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by- John T Brown

It was before the past
But after everlast
That I decided to mask
Whatever leftover emotions I saved for last
At the sound of a blast
Everything is sad yet not so bad
Kids mad
Dad had
Just enough of all the fighting
Yelling and scream'n
All the I want I ice cream'n
You dream'n
But thought he was dream'n
Regretting the momnet he released the semen
Creep back like black hats in your sleep
Why would you feed a pit bull raw meet
You see
It goes tossed and flossed but not like dental
Cleansing the mental
True quality straight reformed essential
physical and responsible to the fiscal
Cliff hanging
Still sanging hoping he hears you praying
But mumbling ever word your sayn
A different day silk smooth over trees
Bedside accompanied by knees
Beggin the lord please
But he don't forgive for greed
Gave birth to a seed that you can't feed
Child in the kitchen
To every word she listen
Drafts from the broken walls are cold
Banging an empty cereal bowl
Fist swoll
your resonsible for the holes
Hoping you'd find gold
but all you discoved was mold
Unload the 9 mil
Just to reload
A child is a child
But a child's mind knows
Slows to a speed of life
Just to get a good look
Nevermind the books
She gets a job
Money on the table and food in the belly
Even if its peanuts and jelly
Dreaming of days with sunrise
But more moon rise
Many nights of cries
Wet red eyes
Bullets stolen
daddy's 9 mil is empty
Now she feels safety
Thinking how could daddy leave
And not take me
She bleed
Not really bleed
but cross paths with needs
Now she's on her knees
asking god please
Begging the lord please
He's next to her suffering
Right wit her
He looks down at her
He pulls the trigger
Daddy you got to stop this shit
Everyday you hold that gun
Finger on trigger
I knew it
Just knew one day you'd pull it
So yeah I can't count
But I stole all six of the bullets
I didn't really steel
But you planned to steel from me
Take the only dad that I knew
Rich or broke
I know that life ain't cheap
Atleast you got me
Even if I'm only three.
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