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It was hours later when they had finally stopped. Since the moment she had been tied up, Raalia had been licked in all her sensitive spots, had her breasts groped, her clit rubbed near to the point of climax, and so much more. One Orc had even licked her asshole for a good twenty minutes which had nearly caused her to cum several times. But Grima, the female Orc hunter, had watched her with a keen eye. Anytime it looked like she was about ready to cum she would stop them. But now it was over and Raalia felt somewhat disappointed. She knew she shouldn’t want this but a part of her wanted the release and the pleasure.

“Are we going to be a good girl now?” asked Grima in a fake sweet voice while she cupped the Draenei’s cheek. “Or do we have to continue?”

“Please,” begged Raalia in a defeated tone. “No more.”

“Will you do your chores like I showed you?” asked Grima. Raalia nodded which caused the Orc to frown a bit. “Is that how you answer your betters? No! You will say it clearly for everyone to hear!”

“Yes,” cried Raalia. “I will clean the deck with my ass high in the air for everyone to see!”

“Such a good little priestess,” said Grima as she moved her hand to the Draenei’s breast and gave it a good squeeze which caused Raalia to moan. “Now then, if you do all of your chores, maybe the captain will train you extra hard tonight. Would you like that, you priestess slut?”

“Yes,” said Raalia softly. Grima smirked as she undid the bindings on the naked priestess. Once they were all off Raalia walked over to the bucket of water that had been left there and took out the rag. She then got on all fours but with her legs straight so that her ass was in the air and her legs spread so that her pussy was visible. She found working like this to be difficult for she sometimes lost her balance due to the rocking of the ship. But, in a way, she felt excited. As she worked her pussy began to leak its juices down her legs. She had no idea of the reason why she felt like this, she just did.

Then, when she was half way done, something happened.

“Ship ahoy,” called out the crewman in the crow’s nest. Moments later Adren and the Blood Elf were on the main deck.

“Its intent?” demanded Adren.

“Most likely hostile,” came the reply. “It’s an Alliance Cruiser. They have spotted us and it looks like they are getting ready for battle.” At that, a part of Raalia became hopeful. Soon she would be free of this place. Yet another part was disappointed, like she had been cheated out of something. Then she noticed something that was odd. No one was worried nor was anyone preparing to engage. Were they planning on running away?

“Velithela,” said the captain calmly as he turned to look at the Blood Elf. “Please be a dear and get rid of that annoyance.”

“For you, my love, anything,” she said as she snapped her fingers. A moment later a flying carpet floated towards her and then stopped. Calmly Velithela stepped onto the carpet and then took off into the sky. Raalia watched as Velithela quickly moved her flying mount well above the Alliance vessel and then began to rain fire balls down upon the ship. Some were so small Raalia had a hard time seeing them while others were visibly larger. While she was doing this the ship moved and began to fire cannon balls. The poor crew of the Alliance Cruiser was no match for this kind of fire power and soon sank.

“Move out and look for survivors,” commanded Adren as Velithela landed back aboard the ship. “Let’s see if we can us any of them.” With that the crew laughed as the ship began to move towards the wreckage. But then…

“Ship ahoy!” called out the crewman from the crow’s nest. Adren let out a groan as he began to search the waters. “It’s a Horde ship captain and it’s signaling us. I think it’s the Gor’lasish.”

“So Garrosh wants a new playmate,” said Adren calmly. “Alright everyone, let’s get ready to meet our guests. Let’s make them feel welcome so long as they pay!” Everyone laughed as Adren turned to face Raalia. “Stay next to me at all times. Say nothing unless I ask or tell you to answer. Fail me and there will be a great punishment awaiting you. Do you understand?”

“Y-Yes master,” said Raalia. Adren smiled, pleased that she had figured out what to call him so quickly. Most needed to be told this.

It took about a half an hour for the Orc ship to arrive. During that time, the pirates had pulled out several people from the water. The women were taken below while Adren asked if any of the men were willing to join his crew. Once they had all said no Adren ordered their throats slit and their bodies were dumped overboard. Raalia watched this all with pity in her eyes, wishing she could have done something. But there was nothing for her to do. She was trapped here and watched over by people who could kill her with the same ease as twisting a babies arm.

Soon after the Orc ship arrived, an old Orc captain came onboard. He was dressed in heavy armor, had white hair with a beard, and was missing an eye. He scanned the crew and when he spotted Raalia his jaw dropped a little. Raalia felt embarrassed under his graze and could feel her nipples hardening. What was wrong with her? She was a priestess, not a slut. She was trained to deny herself these feelings. Yet she could not help herself on this boat.

“I see you like my latest treasure,” said Adren as he took a step forward.

“Captain Hellstein,” said the Orc. “I am Captain Morzalm. I am here under the orders of the Warchief.”

“Of course you are,” said Adren. “If you weren’t I would not have allowed you on my ship. Now what does Garrosh want this time? The only slave he hasn’t asked of me is a Gnome!”

“The Warchief would like a female Worgen,” said Morzalm. At that the crew became quiet as Adren rubbed his chin.

“Well that will take some doing,” said Adren. “Right now I’m fresh out of the trained ones and the rest are back at our hideout.”

“An untrained one will do,” said Morzalm. He then looked a bit uncomfortable. “I believe you know what the Warchief does to them after one time.”

“He kills them,” said Adren with a hint of anger. “I go to all the trouble of training the ideal sex slaves and he kills them after one go. All because he doesn’t want the world to know that he enjoys fucking the females of the Alliance that he claims to hate. If he wasn’t paying me to keep my mouth shut I’d let every bar up and down the coast know.”

“He is grateful for your silence,” said Morzalm. He then looked at Raalia before continuing. “How much is the Draenei?”

“This one is not ready to be sold,” said Adren as he moved behind Raalia. He then reached around and began squeezing her breasts. “And I refuse to sell her until I deem her ready. Nor will I sell her to Garrosh for any price.” At that, Captain Morzalm looked a bit downhearted. “Tell Garrosh that I will send him a Worgen within the next two weeks. And since this one is untrained I will lower my usual price to 3000 gold.”

“Very well then,” said Morzalm as he turned to leave. “Perhaps in the future you and I shall do business.” And with that he left.


Later that night Raalia found herself back in the Adren’s room. And, like that morning, Grima was there as well. Only this time she was naked. While Grima was smaller than Raalia, her breasts were much larger with dark green nipples. She also noted that Grima’s muscles were not as visible giving her a leaner appearance.

“Now then,” said Adren who was sitting on the bed naked, “time to continue the training. First off, I would like you to learn the art of the blow job. Let’s see what you got Raalia.”

Raalia gulped as she moved over the Adren and then got on her knees. This was her first time seeing a man’s cock up close like this. It was hard for her to believe that something that big could have been inside her. With a gulp, Raalia took the member into her mouth and then began to bob her head up and down. After several minutes of this Adren’s cock began to grow limp.

“You need a lot of work,” said Grima as she pulled Raalia away from Adren. “Let me show you how it is done!” With that Grima began to stroke the cock with her hand while circling its tip with her tongue. It was soon hard again and the Orc began to lick it up and down. Raalia watched as Grima played and sucked on his ball sack which caused him to moan in pleasure. And when she finally took the cock into her mouth Grima did more than just bob up and down. Grima sucked and made slurping noises as went down on it. The Draenei could see her working her tongue around his cock to provide extra pleasure. And then, all of a sudden, she stopped. “Now you try.”

Raalia nodded slightly as she moved back towards Adren’s cock. She then began with a slow lick up its shaft. She then took it into her hand, feeling how hard and wet it was and began to pump it up and down while licking its tip. After that, she gave the head a small kiss before taking it into her mouth. Adren let out a moan of approval. He could tell that this Draenei was a fast learner.

Raalia then felt something lick her pussy. She turned her head the best she could with the cock still in her mouth and saw that Grima was laying on the floor with her head right between her legs. The Draenei was in shock. An Orc, the same race that nearly wiped out her people, was eating her out…and she was enjoying it. Before she could do anything or say anything Adren grabbed her by her horns and began to cum into her mouth. The priestess’s eyes widened in shock as his white seed filled her mouth and began to drip down her cheeks.

“Why don’t you two share,” said Adren with a wicked grin. Raalia didn’t know what that meant. But she soon found out as Grima got off the ground, sat next to her, and then embraced her in a deep and passionate kiss. Raalia quickly found herself getting into it as she wrapped her arms around the Orc as their tongues explored each other’s mouths as they drank the cum. Grima also wrapped her arms around Raalia and then stood them up. Before the priestess knew it she was laying of the bed while still making out with an Orc.

“I believe you have passed your first lesson,” said Grima as she pulled away from the kiss. “And your master will properly reward you.” With that, Adren trust his cock into Raalia. She screamed out in shock and pain, but it soon faded as Adren began to thrust his cock in and out of her. And with each thrust her clit rubbed against Grima’s sending shocks throughout her body. She saw Grima smile as she pressed her tits against hers. Then, without warning, withdrew completely.

“Wait please,” begged Raalia. “I was almost there.”

“Don’t be so greedy,” said Adren as he put his cock in Grima. The Orc huntress made a purring like sound as Adren began to thrust hard into her. “Tell me, my little priestess slut, who do you belong to?”

“You master!”

“What are you willing to do for me?”

“Anything master! I’ll do anything you ask me to. Just please let me cum. I’m so close but I can feel it slipping away! I’ve been wanting to cum all day so please make me cum!”

“I’ll remember what you said,” said Adren as he pulled his cock out of Grima and thrust it back into Raalia as hard as he could. Raalia scream as loud as she could as a mind blowing orgasm erupted inside of her as he thrusted into her like a maniac. The world began to fade and the last thing she felt was him cuming inside her before the world went black.


“If I didn’t know any better I would think you were found of her,” said Grima. Adren sighed as he sat down on his bed. They had moved Raalia to a corner on his room and covered her with a blanket. Grima was still as naked as he was as she laid there on his bed.

“I might be,” he said honestly. “I think she has potential that would have gone to waste had she stayed with the Alliance.” Grima said nothing while she got up and then pressed her body against Adren’s.

“You know I don’t mind sharing,” she said. “I just hope she doesn’t become as clingy as Vel.” At that Adren laughed.
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