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Rachel claims her property

Emma- age 16
Height 5 foot 4
Hair colour blonde
Eye colour blue
Breast size 34B

Rachel- age 16
Height 5 foot 4
Hair colour blonde
Eye colour blue
Breast size 34B

Emma went to her room ready for bed. She undressed and took off her bra. She didn't like sleeping with a bra on, it always seemed to irritate her. Then she took off her panties thinking she might have a "happy night" tonight.

She slipped into some shorts and a t-shirt and climbed under her covers. She then turned off the light and laid there in the dark. Finally when she decided she couldn't sleep she thought an orgasm might help. Emma wasn't particular sexual, in fact at fourteen the thought of having sex was quite repulsive. But she considered masturbating non sexual, she thought it was just some personal time to make herself feel good, it was no one else's business.

Slowly she reached under the covers, she found the waistband to her shorts and slowly lifted it. She slid a hand underneath the waistband and gently touched her moist slit. She bit her lip to stop a soft moan escape her lips. She found her clit and gently started circling it with her thumb and forefinger. She moaned a little louder this time but hoping no one heard she continued.

She slipped a finger into her wet vagina next, then two, then three and slowly she started to pump them and she humped back. She felt her front wall and reached for her g-spot. As soon as she touched it she felt the orgasm coming. She threw back the covers and pulled off her shorts. She started pumping again and found her g-spot again. This time she rubbed it. After about a minute of this Emma felt her walls clamp down on her fingers and she stifled a scream by turning into her pillow. Finally she let out a gasp and sighed happily.

After that orgasm she was too tired to put her shorts back on or cover herself so she lay there naked from the waist down as she slowly drifted off.

"Emma!" Her mother called from downstairs. "Coming!" She shouted back. Emma slowly stood stretching a bit and then she walked for the door. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where she smelt breakfast cooking. She stepped in and was met with three very surprised glances. "What are you all staring at?" Emma asked cautiously. "Emma where are you clothes?" Her mother asked hurriedly whilst trying to avert her gaze. The question took Emma off guard until she realised she hadn't put her shorts back on. She looked down and sure enough there was her vagina in all its glory.

Quickly she turned and ran up the stairs giving them a nice view of her bouncing ass. Quickly she put on her shorts and was about to go back down when she suddenly realised. My mum, dad and sister all saw me naked...what are they going to say? What am I going to say? Shoe forcefully pushed these thoughts from her mind and walked down the stairs again.

She walked in the kitchen once more her face a little red from embarrassment. She took her place at the table and began eating her breakfast. Nobody spoke. Nobody looked in her direction. What's going through their heads? She thought. After everyone was done her father and sister began washing the dishes. She got up to go and get changed but her mother pulled her aside.

"Emma, I know this is probably awkward, but why on earth did you walk downstairs half naked?" Emma hesitated before she answered but she said " um I guess...I don't know I just..." Emma just stopped she didn't know what to say. "Emma I understand this is a personal question but do you, you know, give yourself relief?" Vague as she was Emma knew her meaning. She meant did she masturbate. She hesitated again before answering thinking should she go for the normal approach of "eww no that's gross!" But instead she resided herself to a simple nod. "And were you "relieving" yourself last night?" Emma nodded again. "That's okay honey just please remember to put your clothes back on afterwards ok?" Emma nodded again and left. Later on that day she thought she heard soft moans coming from Rachel's room but she ignored them thinking it was nothing. But as they got louder emma became more curious. She looked out her door down the hallway. Rachel left her room to go to the bathroom. I that brief period Emma got up and headed for Rachel's room. Her sister and herself were always very close so she already had a million excuses to be in her room and also she was slightly concerned. She walked into her sisters room but saw nothing suspicious. She did a quick scan and was about to walk out when she noticed the computer screen. She thought it was off as the screen looked black but when she looked closer she realised it was a video of a dark room. She moved the mouse and pressed play. It was a video of a room she recognised but couldn't name, she watched for about a minute until she saw a bed in the corner and the covers had been pulled down. What she saw shocked and scared her. On the bed was her image. She could see herself clear as day under the moons rays rubbing her clit. Emma felt herself get aroused at this, she reached down for her waistband when she heard Rachel's voice from the door, she closed the lid of the laptop and moved her hand to her pocket. "Hey Emma" Rachel said "hey" Emma replied sounding a little flustered. "You ok emma? After this mornings events?"

"Yeah I'm fine"

"so what you doing?"

"Your computer was bleeping I thought maybe you'd got a virus so I came to check it out."

"Oh thanks sis" Rachel hugged Emma, Emma hugged back and said "we'll ill be going then" she hurriedly walked out of her sisters room and into her own. Was that really what she thought it was? Emma kept asking herself. Was there a camera in her room? She looked for where it would be based on the view but she found nothing. Then another thought crossed her mind. Rachel her twin sister had recorded and was currently watching her masturbate. She didn't know what to think then. Eventually she put it at the back of her mind. I didn't see it so it wasn't there, Emma convinced herself.

That night Emma went to her room. She took off her panties again tempted to rub herself but not sure yet. She climbed under her covers and before she knew it she was asleep.

Excellent thought Rachel, she was currently watching her sister sleep and had now planned out the night. She knew her sister had seen the recording and now she was going to use that to her advantage. Carefully she tiptoed over to her sisters room carrying her supplies with her. She opened the door and snuck in. She saw Emma's form on the bed curled int the foetal position giving Rachel a good look at her sisters ass. She set down her bag of supplies and undressed. She looked at herself in the mirror. Nice 32B breasts. Large for her age she thought. Emma had the same rack being her twin. Nice firm round ass that jiggled so slightly when she walked. and her nice skinny frame topped the look off. Although they weren't identical they were incredibly similar in appearance. This turned Rachel on further as she thought of it as going on herself but she saved these thoughts and prepared for the night ahead.

Rachel drew a pair of scissors from her bag and slowly got to work on disrobing Emma. Emma woke with a jolt when Rachel finished removing her sisters clothing. Emma looked down and saw her naked form. "Rachel what the hell are you doing?!" She asked in a hushed whisper shout.

"I'm undressing you"

"What?! Why?!"

"Because I know you've seen the tape I have of you masturbating and quite simply I want to have sex with you so you're going to do exactly as I say or ill email that video to everyone in school and to as many porn sites as I can find."

Emma stared dumbfounded at what her sister had just said. "Now be a dear and lay back" Emma didn't know what to do. Could this really be her sister? The girl who shared a womb with her? The girl she grew up with? "Emma I said lay down, hands at your sides if you would." Emma reluctantly complied knowing that if she didn't she'd be known as a slut in school. That'd be a reputation she'd never be able to shake. She looked over to her sister who was laying various items onto the bedside table. Eventually she pulled out a pair of panties. Her sister stripped herself to the skin and put on these new panties. In the front was a hole, Emma quickly figured out what went in the hole when her sister pulled out a large object that looked like a penis. It must've been at least a foot long and about 2 inches in diameter. "What are you going to do to me?" Emma asked, a lump forming in her throat.

"Well first, having a virgin sister isn't fun now is it? First I'm going to fuck your virgin cunt there, then you're going to lick me out, you probably don't know what that means so ill give you the abbreviated version, your going to lick my cunt to I cum then you're going to clean out my arsehole. Then I have a special surprise for you. Relax Emma, you never know, you might enjoy it."

Emma just stared at her sister in total shock, at the way she used vile words, at the way she just easily said she'd abuse her own sister, at the way she disregarded her sisters dignity.

Rachel finished attaching the fake penis to her skin tight panties and now positioned her self over Emma. Spread your legs Emma. Emma was hesitant and didn't open her legs up. *smack* Rachel slapped her sister hard. Rachel was taken by total surprise but didn't make a noise. "Spread em. And remember disobedience results in punishment."

Emma complied this time and spread her legs, she felt the cool air run against her soft vaginal lips. The cool air continued up to her nipples and they stood to attention. "Someone's excited" Rachel commented, but Emma ignored her preparing for what was coming. She could feel the heat from Rachel's body inches from hers. She noticed her sisters dog was similar to her own but her sisters tits were slightly bigger. Her nipples too stood erect. "Well here goes nothing" said Rachel and she positioned the fake cock at her sisters entrance eager to penetrate her virgin cunt. With one quick thrust she was at Emma's cervix Emma went to scream but Rachel covered her face with a pillow which absorbed the scream entirely.

Emma lay under the pillow scared, in pain and with tears flowing. It felt like someone had cut open her vagina with a hot knife. She waited patiently under the pillow finally she stopped screaming and struggling. And she let the pain throb through her. Rachel removed the pillow and looked down at her sisters face. "There we go, cured of the disease known as virginity. Doctor Rachel is always on the case!" Emma couldn't look at her sister, for fear the tears would come back.

Rachel looked triumphantly over her dominated sister. She had done it, she had been Emma's first. Shoe reached down under the cock and flicked the switch that turned the vibrator on her side on. She felt the humming against her clit and then proceeded to pull out of Emma and thrusted back in. Rachel moaned slightly as she felt her juices flow at the site of her sister just taking this rape.

Emma just went stiff and let her sister fuck her. To hell with it, she thought. There was no fighting back with her, she had her night sessions on tape, what was intimately personal to her was outright porn to the rest of the world. She'd rather have it locked away on a computer than out there. Suddenly she returned to reality as her sister started pinching Emma's nipples.

Rachel had never felt better, every time she thrust into her sister the vibrator pushed against her pussy causing her to moan. Just as she was about to reach orgasm though she felt resistance in her sisters pussy. No it couldn't be could it? Had her sister just cum?

Emma felt a wariness in her loins as her body took action to the painful stimulation. She felt her vagina contract and expand before finally clamping around e fake penis causing more friction and pain.

For Rachel however it held the cock for longer prolonging her contact with the vibrator. Just as she touched Emma's cervix through her contracted pussy she finally went over the edge and came with her sister.

Emma felt ashamed and went a little red. Thanks to the dark though her shame was hidden from her sister. She felt o pleasure in what just happened though, only pain. She felt her sister pull out "good girl Emma, look what you did, you lubed me up for our next activity."

Emma felt a little fear at what ever Rachel had planned next. Slowly she felt her sister rub her hands up and down the sides of her body. "Hands and knees now." Emma complied almost immediately not wanting to be struck again. "Good girl, but I need to make sure you're tender enough for me." Emma was confused for a second but realised what she meant as soon as she felt Rachel's hand come into contact with her bottom. She grunted upon impact. She instantly felt a burning pain travel across her buttock. *smack* another blow landed on her ripe arse. Emma grunted again stifling her cries of pain behind gritted teeth.

Rachel continued to smack her sister continuously, her sister needed to learn who was in charge here. She carried on beating her for at least ten minutes by which time Emma's arse was red raw and her tears were flowing into her pillow which her face was buried deep into. She was ready decided Rachel. She reached down and grabbed an arse cheek in each and and spread them. "Hold these." Rachel said. Her sisters shaking hands came up from the bed and held them in place. Rachel placed the head of the cock inside her sisters anus barely touching the sides. She wasn't aware of the cocks positioning and would hopefully be thinking it would come in a couple of minutes. Rachel leaned down and whispered in her sisters ear "there's my little whore." With this she thrust into her sisters anus with a force so powerful she moved Emma so fast she nearly knocked her out on the headboard. Emma's scream was muted by the pillow her head was buried in.

Emma felt the rubber penis enter her back door and the pain was excruciating, she let out a loud scream which was muffled by the pillow. She felt Rachel pull back nearly all the way only so she could thrust back to the base.

Rachel had already turned off the vibrator, this was just to ensure Emma's obedience and to make Emma her bitch. She carried on thrusting deep into Emma's tight walls making her sister let out mini screams.

Emma could feel every detail of the penis entering her anus. It felt horrible. Her sphincter was trying desperately to push the cock out and in doing so intensified the feeling for Emma. Emma was now crying, she went silent for a second though and just concentrated on the feeling in her anus and suddenly she felt a slight wetness in her crotch. Was she aroused at her sisters brutal anal rape? She couldn't be could she? Emma felt Rachel reach over to the desk and then underneath her thrusting al the while. "This oughta quicken things" Rachel said. She pushed a large metal pill shape into her newly opened cunt. What it was was a mystery to Emma but she could feel her arousal spreading.

Rachel reached over to the desk and pulled her specially designed contraption over. She reached down and slid it into her sisters cunt which felt a little wet. It was designed to expand at the push of a button and at the push of another it would...

Emma heard an audible click from behind her, suddenly the object in her cunt expanded, she felt it as it sealed her entrance. The metal object was now pressed against her g-spot and Emma let out a subtle moan as she felt the first real wave of pleasure all night. She heard another click and suddenly the object whirred to life. It was vibrating inside her against her g-spot. Emma felt the warmth in her loins and slowly the warmth spread as she was pushed over the edge into orgasm. She let out a louder moan which Rachel heard. Emma's anus contracted sealing the cock in place and Emma could feel all the fake veins and ridges in the fake rubber replica.

Rachel felt the cock stop in her sisters anus and yanked it out. There was no scream this time. Must've got used to it. Rachel thought. She flipped her sister over and turned off the vibrator. Her sisters eyes opened and looked up at her with both fear and lust in her eyes. "There's a good little whore." Emma simply looked to the wall on her right.

Rachel reached for the desk and grabbed a syringe. It was filled with an amber liquid. She didn't know the name of it but her friend told her it puts people to sleep. She was also told it uses an hallucinogenic to make the user dream of the last event to happen to them. In Emma's case her incidental rape.

Emma saw the syringe and tried to get up by her sister was sitting on her waist. "Now, now Emma this wont hurt a bit." Rachel said in a seductive voice. Rachel was being the needle down to Emma's neck. Emma held Rachel's hand away. Rachel reached down with her other and and pinched Emma's nipples. Emma gasped and released her grip only for a second. A second was all it took. The needle travelled into Emma's neck. Emma reached up and held onto her sisters wrist with an iron grip. "Please" Emma said. "Ssh, ssh, its ok," Rachel slowly pushed down on the syringe injecting her sister with the liquid. Her sister kicked and writhed beneath her but Rachel didn't budge. Slowly the liquid took its toll, Emma's pupils turned massive, her eyelids struggled to stay open, her writhing slowed down to a mere shaking. Eventually her sister passed out. Rachel removed the needle and placed it to the side. "And now for stage three." Rachel reached over to the last object on the table. A needle pen and ink.

Emma woke with a start to her alarm. It read 7:00am. She was breathing heavily and a light sweat covered her body. She had had the worst nightmare she thought. She dreamt she had been raped by her sister. That didn't happen Emma kept telling herself, Rachel wouldn't. She stood up and felt a pain in her crotch and bottom. Strange she thought. She removed her shorts and looked down. A plaster covered an area above her crotch, must've done something in the night she thought. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, she reached down and touched herself. A little wet, she moved a finger in, still nothing wrong, a little pain but nothing else. Then she felt it. A metal object. She gasped. It couldn't be. She felt around, the end was smooth and rounded almost like a pill end. Slowly she reached around to her bottom, she felt around until she came to her anal entrance. Lodged inside her anus was a large fake cock. Oh my god! She thought. She brought her hand round to the plaster, she park ally tore the thing off. What she saw horrified her, written above her clit were two words, "Rachel's Bitch". Her sister then walked in. "Morning sis" Emma turned a look of shock on her face. "Nice tattoo there"


2013-08-28 16:30:12
Can someone please tell me what i did so right in this story to make it more popular than my others. This is my biggest story yet plz tell me what caught your eye so part 3 will be the same caliber.

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After you finish writing your story take a twenty minute break and then read it out loud. I think you'd catch the small errors you're making. The story was quite good and I think it would make a great series. Just a bit of spit and polish and I think your ranking would increase even more. Thanks for sharing this and hope to see another chapter soon!!


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Thanks Jonathan. I bet you were doing some naughty things whilst reading it pretending to be Rachel.

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