Just a heads up, These are the ages of the people in the story. If you don't like young, don't read - Mom - 37 / Andy - 17 / Tammy - 14 / Amy - 12 // April - 11 / Meagan - 14 // Sue - 40 / Felecia -9
To people who are about to read this story:
If you don't like sex stories with 9,11,12 and 14 -yo GIRLS don't read it. It'll be a waste of your time. This is story marked as YOUNG and it has a lot in it. It's STUPID how people read a story like this and then complain about its contents. I see it all the time.

The story is pretty long but I tried to keep it interesting throughout. I put spacers (*********) in between each encounter. So if you reach a boring part, just skip ahead.

I do like feed back; I'm not a professional writer so I'm sorry if it's not perfect. I did read through it a few times and I hope I got out most of the dumb mistakes. I'm very sorry if I didn't.

Thank you


Our Family And My Sisters Friends 3

Recap: My name's ANDY, I’m a male, 17 about 6’ blond hair, blue eyes. I work out and I like to run so I’m good shape. I’ve been told numerous times, I’m what women like to call a “Hunk”. I don’t think I’m that good looking, but I always appreciate the compliments. My Mom’s (her names SHERRY) pretty short about 5’4", she’s also in great shape. Her DD breasts look kind of large on her because she’s such a small woman She's 37. My 2 younger sisters, one’s SAMANTHA (We usually call her SAM for short) she’s 12, and the other’s TAMMY she’s 14. Both are also in good shape about average height and are developing nicely for their age. Then there’s Sam’s Friend APRIL she’s 11 and Tammy’s Friend MEAGAN who’s 14. Both also look damn hot. There's also April's mom SUE she's 40 She's a larger woman with breast about 4 sizes larger than moms, she's about 5'9" tall and April's Sister FALECIA (LIZ for short) she's 9.

It was really unbelievable how sexually active these little girls were. It was like a damn was broken and they were flooded with sexual energy. It felt like they had super charged pussies, the way they got so loud when they came. I didn't even know girls that young could even have orgasms. I sure know now. Whatever the reason, they sure loved having sex, at least with me they did.

It was Wednesday about 2p, Mom would be home from work and the girls would be home from their day out. It was summer, so there wasn't any school and mom did part of her job at home. So she doesn't have to be away so long. It's been 3-4 of weeks since our little orgy. I know I'll never forget that night, and I'd hope for a repeat sometime soon. I got hard just thinking about it. Mom and I have sex about once every 2 or 3 days and I usually fuck the hell out of one of my sisters every day. Meagan was coming over on a regular basis and I'd get to fuck her to. I hadn't seen April since our little orgy, I figured she decided it was too much for. I can't believe how lucky I was to have such gorgeous girls and an incredible sexy mom.


I was lying on the couch almost asleep when I heard the door the bell ring. I yelled out for them to come in. It was April, I told her Sam wasn't home yet but if she wanted to wait in Sam's room she could. I noticed she was wearing a very short tight mini-skirt, and her little 11-year-old nipples were easy to see as they poked out from really tight tank top. I watched as she went back to Sam's room. She really had an incredible little ass, and you could easily make out her panty line. I never pushed anything; I didn't want to scare anyone off. So I just lay back down, and closed my eyes. My cock was really hard from watching April and thinking about her naked little body.

Suddenly I felt something touching my cock. Someone was reaching in my sweat pants and pulling it out. When I opened my eyes April was looking at me with a huge grin. When she fished out what she was looking for, she went right at it. I watched as her little lips parted and my hard-on slipped past her lips. She started moving her head move up down, letting more and more of it into her mouth. She stopped long enough to say, "I've been practicing on one of my moms toys". I was in disbelief; she went right back at it. I could hear moans from her, as more and more went into her mouth. She was actually deep throating me, and it felt amazing. It sounded like she was getting excited just from sucking me.

I was getting real close, and then she slid one of her hands down, pulled up her skirt and started masturbating. She must have gone to Sam's room to remove her undies, because they weren't on. She looked so hot rubbing her bald little pussy while going down on me at the same time. She really had my entire length deep in her throat. I new was about to explode. I told her "Oh god April I'm going to cum, Holy Shit I'm about to cum"

She had been using her free hand along my shaft, but she removed and lifted her shirt up and was rubbing her nipples moving from one to the other. She was really moaning now, it looked like she was about to have her own orgasm. My cock started to swell, as I was about to burst, I told her "April. I'm cumming, OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING" I thought for sure she'd pull it out as I came all over her. Her own orgasm hit her as she buried my shaft all the to the hilt, her nose was pressed up against me as I exploded inside her mouth. My hips thrust up into her, driving it in even more. I had unconsciously grabbed her head holding her to me as burst after burst flooded her throat. She managed to swallow most everything.

When I was done, she didn't stop. She kept right on going. My shaft had started to deflate but she drove it to new heights. When I was hard again she stood up and removed what little clothes she had. I did the same, quickly shedding what I had. I lay back down, and she straddled my cock. She took hold of it and guided it to her cum-soaked 11-yo little pussy. Once the tip was in, she slowly slid down, inch by inch. I remembered how tight she was, and she felt just as tight. I reached down and grabbed her ass; it felt amazing in my hands. It was so small and tight I just couldn't help rubbing it all over.
She was moaning more and more as she rode me faster and faster. I could see her bald little pussy lips wrap around my penetrating shaft. Even though I had just cum, I felt it again. She was screaming now "OH MY GOD, THIS FEELS SO GOOD ANDY, I'M CUMMING, AHHHHHH" her body jerked hard as her orgasm hit. Her face was in pure ecstasy, as it hit her. She didn't stop though; she actually redoubled her efforts. Suddenly another one hit, then another. She was going through a series of orgasms, each one better than the last.

She was screaming even louder now than before. "ANDY, I'M CUMMING OH MY GOD. I'M CUMMING AGAIN, I CAN'T STOP. CUM INSIDE ME, NOW, OH MY GOD, NOW ANDY, NOW" with that I let loose, gripping that little ass and pulling her down on me as I thrust up. Her pussy spasming around my volcanoing cock. When she felt my explosion hit, she had a huge orgasm, bucking her hips, and shaking all over, her eyes lids were barely open and hers eyes were rolling up. She just kept repeating "ANDY, ANDY, ANDY OH GOD ANDY." When it started to subside, she just fell forward. Passing out on my chest with my deflating cock still inside her. I just laid there, my hands still rubbing her ass. I loved how it felt in my hands. I just couldn't stop. Her body would jerk every now and then from the after affects, while she laid there

I couldn't believe how sexually active she was. I lost count how many times she came. She really had a hot little body for her age, and even though her breasts were so small, the way she was rubbing them, it looked as though her nipples were sensitive. It was clear she loved sex, I was glad I was the one she chose to have sex with. I loved the feel of her incredible little body. I was running my hands up her along her back and down to her ass, making sure that one of my hands would go between her ass cheeks and along her back hole.

It actually felt slick from her pussy juice. She had cum so much it was everywhere. She picked her head up, looked right at me and said "Thank you Andy, that was more amazing then I ever dreamed." She then moved her body; up so she could kiss me. As soon her lips touched mine, I felt her tongue snake out into my mouth. I greeted it with my own tongue. She was one hell of a kisser. I was obvious Sam had been working with her. She was moaning softly, and was moving her ass up into my hands while I was rubbing it. I let one of my fingers move against her rear hole again, only this time she was awake. As soon as started rubbing it her moans got louder, and her lips pressed into me even harder.

I felt my cock stir again. It had only been about 20min since our explosion, but feeling her excitement got me going again. Suddenly I heard a voice. We both sat up and looked. My 12-yo sister Sam was laying on her back on the floor. She had her skirt pulled up and her shirt. She was rubbing her young breasts slightly pinching her nipples. Tammy's 14-yo friend Meagan had a leg on either side of Sam's head. She was grinding her pussy against Sam tongue. Her skirt was on the floor beside her but she had left her black underwear on. Meagan was pulling it aside with on hand while rubbing her breast with the other. She had just pulled her shirt up along with her bra and was rubbing and pinching her young breasts.

At the same time my 14-yo sister Tammy was between Sam legs. Sam had left her sexy little red thong underwear on. Tammy had just moved it aside and as going to town, she had her face buried into Sam's young bald pussy. It was Meagan 's voice I heard. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. April got up and went over to Meagan. April kissed Meagan like she had done to me. I watched as their mouths mashed against each other.

April then whispered something to Meagan, backed up and laid down on her back. Meagan leaned forward and dove right into her pussy. Sam was thrusting her hips against Tammy's tongue, I could tell she was cumming. Sam was licking back and forth between Meagan's ass and pussy. Meagan was really loving it. Every time Sam licked her clit or snaked her tongue into her ass Meagan would moan louder, and grind her hips down. April was thrusting her hips, while Meagan lick and sucked at April's cum-soaked pussy. April was building up to yet another orgasm. When Sam had finished her orgasm, Tammy got up looked at me and winked.

She walked over to April, quickly striped down and placed her legs on either side of April's head and lowered herself down. Tammy sat facing Meagan and moved her head down next to Meagan's. Meagan lifted her head up and kissed Tammy. After A few seconds Tammy moved her head between April's legs so they were in a 69 position. Tammy would go at April for a few minutes lift her head kiss Meagan, and then Meagan would go at it. It suddenly dawned on me what they were doing. They were licking my cum out of April and sharing it. I heard Tammy start moaning now, as April was licking and sucking away at her.

My cock was hard as a rock, but I loved the scene and didn't want to break it up. I heard another voice. Come over here Andy. Mom had been sitting there watching, the whole scene. I quickly moved over to where she was sitting. When I approached her, she reached out and took hold of my (what was now a) raging hard-on. She said, "I came in just as April was mounting you. I didn't want to disturb you and since the couch faces the other way I knew you wouldn't be able to see me, and April wasn’t looking around. The other girls came in, not to long after I did. They got real excited watching and hearing the both of you. They went right at each other. Dropping to the floor, hardly removing any clothing in their excitement. This is a bad time of the month for me, or I would've joined them"

Mom got up and told me to sit down. She then said "I have something special planed for you, but first, I want your cock in my mouth right now" As soon as I sat down, she swallowed my shaft in one motion. She always gives an incredible blowjob. Today wasn't any different. Even though I had the 4 girls going at each other in front of me, I closed my eyes and was enjoying the sensation I was feeling. I could hear my sister Tammy and her friend Meagan screaming out their orgasm after orgasm. I could barely make out April's muffled screams over Tammy and Meagan.

Suddenly the sensations from mom's mouth stopped. When I opened my eyes and looked down. Mom was smiling at me, I must have been caught up in everything because mom had removed her shirt and bra, and I never felt her moving. I always loved her gigantic tits. She liked it when I put her nipples together and sucked both at the same time, or when I buried my head between them, licking and sucking at her cleavage. She then did something I'd never thought of before.

She placed my cock between her huge tits and started moving her beautiful breasts up and down the length of my shaft. She was moving it just right so the head of my cock went into her mouth. Her tits felt wonderful wrapped around my stick. She said " I want to feel you cum all over my breasts Andy." This drove me to new heights. I could feel myself getting harder as my shaft swelled up. I was yelling out "OH YES MOM, I'M CUMMING, I'M GOING SHOOT ALL OVER. OH MY GOD MOM YES OH, UH UHHHHHHHHHH" For the 3rd time that day I came again and this was a pretty big load. I watched as she kept pumping my staff through her tunnel. My cock would emerge, shoot out then disappear and shoot. I got it all over her face, the top of her jugs, in between them, and even some underneath.

She lay back down on the floor and the girls were all over her. They were licking and sucking every last drop. Each would take a turn giving my mom a deep tongue-stabbing kiss. Every time one of my sisters would kiss her, I could feel my cock twitch. It was always a turn on watching mom with either Sam or Tammy. They looked like they were worshiping her. They would also take turns sucking on the nipples, one on each side. I knew I was spent, but the scene was great.

Sam moved herself over mom's mouth and lowered her pussy down. She was on the verge of an orgasm when everyone got up. Mom just reached up grabbing Sam's hips and pulled her down onto her mouth hard. This really drove Sam over the edge, "YES, MOM, OH GOD YES. I'M CUMMNIG MOM, OH, OH, OH YES, OHHHH UNHHH AAAHHHHHHHHHHH". Sam just collapsed next to mom her body still shaking. The other 3 never stopped playing with mom's tits. Mom had to finally stop them before she went crazy. This may have been the first time I fucked her tits but I knew it wasn't going to be the last.


We lay around the rest of the day, relaxing and watching TV. No one had even bothered to get dressed. Actually what little clothes people had on were shed. Mom walked around topless. It was great seeing her tits moving freely about. Unfortunately April and Meagan had to get going. I stood up and got a goodbye kiss from both of them. As each one kissed me I grabbed their hot ass and pulled them closer to me. Both of them moaned into me as I did it. Meagan was still only 14 so she had a tight little backside that felt wonderful to touch. As we kissed she moved her hips against mine, letting my cock rub against her hot pussy. April's was 3 years younger and the difference was obvious, I just sat there rubbing it and pulling her closer to me. I didn’t want to let go, and it didn't feel like she wanted me to. She did the same thing Meagan did, rubbing herself against my growing erection. They finally got dressed and left.


It had been a few hours, so I had gotten real hard from kissing Meagan and April. Sam took over right away. She came over to me and kissed me like she the other 2 did. Her little 12-yo frame felt so good against me. She let go, grabbed my cock and led me to her bedroom. I lay down on the bed and Sam just laid down right on top of me. I could feel her nipples against my chest as she rubbed her bald pussy up and down the length of my shaft. She then moved down, taking me into her mouth. She had gotten pretty good at this part, I guess practice does make perfect. She only gave me head for a few minutes though, getting up saying, I can't wait anymore. She climbed on and I just tilted my head back and closed my eyes waiting to feel myself enter her.

She grabbed hold of my member and guided it slowly to her tight pussy. It went in, but not as easy as usual. She was really taking her time. I guess she was in a teasing mood. She put it in so just the head was in. she waited a couple of seconds and started slowly, moving up and down. I opened my eyes; she was just smiling at me. She had such a beautiful face and a sexy body to match. Finally she had all of me in. She was a lot tighter then she usually was, which was hard to beat.

When I looked down I knew why she was taking her time. She had me deep in her ass and was now fucking me. As she got used to the feel, she moved faster and faster. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She was building up (pretty quickly) to an orgasm and so was I. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her faster. Her moans were getting louder and louder. She always got real loud when she came, just like our sister and mom did. She was screaming, (Oh my god Andy, it feels so good in my ass. I can't wait to feel you cum inside me. OH, OH ANDY, OH GOD ANDY, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING." I couldn’t take it anymore I unleashed, and as I did so, I jammed my cock as far in as it would go and we came together. I could feel her ass spasming around my spewing shaft. She had her fingers buried deep in her pussy now, and I could hear the squishing they made. She had been moving them in and out in unison with my penetrating shaft.

We got up after several minutes of heavy kissing and walked out into the living room. Tammy was lying on the couch looking like she was passed out and moaning softly. Mom was headed for the kitchen, when she looked at me and smiled. I could see around her mouth and down her chin, it looked shinny. I could see it was obviously wet between her legs. It was easy to figure out what they were doing. I slept very well that night, I was real spent.


Thursday I got a real unexpected call. It was Sue, April's mom. She had a meeting all day Saturday and asked if I could come watch her kids. She said "Her normal babysitter just couldn't make it, since Sam and April were such good friends they're always talking about how responsible you are, and you look after your 2 sisters all the time. I'd pay you pretty good." I told her I was free Saturday and I see April all the time, she never causes problems when she's here. I'd be happy to watch her kids for her. She told me that April had 2 younger sisters Falecia (Fah-leash-e-ah) who was 9 she was usually called Liz for short. I'd never heard Liz short for Falecia before but what the hell. Then there was her other sister Tiffany or Tiff who was 5.

I already knew where they lived and I had met their mom a couple of times. Just in passing at the store when she was with April. Sue was pretty good looking her self. She was larger woman and had bigger tits than my moms. They were really huge. I always got a hard-on just thinking about them. I knew better then to make a move though. Besides, I had her daughter to help take care me. Friday, April came over; she was wearing a set of those stretchy pants that showed off her perfect little ass. She didn't have time to stay but told me she was looking forward to seeing me on Saturday. She said her sisters like to play out in the back yard, which was fenced in, or play in their rooms. We'll have plenty of time for my favorite pastime. She reached up and grabbed both my hands and placed them on her ass while giving me a kiss. She said I can't wait till tomorrow. You're going to love it. I held off on sex all day Thursday and Friday. I wanted to be ready for April.

I was told to be there not later than 12PM and she wouldn't be home till past midnight. It was about a 3 - 4 hour drive where she was going and she couldn't afford to bring her kids. She said she'd have instructions for me when I got there. The Doctor's phone number, what to feed the kids, rules for the kid's etc. etc.


I got there around 11a she was still getting ready, She had on a nice skirt but hadn't got a on shirt yet so she was still wearing a robe. She had a big smile on her face and gave me a huge hug. I could feel her breasts press into me. She thanked me for saving her life; she had to make this meeting. She brought me over to the table where she had everything written down. I was across from her and had a great view of her cleavage. I still couldn't believe how big they were; I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Her robe actually fell open most of the way while she was leaning over. I now had a perfect view. I could even see her stiff nipples. Even those were big. She didn't seem to notice how open it was, and wasn't going to say anything. She finished what she was saying; (to bad) I could've sworn she smiled at me when she stood up.

She went to her room and finished getting dressed. When she was done she came out and called to her kids. When they came out, April was wearing a bathing (Bikini) that looked a size to small; they had been playing with the sprinkler so she was pretty wet. Her nipples were very hard and easy to see, you could also make out her pussy lips in the fabric of bottoms. Sue didn't notice me staring (luckily) She said "you already know April, here's her baby sister Tiffany I think I already told you but just in case She's 5, (She was just wearing shorts and a T-shirt, she was a cute little kid.) And here's Falecia or Liz" who's 9.Liz was wearing something similar to what April was wearing only her bikini looked to least 2 sizes to small maybe 3. I found myself staring at Liz. Her little nipples really stuck out against the tight material and I could easily make out her lips on the bottoms.

After introducing them, they went back to play. Sue gave me last minute instructions. She gave me another hug, pulling my body tight to hers. Her huge breasts felt good pressing against me. She must have felt my hard staff against her, but if she did, she didn't say anything. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and thanked me again.


No sooner was her car out of the driveway, when April came running in. She asked me if I liked her bathing suit. I said it was fantastic. She told me Liz was really wearing one of her own suits from a few years ago. The one I'm wearing belongs to her. She led me over to a chair, pulled my pants down and I sat down. She didn't even remove her suit, just pushed it aside, pulled her top up and plunged my cock deep inside her wet pussy. I was a little worried about the other kids, but she told me her sisters were busy playing. She said "I needed to feel you inside of me right now". It didn't take long for her little 11-yo pussy to start spasming on my cock. She was bouncing up and down like a piston. Then she started rocking her hips back and forth. I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I was moving from one to the other sucking and licking. She gripped my shoulders and slammed down driving me in as deep as I could go. I couldn't hold back anymore and I let loose deep inside her. She was gritting her teeth trying not to make any noise, as her orgasm ripped through her body.


When her body calmed down, she gave me a deep kiss and told me "I needed that so bad, I hope we'll have more fun later. I also have a special surprise for you tonight. Right now I better get back before Liz starts looking for me. Thank you Andy, that felt so good." I wasn't sure what she meant about the surprise, but I was very curious.

April and Liz stayed in their suits most of the day. April had pulled the back of suit between her ass cheeks, so looked like a thong. She would come in around me and bend way over like she was looking for something. She even brought her sister Liz in several times, and would have her bend over in front of me showing her something on the floor. Liz had the hottest ass I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe she was only 9. I also noticed she was wearing her suit the same way April was. April would look at me and smile every time she came in or brought her sister in.


Around 2ish April came up to me. She leaned and kissed me hotly, letting her body mash into me. She was so hot I got and instant hard-on. I reached behind her grabbing her ass, pulling her into me even more. She stopped long enough to take her bikini bottoms off. Now when I kissed her, I let my hand go between her ass cheeks and along her rear hole. She really loved it, she would moan against my mouth as out tongues mingled together. She pulled my pants down enough, to release my shaft.

I looked around know the other 2 were around somewhere. She said "My baby's sister's in her room playing now, and Liz is out back. I made sure they were both busy before I came in, just like I did earlier."

With that, she backed up and bent over, leaning against the table with her arms out straight in front of her. She made sure to stick her ass way out for me. Her 11-yo ass was perfect. I got behind her and guided my cock right into her pussy. I started pumping right away and she was moaning louder and louder. I let my fingers move over her ass and even started finger fucking her back hole. I heard her voice "unh, unh, oh that feels so good, AN, And, Andy, I unh want your ahh, ahh your cock unh, unh in my ass, unh, unh now Andy. Ahh, unnh oh god uhhhhhh," I didn't waste any time, I pulled out of her hot pussy and placed the slickened head against her little hole and slowly started inching it in. My shaft was pretty wet from her pussy so it acted like a lubricant. I got about half way in when she shoved her hips back, burying me all the way in. She let out a gasp as she did so, but actually started fucking herself along my length. The feeling was incredible, and she was getting real excited. As usual it didn't take me long. I felt the pressure building up as my cock enlarged. April was saying "YES, Andy I can feel it. Cum in me, now. I'm cumming Andy, I’m CUMMING." I came hard, blasting away over and over. I could feel her ass spasming on my cock. Even her ass was cumming. It was wonderful.


After she recovered she got back into her bikini went to restroom, then went back play with Liz. She had a huge smile on her face. She really looked satisfied. I got myself back in order. I wondered how come she took it in her ass so easily. She had really loved it to.

We had supper around 5p since Tiffany was the only 5 she went to bed a lot earlier then the other 2. She was in bed by 6p. About a half-hour after Tiffany went to bed, April checked in on her to make sure she was asleep. April and Liz said they were going to take a shower, so I sat down. About 7p rolled around and the phone rang. It was Sue, she said "There's no way I'm going to make it back tonight, would you be able to stay the night. I know it's asking a lot. I promise you'll be well compensated. Please Andy, I don't have anyone I can call" I asked her to calm down and said it wouldn't be a problem, and not to worry. She said "Thank you Andy, I really didn't have anyone else to turn to. I have to get going but I'll call in the morning when I'm on my way home. By the way, you can go ahead and use my bed, It's very comfy and I won't be using it" I made sure to call my mom and let her know what was going on.

I had a whole night with April to look forward to; I was getting hard just thinking about it. April was the 1st to come down. She was all wrapped in a towel from her shower. She sat down on the couch next to me, and started watching TV with me, just like nothing was wrong. Liz came down soon after. She had on a bathrobe that was barley closed and went down almost to her knee. When she moved just right, I got a great view of her 9-yo pussy or one of her little nipples. She really look sexy, I couldn't believe how much it turned me on. I sat there looking over at Liz constantly while we watched TV. The way she was sitting I had perfect view her body. The robe had ridden up her hips and she was sitting with her legs open, and it was fully open in the front, so I had perfect view both her little nipples and her little pussy. About 8p I sent Liz to bed. I waited about 10 minutes. I couldn't wait any longer.


I grabbed April, who more like jumped on me. She kissed me, letting her tongue fly out to meet mine. I just reach behind her and grabbed her ass, pulling her into me even more. We made it to her mom's bedroom. Where I stripped down almost throwing my clothes off. She then said "lie down on the bed, and put this blind fold on. Your sister Sam gave me an idea and your mom told me you'd feel more with your eyes covered." I did as she requested. I felt her weight on the bed, then her mouth on my cock. I still couldn't believe she could get the whole thing down her throat. But I felt her nose press into me, just like before.

She was moaning whiles sucking on me, almost as much as I was. After a few minutes she got up and straddled me. She grabbed my hard-on and slowly inserted it. She took a lot longer then I'd expected, but when I was all the way in she started fucking me faster and faster. She actually felt even tighter then earlier. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Suddenly she cried out "Oh, Oh, My god this is so much better. OH APRIL, HE'S MAKING ME DO IT, OH, OH, OH AHHHHHH." I could feel the inside of her pussy tighten around my cock as she started to cum. I ripped off my blindfold suddenly realizing what she just said.

I was looking at Liz's 9-yo body riding my shaft. Her eyes were shut tight as she went through a huge orgasm. That's when I came. I pumped a huge load deep inside her. When she felt me cum, her eyes flew open; she let out a scream as another orgasm hit her. Her hips were bucking, as she felt me erupt again and again. She fell to the side of me, whimpering how wonderful it was and how it felt so much better. April came over and spread her sister's legs and dove in. Licking and sucking the cum out of her little sister's drenched pussy.

Liz came right back to life moaning and grabbing April's head. April moved her hips around so they were in a 69 position. Liz didn't need to be asked she went right at her sister. Grabbing April's ass and pulling her down as Liz buried her face. This was amazing; they looked so hot together. I could hear both of them moaning into each other. It didn't take long before I was stiff again. They got louder and louder until they both came at the same time. Driving their hips in to each other's face as the orgasm rocked through each of their little pre-teen bodies.


Suddenly the door flew open; both girls sat up like a shot. Quickly getting off of each other. We all sat there in shock. It was Sue she was already home. I just gapped in awe having no idea what to say. There was nothing I could say that would rationalize what she was seeing before her. I slowly started to make my way for the edge of the bed and then to my clothes. Before I moved an inch, she yelled "STOP, what in the hell do you think you doing, I had a feeling something was going on and now I know." April tried to say something on my behalf saying it wasn't Andy's fault, but she was cut off. "I don't want to hear anything from anyone." She looked madder than hell. "Andy you should be ashamed of yourself, I bet you've had sex with both of them" I just nodded my head. She walked over to the edge of the bed " I can't believe you actually had fucked my 11-yo AND my 9-yo. How could you do it, weren't you thinking at all." I was so scared I couldn't move. All I could think about was how much trouble I was in.

She said "You went and screwed both my little girls and left me out" with that she dropped the one piece dress she was wearing quickly rolling it over her shoulders and stepped out of it once it hit the ground. She had nothing on underneath. (The dress she had on had a zipper up the back, she must have undone it before she came in the room.) I couldn't believe my eyes. Her tits were incredible; they were even bigger than I originally thought. She may have been a large woman but seeing her naked brought my cock to new heights. She told me move closer to the center of the bed. April and Liz slowly moved out of the way, not sure what to do. Sue said "April get my toy from it's hiding place and give it to your sister so she can use it one you" Sue then climbed on me like Liz had done, slowly guiding my shaft to her awaiting hole. "Oh my, Andy, I wanted you so bad this morning. I loved the way you couldn't keep your eyes off my tits. I saw how hard you got when you saw Liz and April in their suits, you just kept staring. It made me so wet. I need you right now"

She got me deep inside her, then leaned forward so her mountainous tits were in my face. I grabbed them with both hands and started rubbing, licking and sucking them all over. I got to the nipples and put them together and sucked both at the same time. She started riding me faster and moaning louder and louder. Just like her daughters had done. I could tell she loved having he tits played with, every time I took them in my mouth she moaned even more.

I heard a scream next to me. When I look ever, April was laying on her back with Liz between her legs. Liz had a lifelike dildo; it looked a little bigger than my cock. She was pumping it in and out of April's pussy, making sure to drive it all the way in before moving out then in again. April had her hands on either side, gripping the blankets and arching her back as she rode the fake cock to a good size orgasm.

Feeling Sue's huge tits against my hands, face an mouth and the sensation of her pumping pussy which was now starting to grip my cock as she started her orgasm and watching the girls was more than I could handle. I drove my hips up into Sue's Yelling "I'm CUMMING, OH GOD SUE I'M CUMMING IN YOU"
She was yelling herself "ANDY, I'M CUMMING, YOUR MOM WAS RIGHT IT FEELS SO GOOD, I'M CUMMING ANDY OH MY GOD, OH GOD ANDY YES, YES, YES AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She may not have been as tight as Liz or April, but it still felt damn good. I kept pumping load after load deep inside her as she rode me hard. She rolled off to the side of me. I had April and Liz on one side and Sue on the other. With me and my deflating cock in between. The 4 of us rested for awhile. We lay there for about 1/2 hour


Sue told me "Your mom said she was having the best sex of her life, but wouldn't tell me who it was with. I suspected it was you, for some reason. I had also noticed my favorite dildo was out of place. Like someone had use it and not put it back in the exact same place. I heard a noise coming from April's room one night, When I peaked in, April was masturbating with it. I decided to watch. When her orgasm reached her she was saying your name, over and over. I realized how turned-on I was watching her, so I didn't disturb her. I heard her again a few nights later. So I decided to peak in, she was with Liz this time. I heard Liz asking her if was going to hurt like it did last time. April said no way. I watched as April slowly fucked Liz with my dildo, saying pretend its Andy, It'll happen even faster. I sat there in awe, watching my little girl Liz have a huge orgasm. Then April took it out and started sucking on it, I watched as took more and more into her mouth. She actually got it all the way in. then slowly took it out and gave it to Liz. Liz did the same thing, she fucked April then till she came and licked it cleaned. I couldn't watch anymore, I had to go to my room and masturbate. That's when I planned on having you overnight. I really just went to my office and waited till I thought it had been long enough"


Soon April and Liz were kissing each other again. Running their hands up and down each other. Each one taking turns rubbing the other's ass. One whispered something to the other. They both smiled and look at their mom. They both got up; April got on one side and Liz on the other. I had to move over, there was only so much room on the king size bed. They started licking and sucking their mom's huge breasts. Even the nipples were big, and they were sticking straight out.

They did something that surprised me. April and Liz stood up and they put the breast they been playing with between their legs and slowly put their weight down so the nipple was inside their pussy. I watched as actually fucked their mom's tits. There little asses were moving back and forth as they rubbed the nipple against their clits. They were both really working themselves up. I could see pure lust in both of their faces. Liz went first, forcing her body down and mashing her overly wet 9-yo pussy all around the top of her mom's tits. Sue was getting excited herself, she loved having her melons played with. April went next. Doing the same thing Liz had done. She rocked her tiny clit back and forth against the nipple.

Sue's huge tits her soaked in pussy juice. She looked right at me and said "Come over here Andy and fuck my tits, I want to feel your hot cum on me. Come on Andy. It'll make me cum" I didn't need another invitation. I moved right over straddling her chest. I watched, as my cock disappeared between her huge jugs. I started fucking in and out, while she was moaning. Liz came right over and went down her mom. April got behind Liz and started licking and sucking her 9-yo sister from behind. Liz's hip started moving right away, as she went even more at her mom.

Sue was lifting her hips off the mattress into Liz's face. She was also holding her tits together for me. I loved the feeling of the soft flesh along my length and I knew I was about to cum. When I did cum, I let out another huge load. As I did so, Sue let out a loud groan as she felt me erupting. Her whole body rocked as her own orgasm ripped through. Liz picked her head up screaming "OH GOD, APRIL YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO GOOD IN MY ASS, IT'S HAPPENING LIKE NEVER BEFORE UH, UH, UH UHHHHNNNNAAAAAAAAAA"


We all lay down next to each other feeling a little spent. It wasn't long before Liz moved over to me and just laid down on top of me and fell asleep. Her body felt so good against mine, but I just closed my eyes and relaxed. I knew I need some rest, before we hit another round. Which I knew wouldn't be a long wait.

I was right; I awoke to Liz sucking my member like she had done earlier. It was great seeing that little 9-yo head bobbing up and down. Sue had gotten on her hands and knees and April was behind her licking and sucking her mom's ass. Once I was hard again, Liz picked out a box from under the bed. She opened and got behind April who was now on her hands and knees with her face still buried in her mom's ass. Sue was moaning louder and louder as she felt the invading tongue.

Liz was licking April's tight ass and I saw what she had gotten. It was a small but plug; she had licked April's ass for awhile then slowly inserted it. When it was all the way, Liz and April switched places. April got another one out of the box and did the same to Liz. Liz was going nuts as it slowly penetrated her 9-yo ass. When it was all the way in April up grabbed something else out of the box and got back on the opposite side of the bed. She called Liz over and said it was my turn to take over. Sue just looked over and said, "Fuck my ass, Andy. I want to feel your hot cock deep in my ass."

I moved right over and got behind Sue, she was very ready. I placed my hard shaft at the entrance to her ass. Pushed it enough so just the head was in, then slammed forward. To my surprise as I slammed in she pushed herself back impaling it even faster. She let out a huge groan as she felt my entire cock deep inside her.

April had gotten a double-ended dildo. Then inserted it into Liz's hot little pussy, when it was about half way in, April put the other half in her own box till the entire length was buried in both of them. They made sure to keep the anal plugs in, as they were double fucking themselves. It was obvious they had been playing a lot with their mom's toys.

I heard both girls moaning louder and louder as they fucked themselves. They moved so April had one leg under Liz and the other one over. Liz was in the same position, with one leg along April's back and the other along her front. They were rubbing their clits against each other as they fucked themselves. The way they were going at it you'd never believe they were so young. It was really like their 9 and 11-yo bodies were geared for sex. They really looked hot together.

I started fucking Sue, moving faster and faster. I was grabbing on to her hips, pulling myself in. I heard Sue's voice as she reached orgasm. "HOLY SHIT ANDY, FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING ANDY, FUCK MY ASS. OH GOD I'M CUMMING UUUUUUUHNNNNNHHHHHHHH" I didn't stop I actually started moving faster slamming my meat in out of her tight hole. She came again, I felt her ass tighten around me her whole body started shaking from an even bigger orgasm. It was obvious she loved it in her ass

April and Liz were humping against each other like there was no tomorrow. They were cumming over and over. I watched as they rubbed and pinched their own little nipples. I kept hearing them moaning "AAAHHHHH, OH FUCK ME, AHHHH, OHHHH, OH MY GOD FUCK ME, UNHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHHHHH" they'd get over one orgasm and hit another. It was a beautiful sight.

I was getting ready to erupt myself. Yelling out "OH SUE, I'M GOING TO CUM, YOUR ASS FEELS SO GOOD SUE. I'M CUMMING" Suddenly and very quickly she moved out from underneath me. I wasn't expecting it so I fell forward. She turned me around and buried my cock deep in mouth. I exploded letting loose and blasting the inside of her throat. She made sure to swallow every last drop. It was incredible.

April and Liz had both passed out, with the toys still embedded deeply inside both of them. I moved back to the center of the bed and collapsed. Sue laid down next to me and we all fell asleep just like that.

Our Family And My Sisters Friends 3 (Let me know if there should be a 4th)

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