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This story is about a young girl in a war-weary world who is guided by an unusual guardian angel through a turbulent life, to redemption.
by SarabethW
This is the story of Tessie, a story of sadness and sacrifice and love triumphant, played out upon a stage of chaos and tragedy.
Tessie’s earliest memory was her fifth birthday. It was the first time she had ever had a party. She was so excited she could hardly sleep the night before. Her father had accompanied her the previous week to her pre-K class to get the names of all the other students for the invitations, and to meet with other parents at an open house. As always he felt a little awkward being the only father amongst a crowd of mothers, but he was getting used to it.
Tessie’s mother died shortly after she gave birth to Tessie. There was a rather virulent outbreak of the flu that filled the hospitals to overflowing. Tessie came home in the protecting arms of her father. Her mother never came home.
She died in a bleak midwinter, the winds whistling like lonesome wraiths over the lakes and depositing blankets of snow and ice over the countryside. Her father and mother were high school sweethearts, with a love for each other that challenged the coldest wraiths of winter, and even worse, the bitter taunts of racism and prejudice. Her father was as black as an ebony piano key, while her mother was a frail and ivory-pale neighbor to the sharps and flats surrounding her.
Of course, Tessie had no conscious memory of her mother, but she would scour the old photo albums looking at the many pictures there were of her before death had robbed her of her youth and vigor…and child. Every day of her life she would curse fortune for depriving her of her right to a mother.
At least there were a lot of pictures. Her father had once been an amateur photographer, president of the photography club in high school, and quite good. But that was long, long ago. In a back room, seldom used, the stacks of photo albums gathered dust.
It was a princess party, though only two other princesses answered the lure of the invitations. It was a bit disappointing, thought Tessie, but at least they were both her closest friends. Nnaka was a few months older than Tessie, with skin as black as new moon’s midnight. Her parents were from the Congo, but had lived in America since before Naki was born. Doreen was two weeks younger than Tessie. Dorrie was ghostly pale; a pasty, pudgy little imp with a quick and sassy mouth. Together they were about as different as three friends could possibly be, but untainted by the prejudices of their elders, they bonded inseparably to each other for what would be a lifetime.
But thoughts of a lifetime were far from the minds of the three young princesses, parading around the house in their fancy gowns and plastic crowns. They played the entire afternoon, lost in princess fantasies of silk and crinoline, flying carpets and handsome princes. Along with these preschool fantasies, the inescapable games of tag and hide-and-seek found their way into their childish play.
It was during one of these games of hide-and-seek that Tessie made a great discovery; a discovery that would influence her life for years to come. In a hurry to find the perfect hiding place, she and Naki ducked into the back room, behind several stacks of photo albums. Naki had never been in the room before and thought it a perfect choice. While Dorrie searched hopelessly through the house, Tessie and Naki giggled behind a stack of albums. It was then Tessie saw a small, forgotten album tucked away in the corner of a dusty stack. It was one of those small bindings that could only hold a couple of dozen photos, and even then, it was only half full. The binding crackled a bit when it was opened, revealing that it had not been perused for a long while.
Inside were several photos from what looked like a high school Christmas play. Tessie immediately recognized her mother, dressed in a flowing white gown, and sporting angel wings. She was beautiful…or one might say, angelic. Naki and Tessie were admiring the photos, quite forgetting the game, when of a sudden their eyes grew the size of saucers. There, slipped into the plastic behind the last picture, was another, slightly different from the rest.
There was her mother, still in angel wings, but no gown. That’s right! Utterly naked save for the feathery addition of the wings. She was standing against a white background with the gown held up against her chest. The two playmates sat mesmerized by the site before their eyes. Tessie’s mother was beautiful! Their gazes wondered down her torso, first being drawn to the ample bosom, nipples hidden by the gown clutched closely to her breast, down to her thin waist and the flawless curvature of her bottom. Her skin shone in an unblemished alabaster glow. Her blond hair tumbled in billowing waves down her back, almost to her waist, and her eyes were cast downward before her. They barely noticed when Dorrie came into the room and crept up behind them, but they heard her sharp intake of breath.
“It’s an angel!” Dorrie exclaimed, not knowing the picture was Tessie’s mother.
Dorrie, being the Irish Catholic in the bunch, was considered somewhat the expert on faëries and angels, and although Tessie knew the picture had been taken by her father when he and her mother were in high school, she felt a certain comfort in Dorrie’s remark that her mother was an angel.
“Oh! Dorrie,” cried Tessie, “tell us about angels. Are they sweet? Have you ever seen one?”
“No,” replied Dorrie, “but I know I have a guardian angel who watches over me day and night. When I’m bad, my guardian angel sits in the corner and cries, but when I’m good, she sits there and smiles so proudly, it makes me want to be good all the time.”
“Ha!” cried Naki, “Fat chance that’s gonna happen.”
While the coterie of princesses laughed in unison, Tessie quickly tucked the photo into her gown and tagged Naki, crying, “You’re it!” and ran from the room, followed by two screaming pursuers.
Late that night, after her father was asleep, Tessie pulled the photo from the gown in the corner of her room, and in the incandescent halo of her night light, stared fixedly at her mother’s image, repeatedly scanning it with the wondrous eyes of childhood. This was her guardian angel, and she would pledge her life to being good and making this guardian angel happy in all she did.
She kissed the image and put it under her pillow.
Ten years later, Tessie walks out of the school doors with her two friends Naki and Dorrie. She had grown into a slender young woman of exceptional poise and talent. At the age of six, she began to take lessons on the piano and practiced diligently under the eye of her guardian angel. So diligently in fact, that by the time she was in high school, she had achieved the reputation of a prodigy. Her fingers were long and slender and caressed the piano keys with a deftness and tenderness that few her age could boast of. Her studies earned her an honor role status and she was likely to be her class valedictorian upon graduating.
But in all her studies and practicing she always found time to be with her friends, a triad friendship that had never flagged over the years. Naki had grown tall and stately, sought after by all the boys. Dorrie was short and stout, and her temper was legend…no one dared to get on her bad side. But still, as different as they were, they were the truest of friends and confidants.
This was a typical autumn day, the winds of early winter picking up the fallen leaves and tossing them about in little whirlpools across the school grounds. The three companions sat next to each other upon some benches by the football field.
“I’m so excited about the concert tonight,” Naki was telling Tessie.
Tessie had been invited to play a Beethoven concerto with the local civic orchestra as soloist and everybody was looking forward to it. It was to be held at the high school auditorium.
“I’m going to hang around here and practice on the grand in the auditorium before I go home to change for the concert,” said Tessie, “Will I see you later tonight?”
“Are you kidding? Of course you’ll see us!” replied Dorrie, “and we’re bringing a dozen roses each for the prima donna!”
They all hugged and parted, Naki whispering a heartfelt “Good luck” into Tessie’s ear.
Tessie went back into the auditorium and practiced through her parts for a good hour and a half before going home. She had an hour before she had to be back, and the night was setting in. The walk was only a few blocks and she walked it briskly. There was a shopping center about half way home and she was passing it by, when all of a sudden hands gripped her shoulders and she was pulled into an alley amongst some dumpsters behind the stores.
At first, she didn’t know what was happening, but then the situation became clear. There were three older students from the school…dropouts from the system, who had formed a gang in the neighborhood. And they had, off and on, been trouble.
“Well!” cried the leader, “Look who we have here. Little Miss Perfect herself.”
“Hmm,” piped in another, pushing her to her knees, “a little too much white meat if you ask me.”
“Mmmmm,” said the third, “I love white meat. Especially breast meat.”
Upon saying that, the third boy took one of her breasts in his hand and squeezed rather roughly.
“I’ll scream if you don’t let me go immediately,” Tessie said with a trembling in her voice.
“Ooooh, scary!” cried the leader, “Breast meat is gonna scream.”
He reached down and ripped the blouse from her shoulders and snapped his finger. Instantly the cold steal of a jack-knife was felt upon her right breast.
“So … scream away honey,” he said, “just remember, the knife is rather sharp, and you don’t want me snappin’ my finger again.”
There was a coldness in his voice.
“Cut it off.”
The terror in her eyes was nothing compared to the agony in her mind. “What could she do?” she thought as the knife began to slide along her flesh and cut the shoulder straps and front of her bra. The leader pulled it off and tossed it into one of the dumpsters. Her breasts were ample and firm. The cold wind whisking down the alleyway made her nipples hard and erect. She was too afraid to say anything, hoping that they would not hurt her. Her breasts heaved as she struggled to control her breathing.
“That’s better,” the leader said, “I’m glad we understand each other. No one’s gettin’ hurt here. Understand?”
Tessie silently nodded, shivering in the cold.
“Remember, baby, you and me were both born black. ‘nd I don’t give a fuck how white your mama was. Understand?”
All Tessie could do was nod, hoping that the knife would not press any harder against her mocha-bronze skin. Her eyes began to tear up.
“Oh, look at that, boys, little mocha baby’s gonna cry!” the leader continued, “Well get this, baby, you’re gonna cry a lot more if you don’t do everything we say. You got me, girl?”
Another nod. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Thoughts were racing through her mind at hyper-speed. Fifteen years old…virgin…raped. And she was totally helpless. The gang member to her left was rubbing his crotch up against her shoulder. His penis was so hard she could feel it through his jeans. How foolish she had been all her life, thinking she had a guardian angel. Where was that guardian angel now? “Mama … please help me,” she fervently prayed in her mind, knowing that guardian angels were about as real as fairy tale princesses.
“And you strut around thinkin’ you’re too good for the hood,” said the leader, interrupting her thoughts.
“Well show us how good you are, baby, and suck my dick!”
Tessie clamped her jaw tightly, but as the leader began to unzip his jeans, the boy to her left who had been rubbing his hard-on against her shoulder pinched her nose, so the only way she could breathe was to open her mouth. As she struggled to hold her breath, the knife was pressing ever more painfully against her right breast. Finally, she could bear it no more, and as the leader’s dick was emerging from the top of his boxers, she opened her mouth and gasped for air…
Suddenly, everything changed in an instant, too quick to comprehend. Like an object being sucked into a black hole, the leader of the gang flew backward across the alley and crashed with a sickening crunch against the side of a dumpster, leaving him limp and lifeless on the pavement. Simultaneously, the knife pressing into her soft flesh went flying through the air, landing with a rattling uselessness far down the alley pavement, as its bearer was thrown against the brick wall behind him, rendering him unconscious as well.
The third gang member, who had seconds before been so busy humping her shoulder, began to comprehend the situation and turned to flee. But a hand came down upon his shoulder like a vise grip and turned him around to face the wrath of his attacker.
“Well, well, well! What have we here? Big boys attacking a little girl. I’m truly impressed! Your mothers must be proud.”
The only member still conscious was shaking like a leaf as he pissed himself.
“I could easily kill you, you know. But I have another plan.”
Tessie began to take stock of the situation as the voice of her father brought her back to reality.
“First thing tomorrow morning,” he continued, “I expect the three of you to report to the army recruiter on 3rd street…first thing. Understand?”
It was the boy’s turn to nod now, as if his life depended on it.
“And don’t even think of running. I know who you three are, and I can make life hell for you if you don’t do exactly as I say. As a reserve captain, I will be checking to make sure you showed up. Don’t fuck with me, boy!”
He pushed him backward onto his unconscious friend.
“Tomorrow morning, eight o’clock. And tell your friends to clean themselves up. They look like shit, and you smell like piss.”
Tessie was trembling so violently she couldn’t stand. Her father simply swept her up in his arms like she had no more weight than a baby and took her home. The warm comfort of her father’s arms penetrated deeply into her frame and she was quite able to walk by the time they arrived, but he carried her to her bedroom and laid her down next to the evening gown on the bed.
It was then she realized that she had only half an hour to dress and be ready for her concert.
“I can call the school and cancel for you,” the father said, “No one would blame you.”
“No,” she replied, “I’ll be fine. I can’t let everyone down.”
But inside, she felt a great turmoil of emotions.
Slowly, Tessie pulled on her dress and called her father to zip it up.
“You look beautiful, Tessie, and I’m very proud of you. I know you’ll do well tonight. I’ll be in the front row.”
They walked back to the school together, arm in arm. When they arrived Naki and Dorrie ran out to greet them. Naki gave her a kiss and expressed her admiration over the black evening gown. Dorrie took one look at her and asked, “What’s wrong?” It was so like Dorrie to see through outward appearances.
I’ll tell you both later, Dorrie,” Tessie replied, “For now, I have a concert to perform. Wish me luck.”
The auditorium was filled to capacity, everyone wanting to see and hear Tessie at the piano. It was a small chamber orchestra of twenty-four musicians, mainly strings with a few woodwinds. The organizer had spent a pretty sum to bring many of the first chairs from the local symphony to perform that evening, and Tessie was looking forward to the soloist fee she was to receive.
Suddenly all was ready, the instruments tuned, the conductor in place, the lights lowered in the house, and the spotlight illuminating the piano. Tessie walked from the wing to the piano bench and sat down. You could barely hear a breath. The conductor raised his baton and the orchestra began to play the exposition. Tessie stared intently at the keys, a row of black and white, ebony and ivory, and thought of the interplay between the two. Every new performance was like a child born from the interplay of black and white, and this child would be beautiful.
The exposition came to a close. It was Tessie’s turn. A pregnant moment of silence hovered over the house, and then Tessie’s long, slender, fragile digits descended upon the keys, giving birth to sound. At that moment she became the music, soaring with the brilliance of Beethoven’s genius, dimming with his dark minor-keyed interludes, storming through his fortissimo passages, and coming to rest with lilting reveries. It was a new spirit she felt that night. She had never felt it before, but it carried her fingers across the broad expanse of keys, black and white, ebony and ivory. She became lost in the expanse of sound.
Suddenly, the house was standing and cheering, bringing Tessie back to the world from which she had, for a few brief moments, escaped. She stood and bowed, but all seemed so unreal … unattached. Calls of “Encore!” were heard across the house. When the sound died down, Tessie was left standing upon the stage in the spotlight. It was a pivotal moment, and it seemed as though a voice was talking through her.
“Thank you all so much for attending this evening,” she spoke, as though it wasn’t really her speaking, and continued in a vein not even she had considered, “Tonight, I would like to thank all who have stood by my side the last few years; my friends, Naki and Dorrie, and my Father. I am very fortunate, but there are some who lack that fortune. There is a shelter only a mile from this school, where women, battered and abused, seek solace and protection. I intend to donate my soloist’s fee to that shelter, and ask voluntarily for any in the orchestra to do the same.”
An approving applause emanated from the house, her father nodding with pride.
“And now,” Tessie continued, “I will play the second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata ‘Pathetique,’ to thank you for your kind reception this night.”
Never was a fifteen year old girl seen with such refinement and grace as Tessie that night was observed by the four hundred or so in the audience of that school auditorium. Years later, people would recall her performance and its magic.
From the moment her fingers touched the keyboard, it could be felt, spellbinding and riveting. A sadness permeated the soul of every individual in the house. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the long and incredibly young fingers caressing the keyboard. It was like stepping into another world, composed not of objects and sensual contexts, but of pure sounds and the emotions they engendered.
When she placed her fingers upon the keys, framing the final pensive chord, a long thoughtful silence ensued. All the eyes in the house and all the eyes in the orchestra were filled with tears, so moving was the power of the music. At the back of the house, standing in the shadows, was a young black man, battered and bruised, his cheeks wet with an overflow of tears. As the applause began to sweep across the house, he snuck away, just as he had stolen in.
Tessie had no tears. She stood and gave a stately bow to the audience, whose applause had become deafening to her ears. Suddenly, inside her head, the applause began to echo, as if bouncing from one side of her brain to the other, not able to escape. Her fingers and feet began to cramp excruciatingly, and her head seemed to explode and fragment into a thousand pieces. She fell to the stage, unconscious and lifeless.
People rushed to the stage, her father and Dorrie arriving first at her side. Her father sat down next to her while Dorrie called for a doctor in the audience and told people to “Get the hell back! She needs air,” with typical Dorrie aplomb.
Two hours later she woke up at the hospital with Naki and Dorrie by the bedside. Naki ran down the hall to get her father.
“That was quite an encore,” Dorrie piped up, “You really know how to bring the house down.”
“I don’t feel right,” Tessie mumbled.
“I don’t doubt that, after all the tests you’ve been through,” Dorrie replied.
“Oh, you don’t know the half of it,” was Tessie’s retort. She sat up, wincing from the pain in her head.
“Actually, we do,” said Dorrie, “You’re father told us.”
Just then, Naki and her father stepped into the room, concerned looks on their faces.
“I’m sorry, Tessie, I didn’t know,” her father stammered, “I would never have let you play the concert if I had known this would happen. I’m so sorry.”
Tessie was touched by her father’s concern. He had always been so caring for her over the years. She reached out to hug him and they embraced until moments later, Tessie realized she wasn’t wearing her evening gown, and the hospital gown was completely opened and exposing her backside quite prominently.
She threw herself back on the bed and pulled the sheet over her, quite embarrassed. Naki showed a sympathetic face. Dorrie snickered. Tessie’s father let out a short “ahem” and made ready to leave the room.
“I’ll let you girls talk,” he said, “I’ll get some coffee and juice for anyone who wants it.”
As he left the room, Naki said, “You’re dad’s so sweet, Tessie.”
“Yea,” Tessie laughed, “but you didn’t see him when he showed up in that alley.”
“I would have killed them,” interrupted Dorrie, “They would have deserved it … the bastards!”
“Well it’s past now,” Naki warmed, “and you’re ok. You are ok, aren’t you?”
“I don’t know,” Tessie responded, “I feel very scattered, unable to concentrate. It’s like I’m watching the three of us from afar. I just don’t know.”
“Well, they’re keeping you here a couple of days, and one of us will always be here. Naki’s taking tomorrow off from school and I’m taking the next day, then we go home. If you’re up to it, you can go to Mass with me this Sunday.”
Although Tessie wasn’t Catholic, she always enjoyed it when Dorrie invited her to go with her family to church. Besides, it wasn’t really an invitation…more of a decision on Dorrie’s part.
The next two days one of her three favorite people was always there, day and night. Sometimes she would wake up, thinking one of them was speaking, only to find them sleeping. The voices began to seep louder into her brain, like there was more than one person there. Sometimes she would be talking and suddenly not remember anything she had said, leaving her friends and father with odd expressions on their faces; a bit disconcerting, but she had been quite shaken and she thought it would pass.
Tessie came home on Saturday and went to mass with Dorrie and her family on Sunday. There was something she found comforting in the Catholic ritual, surrounded by stained glass from which she could never keep her eyes. She was particularly fascinated by one glass which portrayed a saint, a sinner, a penitent, and a devil; all very different, but combined in a perfect balance of light and color. Her stare began to penetrate the glass until it suddenly shattered, casting its balanced characters in four directions. She desperately knelt before the shattered glass, trying to put the pieces back together, but no amount of coaxing could restore the balance, the pieces of broken glass leaving permanent, bloody stigmata on her hands…
She bolted upright in her bed, covered in sweat, and trembling. Dorrie and her father and a priest were standing in the dim light of the room.
“How did I get here?” Tessie asked.
“You gave us a bit of a scare,” answered the priest.
“Father, I’m not Catholic. I hope I didn’t smash your window. I’m not possessed am I?”
The priest just smiled kindly, “No, child, everything’s fine. Saints and sinners are still in the balance.”
Tessie’s father and Dorrie looked puzzled, but the priest winked at Tessie and led her father from the room.
“What was that all about?” Dorrie asked as soon as the door closed.
“Dorrie,” Tessie replied as she fell back on her pillow, “I think I’m going crazy!”
“No, Tessie, you’ve just been through a lot. You’ll come through just fine.”
Three years have passed and Tessie celebrates her eighteenth birthday with her friends, Naki and Dorrie. Naki had turned into an ebony goddess, with notches in her bedpost for all her conquests. Dorrie, still short and stocky, was a bit more choosy, but seldom passed up a good shag if offered. Tessie, on the other hand, was still a virgin, timid around boys, and frightened by the prospect of sex. Naki and Dorrie both encouraged her to go out, but Tessie had withdrawn into herself and wanted no part of it.
“What are we gonna do with you, girl?” sighed Naki, sitting upstairs on Tessie’s bed, “You don’t know what you’re missing.”
“Oh believe me, I do,” Tessie rejoined, “the way you two jabber on about it so much. It’s just that…”
“It’s just that what?” interrupted Dorrie, “How long are we going to have to wait for you to rejoin the living?”
“As long as it takes me to get the only person I want,” retorted Tessie, “and it will probably never happen I’m afraid.”
Tessie’s shoulders slumped and she tried to hold back a tear. Naki looked at Dorrie with a worried expression, but Dorrie, as usual, just rolled her eyes.
At this, both of her friends joined in together with words of support, “Who is the lucky guy? Why haven’t you told us about him? We can help you, really! We can…”
“It’s my father!” she cried, falling onto her pillow, unable to hold her tears any longer.
The other two looked like they had been struck by a stun gun, totally unable to speak for a few moments. Of all they expected to hear from Tessie, this was the most far-fetched and unexpected.
“Whoa!” said Dorrie, “Like…you mean…your dad…downstairs?”
“Yes,” Tessie sobbed into her pillow.
“Well, he is handsome,” said Naki.
“You’re not helping!” shouted Dorrie, trying to recover from her shock.
“No, really, I mean…I’d give him a try,” Naki muttered, “if it wasn’t for Tessie. After all, he’s nice and good-looking,” she continued, warming up to her argument, “and I noticed how he looked at me the other night when we had the sleep-over here. C’mon guys! He’s a man…and men like young attractive women. Is there anything wrong with that?”
“But dare I say it?” Dorrie replied, “This is incest. It’s…”
“NO!” shouted Naki, “You’re not winning this argument, Dorrie. Tessie needs our help. Are we just going to abandon her because she has fallen in love with a man who loves and cares for her? Granted, he’s her father, but is it really that bad, or is it just frowned upon by others?”
Dorrie looked from the defiant face of Naki, to the tear-stained face of Tessie, and knew it had to be one for all and all for one.
“Fine then,” she said, throwing up her arms, “Count me in, but we better have a damn good plan.”
The next two weeks were spent coming up with that “damn good plan” as Dorrie put it. As the plan involved all of them, or none of them, it was decided that those two weeks had to pass so that Dorrie could come of age like the other two, and there would be no reluctance from Tessie’s father on that score.
Luckily, their plan was given a boost when Tessie found a DVD in her father’s bedroom while picking up some dirty laundry. Oddly enough, it was a video of a mature man having sex with two high school girls, one black and one white.
“There is a God!” shouted Dorrie, before she quickly crossed herself.
So the plan was this. On the night of Dorrie’s eighteenth birthday, after the party at her family’s house, she would ask to spend the night with her friends at Tessie’s house. Once there, they would suggest watching a movie with her father. Tessie, on the pretense of wanting to fix one of her special desserts, would bow out to go to the store for the necessary ingredients, assuring them she would be back in half an hour to an hour. While she was gone, Naki would discover a “certain” video in the stacks of DVDs by the TV, and put it in to play, while Dorrie, joined by Naki, would snuggle up to each side of Tessie’s father.
The moment the video started would be the determining moment around which the whole plan revolved. It would certainly be aided in its course by the fact that Naki and Dorrie would be dressed in rather seductive silk nighties from Victoria’s Secrets, Naki in a pale salmon ensemble which set off her jet-black skin, and Dorrie in black silk and lace which set off her pale ivory complexion. If the two of them, with the help of the suggestive video, were not enough to jumpstart the sexual urges of Tessie’s father, then they would have to come up with another plan at a later date. But if there was a positive response, one in which life (i.e. Naki, Dorrie and Dad) imitated the art of the video, then the night was on its way to approach a fulfillment of Tessie’s desires. For Tessie would undoubtedly walk in on a steamy scene in which her father would be erect and desirous, and Tessie would be able to step into the scene of sexual surrender, while her friends took a back seat, and perhaps even another room.
“I just want you to understand, Tessie, that we are going to be working on your father while you’re gone,” Dorrie stated, matter of factly, “I mean, if we’re still sitting there after the video has been on for five minutes, I’m certainly gonna be giving him a blowjob. Is that ok with you, Tessie?”
“Why can’t I give him a blowjob?” interrupted Naki, before Tessie could reply.
“Because I’m not gonna fuck him,” returned Dorrie, “I’m not gonna confess to Father Timothy that I fucked my best friend’s father, then have him scowling at me all through his sermon later. But lots of girls confess to blowjobs. It won’t faze him. I’ll just leave the ‘best friend’s father’ part out of it.”
“You mean I get to fuck him?!” Naki responded, a bit excitedly, then recovered, “I mean, if that’s ok with you, Tessie.”
Tessie stood by her window, looking out into the night, the lamplights, the starry sky beyond. “Could this be really happening?” she thought to herself. “Might I really have a chance at happiness with the only man in this world I know I can trust, who will never hurt me, who will always love me?” Everything else seemed insignificant to this outcome.
“Yes, Naki, it’s fine with me,” Tessie finally spoke, “Anything that will prepare him for my arms and my embrace, I would celebrate with my approval any time.”
“Have you ever seen your Dad?” asked Naki, obviously screening for any information that might inform her of what she was going to get to stuff into her pussy. She felt a slap on her arm.
“Naki! You’re such a slut!” shouted Dorrie, and all three laughed at the prospect before them, until Tessie grew pensive and thoughtful.
“Yes, Naki, I’ve seen him here and there. He doesn’t date, so his videos are his outlet for his sexual urges. Sometimes, unbeknownst to him, I can hear him stroking and groaning to his fantasies. I carefully tiptoe down the hallway, and I can see into his bedroom at the top of the stairs from just the right angle.”
She mused as she thought of her father.
“Now let me see...papa has a big meaty dick, not that long, but round and sausage-like...something that would make my tummy feel full, like after a big meal. I believe papa would never force himself on me, nor even think of fucking his dear little baby girl, unless, of course, I decide to exercise my right as a full-grown woman. I would love papa both spiritually and sexually, and I would make sure he was never lacking for a tight, inviting pussy to massage, and enclose his dick in its wet warmth. I would fuck him early in the morning, before he even has a chance to wake, mounting his morning wood in the wee hours before daylight. I would fuck him, and fuck him, and fuck him...I would be his angel, I would be his slut. I would be everything he ever wanted of any woman. I would swallow his cum and I would let him leave his seed deep within my womb, warm and moist. And I would whisper in his ear that I loved him and no one else, and that my pussy, my cunt, my little angelic twat, my moist vagina waiting for his penis to penetrate, is his and no one else’s, unless he willed it to be. I would be the clay of his sexual fantasies, to mold into whatever he wanted of me.”
Naki and Dorrie stared, open-mouthed, at Tessie’s declaration. Neither knew what to say. Their best friend, whom they had always thought to be virgin in thought as well as form, was giving them a lesson in sexual commitment in terms both earnest and poetic.
“That was beautiful!” Naki whispered.
“Well, let’s just hope it’s still beautiful after that video revs up with the two of us cuddled up next to him,” added Dorrie, always one to think practically.
They all laughed as they contemplated their separate roles in the venture before them.
With one day to go before Dorrie’s “birthday” visit, Tessie sat alone in her room late at night. She drew from her nightstand an old photograph of her guardian angel, her mother, and sat down with it on the floor in the corner of her bedroom, in the incandescent halo of her night light. She gazed longingly at the image of a mother she had never known, and though her eyes didn’t quite overflow with tears, nevertheless, they sheathed her irises in an iridescent glow that sparkled as it reflected the light around her, making her amber-colored pupils catch fire.
All her hopes and desires were riding on the fortunes of tomorrow, and she whispered softly a prayer to her mother, to her guardian angel, who had saved her from rape and possible mutilation, to be delivered flawlessly pure to the man who had answered that prayer, sent by her guardian from a realm neither she, nor any divine theologian, could define or understand.
She kissed the image and went to bed, placing it under her pillow, gently grasped in her hand as though to receive inspiration and guidance from its tactile proximity.
Day dawns on Dorrie’s birthday. Naki and Tessie had gone to Dorrie’s house to celebrate with her family. It was a hectic and fun-filled party as Dorrie was from a rather large family. But behind all the celebration was a tenseness the girls could express to no one. All three knew that tonight was either going to be the mother of all disasters, or a truly remarkable and sensuous experience. They felt as if their world was balanced on a delicate scale. Had they thought of everything? Or had they failed to think at all? Maybe not thinking was the best course. They wondered what Dorrie’s family would have thought if they knew about the outfits they were wearing underneath their party clothes. Sort of gave a new meaning to the term “birthday suit.”
Finally, they arrived at Tessie’s place, immediately running in, giddy and girl-like as usual, and trotting off to Tessie’s room to strip to their seductive pajamas. Tessie’s father was sitting in the living room reading his newspaper and working on the crossword, while the girls paraded themselves quite unashamedly in and out of his presence. Periodically they would meet in the kitchen, whispering and giggling over the sidelong glances that they were receiving from him, when he thought they weren’t looking.
“Yup,” confirmed Dorrie, confident that they were making good progress. “He’s even been stealing glances at you, girl,” she said to Tessie, who had decided to wear an old striped bikini bottom and a short t-shirt. Nothing she hadn’t worn around the house a million times, but somehow charged, in the atmosphere created by the others’ clothing choice.
“Soon,” said Naki, “he’ll be nibbling at the bait.”
“Or you will be nibbling at his worm!” squealed Dorrie, and both started laughing.
“Hush, you two, or he’ll hear us!” came an urgent whisper from Tessie, who was nervous and worried beyond coping.
After a while, when they were sure that they were getting his attention, Tessie walked into the living room and announced it was movie time and for the other two to pick anything they could find that might interest them. That she was going out to get some snacks from the store.
“I’ve seen everything there is, so you three can just start without me, I’ll catch up on the plot after I get back. Keep papa company, you two, and one of you choose something from the stacks by the TV. I’ll be back in half an hour to an hour.”
Tessie grabbed a pair of sweat pants that she had laid over a chair and turned her back on the three to dress. Bending over to put them on, Dorrie couldn’t help but notice Tessie’s father staring. “Yes,” she thought, “This just might work.”
The car slowly backed out of the driveway and down the road, leaving the two girls, little short of nude, with Tessie’s father, Jim, between them.
“So, what do you girls wanna watch,” he said.
Naki immediately jumped up to examine the stacks of DVDs by the TV. Tessie had done her job well. In the second stack from the TV, at the bottom of the pile, she saw the label sticking out, identifying its contents. Naki bent over, keeping her legs straight, like she was touching her toes, to get the DVD at the bottom of the stack. She was easily the tallest of the three girls, and that worked to her advantage as Jim stared from her heels and up her long legs to a brace of buttocks, round, smooth, and shimmering black. Her salmon-pink thong left a thin ribbon of imagination defining the cleft of her ass, opening slightly to cover the smooth shaven blackness surrounding her pussy.
Dorrie snickered to see his eyes so intent upon her friend’s ass.
“What?” said Jim.
“Oh, er, nothing,” Dorrie replied, waiting to see the effect on his already stiffening cock, when the video started. Now Dorrie, of the three, was bosomy, and by far the most well-endowed. Her nightie seemed to barely hold its upper contents in place, as she sidled up next to Tessie’s father. She wrapped her arms around one of Jim’s, making sure that it cushioned itself in cleavage. “This is gonna be good,” she thought.
Naki quickly plopped herself down next to Jim on the other side, laying her head on his shoulder.
“You’ve got the remote, Jim,” she cooed, “Whenever you’re ready. Surprise us.”
They both giggled as he hit the “play” button.
As soon as the titles started, Jim knew he had been taken. He pointed the remote at the TV to turn it off, but Naki swept it out of his hand and sent it skidding out of the room and down the hallway.
“Hmm!” exclaimed Dorrie, enjoying it all to no end, “Looks like we have some interesting plots developing here.” She held his arm even tighter in her cleavage, nudging one of her breasts almost completely out of its confining silk.
Naki, likewise, was enjoying both what she was seeing on the video, and what she was seeing in Jim’s pants. She settled down deeper into the couch, bringing the hem of her nightie up, so that her salmon-pink thong made an inviting delta of desire for him to view.
The moment hung in the balance. Jim would either get up and give them a fatherly lecture, or stay where he was and begin to enjoy a sweet surrendering to the two girls, who obviously wanted something he could offer.
He looked at the clock.
Only ten minutes had elapsed.
He took Naki’s jet-black hand, and placed it tentatively on his hardening cock.
“Yessss!” cried Dorrie, bodily sliding down his arm and leg until she was kneeling on the floor, her chemise having been pulled, by the long slide, over her head and onto the couch, revealing a sumptuous banquet of boobs for his perusal. She walked her fingers up the outsides of both his legs like two spiders searching for their prey, and upon reaching his waist, called upon Naki to help lower his pants below his knees, and completely off. Kneeling between his legs, with her arms resting on his knees, she eyed his penis, already semi-hard from the video, and the thoughts engendered by the two live girls before him. It was exactly as Tessie had described it, not quite seven inches, but thick and meaty. The girls couldn’t take their eyes off it, as it jerked slowly awake to their amazed gazes.
Naki stood up between the TV and Jim, and slowly swayed her slender and sinewy black body, languorously removing every inch of nightie she possessed, until she was standing before Jim with nothing to hide, nothing to hold back. Jim’s eyes were glued to her form and figure, as Dorrie lost no time bringing his cock to full erection with her playful mouth.
“What if Tessie returns early?” he asked the girls, not wanting it to end.
“Well,” answered Dorrie, never one to waste words, “I guess she can catch up on the plot when she gets back,” smiling as she recounted Tessie’s earlier instruction.
It was then that Jim came to realize the full planning that had gone into this evening. He should have stopped, he thought, but was any real harm being done? After all, he was the one being seduced here, and the girls were in full control of the situation, and all, even little Dorrie, were of age. He honestly could not find an argument against it.
Dorrie could see his decision being worked out on his face. The thoughts he was having were clearly strengthening his stiffness and sense of surrender to the inevitable. If all went as planned, by the time Tessie returned, he would be amenable to almost any sexual situation, or deviation, which was the goal of the plan. Until then, she and Naki had to keep him hard, horny, and on the brink of orgasm, without actually sending him over the edge. But quite honestly, Jim was strong, big, robust, and didn’t seem like one who would shoot his load without a lot of pounding beforehand, and that was exactly what they were going to make sure of.
Dorrie stopped sucking for a moment and with a slight nod to that inevitable need of man, smiled and reached her hand back behind her to draw Naki closer.
Naki and Jim were both that African ebony black, beautiful to behold, and even more powerful an image when combined in the potent moment of sexual penetration. Dorrie steered her friend’s lithe and sinewy midnight form onto the tip of Jim’s black and pulsing ebony staff. It was a moment to be relished, as Naki slid effortlessly down his pole, her juices preceding her descent.
To Naki and Dorrie this was a great session of fucking, replacing in its maturity their childhood games of tag and hide-and-seek. They both had been playing this game for a while, Naki since she was fifteen, and Dorrie since she was sixteen. They both knew the plan, and they both realized that they were merely fluffers for Tessie, who had yet to make the passage across the sexual divide, had not ridden the steed to that other parallel universe of sexual understanding. That is not to say though, that they weren’t immensely enjoying this particular ride. In fact, it was easily one of the best they had ever mounted. Even Dorrie gave in to her original objection to fucking. Never had a favor for a friend been so rewarding to its providers.
Moments later, both girls were found astride Jim’s lap, Dorrie in front and Naki behind her, fondling her huge mammaries, guiding them to Jim’s mouth one at a time. Periodically, Naki would slide from Jim’s cock and toward his knees, while Dorrie would nestle her plump pussy down over his waiting shaft, the two of them together leaving a creamy residue that covered his lap and thighs.
Twenty minutes into the session the girls were inwardly congratulating themselves on their work well done. Jim’s black cock was hard as granite, thick and meaty, and extended to its maximum seven inch length, if not a bit longer. At times it would be buried in the wet velvety blackness of Naki’s cunt, only to be replaced seconds later by the stark night and day contrast of Dorrie’s. The girls were licking their lips at the delicious play of light and dark, when suddenly, during a particularly boisterous and noisy round of abandoned humping, Jim grew suddenly quiet and still, as if frozen in a moment of time. His eyes stared fixedly, as though fastened on a vision that had suddenly appeared from heaven’s realm.
Dorrie and Naki, noting the change, turned to see what had affected it. Dorrie spun about and fell onto the couch to Jim’s right, while Naki likewise about-faced onto the cushions to his left. The abandoned fucking had turned to a sense of wonder, as all three stared fixedly on the vision before them. There, unplanned by the girls beforehand, stood Tessie, completely nude, save for a burnished orange silk nightgown that she held to her ample breasts, just covering her nipples. But most wondrous of all, she was wearing a pair of shimmering amber angel wings, complimenting and magnifying her flawless and unblemished bronze-mocha mulatto skin. She was staring intently into her father’s eyes. The tears contained in her eyes sparkled and reflected the incandescence of the standing lamp beside the couch, setting her amber pupils ablaze. All were speechless, until Dorrie whisperingly uttered, with a sharp intake of breath…
“It’s an angel!”
It was not far from the truth, for Tessie combined all the singular and best assets of the other two; ample and full breasts, without the weighted, overcompensating fullness of most her size. She was thin and tall, like Naki, but possessing a greater roundness about the hips that sparked desire and admiration in her father’s gaze. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Once, long ago, he recalled another angel who had stood before him with equal splendor and grace. His eyes began to swell with tears, and one trickled down his cheek, belying the protruding manliness of his penis.
No one said a word. Time stood suspended. It was as if there were no places to hide and cover the visceral feelings that saturated the atmosphere of the tiny living room, and the primal emotions of love and bonding that flowed like an invisible current between father and daughter. Jim rose to face his daughter across the room. His penis remained rigid and standing straight up. As weighted and meaty as it was, it seemed to defy gravity with its strength of arousal. Tessie’s eyes dilated at the sight, but she held her position, praying to her mother, her guardian angel, for approval and guidance. She glanced her unfocused gaze toward the light, attempting to determine if her guardian angel was smiling or crying. In her heart she knew her mother was smiling, and the heart is, after all, the arbiter of the soul.
Dorrie’s eyes met Naki’s and, with a slight nod, indicated that they should go up to Tessie’s room. The night had turned cold, and on the way to Tessie’s room, Dorrie removed the comforter from Jim’s bed and took it down to the couch, smiling and retreating from the scene that they had helped to achieve. Upstairs, Naki and Dorrie crawled under Tessie’s quilts and, cuddling each other, silently giggled conspiratorially at their handiwork.
The silence between Tessie and her father was intense, and all sensations were suspended in the moment. Her father tried to overcome his initial surprise at seeing his re-incarnated wife in his daughter, but the beauty and perfection before his eyes filled his pulsing cock with blood, maintaining its rigidity and firmness, which was not lost on his daughter. Neither wanted to speak, as if by doing so they would break a spell that had been cast over the scene. As if by breaking the spell, the crushing accusations of incest by society might descend upon them. But Tessie tread upon the uncharted way, uttering the first word.
“Papa,” she whispered, and in that one word she wrapped all the feelings of a lifetime. Here was the only man she could trust not to harm her or leave her. And she loved him as she loved no other man who tread the soil of this earth. And she would give herself over to him: body, heart, and yes, even soul.
“Oh, my baby girl,” Jim replied, another tear cascading down his cheek, “are you absolutely sure this is what you want?”
“Papa…” she whispered again, her voice fumbling into the chilling silence of the night.
She sat him down on the sofa and knelt on the floor before him, looking into his eyes as if they were the only ones in her universe. She slowly caressed his cock, not to stimulate it, but merely to feel its strength, which emboldened her to speak.
“Papa, my dear sweet papa, three years ago, when in a moment of dire need, I prayed to my mother to send me a savior, and from that prayer you materialized and saved me from imminent danger. My trust in man was destroyed though. I have run and hid myself from that beast called man for three years, trusting only one, loving only one, wanting only one. And now I kneel before that man, pure and unblemished, and I pray to my guardian angel to once again hear my heartfelt plea…that I can have that man, and that no other man will suffice.”
Her tears, for the first time that night, overflowed their bounds and drenched her cheeks like a cleansing fall of dewdrops, tumbling through a short airy interval, to land upon his penis, pulsing still with a steady flow of enervating blood.
She kissed it once, tenderly and lovingly, with the sweetest lips ever born unto this world. Then he lifted her onto his lap and looked steadily into her amber eyes. It is said that those who have died, leave behind in their death a promise for the future. Jim could now see that promise before him, and he felt a loving happiness and freedom that he had not felt these many years since his wife, Tessie’s mother, had died.
More than any other thing they remembered from that night, was their unified wish that Tessie’s guardian angel, mother, Jim’s wife, could be there still, and believing that she was viewing from some distant, unfathomed shore, their consummate desire to come together as one body…one entity.
Their minds were as one, as she lowered herself onto the throbbing member between her legs, standing erect to receive its fitting sheath. As engorged as he was, and as pure as she was, it seemed effortless and painless as she impaled herself on his bounty, enfolding in her waiting cunt, his entire cock. A perfect fit!
She laid her cheek against his, mixing their salt tears, and understanding an unspoken truth, that this was meant to be. They wrapped themselves in the warmth of the comforter and made love half the night. In the morning, Naki and Dorrie, still naked from the night before, and still her two best friends after all these years, peaked into the living room with impish smiles, consoled by the sleeping blissful faces of father and daughter upon the couch. They silently high-fived each other and realized they were famished, as Tessie and Jim would be when they awoke.
And when they did wake, they found her two naked friends serving up a sumptuous breakfast in the adjoining dining room. All four, seemingly unaware of the fact that they were stark naked, laughed and talked away a morning fraught with magic.
The following days were filled with affectionate play between father and daughter. The world and its problems held little significance in the plethora of sexual explorations they daily sought in becoming closer to each other. After a week of near constant lovemaking and blissful touching and caressing, they invited Naki and Dorrie to dinner, thanking them for their part in helping to bring them together and supporting their choice of lifestyle. It was a long and musing meal, full of, as you might expect, unusual conversation. But through it all, Tessie’s father seemed rather tense and distracted. It was then that he pulled out the letter.
When Tessie was a baby, Jim had served for three years in an Army Special Forces division, rising to the rank of captain. But having served his time in the military, he was anxious to rejoin his daughter, who was being raised by relatives, so that he could see to her safety and upbringing himself. He remained a Captain in the reserves, participating in training and readiness maneuvers.
But a war was being fought in Iraq, and many reserves were being called up for a surge.
“I have to report in a month,” he said.
The quiet that descended around the table could be felt, deeply and lamentingly.
“Oh papa! No!” cried Tessie, her heart straining not to break, “They can’t!”
Her tears flowed inconsolable down her cheeks as the full realization came home to her. Naki and Dorrie offered what consolation they could, but were themselves, through their own experiences, grown attached to Tessie’s father.
“We’re being called up for six months to a year, depending on the success of the action. I’ll be home before you know it. In the meantime I have a proposal. Do you remember how the three of you have always said that you would find a house together when you all turned eighteen? Well, why not this house?”
The girls looked at one another, mulling over the prospect.
“It would be a one-year lease, unless I came back earlier,” he continued, “Not that it would matter much, because it would be rent free. You could work jobs nearby and save the money you would usually expend on rent. What do you say?”
“Sure,” said Dorrie, never at a loss for words, “Sounds cool!”
The other two nodded their consent.
Jim found this a great comfort in his mind, since Tessie would need the support and companionship through what he knew would be a trying time. He breathed a sigh of relief.
“Good,” he said, “That’s done then.”
The arrangement seemed to have brought with it a small sense of relief to the company. As Dorrie and Naki were clearing and washing the dishes, Tessie walked up behind her father and rubbed the tenseness out of his shoulders. After a few moments, she leaned over to whisper very softly in his ear, “Would you like Naki and Dorrie to sleep over tonight?”
The next month was a see-saw of emotions, as the three girls prepared to set up house together. Half the week, the reserves were called up to train and coordinate with regular troops, adjusting command structures to fit the needs of the field. Urban street fighting and commando actions were the priority in training. Jim would come home for the other half of the week, tired and exhausted, and the girls would leave off their housewarming chores, and concentrate on his comfort and pleasure. Every night, the four of them would nestle under the comforter of his king-size bed, enjoying the delights of the flesh, unashamed and uninhibited.
One would think that jealousies would arise, but they never did. Tessie was Jim’s daughter, and there was an undeniable bond of love that could never be challenged or broken. Tessie’s friends were welcomed to share in her bounty, and they did.
Did they ever!
Some evenings, Naki and Dorrie would reprise their roles as fluffers, working Jim’s sausage cock to a state of overextension, to be then mounted by Tessie, who would sway and writhe in sexual ecstasy, while her friends would attend to him by biting his nipples and exchanging tongue lashings, until both father and daughter would cum in successive and violent orgasms that shook the bed frame.
Afterward, as father and daughter would lay exhausted upon each other, her friends would lick the excess of their lovemaking from his balls and her thighs.
Other times, all would play, as if in an endless dance of sexual arousal, changing partners and positions with each other, Jim lasting often two hours or more due to the frequency of his sexual encounters with the triad of naked nymphs, always ready to be filled with his cum.
One night, while packing some of his belongings to move into the spare room so that Naki and Dorrie could set up and share the master bedroom, Naki found a camera…an old, but pricey digital model with a disc memory chip. She smiled to herself, thinking of a plan to use it.
“Jim,” she started one night at the dinner table, “Why don’t you take pictures anymore?”
“I don’t know,” he replied, “I haven’t found a reason to, I guess.”
“Well,” she continued, “you have us,” pulling the camera out of a bag under the table, leaving him no choice but to use it.
He dusted off the relic from his past and smiled.
“Ok, then,” he said with a glint in his eye, “Who’s first?
Naki and Dorrie ran like children, once more five-year old princesses, to find their prettiest outfits to be photographed in. Naki chose a sheer white silk chemise that fell to her hips and opened in the front, save for the hook and eye that held it tentatively clasped over her breasts. Up the left side were embroidered in pink and scarlet, beautiful roses. She was so excited to have her picture taken, she forgot to put on any panties beneath.
Dorrie tried on several outfits, not caring much for any, then went back into the master bedroom with nothing on. In her opinion, if anyone was really interested enough to show them to, she may as well get straight to the point.
Jim adjusted the lighting and backgrounds to show off the strengths of his models, and the two girls were ready and willing to be putty in the hands of a man who knew those strengths intimately. They were, of course, tickled pink to see the hardness of his cock in the course of the sessions, and periodically would stop to caress and lick it.
Tessie would peak in ever so often to see the progress being made, otherwise preparing tea and desserts for later.
“Aren’t you going to pose, Tessie,” they both asked.
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Aw, c’mon,” Dorrie countered, “you, after all, are the prettiest one here.”
Tessie looked down at the floor with a blush on her cheek, but shook her head and began to walk back to the kitchen.
“Wait,” called her father, eyeing her intimately, “I would like to have some pictures of you to look at while I’m away.”
He fixed his eyes on hers.
“Please?” he pleaded.
Tessie thought a moment, then smiled.
“I’ll be right back.”
And back she came, in the burnt orange silk gown that flowed like henna-colored water over her breasts and down her torso, revealing the soft and rounded outline of her bottom to wondrous effect. On her shoulders she wore the amber angel wings. Add to the accoutrements the little waves of patina-copper, tightly curled hair ringlets that billowed carelessly over her ears and shoulders, and the combined effect was stunning and breathtaking. The admiring looks of all gave her cheeks a rosy tint over and above the bronze-mocha complexion that endeared her to all the small coterie of observers.
The wall behind her was quickly cleared of all paraphernalia that might distract from the goddess-like quality she effused. Her father bathed the background in rusty neutral tones by placing sepia tinted gels over the lighting. Tessie stepped cautiously into the image and it was simply magic. No other word could quite describe it. She stood silently, majestically, and humbly, like a masterpiece of art, and her father’s shutter captured her, in poses both poised and provocative, for the next hour.
He had placed a separate disc in his camera for each of the girls. When finished, he gave Naki and Dorrie their discs, but the pictures of Tessie he kept for himself, tucked into the pocket of his cammies.
“There,” he said, smiling contentedly, “now you will be with me wherever I go.”
The days were flying past, and time was running short. Every moment Tessie and her father could be together was like a moment stolen from eternity. The last three days of training were to be followed by a night to bid families and friends goodbye, and then boarding the transports the next morning that would carry the soldiers to a far away war.
Dinner on that final night before departure was a quiet affair. No one seemed to want to speak for fear that the conversation would lead to talk of the war, which no one wanted to contemplate. After dinner, Naki and Dorrie went to the kitchen to clean up the dinner dishes, leaving Tessie and her father to talk alone. Tessie knew that the few brief moments left to them were as hard on her father as they were on her. She tried her best to hold back her tears for fear that their last night together before he left would be a sad one for him, and she didn’t want that.
She took his hand and led him from the table to the bathroom, where she adjusted the spigot to run a hot shower for the both of them. Stepping naked into the shower, there was a feeling that this was meant to be…all the love, sex, and intimacy their relationship had engendered over the past month had brought so much happiness, so much joy. She lathered his body from top to bottom, running her long slender fingers over the muscles of his abdomen, which had set themselves like granite against the weeks of constant training in the field. From his abs, she ran her fingers down to his penis, already erect and standing at attention, and lathered it for many minutes, not ever wanting to let it go.
“All of us want to say goodbye tonight,” she whispered into his ear, “We’ve all grown quite fond of our friend and father. First, Dorrie wants to say goodbye, then Naki. Afterwards I will let you sleep by my side until you have your morning erection before dawn, then we will say our goodbyes…just the two of us.”
“That would be nice,” he said, trying himself to hold back tears, “I would like that very much. Why have I been so blessed by…”
His question was interrupted by a deep loving kiss. Then she guided her lips down his chest, abdomen, and through his bushy pubic hair, to engulf his cock in her warm and welcoming mouth, which she had to open wide to enclose its girth. They continued in that manner until the hot water gave way to lukewarm, then cold.
“Brrrr!” she said, as she rose to dry off. The cold had made her nipples erect and hard.
She led him into the master bedroom and laid him down on the king-size bed, where Dorrie and Naki were already burrowed into the warmth of the covers. Tessie then stole out of the room and sat down at the upright piano in the living room, where she began to caress the keys with her loving fingers, fingers which had shortly before caressed her naked father, transferring the feelings of those moments to the keyboard and to the music. The eroticism boiling over in the bedroom was answered by her pounding rhythms, combining the black and white keys into a consummation of rhythm and sexual timbre.
Over the weeks, the girls had each settled down to a favored position. Dorrie adopted a position suited to her nature, answering each pounding thrust with an equal and opposite rebound. On all fours, she would present her plump backside to his cock, which would penetrate her pussy from behind in an unremitting, thrusting play of push and counter-push. The pounding could be heard to accompany the hard and violent play of Tessie’s fingers upon the keyboard, interrupted only by a long drawn-out scream as each bid their farewell orgasms upon the other.
Tessie followed with a romantic and lush play of contrapuntal complexity as Naki, lying supinely on her back before him, opened her legs to their widest possible extent, while Jim, kneeling before her, was licked clean of their previously combined orgasmic juices by Dorrie, who lowered his mouth-cleansed and rehardened tool into Naki’s waiting cunt.
Jim, brawny and muscular, covered the thin and lithe form below him, stretching Naki’s pussy lips as his cock entered her passage. Naki, whose pussy was always the wettest during sexual play, accompanied his thrusts easily and submissively as he slipped in and out of her slick and creamy cunt walls.
Slowly, the music gathered force and complexity, the depth of the harmonies matching the depths of Jim’s penis, as he thrust it farther and deeper into Naki’s spread-eagled pussy, eventually feeling its pelting reverberations against her cervix deep within. Suddenly, as the piano expressed itself in passages of voluminous crescendos, Naki locked her long slender legs around Jim’s rippling muscular butt and dug her fingers into his back, as she could endure his thrusting cock no longer. A long suspended groan, emitted from the depths of her emotional and sexual being, and filling the house with its heightened elongated pitch, was let loose by Naki, who quivered and shook with a trembling orgasm that went on for minutes; Jim’s cock bursting, and filling her cunt to overflowing.
Jim collapsed upon Naki, breathing hard from his exertions, and fell quietly asleep on her petite bosoms, forming black pillows to rest his black head upon. Tessie aided his exhausted passage to sleep, playing upon the piano an ever-softening lullaby, exhausting itself into pianissimo passages of extreme beauty and slow resolution. She slowly lowered the lid over the keys, and slipped into bed next to her sleeping father, her friends retreating to Tessie’s bedroom for the night.
The grey and lightening skies before dawn found Tessie spooned against her father, enclosed in his protective grasp. She felt his penis slowly hardening against the cleft in her buttocks. There was no music to accompany its engorgement, but then, Tessie always heard the music without aid of instruments, for music and rhythm were the soul of their lovemaking.
Slowly they roused themselves from their restful slumbers, as Tessie swayed, and absorbed his rising penis between the cheeks of her ass. Eventually, the dawn found the two lovers with father supinely welcoming his daughter’s kiss upon his tumescent cock, encouraging its hardness upon which she wished to sit.
Slowly she mounted him, sliding herself in tiny increments down his shaft, until it disappeared in its entirety within her ever tightening and slippery cunt, its condition alternating between the two. Tightening and sliding, slippery and tightening…the sensations firing the neurons in the father’s brain to the verge of ecstasy. This went on for an hour or more, Tessie rocking back and forth as she rose and descended in a restful rhythm…like the ocean caressing the sandy beach. Just to feel her father deep inside her made her feel like there were no obstacles to overcome, no hurdles she could not clear, and since she first began to take him inside her, the voices in her head ceased to complain and warn her of impending disasters. Yes, the shattering voices were quieted in the restful motion of their lovemaking, so soon to be interrupted by the winds of war.
But the only thoughts in the minds of these two were thoughts of love: father and daughter, male and female, eternal lovers forever bonded as one. Slowly with each thrust, she would bring her vagina forward toward his stomach, easing it back as she slid her moistened clitoris over his thick mound of pubic hair, tickling her to irreversible arousal, ending by thrusting her bottom outward and bringing the tip of his cock to the very edge of her labia, before repeating the ever-increasing crescendo of undulating pulsations that could only end in the ultimate climax of lovemaking.
Finally the sun rose and its light burst through the window of the bedroom, bathing Tessie in an iridescent halo of light. Her father looked upon her, realizing that he was making love on a different level from the others. Indeed he was enrapt in the vaginal ecstasy of an angel, her dark copper tresses shimmering over her shoulders, sparkling in the light of a new day, reflected in the shimmer of her curly pubic hairs, glistening with their combined moisture.
Neither knew how long their bliss had lasted, nor how long it would last, but both knew they never wanted it to end. The elemental nature of their lovemaking seemed so right, so destined. They were the male and female elements of creation, coming together as one. No strictures of society could interpose and separate them in this primal act of copulation that both had consented to and explored to its very core.
The tickling of her clitoris drove her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm, delaying its culmination to match his explosion deep within her womb. The muscles of both tensed and tightened until they simultaneously loosed upon each other the most intense and united orgasm either had ever experienced, she milking his penis of every last drop he had within him as her cunt tightened in a vise-like grip around his erupting cock.
When they had finished, they remained transfixed while periodic aftershocks shook each other and the bed, until finally the orgasm subsided into a peaceful euphoria. She kissed his forehead and kissed his cheek, then kissed his lips, feasting upon the sweetest ambrosia she had ever tasted.
They both closed their eyes and fell asleep for another hour of rest.
They would open their eyes to a world at war.
She kissed him at the terminal from which he boarded the transport to carry him half way around the world.
“Goodbye, Papa, I love you,” were the last words she said to him.
And he was gone.
The weeks stretched into months. The girls never watched the news, never wanted to hear about the war. Tessie’s father seemed to be in the thick of it, as they sometimes would not hear from him for a week or two.
Then one day a car drove up to the house, and an officer came to the door.
Jim’s remains arrived and were interred a month later. They were accompanied by an officer in his command, who was assigned to escort Tessie to the funeral and burial. He bore upon his chest a Purple Heart and Medal of Valor.
Tessie, whose voices had ceased and whose shattering had been repaired by her love for her father, was once more cast piecemeal into a roiling vortex. She could not touch the piano or bring forth music from its cold ebony and ivory keys. She could hardly move from her bed.
Naki and Dorrie were devastated also, but realized they had to be strong for their friend.
There was a slight disturbance when the casket was carried to the graveside. Two of the pallbearers were familiar to Tessie and she had to do all she could not to panic. The forward pallbearers were two of the three who had attempted to rape her in that alley years ago, in another lifetime it felt. Both were wearing Purple Hearts and Medals of Valor, and upon closer inspection, she seemed to accept the fact that they were not really the same two who had held a knife and humped her shoulder that night so long ago.
Taps was played mournfully and sad, and he was lowered to his eternal resting place.
“Goodbye, Papa, I love you,” were the last words she said to him.
A year has passed and Tessie sits in church with Dorrie’s family. Father Timothy, in his prayers from the pulpit, thanked the Lord for bringing many troops home, in an overall reduction of forces in the war. Tessie couldn’t concentrate on the prayer, for her father had already come home. Unnoticed by her, there was an officer standing in the back of the church.
It was planned that Naki would pick up Dorrie and Tessie at the end of the service and all would have Sunday brunch together, but as they were exiting the church, the young officer appeared out of the shadows of an apse, intercepting Tessie’s progress.
“Miss Smith,” he intervened, “I was your father’s second in command, and I’ve been wishing to speak with you, but have been prevented from doing so by the war. I was hoping we could sit down to lunch together and talk, but I see you have a previous appointment. May I call upon you tonight?”
“Appointment? Nah!” Dorrie said, eyeing the (rather handsome) officer, paying particular attention to the name sewn above his left pocket, “We see her all the time, uh…Mr. Brennan,” noticing it was Irish. She pushed Tessie forward, she and Naki making a quick exit and giggling as they got out of earshot.
They went to a local deli that had some sidewalk tables where they could sit and talk. Tessie was clearly uncomfortable around strange men. She always had been since the incident in the alley nearby, but she tried her best not to show it. The officer, noticing her discomfort, tried his best to put her at her ease. He was a young man, red hair, just slightly taller than Tessie.
“Can I get you something, Miss Smith, perhaps a sandwich or salad?”
“Oh, no thank you, Mr. Brennan, I’ll just have some hot tea.”
“Please, call me David,” he said, trying to break the ice a bit.
“Tessie,” she countered.
David walked to the counter to order some tea for the two of them, satisfied that at least they had made it to a first-name basis.
He brought the tea to the table and sat in an uncomfortable silence for a few strained moments. Finally, he spoke.
“I knew your father well,” he started, “and served under him until his death. I was with him in the hospital, as I had been wounded also, but not as critically. I spent hours at his bedside before he passed away, conversing about life back home, future plans, dreams, and so on. I tried to keep his spirits up, because he was rather seriously wounded, and quite frankly, both of us knew his time was short.”
Tessie stared fixedly into her mug of tea, leaving David to talk.
“Your father was a good man, the best I ever knew. He was a natural leader, earning the undying loyalty of all his men. He knew and cared for his men well, attributing to each of us a nickname that we were advised to keep. He was the devil of a drillmaster, but he prepared us all for what lay ahead, and for that we were all grateful.”
“And what, pray tell, did you call him when his back was turned,” she interrupted, “Come now, I know the men always had nicknames for their officers, most of them unkind.”
David looked at her quizzically as if not understanding.
“No ma’am…no nickname,” he replied, “He was always Captain Smith. No one would dream of calling him anything else.”
Tessie smiled and accepted the compliment in her father’s behalf.
“One day we were out with the company on a cleaning up operation and were returning to the base when our Humvee was attacked. It had hit an IED planted in the road and turned over, severely wounding your father. There were four of us, all with nicknames your father had given us, and a stranger group of men you couldn’t find. Let me see, there was Dumpster, myself (who he called Red), Humper, and Jack-knife. We knew we had to get your father to safety and we had to make a run for it, before they had a chance to pound the vehicle with grenade launchers, or worse.
“It was a mess, with fire coming in from three sides. Humper, Jack-knife and Dumpster ran forward first, to establish an advance position and to provide covering fire. I followed shortly after, with your father in tow. All of us suffered wounds from the gunfire all around us. I was hit in the shoulder, side, and thigh. I fell with your father into some ruts in the road, two-thirds of the way to the established position of the other three. It looked and felt hopeless, until Dumpster ran into the line of fire, providing a covering barrage that allowed us to achieve a more secure and survivable position.”
David at that point faltered in his narrative. Tessie understood why.
“If it wasn’t for Dumpster’s sacrifice, your father and I would have never made it out of there alive.”
A long moment of thoughtful silence ensued while Tessie took in what had happened. The leader of the gang, that had attacked her so many years ago, gave his life that her father might come home to her.
“Dumpster,” she mused, “Leave it to my father to come up with a name like that.”
“We were all dedicated to your father and would have gone to the gates of hell if he had led us there,” David continued, “Finally, the reinforcements arrived and we were brought out of there alive, that is, all save for Dumpster. We all had gotten pretty shot up, but we held our position, until the reinforcements could turn it.”

David sat there and pondered Tessie’s feelings before he continued.
“The three of us who survived that encounter are eternally grateful to your father for all he did, training us to survive such situations and going on. He was more than just a commanding officer, he molded us into a band of brothers, that is, men who would contribute, as opposed to being destructive, to this world.
“I just wanted you to know that.”
Another long silence ensued. Neither knew what to say, Tessie still not over her grief for the loss of her father and the only man she had ever loved, David wanting to drive away her grief and see her smile once again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small item which he laid on the table.
Tessie raised her eyes, and her breathing seemed to cease as she stared open-mouthed at what she saw. There on the table before her was a small memory disc from a first generation digital camera, rarely seen any more. Of all the things she expected to come out of this interview, this was the least expected. She didn’t know what to say, as her face began to take on a deep blush. David, noticing the discomfort he had caused, explained.
“Your father, in our long conversations, and knowing that he had not much time left, told me everything. Please don’t be embarrassed. I believe the love the two of you had for each other was admirable, and real. I would not be so vain as to condemn it.”
“Did you view its contents?” she asked, feeling naked in his gaze.
Now it was David’s turn to blush.
“Yes,” he replied, “but only because your father asked me to. And he asked me also to look in on you periodically, to see how you were doing.”
Tessie’s anger began to grow.
“Well, Mr. Brennan, you’ve had your titillating show at my expense. You can go now. And, by the way, I can take care of myself. You need not look in on me.”
Tessie prepared to leave, but David, with a panicked expression on his face, intervened.
“Please, Miss Smith, I’m sorry if anything I have done has offended you. It was not intentional. In fact, only one picture on the whole disc can I remember. It was a pose in which you stared intently downward, clutching an orange gown to your breasts, with a pair of amber angel wings on your back. I was struck by the image, not in an erotic way, but in a manner that was touching. I saw an angel…a true angel, and I kept you in a pocket next to my heart, knowing that you would be my guardian, and that I would return in one piece from this war, which I have. Please, I meant no offense.”
Tessie slowly settled back into her chair at the table, remembering how she had carried her mother’s picture through life; her guardian angel, who had protected her through every trial. She understood.
“Please,” she whispered, breaking a long silence, “call me Tessie.”
A year later, Tessie walks radiantly, arm in arm with David, from the church, as they are showered with rose petals by Dorrie and Naki, and all the others who had attended the nuptials.
It is said that those who have died, leave behind in their death a promise for the future. Tessie could now see that promise before her, and she felt a loving happiness and freedom that she had not felt these two years since her father had died.
David was married to Tessie in his military uniform, complete with his Purple Heart and Medal of Valor. His best man was Corporal Robert Denham, whom Tessie’s father had nicknamed Humper, and Private First Class Joseph White, whom her father had nicknamed Jack-knife. Denham was heavy set with a suave air about him. He led Dorrie, Tessie’s maid of honor, down the aisle. White was tall and slender, with skin as black as new moon’s midnight. He led Naki down the aisle.
As you might think, Tessie’s wedding would be followed soon by others.
We all make choices in our lives that result in either hardship, or blessings, for those who come after. We cannot fathom, in even our smallest actions, what those results might be. But it is important to know that everyone has a guardian angel who watches over them day and night. When you’re bad, your guardian angel sits in the corner and cries, but when you’re good, she sits there and smiles so proudly, it makes you want to be good all the time.
Thus is the story told of Tessie, who stood triumphant over her shattering fears, through the help of her friends, her father, and her guardian angel, who never failed her in her times of need.


2013-09-17 19:58:36
Your story definitely covers a wide range of sexy scenarios and emotions. I like the idea of Tessie and Jim together. I was sorry to read Jim was killed off but the twist in the story was great. A very well written story but I have to agree that double spacing would have been a better read. Looking forward to more of your stories.


2013-08-26 22:37:24
Sadly on this site they don't give authors the ability to do over. It is a well written story which I think would have achieved a much higher rating simply by double spacing between the paragraphs. Online stories are annoying to read without that spacing.

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