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my introduction to cfnm with my sister
This is my first story,of many, it goes back a few years(early 1980's) to when i was around the age of 11 and had just started puberty. I had a small gathering of hair and got semi hard-ons. My parents where away for the weekend and myself and my 14yo sister were staying with our grandparents.On the Sunday morning my grandfather was out and my grandmother was in the kitchen preparing lunch we were upstairs in one of the bedrooms playing as kids do, but we were getting board of the usual board games like monopoly etc. My sister asked if we could play a different game i asked what she wanted to play and she suggested nurses and then explained that we would take it in turns to be the patient with injuries and the other be the nurse/doctor.
After about 10 minutes of pretend arm injuries tummy aches and head aches,i was once again the patient and said i had an injured leg.Lauren (my sister) said that i needed to take my trousers down so she could take a look,so before doing so she went to check that nanna was still in the kitchen, and i then stood with my trousers down around my ankles, she then said that maybe i should have a full check up so i took off both my trousers and t-shirt. She did the pretend checks on my chest and arms and legs she then pulled down my pants and i stood naked infront of her she felt my balls and pulled my foreskin back alittle and i started to get hard, just then our grandmother called us for lunch so i quickly got dressed and Lauren said we can play some more later.
We didnt get the chance to continue our game until later that evening before bed .We had both had our baths (separately) and got our pj's on, and we were in her room. I asked if i could be the doctor now as we had about half and hour before we had to go to bed. So before we started I went and checked that our grandparents we still downstairs watching tv , and then returned to her room she stood took off her nightdress and i saw my first pair of boobs i examined them and her nipples got hard as did my cock which i was trying to hide after around 5 minutes of playing with her boobs i pulled down her cotton panties to reveal a growing bush of dark hair. As i fumbled around she opened her legs and allowed me to see my first pussy i was to scared to touch it properly, i just looked for a few minutes. She pulled up her panties and put her nightdress back on and asked if she could see me again because she could see the bulge in my pajama bottoms. so as she sat on the bed i stood up and pulled them down and my first proper erection sprang into view. she lent forward and examinded it pulling my foreskin back and touching the sensitive head. she also played with my balls and gave me a few short strokes just as she began doing this we heard our nanna coming up the stairs and i quickly covered up and sat on the bed. My grandma then came in and told us it was time for bed so i careful got up not wanting to let nanna see that i had an erection and went to my room.
The next morning my sister came into my room and woke me and we sat talking about nothing imparticular , but after a short time she asked if i had enjoyed our game of nurse yesterday i said i had (i couldn't get the images our her boobs or her pussy out of my head), she said that she had also and maybe we could play again soon., but we would have to be careful because no one can find out espeically our parents or grandparents.I was around 6 weeks before anything happened again when one Saturday morning i went into her room just after i had woke up, she was sitting in bed watching tv dad was at work and mom was out shopping as usual for a Saturday morning. I sat on the bed and we chatted for a while i then got up to go get a drink and she just pulled my bottoms down i pulled them up and went to get us a drink each i returned to her room and lent forward i thought she was getting her drink off me but she again pulled my bottoms down.i again pulled them up and she asked if i minded her seeing me i said that i didnt so she said for me to take my bottoms off and just stay like that for a while. I removed my bottoms and sat back on the bed and while we were talking and drinking our drinks she just kept looking at my cock. eventually she asked if she could touch it again to which i happily replied that she could, so she massaged it and played with it and i started to get hard she was amazed how it got hard in her hand and once i was fully hard she stopped playing and asked me just to walk around so she could watch me. i did this for about 5 minutes or so until it was time for mom to get home from the shops. The following Saturday morning i again went into her room and as we sat talking she told me that any time i was in her room i had to remove my bottoms so she could see my cock weather it was hard or soft, although we both knew this was wrong as we were brother and sister we agreed as it was also exciting. So every Saturday morning after i would get up take of my bottoms and go into her room and she would just look and occasionally she would play with me until i got hard. we did this for a few months until something else happened ..........

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2013-08-22 14:20:36
Use some proper spacing and punctuation, grammar and sentence structure would be nice as well. I had similar times with my sister but never intercourse. I had the chance a couple of times but didn't.

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2013-08-22 13:20:53
This happens somewhere every day. It's more being inquisitive than anything else. When it continues, then they will get deeper into the intimacy part of their friendship. Being a sister and brother doesn't change the fact that each wants to learn more about the others body.
Usually begins with the looking, feeling, sucking, and then the fucking.
Happens every day--SOMEWHERE.

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