized, “I had to swerve or that other car would have sideswiped us. That driver was all over the road.”

“Well another swerve like that and my lunch will be all over the back of the van,” Velma said with a hard swallow. Daphne turned to look at her friend and saw how green her face was.

“You better take it easy, Freddie,” Daphne told her secret lover, “I don’t think Velma’s joking.

“Okey, I’ll slow down,” Fred agreed, taking the pressure off the gas peddle so the van slowed down on the dark road. “But just so you know, we’re already running late, at this rate we won’t get to the mansion until ten.”

“Better late than to have Velma sick all over the back,” Daphne pointed out.

“Are you sure you’re okey, Velma?” Shaggy asked. “Maybe you should have stayed home if you’re feeling sick.”

“I’m not really sick,” Velma said, swallowing hard when the van took a curve in the road. “My stomach just feels a little queasy, that’s all.”

“Rar you sure, Relma?” Scooby Doo asked, getting a good whiff of Velma’s scent. “Roo smell . . .”

“I know what I smell like, Scooby,” Velma cut off the great Dane. “If you know what’s good for you, you won’t say anymore, and I’ll give you a Scooby snacks to keep quiet.”

“Two” Scooby suggested.

“Okey, two,” Velma agreed, pulling the box out and tossing two snacks so he could catch them in his mouth, smacking his lips in appreciation.

“Are you going to tell the rest of us what Scooby just sniffed out?” Shaggy asked, taking Velma’s hand behind the level of the front seat so Fred and Daphne couldn’t see what they were doing.

“I’ll tell you later when we’re alone,” Velma promised Shaggy in a whisper. The rest of the gang couldn’t hear what Velma was saying because a police car zoomed past the Mystery Machine with its siren wailing away.

“Wow, I wonder if they’re after that other driver,” Fred said as they police siren faded away.

“If they are they’ll never catch him on these back roads,” Shaggy said. “Isn’t that the way to the mansion?”

“It is,” Fred nodded, “but there’s plenty of other places along this road. The driver and the police may not have anything to do with us.”

“You’re kidding, right,” Shaggy laughed, “when was the last time we weren’t involved in a mysterious police chase?”

“You’re right,” Fred sighed, “knowing our luck we’ll arrive at Gridley Manor just in time to see the ghostly driver jump out of the car and disappear into the nearby graveyard.”

“That sounds like our kind of luck,” Shaggy agreed. “So tell me again, why are we going to another creepy mansion? I thought we had enough ghost chasing with the phantom bellhop last month.”

“Well the phantom bellhop turned out to be the actual bellhop using the legend so he could sneak around and rob the hotel guests,” Fred pointed out, “so he doesn’t really count as our ghost quota. My cousin Henry is the caretaker at the mansion and when strange things started happening he thought perfect investigators for the case.”

“Sounds like the perfect mystery for us,” Shaggy giggled nervously, “I’m glad I remembered to pack my sneakers.”

“I just hope Relma has runty of Scooby Snacks,” Scooby added.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Okay, Velma,” Shaggy panted in his high pitched terrified voice, “the ghost is gone. We should have a few minutes before he comes back and finds us is this room.”

“It always seems to work that way, doesn’t it,” Velma said thoughtfully. You don’t suppose all these ghosts and monsters we always hunt have some kind of union rules about when and how they have to hunt us down, do you?”

“Now that would be something, don’t you think Scooby?”

“Rah, rah,” Scooby chuckled. “Raybe the rhosts are on a coffee reak.”

“What do you think, Velma,” Shaggy asked the brown haired girl as she sat down on the old bed and coughed at the cloud of dust that rose from the blanket.

“Forget I mentioned it,” Velma sighed.

“So, now that we’re alone are you going to tell me what Scooby smelled earlier? Or are we just going to fuck?”

“Both, I hope,” Velma said, pulling her bulky sweater up and tossing it to the floor.

“Wait,” Scooby said, looking from Shaggy to Velma and then back again, “Rou two rar rucking?”

“Sorry, old buddy, we were trying to keep it secret from Fred and Daphne but I guess we should have trusted you.”

“Rue got rhat right,” Scooby said, sitting on his hind quarters and crossing his front paws in front of his chest.

“I’m sorry, Scooby,” Velma said, “do you want to stay and watch? You already sniffed out what I’m going to Shaggy.”

“Rell I’m rot roing to rook for the ghost,” Scooby stated.

“So what did you want to tell me?” Shaggy asked, sitting down next to Velma before he started removing his own clothes.

“Shaggy, take a good look at me and tell me if you see anything different,” Velma removed her blouse and tossed it to the floor next to her sweater before she crossed her arms under her breasts.

“I don’t think so,” Shaggy finally replied after looking Velma’s almost naked body over from head to toe.

“Look at my breasts, Shaggy,” Velma said. “See how they’ve grown almost a full size in the past month?”

“Just that much more to play with,” Shaggy snickered, reaching out to tweak Velma’s nipples. “Isn’t this just normal growth?”

“Roh Rother,” Scooby muttered.

“What?” Shaggy asked in confusion. “What am I missing? What does Scooby know that I don’t know?”

“Scooby’s nose sniffed out the difference in my scent,” Velma said. “The sudden growth of my tits is the only visible clue of what’s happening to me so far, but Scooby noticed the change in my hormones.”

“Ok, I give up,” Shaggy said, “why are your breasts growing and why have your hormones changed?”

“Because I’m pregnant, you goof-ball,” Velma said, grabbing one of Shaggy’s hands and placing it on her bare belly. “You can’t see it yet, but in a few months my belly going to get so bing that not even my sweater will hide it.”

“You’re really pregnant?” Shaggy said, running his hand up and down Velma’s belly like he expected it to start growing as he watched.

“Rhe rure ris,” Scooby sniffed.

“When I missed my period two weeks ago I thought I might be carrying your baby, then I noticed how big my tits were getting, and the last few days I’ve been dealing with morning sickness. But just in case I bought a pregnancy test and the result was positive. The only thing I haven’t done is get checked out by a doctor, I plan to go to the free clinic this week.”

“So our baby is really in there?” Shaggy said as he continued to stroke Velma’s flat belly. “Zoinks, what happens when your parents find out that you’re pregnant?”

“I’m hoping that I can hide the pregnancy until it’s too late to do anything about it,” Velma replied. “Thanks to the bulky sweaters I wear I should be able to hide my belly for a few months, but it won’t hide things forever.”

“But long enough,” Shaggy finished. “I guess it’s a good thing you always wear those sweaters, can you imagine how soon Daphne will be noticed when she gets pregnant?”

“Yeah,” Velma said with a thoughtful grin as Shaggy worked his hand down her belly until he was stroking her pussy through her plain white panties. “When Daphne gets pregnant her belly will be noticeable in no time with her fashionable clothes.”

“That’s true,” Shaggy chuckled, “she’ll start showing before you do.”

“No she won’t,” Velma said, adjusting her glasses with one hand while she stroked Shaggy’s cock with the other. “Daphne and Fred are using condoms, it’s not very likely that she’s going to get pregnant.”

“Actually, she is,” Shaggy said hesitantly. “Did I ever tell you that Fred talks in his sleep?”

“I don’t think you ever did,” Velma shivered.

“Well he does, and lately he’s been begging Daphne to let him knock her up in his sleep. Knowing Fred I realized he wouldn’t do anything to make his own dreams come true so I decided to do it for him and I decided to do it for him. So, I used a pin to put holes in all his condoms – including the ones in his pocket. If I know those two they’re probably fucking by now so it’s only a matter of time before Daphne is just as pregnant as you.”

“Normally I’d say that was a very bad idea,” Velma said, “but Daphne talks in her sleep too, and she’s been begging Fred to knock her up night after night. So I guess it’s a good thing that you decided to help them. Of course I can’t see Daphne wearing a bulky sweater like mine so her belly is sure to be noticed before mine.”

“You know,” Shaggy said, running his fingers through Velma’s drooling slit, “all this talk of babies and big bellies has me so horny all I can think about it how much I want to fuck your pregnant pussy.”

“If you think you’re horny just hearing about big bellies, just imagine how horny I am,” Velma hissed, stroking Shaggy’s hard cock, “I’m the one with all the extra hormones running through her body right now. I want your cock, Shaggy, and I want it in my pregnant pussy right now.”

“Wait,” Shaggy said hesitating before he shoved his cock into Velma’s belly, “what about Scooby?”

“What about Scooby,” Velma asked, shivering in anticipation of Shaggy’s cock.

“Reah, rhat about re?” Scooby asked from where he was watching from the door.

“Well, Velma and I are about to fuck up a storm,” Shaggy pointed out, “and you’re just sitting there watching us. Do you want to join in, old buddy?”

“Shaggy!” Velma cried in shock, sitting up in the bed and looking from Shaggy to Scooby and then back again.

“Ro ray!” Scooby said, glaring at his best friend. “Rhaggy, RI’m a Rog, RI don’t ruck girls, I ruck ritches.”

“What?” Shaggy asked, trying to understand what Scooby was saying.

“Scooby said that he doesn’t fuck human girls, he only fucks bitches – female dogs,” Velma translated.

“Rat’s rite,” Scooby agreed, “rut RI rould rike to ratch.”

“I don’t mind if you watch, pal,” Shaggy decided. “What about you, Velma, do you mind?”

“I don’t mind as long as Scooby doesn’t join in,” Velma decided. “In fact, in honor of Scooby watching I’d like to try fucking doggie style. We may as well get into practice since that’s the best way to fuck once my belly gets big with our baby.”

“There you go, talking about babies and bellies again,” Shaggy giggled. “I say we go ahead and fuck doggy style, after all, we do have a dog watching us.”

Shaggy pulled back for a few seconds and helped Velma get up on her hands and knees, running his fingers through her wet pussy lips before bringing the head of his cock up to her swollen slit. “You got a good view there, buddy?” Shaggy asked, giving Scooby a quick glance before he turned back to Velma’s hot wet pregnant cunt.

“RI’ve rot a reat view,” Scooby giggled without taking his eyes off the juices dripping from Velma’s ripe pussy.

“Okey, pal, enjoy the show, I know I will,” Shaggy said, driving his cock so deep in Velma’s pussy his balls bounced off the girl’s engorged clit.

“Jinkies, Shaggy, that’s just what I need,” Velma groaned, rocking back to meet Shaggy’s next thrust. “Fuck my pussy, fuck my pregnant pussy and fill me with your cum.”

“I like the way you think, Velma,” Shaggy growled, thrusting his prick in and out of Velma’s hot slit, “and I’ll give you all the cum you want, now and forever.”

“Play with my tits,” Velma cried. With no hesitation Shaggy placed his hands over Velma’s swollen tits and started squeezing them. “Just think about it, Shaggy, because of the baby growing in my belly my tits are going to get huge and fill with milk. And once my milk comes in you’ll be able to drink all you want until I need it for the baby.”

“Zoinks,” Shaggy gasped as his cock jumped in Velma’s pussy, “every time I think you can’t do or say anything else to excite me you come up with something new.”

“Good,” Velma said as her stomach started quake with her approaching orgasm, “at least our fuck sessions won’t get boring.”

“Never boring,” Shaggy agreed, his balls jumping with his own approaching orgasm, “always exciting and always enjoyable, but never boring.”

“I’m cumming, Shaggy,” Velma screamed, locking her elbows and thighs as her body started to buck and shake with her orgasm. “Cum with me, Shaggy, fill my pussy with your sperm and give our baby a cum bath.”

“Oh yeah,” Shaggy screamed, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Velma’s wet slit and pumping her womb full of cum as he squeezed the brunette’s engorged breasts.

“Row, rhat a reat show,” Scooby said, watching the cum that oozed out of Velma’s stuffed pussy after the exhausted teens collapsed on the dusty bed. “Row I rust have to rind a ritch in heat and rock her up.”

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