This is a story about what I thinkn humanity is evolving into and some of the changes that come with it. It's a bit different and comments that don't involve saying kik me are welcome.
Lucy Bright was excited for the start of classes. She had finally been approved to move to Shiny City Senior School. She had been held back a half year for developmental reasons and was a bit ashamed. She had come to realize that she needed it. Right after she was held back she had her final growth spurt and shot up to 1.6m tall. She was now taller than just about anyone she knew. Her breasts had grown out as well and she had a few sparse hairs on her pussy.

Lucy wanted to make a good first impression so she went and got her tattoos redone. The old ones had blurred a bit. She had spent days working on the motif. She was sure that this is what she was going to be doing after she graduated. It was a slow fade starting at the bottom of her feet with a dark red going through purple and ending with a midnight black that matched her hair. She was making her body into a sunset. Towards the top there were places where her skin was going to be tattooed with white dots to represent stars. The tattoo pod worked over her skin with a laser to trigger nanobots to change their colors. Part of the brilliance of her design was that it allowed for a relatively cheap low resolution print and still have acceptable results.

Then next morning getting ready for class she peeled and stuck glowing lights over the white dots to further enhance the star effect. She looked at herself in the mirror and was proud of the results. She proudly strode into class naked and looked around. Most of the students were already there.

In one corner of the room there were a couple of girls fondling the erection of a much smaller boy. One held him with the back of his head held between her ample bosoms the other girl pressed her breasts to his mouth as she was stroking him off.

In another corner there was a girl who was lying on top of a guy with his cock in her ass. Another guy was pounding away at her pussy. Two more guys were sword fighting in her eager mouth while her hands were playing with the cock of a guy who was sitting on her belly.

Off to one side there was a padded area for the sleeping class and there were 5 girls involved in a daisy chain. Each girl was licking the pussy of a girl in front of her while her own pussy was being licked by another girl. The girls were arranged in a circle.

Lucy smiled and remembered her first daisy chain. It actually started out as a guys versus girls thing, a contest to see who could get everyone in the circle off first. Once someone orgasmed they were out. The last boy and the last girl spent 45 minutes 69ing before it was called a draw.

In the front of the classroom was the teacher. He was about a head shorter than Lucy and his tattoos were in a pattern she had heard called tweed. On his elbows were rounded dark brown patches and over his throat was a tattooed a red bow tie. His hands, feet and face were unadorned except for a red apple on the back of his right hand showing that he was a teacher. She was intrigued by the normal color of his skin. It was a pale and pasty white. Not the white of the tattoos but a deeper white that seemed to go almost all the way down to the bone.

She walked up to her new teacher and dropped to her knees in front of him and started to suck on his flaccid cock.

“Miss Bright, this isn’t necessary.”

She reached up with her right hand and started to massage his balls while her left hand snuck around behind him. She quickly had her middle finger up his ass and was massaging his prostate. He was ejaculating into her mouth before he was even hard.

“unnghh” he moaned and grabbed fistfuls of her hair.

She kept sucking his cock to full hardness. She backed her mouth off to work only the sensitive tip and started to jack him with her left hand. She marveled at his control as she pulled on his scrotum and started to tongue his piss hole. She felt the scrotum start to pull up in her hands and knew that he was close to coming. She let his cock out of her mouth and aimed his cock at her tits knowing that he would spend the rest of the day staring at his cum on her tits. He exploded all over her and she let the white goo drip down off her nipples.

“I really did need to do that. I believe in making a good first impression.”

“You succeeded. In fact I might like to introduce you to my bedmate later and maybe you could teach her some things.”

The five girls from the daisy chain had walked up in the meantime and the leader tapped Lucy on the shoulder. “Well, little miss bitch, you can deal with the men. What would you do if the teacher had been a woman?”

Lucy sized her up quickly. She had fairly large breasts and was on the tall side but still a few centimeters shorter than Lucy. What intrigued Lucy the most was the other girls tattoos. They were exceptionally fine, almost filigreed with a sharp contrast of bright silver against a background that was almost black. All the intricate silver work spelled out “Tasha” over and over again. The font varied from place to place as did the size of the letters and their spacing. When it was viewed from a medium distance it was Tasha’s face painted across her torso with her breasts replacing her eyes. Lucy wondered idly if the breasts had been augmented to match her eyes. It was very fine work and obviously expensive. It would also have to be redone at least once a week to keep the lines as straight and as fine as they were.

Lucy knew that she had to act quickly and she planted a kiss on Tasha’s lips and shoved her tongue into the other girls mouth. She tasted the pussy on her lips grew excited knowing what was going to be coming.

Lucy grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled it back hard. Tasha started to scream with rage but a light slap across her face followed by a quick nipple pinch had the girl cooing. Lucy kissed the other girls neck working her way down with lips, teeth and tongue all working equally, and never letting go of her hair. When she reached Tasha’s breasts she bit her nipple hard and then drove three fingers into the other girls sopping pussy.

Tasha collapsed in ecstasy and Lucy pulled her back up by her hair and dragged her towards the teachers desk. Tasha laid across the desk with her legs spread. Lucy climbed on top pinning Tasha’s hands above her head. Tasha groaned and thrust up with her hips her engorged clit looking like a tiny penis, vainly trying to fuck Lucy. Lucy was in control and lowered her face down for a hard kiss which she then pulled back, just as Tasha was getting into it.

“Say that you are mine.” Lucy demanded.

Tasha looked torn, perplexed. She needed to be in control and dominant, but she needed sex. A boy was about to reach between the girls and rub Tasha’s clit but the look that Lucy shot his way made him think better of it.

Tasha’s crotch was humping at the air.

“Say that you are my bitch.” Lucy said and briefly lowered herself to the point where Tasha could feel her heat and closeness but couldn’t make the connection and get off.

“Say it!”

“I’m your bitch” Tasha said dejectedly.


“I’m your fucking bitch! Now fuck me dammit!”

Lucy ground her crotch against Tasha’s and drove three fingers back in. Three fingers was her standard go to. It was enough to stretch most girls but not enough to really hurt. Tasha was so loose and ready Lucy wondered if she could get her whole hand in. When she tried Tasha exploded in pleasure.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fu Fu Fu…. F f FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!!”

Lucy pulled out her soaking hand then gently started to stroke Tasha’s hair. “Shhh. That’s a good bitch. Relax little bitch. Calm down little bitch. That’s a good bitch.” Tasha took Lucy’s hand and started to lick her cum off of it.

Lucy looked around the classroom and saw everyone staring in awe. Everyone was masturbating, either themselves or the person next to them. They had never seen Tasha pushed around and dominated like that. Normally Tasha was the one who had people begging.

“All right class, take your seats. We can discuss this later during sex-ed.” The teacher said restoring order to the class. Everyone sat down and the teacher started into math lessons. Lucy had always been a fairly good student and was actually a bit ahead of the new class. She had learned early on to hide how good she was in school since it only seemed to upset her classmates. The only class she allowed herself to visibly excel at was sex-ed.

Throughout the lessons Tasha was looking longingly at Lucy. She was starting to get annoyed that Lucy was ignoring her and paying attention to her studies. Tasha was working to get her attention trying everythign she could think of but Lucy kept paying attention to the teacher.

When it came time for sex-ed the teacher made an announcement. “This year is about more than technique. Your bodies are fully mature and as part of that you will be graded on your control of them. For a full grade young ladies will be expected to become pregnant with a selected mates sperm and then to terminate the pregnancy spontaneously. Passing will entail controlled menses. Gentlemen for full grades you will be expected to ejaculate within 30 seconds of being given the instruction and to orgasm without ejaculating. Partial grades will be given for copulatory acts lasting longer than half an hour without ejaculation.”

When Lucy heard the requirements she was a bit worried. She had a sense of how to control her body but had never been really good at it. She had found herself becoming accidentally pregnant several times, especially with an attractive man. While had been able to end it, it had often been a trial.

Whispers were going around the classroom. “How will our partners be chosen?” A boy in the back asked staring at Lucy.

“I will be the one to impregnate the girls but no, you will not be expected to resist Miss Bright’s prostate massage. She can literally get cum from a corpse like that.” The girls traded looks and started to whisper among themselves.

“For todays session I suggest that everyone just find a partner and explore. Get used to the sensations and get a feel of how your body is working.”

Tasha decided that she was going to show Lucy a thing or two and took her hand and led her to a pile of pillows in the corner. Laying Lucy down Tasha started kissing Lucy’s thighs slowly and patiently. Lucy smiled and lay back, she figured that she was going to be looking forward to an nearly an hour of continuous orgasms.

Tasha was moving way in when all of the sudden she raised her head and started spitting.

The teacher walked over looking concerned.

“She has hair down there!” Tasha shouted. “She’s like an monkey or something with fur.”

The teacher said, “It’s perfectly normal. Homo Sapiens grows hair in the genital area at puberty and some members of Homo Nova still carry the gene and do develop sparse hair. It’t not really an issue. You can work around it.”

“She’s a halfbreed isn’t she. She’s not really one of us!”

Lucy stood up. “A quarter actually. I was granted special permission to attend school. I’ve been held back twice to physically mature.”

“She’s stupid too. A hairy stupid monkey.” Tasha shouted.

“Mon-key” Tasha started chanting and the rest of the class joined in.

“Mon-key! Mon-key! Mon-key!” the class chanted and Lucy ran out crying. This had never come up before. She was afraid that she would have to change schools. She had been starting to like the school.

With Lucy gone the teacher calmed the class. “Miss Star front and center!” Tasha sheepishly went up to the front of the class. The teacher instructed her to bend over his desk. She did so compliantly. She knew that she had offended him by disrupting the class like that and she had to make it up to him somehow. She had hoped to get away with just a blowjob but knew that this was a rather serious infraction.

The teacher’s cock was instantly stiff. He deftly slid it into her pussy and she imagined what it would be like to get pregnant by him. Maybe she could do it now, and get the final exam over with and just go back to daisy chaining with her friends. She concentrated and set the wheels in motion to get pregnant. She could feel her uterus start to expand and the strange hormonal flush that accompanied ovulation.

She was shocked when the teacher pulled his cock out of her pussy and slid it into her ass. “Fuck” she thought. “Now I am going to be bloated all week for nothing.”

As the teacher was driving his cock into her ass he started to ask questions. “What separates Homo Sapiens from Homo Nova, Miss Star?”

“They are bigger.” She grunted as he started to diddle her clit. She was starting to enjoy this. She had never really enjoyed anal sex before, she found it humiliating and disgusting, but now she was turned on by the humiliation.

“Beyond the obvious, Miss Star, bigger, more hair are givens.”

“They are stupider.”

He slapped her ass and drove in balls deep. “Quite wrong. The average intelligence is 20% higher. The average member of Homo Nova would be considered mildly retarded by their standards.” He pinched her clit and started driving hard. She felt a powerful orgasm sweep over her and she collapsed on the desk. She quietly went back to her desk when the teacher called forward another student who had led the chant.

The teacher slid his cock straight into her ass. “Other differences, please.”

“Um, they can’t control pregnancy?”

“Very good. Miss Bright could easily be the top student in this class but the sex-ed she could easily fail, even with her rather impressive demonstration. Other differences?”

“Pheromones” came a voice from the back of the class.

“Yes, they not only produce more pheromones, but they are less sensitive to them. That Miss Star is why she seemed to be ignoring you.”

“They don’t work together?” said the girl the teacher was currently sodomizing.

“They do just not as well. You all have gravely hurt Miss Bright’s feelings and she is the one who needs the apology. Not me.”

Tasha ran out into the hallway and found Lucy there crying.

“Go away!” She screamed.

“Come back to class.” Tasha said bowing her head.


Tasha knelt down in the hallway and began to kiss Lucy’s feet. Lucy just sat there as Tasha worked her way up to her knees.

“I’m your bitch.” Tasha said. “I am sorry that I was such a bitch.”

Lucy stood up and started to walk into the classroom when Tasha grabbed her hand and offered her a fistful of hair. Lucy yanked Tasha’s hair hard and dragged her to the classroom. Both girls were smiling broadly. Lucy lay back down on the pillows, and said to Tasha, “Make it good.”

Tasha lowered her head between Lucy’s spread thighs and began to lick her asshole. Lucy smiled as a boy presented her with his cock to suck while two girls began to work on her breasts. Eventually the whole class rotated through pleasuring her in various ways, but Tasha’s tongue never left her asshole.

“That’s a good bitch.”

“I’m having a sleepover tonight. Will you come?”

“Several times.”

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2014-05-19 03:17:11
I really liked the story and maybe you should continue it. Also some more description could make it better. I get that it is supposed to be casual but its almost too casual.

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2013-09-06 14:27:11
nidzDN Im thankful for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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2013-08-24 06:25:28
I thought I recognized your pen name!!! You once were so very kind to write a requested story for me. A very erotic and descriptive one at that. I left the comments here, it took a while for my brain to grab that stored bit of information to realize who you were. So I'm dying to know will you be continuing this story? Thanks for everything.


2013-08-23 11:33:05
No aliens, just a split in humanity. One branch becoming smaller and more social, the other continuing as is. I envision this taking place 3000 years in the future.

Thank you for the nomenclature reminder and the comment.

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2013-08-23 00:15:23
Cont...from previous/If you'd like to give your story a bit more scientific feel and accuracy spell Homo sapiens like this as well as Homo nova, if you refer to them again in the story it would be written as such H. sapiens or H. nova. all would be in italics. This is called binomial nomenclature a process created by Linnaeus. Please disregard my lack of proofreading in the first comment I made. I will be looking at such words since my computer decided to capitalize both words automatically for some reason. Grammar and spelling were quite good I only recall seeing one typo but I wasn't critically reading for the aforementioned. Thanks for a great story, I do hope you plan to continue, it seems there are endless and vast avenues to explore with this type of story. You certainly have the the talent and skill to create quite a series here if you so desire. Big positive vote from me. K

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