When I was 17 my father remarried, over 10 years after my mom passed away. I was happy for him, but my new step-sister was one of the hottest girls in my High School, Nicole DeLeon, whom I’ve had a huge crush on for years. Not that I really had a chance, but now that we’re ‘related’, my chances were basically 0. To help paint a picture a girl with jet black hair, green eyes, perfectly toned body with an ass you could bounce a quarter off and large shapely tits that she loved to show off. I myself am average looking but had a well-toned swimmer’s build with an 8”+ cock that’s as thick as a half dollar.
My dad was a businessman and often went out of town for work and on this trip he took his new wife along. It had been almost a year of being a blended family and things were still a bit tense between me and Nicole, although it was definitely better. At first she ignored me but one day she saw me with just a towel around my waist and I could tell that she was both surprised and impressed with my body. After that I went out of my way to give her a lot of chances to see me half naked and I swear I think she was enjoying the view.
While the parents were away (for 2 weeks), I heard Nicole out by the pool which is fully visible from my bedroom window. She was wearing a bikini that barely contained her ample tits and full round ass. As she sat on one of the lounge chairs, she started rubbing lotion all over her tight naturally tan latina body.
It didn’t take long before my cock started getting hard, so I took off my shorts and underwear and started slowly stroking my cock while watching, and fantasizing about my step-sister. I closed my eyes for a sec to picture her naked and when I looked out the window, I realized that Nicole was looking up at me and I was pretty sure she knew what I was doing.
I backed away from the window but before I knew it she was up the stairs and burst into my room. I played it cool and kept my hand on my fully erect cock. She came toward me and asked what the hell I was doing and to stop immediately. I told her I was jerking off while thinking of her and if she wanted me to stop she would have to pull my hand away herself. As she is a righty, and in hope she would try to grab my hand, I started stroking it with my left hand. Sure enough she came closer and tried to pull my hand off my cock, but at the last second I moved my hand away and her hand wound up grabbing my shaft. To my surprise, and delight, she didn’t pull away.

“That was sneaky, look what you made me do”. She said

“Well you’re still rubbing it.” I said

With one hand I cupped her cheek and pulled her mouth to mine. I kissed her lips softly, after a second or two, her soft full lips started kissing me back. Then with the other hand I reached around her back and untied her bikini top. I leaned back a little to watch her top fall to the floor revealing the most perfect tits I have ever seen in my life!! They were at least a C cup and were full, round perky with quarter sized brown areolas and pencil eraser nipples.

After taking in the beauty of her near naked body, I looked into her eyes and told her how beautiful she was. She smiled and told me how she’s wanted this to happen and started kissing me passionately, our tongues dancing together. Both my hands started playing with her tits, squeezing them together and tweeking her erect nipples. She moved my mouth to her neck where I kissed and licked her neck she eased my head down and told me to suck her tits. Without hesitation I began eagerly licking and sucking my step-sister’s pert nipples. I moved back and forth between her two beautiful globes with my mouth, while one hand teased the free tittie. She began moaning as I worked on her tits, gently guiding my mouth to where she wanted me to work on next. Then she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me deep and hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening!! She kissed me so passionately; my hot step-sister was bringing my sexual fantasy to life. She stopped abruptly and pushed me back, right onto an oversized recliner I had in my room. She quickly kneeled down in front of me, she spread my legs open and began to lick the head of my cock, running the tip of her tongue along the rim of my cock’s engorged head. Her teasing was driving me crazy and she knew it. Then, once I didn’t think I can take anymore, she took my boner into her mouth, all the way to my balls. While my big thick cock was down her throat she did this thing with her neck muscles that tightened her throat around the head, it felt fucking amazing. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came and I think she knew it because she took it out of her mouth, teased the head a little with her tongue and then started lightly blowing on my wet penis. The new sensation was more than I could handle and I shot a huge load all over the chair. She smiled big and said, “I would’ve swallowed your hot load, but most guys won’t kiss a girl after that, and I want to be able to kiss you when we fuck, but first you need to return the favor”. She said.

In response, I pulled her up and kissed her mouth, then lifted her up and spun her so that she was lying back in the chair and I was on my knees between her legs. I yanked off her bikini bottoms and slowly began kissing her inner thighs working my way toward her wet waiting pussy. She was moaning louder now, thrusting her crotch into my mouth. I hungrily licked her fully shaved pussy, spreading her lips with my fingers, sticking my tongue into her twat. She was really moaning now and I could see her playing with her tits, rolling her pert nipples between her thumb and index fingers. Licking and sucking her lips with my mouth and rubbing her clit with one hand I decide to use my free hand to try fingering her asshole. She seemed to enjoy the new sensation as much as I enjoyed mine, because she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my head deeper into her crotch and came hard into my mouth (and all over my face). Her warm juice tasted so sweet as it slid past my tongue and down my throat. As her orgasmic convulsions eased, so did her leg lock around my back.

“I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard, that thing you did with your finger and my ass was intense! And don’t think just cause I came in your mouth that I won’t kiss you, you’re wrong. I kinda like the taste.” She said in orgasmic bliss

And to prove it she started licking her juices off my face and topped that by sticking her tongue down my throat. She was more amazing and even hotter than I thought possible.

I didn’t think she could arouse me anymore, but she proved me wrong when she told me.

“I want to feel your big cock inside me my sexy step bother. Please fuck your little sister”. She begged.

Without hesitation I lifted her from the chair and carried her to the bed kissing her lips along the way. Placing her on the bed I eagerly climbed on top of her and before I knew it she had hold of my cock and was guiding the head into her warm wet pussy. Although she was thoroughly wet her pussy was surprisingly tight and I had to slowly ease my big thick cock into her. Once fully in I could tell she was already close to another orgasm. I guess she never felt how much a big cock can enhance her sexual pleasure. I got up on my knees and grabbed her legs and began pumping back and forth, in and out while she played with her big perky tits.

She grabbed me and pulled me down and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue danced with mine and then flipped our positions so that she was now on top. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen, my gorgeous naked step sister straddling my cock while her big tits bounced up and down. As she gyrated her hips in various movements I kept my hands busy by playing with her tits. Rubbing and squeezing her fleshy globes, pinching her nipples and rubbing them together. This seemed to excite her even more and she began pumping up and down on my hard cock faster and deeper which encouraged me to take my tittie play up a notch so I called her a “bad girl” and slapped each of her luscious tits a few times which caused moans of delight to her full lips. She leaned in over me and I could feel her hard nipples brush against my chest and she rode me like a champion. We were both moaning and grunting, kissing and pulling each other’s hair and even worked in some light choking. Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear her say that she was on the pill and even more excited when she told me she “wants to feel me cum in her”.

Although I wanted this experience to last forever, the feeling of her hot cunt was soon to much to take and I told her I was going to cum. I guess she was holding back on her own orgasm cause within moments of saying that, we both came at the same time, our bodies convulsing with delight and satisfaction. She collapsed on top of me and we softly kissed each other and laid there basking in the afterglow while I could still feel my cock twitching a bit inside her. She slowly rose up onto her arms, looked deep in my eyes, lovingly kissed my mouth and slid her hips up off my still hard cock.

After that day we would fuck whenever we thought we had the chance and although we both dated and fucked other people, we both agreed that the sex we had with each other was still the hottest, most satisfying sex we ever had.

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needs better paragraphs and a better writer not good in any way.

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