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Authors note: this story contains themes that some may not like such as young, mind control, incest, and possibly bestiality down the road thank you and enjoy.
sorry about how short this chapter is there were some issues in my family that I have to deal with and I've had the flu for the past few days. The next chapter will be longer but it most likely come out in about two weeks due to school starting up again for me which will take a lot of time from my writing. Thank you for reading.
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I changed out of my clothes covered in sweat from the training, into a newer outfit which was a blue T-shirt with a smiley face that read “boobies make me smile” written underneath and a pair of cargo shorts.

“Hey Alex you ready yet?” willow said slightly leaning into my door.

“yeah sorry I was just messing around in here”

the drive to her house was longer than expected due to her surprising ability to not be able to give directions right. It was about 5 p.m. When we got to her house. The best deion of her apartment room was pink I mean seriously pink! The walls were lined with stuffed animals and the walls were painted pink obviously there was a black leather couch with fuzzy frilly pillows on them with messages written on them. Her bedroom was I guess to say more of the same pink bed sheets with big frilly pillows on it as well. I never understood what was with women and having extreme amounts of pillows on the bed I just need one or two and I’m good.

“so what do you think of the place?” willow asked spreading her arms wide.

“It's definitely something I’ll tell you that”

she mocked a gasp “hey now my place is my place and I'll have it how I want it”

huh where have I heard this before?.

“so you wanna stick around for dinner before heading home?”

“sure I could hang out here but please tell me you have actually food and not like pink cotton candy” I joked
she punched my arm and just walked into the kitchen lightly chuckling. About 20 minutes later she came out with two plates with hotdogs on them.

“sorry I didn’t get groceries before I left so this is all I have.”

“oh no its fine I wasn't really in the mood for anything fancy and hotdogs sound pretty good”

during dinner we chatted about random stuff just enjoying each others company.

When dinner was over I began to get ready to leave.

“Awww... do you really have to go?”

“I could stay if you really wanted me to.”

“Yes! I mean of course”

I laughed a bit at this “ok then its a sleep over then” I said with a grin.

She clapped her hands and came over to me standing up on her tippy toes she kisses me gently, I kiss her back and wrap my hands around her small waist pulling her deeper into the kiss while she placed her hands against my back. After awhile I move my hands down and give her ass a few good squeezes while I she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Before I could even respond there was a knock on the door and reluctantly we had to pull away. As I walked to the door the door knocked even more.

“Hold on one second!” I yelled but before I could even open the door.

BAM!!!!!!, the door flew of the hinges into me knocking me over.

“ what a nice place we have here a little pink for my taste but hey we'll get some red around the place soon enough” said a voice with a heavy Russian accent that I immediately recognized. I flung the door off of me and stood up seeing the huge Russian man with the missing eye stand in front of me with two others standing behind him both in cloaks.

“AH Alex what a surprise it is to see you especially after you had to run out at our last meeting, we had such plans for someone with your talents HAHAHAHA” he laughed with his thick deep voice.

Without thinking I threw a fist into the guys stomach. Nothing happened actually something happen I pretty much broke my hand! That’s what happened! I think this guy is made of steel no I take that back diamond.

“HAHA now now Alex that isn't very nice now is it” he said while he wrapped his giant hand around my head and picked me by it. I tried to pry his fingers from head head but his grip was to strong they wouldn't budge an inch then I remembered something that Melody taught me earlier today.

Another type of magic is called enhancement magic what it can do is increase strength to a select area of the body or an object, the way its cast is similar to the fireball spell what you want to do is..”

“shit what was the directions for the spell!?” I thought still trying to rip his fingers off my dome.

Out of no where comes willow screaming at the top of her lunges in a sort of battle cry tackling the white Russian causing him to drop me to the floor. I rush up again and grab willow pulling her up with me while the big guy was still getting up. I took willow and I into her room and locked the door knowing it wasn’t going to be much help but its better than nothing.

“shit what are we gonna do!? Were trapped”

“I don't know Alex I'm scared though”

just then the door flies off and he walks through the crumbling door frame slowly approaching us.

“nowhere to run now eh?” he said while while cracking his knuckles. As he cocked back his arm for a heavy punch most likely to kill us it hit me.

imagine your magic flowing through yourself or the object and it the magic increasing the strength of it exponentially then release it in a burst lucky for you this spell doesn’t require clearing your mind because you want as much strength in the target of concentration as possible

I followed the steps I imagined magic pouring into my left arm making its stronger and strong and then released it. Unfortunately for the Russian he didn't see this coming so my attack landed him strait it the face with him not having enough time to block. His body flew through the walls the bedroom the hall way even through the neighbors apartment. We bolted out the room only to hear from behind.

“DONT YOU TWO DARE TOUCH EITHER OF THEM THEY'RE MY HUNT!” his voice bellowed through the walls his message obviously sent to his two companions. We ran past the front door where the two were standing they didn't even move a muscle when we went past them. Unfortunately we had to go down the stairs due to her room being on the 4th floor, as we got to the 3rd floor the roof came crashing down above us with the Russian falling with it. I realized he had to have punched through the floor. I cocked back and threw another magic fueled punch at him but he blocking this time catching my fist with his hand.

His hand was a gnarled up mess there were bones sticking out through his skin his fingers were bent in odd directions, but suddenly his hand started shifting back to its normal look, fingers straightening out bones slipping back in. I looked at his face to see a huge grin.

I threw my right hand at his jaw sending him flying away into another apartment. We ran down to the first floor and out the door when we heard a window shatter we both looked up to see the Russian jumping out the window to land on the ground cracking it all around him.

“willow go to the car and drive away”

“what but- but what about you”

“don’t worry about me I can handle myself just go!”

I shoved her away as the Russian started to run towards me and I ran towards him as well both of our fists raised we collided together creating almost a miniature explosion as we both got thrown back from our fist's colliding. We both got back up I ran towards him again and punched him square in the stomach causing him to step back, but not before he threw his own punch directly at my head only for me to block it at the last second by increasing the strength of my arms. I launched an enhanced kick directly into his ribs as he punched me in the jaw sending me at least 6 feet into the air landing me on my back where he elbow dropped into my ribs.

I heard my own ribs breaking as well as tires screeching away as he hit me causing me to cry out in pain and grip my bruised area. The Russian got up from his elbow drop on me and turned his back I saw my chance and shot up to leap onto his huge back at which point I started wailing enhanced punches into the back of his head as I tried to reach for me but his back to big to actually reach me and hit him blow after blow after blow. After enough hits he finally fell to the ground where I straddled his back and launched even more attacks at his head. All I could hear was my fist hitting over and over into his skull BOOM!, BOOM!, BOOM!, BOOM! Over and over until there was just a bloody puddle forming in a crater made by my enhanced strength.

“Take.. that.. you.. little.. bitch” I said breathlessly completely drained of all energy as I got up and started to walk away.

“Who's the little bitch?”

“No fucking way!”

I turned around to see his giant form standing there as his face reformed shape. When his face finally reformed he let out a humongous roar as suddenly long black hairs start to grow all over his body even his face, his jaw slowly juts out and his nose and upper lip form into a snout while his teeth grow longer and sharper.

“You're a Werewolf!”

nothing was said just a loud snarling growl as he charged after me. I had just enough strength to block his charge at me as he tackle me to the ground his large snarling teeth right over me a puddle of drool forming right above my shoulder onto the ground. His now formed claws pinned me to the ground as he stabbed me with with them. I screamed out in pain as his claws went deeper into the meat of my right shoulder.


just then what sounded like a gunshot caught my attention but I wasn’t exactly in any position to move. The beast screamed above me grasping at a smoking wound he rolled off of me onto the ground squirming smoke pouring out of the wound like a fog machine.

“That’s right you better squirm you piece of shit!” the voice sounded oddly familiar but with I just couldn't think with all the pain I was in.

BANG! another gunshot and another loud screech from the wolf. Just then what looked like melody came over me.

“Oh my god! Alex are you ok?”

“yeah just peachy” I said with a groan as she touched my freshly opened shoulder

“what did you do to him?” I asked looking over at the wolf.

She held up a small pistol and said “silver bullets werewolf’s cant stand the stuff”

“ah I see” I said while trying to sit up only to be pushed back down.

“nuh uh you just stay down and I’ll get you when were done alright”

she got up again disappearing from my line of sight, I felt all the adrenaline finally leave my system leaving me tired and pain shooting everywhere on my body. My body couldn’t stand the pain and I blacked out.

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