The third instalment in the series


This story is part 3 of the continuing story of Nick, the new guy in town and at high school. In parts one & two Nick met two women, completely different from each other, yet both of them special in their own unique ways. You should read part 1 and part 2 before reading this story so that the continuity of the stories is maintained.

Thank you all for your amazingly kind comments and for the constructive criticisms. I’ll try to incorporate them into new stories. The “grammar police” (smile) should be happy to hear that I’ve upgraded my word processor to one that has excellent spelling and grammar checking, and I’m hoping I’ll make fewer spelling and grammar errors. There are always going to be some errors though; I don’t have a professional editor to look over my stories.

I started writing this story in August 16, 2013, at half past six in the evening, and wrote 10,114 words (22 pages) all in one eight and a half hour sitting, and that was just to the first sex scene. There was, I think, a good amount of story and character development fleshed out in that sitting. More to come later!

August 17, 2013, just before midnight: finished writing and proofreading. Word count is 11,327 not including this preamble. Total time spent on this story is 9.58 hours.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated.


I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. It was a real wind-up clock and had the two little bells on the top of the clock. I opened my eyes just long enough to see the shut-off button, and then brought two fingers down on it, effectively strangling the annoying ring into oblivion.

The last thing I remember before the clock had started ringing was a dream where Terri and Sylvia were both laying on a king-sized bed, naked, with each of them twisting and fondling their nipples with one hand and playing with their pussies with the other one. I had watched them for a while before I moved into position on the bed and started giving them oral sex. I was careful to keep track of how long I pleasured one of them before moving over to the other one.

I had brought both of them to thundering orgasms and was thinking about what to do next when that damned alarm had gone off. Talk about bad timing… geeze.

I groggily made my way to the bathroom for my morning shower. The door was closed, and I could hear my sister humming to herself as she toweled off. As she was usually done and back in her room getting dressed before I came to the bathroom door, I was seriously inconvenienced. My cock was hard as a rock with a piss erection… and it was painful. I really needed to take a piss. The fact I was buck naked was of little consideration to me.

“Hey sis! Hurry up, I really need to pee!” I said to the closed door.

“It’s open, come on in”

I didn’t need to be told twice; I opened the door, closed the door and headed towards the toilet. I saw my sister was standing in front of the vanity and had a towel wrapped around herself and was reaching for the hair dryer when I had entered the room.

With such a stiff erection it was impossible to stand and piss so I sat down on the toilet and blissfully relieved myself. It’s a great feeling to empty your bladder when it’s full from sleeping all night. After what seemed forever I was finished as was shaking my penis vigorously to get rid of any remaining piss droplets.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that my sister was sneaking peeks at me by using the mirror in front of her as opposed to having to twist her neck to see me. It was a bit sneaky, but still noticeable. I really didn’t care if she saw me or not, we used to take baths together and there really wasn’t anything here that she hadn’t seen before. The only reason she had closed the door was as not to wake me while she went through her morning shower routine.

I stood up, flushed the toilet and got into the shower, closing the curtain as I did. I got the water running and adjusted to the right temperature before pulling the knob what sent the water up and through the shower-head. I turned my back to the flow of water and let it run down the back of my neck for a couple of minutes before tilting my head back to get my hair wet.

After a shampoo and wash I felt invigorated enough to face the coming day. My sister had dried her hair and had gone back to her room to get dressed for school, leaving the door open to help dissipate the hot air and moisture of the room. I dried myself from the top of my head to the bottoms of my toes with a large, fluffy towel before hanging it up to dry on the shower rod. The towel my sister had used was hanging on the doorknob and I hung it up to dry as well.

A quick once over with the comb and my hair was ready to go. I never used the hair dryer, I didn’t like the way it made my hair feel. It was old, noisy, and a pain to use. My sister had long hair, nearly down to her ass, and needed to use it. My hair was fairly short and didn’t need hot air drying. I sprayed on some deodorant and was finished with my morning toilet routine.

I headed back to my room and saw my sister getting dressed in her cute plaid skirt and white blouse. She had been wearing the same outfit since she had started public school. They had been replaced over the years with newer and larger versions to fit her as she grew up.

As she hadn’t hit puberty yet, she had no breasts and didn’t wear a bra. I had seen her getting dressed lots of times and knew that there was a pair of sensible white cotton panties under the skirt, and white socks on her feet.

We had been brought up not to be ashamed of our bodies by our “indoor nudist” mother and neither of us had reached the age where we felt the need to hide ourselves from one another. Seeing each other naked or getting dressed was no big deal to either of us. We had nothing to hide from each other and it was nice not having to cover up quickly when one or the other of us passed or saw each other in the hall or in a bedroom.

I got to my room and quickly dressed, grabbed my school bag and headed out to the kitchen. Mom was there (naked, as usual) making lunch for my sister and me. I usually got a lettuce and cheese slice sandwich, a warm can of pop (usually grape… my favourite flavour) and some kind of desert that she had baked a day or two previously. Cornbread, or ‘Johnny Cake’ as we called it, was my desert of choice and she often made it just because she knew I loved it. She was nice that way.

I grabbed a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast before heading out the door on my way to the bus stop.

“Have a good day Nick!” she hollered just as I was closing the door of the house.

“I will Mom!”

I walked to the bus stop wondering what today would have in store for me. Based on my experiences of yesterday I had absolutely no idea how today would go. I was feeling optimistic and smiling as I arrived at the bus stop; might as well put on a friendly face for people to see.

“Hey Nick!”

I turned to see Bill Magill coming towards me as he arrived at the bus stop.

“Hi Bill! How’re you doing?” Bill was a year older than me and was in the tenth grade. In spite of our age difference he was about the same height and build as me.

“I’m okay, how about you?”

“I’m good thanks… wondering how school will go today though.” I scrunched my face up a bit and continued, “Yesterday was pretty confusing. I’m hoping today won’t be quite as bad.”

He smiled and said, “I remember being pretty much lost my first few days of high school. It took me forever to memorize my class schedule and I used to have to look at the ones taped inside my books and binders once in a while. Still do actually.”

Bill turned his head to look behind himself and said, “Here comes Roy, he’s a good guy and my best friend.” I hadn’t seen Roy on the bus yesterday although according to Bill he was.

Roy was a big guy, standing at least 6” taller than Bill and I and heavily built. He smiled as he saw us and said, “Hey guys, how’s it going?”

“Good! You?” Bill and I echoed. Roy was two years older than me, and a year older than Bill.

“I’m doing great! Second day of grade 11… and only two more years until I’m out of school.”

As we were speaking a small wisp of a girl appeared from behind Roy. Unlike Roy, she was just a wee little thing; not as tall as Bill or I and really skinny. She, like my sister, had no breasts. Unlike my sister though, she had a training bra on. She was wearing a white blouse and a modest black skirt, white nylons and tiny black shoes with a shiny buckle on each of them. She was as cute as the proverbial button.

“Nick, this is my little sister Anna. She wasn’t feeling well yesterday so this is her first day of high school. I’m counting on you and Bill to keep an eye out and make sure no one bothers her. In public school the other girls used to pick on her for being so small. The guys were mean to her too; I want you two to make sure no one gives her a hard time. If anyone does, you tell me as soon as you can and I’ll take care of it.” His eyes were bright as he spoke and it was easy to see that he cared a lot about his little sister.

Again Bill and I answered in unison, “Don’t worry Roy! We’ll watch after her!” We smiled then laughed a bit at each other before turning to Roy and putting on our serious faces. He smiled at Anna and said, “See, it won’t be so bad, Bill and Nick will make sure I know if anyone teases you.” He gave Bill and I a significant look; his body language was clear… anyone who gave his sister any grief was going to be in a world of grief themselves.

She looked at Bill and me and said in a soft voice, “Thanks guys, I appreciate it.”

“No problem Anna!” Again Bill and I had spoken at the same time. I decided I liked Bill, he obviously felt the same way as me about Roy and Anna. It was a good feeling and I was certain the he and Roy and I would be good friends before long.

The bus showed up right then and we boarded it as it stopped and the door opened. As soon as we all had boarded, the door was closed and the bus was on its way again.

I kept my head tilted slightly downwards as I walked to the back of the bus. Terri was sitting right behind her mother reading from a magazine as I passed by her. Remembering what she had told me yesterday, I didn’t look at her as I headed to the back row of seats.

Roy, Bill and I all sat in the back on the bus talking to each other while the bus started its meandering route through the countryside on the way to school. I’m sure I would have been bored out of my mind if the three of us hadn’t been chatting.

Anna had sat down on an empty seat a few rows in front of us. Every time the bus stopped to let someone on, the three of us would watch who it was and where they sat. We were nearly to the high school when a young looking girl got on the bus and sat beside Anna. The two of them were soon chatting away like they had known each other forever.

Bill and I looked to Roy and saw he had a smile on his face.

“Would you look at that?” he asked. “You’d think they’d known each other all their lives.”

I could tell from the tone of his voice he was very happy for his sister and her apparently new best friend.

We finally arrived at the school and got off the bus. I stole a quick glance behind myself and saw Terri getting off the bus. I turned back to Roy and Bill before she could notice me looking at her. I was pretty sure she didn’t see me looking, and was absolutely sure no one else had seen me either.

As we got inside, Roy said, “All right you guys, I’ll see you after school or maybe at lunch if we have the same lunch period.”

Roy smiled at us as he walked down the hall to his locker.

“Wow… I would hate to be on his bad side. He’s built like a football star!” I effused.

Bill smiled as said, “Yup… he’s a big guy and he is a football star to boot. He’s been playing since he got here in grade 9. He’s a defensive tackle and he loves it!”

I mentally pictured Roy waiting for some poor bugger to try and get past him, and getting squashed in the process. Nope, I wouldn’t want to have to face him in the field. Or anywhere else for that matter. I passionately hoped I never got on his bad side.

Bill and I headed to our lockers saying “Bye” to each other. Anna hadn’t moved though, she seemed at a loss as where to go next.

I nodded to Bill, who took off, and moved closer to her. “Anna, do you need any help?”

“Oh yes please! This place is HUGE! Public school was nowhere as big as this, and we didn’t have lockers either.”

“Yeah… I know. I had the same feelings when I got here yesterday. What’s your locker number?”

She told me and I smiled at her, “That’s only a few lockers away from my locker. If any guy gives you a rough time when you’re near your locker I’ll warn them off. Roy would probably tear the guy apart bone by bone if he finds out they’ve been giving you grief.”

“He is really protective of me isn’t he?” She smiled at me and continued, “I once saw him kick the shit out of a guy for just sticking his tongue out at me. That was a couple of years ago, but everyone heard about it. I never saw that guy again… I think he was too scared to even let himself be seen by Roy or me.” She seemed to smile a bit more in remembrance, but I could have been mistaken.

I smiled at her and admitted, “I don’t blame him… I’d be scared too if Roy was mad at me. He’s a big guy. Okay, let’s get to our lockers before the bell rings. They’re pretty strict about that sort of thing here.”

“Okay!” she chimed back. Her voice was so soft it was nearly impossible to believe. And yet I could hear what she was saying with no extra effort on my part. I already felt protective of her too; anyone stupid enough to bother Anna would find themselves in a world of hurt. Roy, Bill and I would make sure of that.

We hurried to the office so Anna could get the combination to the lock on her locker. We were both handed hall passes, giving us 5 minutes grace after the bell rang because it was Anna’s first day. I hadn’t expected that, but was grateful for the extra time. Now we wouldn’t have to run to make the bell. That was a good thing… running in the halls was a major infraction of the rules.

“Here you go Anna, here’s your locker.” I watched as she read the paper her lock combination was printed on and then looked at the lock itself. The look of helplessness on her face told me that she was going to need help with lock. She obviously had never had to deal with one before and the confusion was readily apparent.

“It’s not as bad as it looks. Take the lock in your hand and give the pointer a spin clockwise all the way around the dial. After that, turn the pointer to the first number.”

She looked at the paper and spun the pointer as I had instructed her to.

“All right, this is the tricky part, so don’t feel badly if you don’t get it on the first try. I had to start over a few times before I got it right. Okay, now spin the pointer to the around to the left going past the number you just put the pointer on.”

“Okay Nick.” She looked at the paper again, looked at the pointer, then spun the pointer around past the number she had been at and stopped on the next number. Without waiting for me to say anything she spun the dial back clockwise, stopping on the last number of the sequence. She gave a pull on the lock and it opened for her.

“I did it!” she enthused. Her tiny face lit up in pride as she opened the door to her locker. She quickly jammed some books and a binder in it.

“That’s great Anna! Now let’s hurry, even with our hall passes it will be a near thing to get to class on time.”

She closed the locker door, refastened the lock, spun the pointer around the dial a few times and said, “I’m ready! Let’s go!”

I pointed down the hall to her homeroom. “It’s on the left, just down there. You can’t miss it.”

“Thanks a lot Nick; I appreciate all your help.” She smiled again and I could feel my protective instincts kicking into overdrive.

“You’re welcome Anna. I hope you have a good day. And if anyone bothers you...”

“I know; I’m to tell you or Bill or Roy.” She waved a bit as she hustled down the hall to her homeroom. I walked as fast as I could to get to my homeroom, but the bell still rang before I got there. I had to wait right where I was until all the announcements were finished before resuming my way to my homeroom.

I opened the door and brandished my hall pass like a white flag before the teacher could say anything to me.

“I have a pass Sir; I was helping a new student with her lock and locker.”

He read the pass and said, “Very good Nick, it’s good that she had you nearby to help her. Now get going to your next class or you really will be in trouble.”

I gave him my most sincere smile, saying, “Yes Sir!” as I walked at speed out of the room.

Moving as quickly as I could I eventually opened the closed door to the English room and heard, “Did I not tell you yesterday that I don’t tolerate tardy students?”

I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was more than a bit angry with me. I waved the note a bit as I walked over to her. As she took the note from my hand I could smell her perfume. It was very pleasant, but I‘d be hard pressed to say exactly what it smelled like.

I kept my head down in submission as she read the note, although I did take just a little time to give her a quick once over as I bowed my head. Aside from smelling good, she looked good… really good.

I was close to her, as close as I could get without violating her personal space. I catalogued her clothing as I stood there; a tight white turtleneck sweater, tight black corduroy pants with a white belt that really accentuated her figure, and the same red booty things she had on the day before.

“All right Nick, take your seat please. It’s nice that you were able to help… Anna.” She gave me a faint smile as I took my seat between the twins.

Ah yes… the twins. They were today, as they were yesterday, wearing matching dresses. Whereas they were bright yellow yesterday, today they were a nice shade of pink. I also noticed that the dresses seemed to fit much tighter today than yesterday; nicely accentuating the slight curves the girls did have. Surprisingly, they both had little points sticking out on the chest area of the dresses and very slight mounds underneath them; no bras though. I had a quick second look to make sure I had seen correctly. I verified what I had seen and then turned back to the teacher and the blackboard.

I’d like to be able to say I sat there with my hands holding up my head as I dreamingly watched the teacher’s every move, seeing how her pants really flattered her amazing figure; but that would be untrue.

In reality, I had my notebook and textbook opened, pencil scribbling furiously as I did my level best to at least print down the more important points on the board. I was going as fast as I could, but I could see there was no way I was going to be able to get all the information I needed into my notebook before I ran out of time. And… the faster I tried to print, the messier my printing got. By the time the class was over I could barely read what I had printed; Sylvia would not be proud of me.

As I got up from my desk I heard, “Nick, a minute please.”

Oh God, what had I done wrong now? I did not need to be in trouble with my English teacher, I had enough trouble in her class as it was.

“Yes Ma’am?” I managed to peep as I again walked to where she was standing. I again breathed in her scent as I stood near her, my face looking at hers to see what was going on. She smelled good, really, really good. I wondered what perfume she was wearing.

“Nick, Sylvia told me about last night.” She said.

I sputtered, thinking about Sylvia telling my English teacher about last night! I’d be thrown out of the school for sure if they knew what we were doing.

“Yes,” she continued, “she told me that you desperately need tutoring in English. She went so far as to say that without her help, you’ll probably fail the course.”

I nearly passed out with relief; I was not in trouble after all.

“Yes; Sylvia taught me a lot last night,” I ventured, “It was very beneficial to my studies and the time did seem to just fly by.”

“Sylvia said exactly the same thing to me.” She looked a bit askew at me before continuing, “I want you to spend as much time with her as you can.” Having a sexy fox of a teacher tell me that she wanted me to spend as much time as I could with another beautiful woman was something I had never conceived of before.

I thought about spending as much time as I could with Sylvia and decided that would not be a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all as a matter of fact.

“Yes Ma’am, I’ll certainly spend as much time as I am able to with Sylvia; she is an excellent tutor. I really learned a lot last night.” I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice, trying to make it sound like the most boring thing in the world.

“I hope she is able to teach you a lot more, she says you are really struggling to keep up with this class.”

I thought about last night and how and what I had actually been struggling with. I was certain I would never forget that particular struggle. I wondered how my English teacher would react if she knew just how and what I was struggling with. I’d probably be expelled for sure.

“Yes Ma’am, I’ll try my best to learn more.” I sad as I closed my eyes and wiped my forehead. The thought of learning more at Sylvia’s tender mercies gave me a mental picture I was in no hurry to forget.

“All right Nick, take this hall pass and get to your next class quick as you can.”

I took the proffered pass and headed as quickly as I could to my next class. I was a bit late, but the pass saved my skin as the most boring class in school started… Geography.

As I finished my classes for the morning with Science I wondered who would be in the cafeteria when I went for my lunch there. I put my books in my locker and grabbed my brown-bag lunch on the way to the cafeteria.

I had just walked in when I saw both Bill and Roy waving to me, to come over and sit with them. I also noticed Anna sitting just a little ways from Roy. She gave me a smile as I walked over and sat down opposite them all.

“Anna says you helped her out with her locker lock and pointed her in the right direction of her homeroom.” Roy said agreeably. “I appreciate you helping her out; I think we are going to be good friends… Bill and you and I.”

I nodded in agreement and said, “I hope so too Roy, and Bill of course; it would be good to have some friends here in school.”

Bill piped up, “And back home too; we all live within easy walking distance of each other.”

“That’s right.” Roy said. “We could go to my place after school today and you can get to know Bill and me better.”

“That sounds good to me Roy.”

We passed time in the cafeteria chatting with each other, discussing our classes, likes and dislikes, and of course the English teacher.

“She is so hot!” That from Roy.

“Oh yeah… she is one sexy woman!” That from Bill.

“I agree 100%!” I made the universal hourglass gesture with my hands and whistled rudely as I did so.

Both Roy and Bill closed their eyes and sighed as they thought about her. After a while they came back to reality as the end of period bell rang.

“Shit! We’re going to have to really hurry or were going to be late!” shouted Bill as we quickly got up from our seats and headed to our lockers. Roy took time to pull Anna’s chair out for her and she smiled a bit at me before bolting for the hallway.

As I was almost running to my locker I thought about Terri. Had she been waiting at the picnic table for me to come out for a smoke, getting angry that I hadn’t showed up? I hoped she wasn’t pissed at me, but had no more time to think about it.

After stopping at my locker to grab my stuff, smile at Anna; who was at her own locker, I was speed walking to my next class… Science.

Science had been my second favourite course in public school. There were a lot of neat things in Science class. I hoped this one would be filled with lots of interesting things too.

I got into the classroom and had just shut the door when the bell rang. I quickly looked around for a seat, but there was only the one left… in the front row, between the twins again. They both grinned like the proverbial cat that had caught the mouse as I settled in between them.

“Hi Nick”, they greeted me in unison. “We saved this seat just for you!”

“That’s great, thanks a lot.” I managed to say with some enthusiasm.

I really didn’t like having to sit in the front row, it was too easy for the teacher to catch you at something; but on the other hand, I didn’t mind sitting between the twins again. They both had personalities that were more mature than their physical forms. More than once I had noticed one, or both of them observing me with a somewhat calculating look on their faces. As soon as I glanced at either of them they were all smiles. I couldn’t help but wonder what the two of them were thinking about, and what they may be possibly being plotting. Their smiles were inscrutable though… they gave nothing away when I looked at one or the other of them.

The science class dealt with crystalline formations within stone geodes. I was able to hold my own with that topic… my Grandfather made jewelry using exactly the crystals and geodes we were discussing. The teacher was impressed and congratulated me on my knowledge of the subject. I smiled at the teacher and she smiled back at me. She was an older woman with a somewhat severe look about her. I was genuinely surprised when she spoke; she had a very pleasant voice and was actually quite easy to listen to.

The twins also seemed to be impressed by my knowledge of the subject; they were gesturing to each other in some unknown sign language, probably of their own design, and mouthing words to each other. I just watched for a few seconds before turning back to the blackboard.

Science class ended and Mathematics started. I was well ahead of the bell this class and found an empty desk three rows back. There seemed to be fewer students in this class than the other ones I was taking. As I was wondering at the reason for that, the twins and Sylvia entered the room and took the three remaining seats in the front row with Sylvia sitting between the twins.

All through the class the three of them were thick as thieves, passing notes and whispering to each other. More than once the teacher gave them menacing glares as he cleared his throat at them. I smiled a bit as I watched; it was fun to see the chatting threesome being warned about it. I also wondered what they found so fascinating that they were willing to tempt the wrath of the teacher to natter on about it.

I turned my attention to the teacher and what he was writing on the black board. I understood everything that was discussed in Math class… it was the one subject that I really excelled at. The teacher took note of my ability and jotted a few things down in a notebook he had opened at his desk. I wondered what he had written about me, but kept my focus on the material.

By some wonderful scheduling quirk I had a spare period as my last period of the day, and was looking forward to getting outside for a smoke. I really missed the one I didn’t have a lunch-time and was keen to get outside as soon as possible.

Just as the bell started ringing the teacher called my name and asked me to come over to his desk. I wasn’t too worried though, I knew I was probably one of the best students in his class. Math and I had been friends since I first got introduced to it.

“Yes Sir?” I asked.

“Nick, I see that you are really proficient in math; I wish all of my students would show the same enthusiasm as you do.”

“Well Sir, I am not nearly as good as I would like to be in some of my other courses.”

“I know Nick; your English teacher and I have been talking about you in the staff-room.”

I think the look of panic on my face as he said that must have been really easy to see as he continued, “Don’t worry, she knows you are trying your hardest to learn the material and that you already have a brilliant English student as a tutor.”

I was relieved to hear that my English teacher had nothing bad to say about me. I relaxed and looked uncertainly at him, trying to divine what he was driving at.

“As brilliant as Sylvia and the twins are with English, they are equally as poor in Math as you are in English. I don’t understand it really; the three of them are among the brightest students in the whole school. They do quite well in all their other courses, but can’t seem to get their heads around Mathematics.”

I said nothing as I waited for him to continue.

“If you wouldn’t mind Nick, I’d like you to help Sylvia and the twins with their math homework. You could probably tutor Sylvia in math while she helps you out with English. And I hope you can find time to help the twins out as well.”

In spite of what he had just told me, I found it really hard to believe that Sylvia or the twins could be that bad with Mathematics. To me, math was easy… everything had to add up, so to speak. There were no unknown variables in math; something was either right or wrong. There were no shades of grey with math.

I was still wondering about it, but had already made up my mind that I was going to get to the bottom of this little mystery.

“I’d be happy to help Sylvia; she really helped me last night. And I’m sure I can fit the twins in somewhere.”

I got a sharp look for that last bit, but had nothing but sincerity in my voice and on my face.

“Humph… well; that’s good. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your efforts. Okay, away with you.” And with that he dismissed me from his class and his train of thought.

I quickly made my way to my locker… spare period or no, getting caught in the hallways while classes were on was still a major offence, and could get you detention if you were caught. As I neared my locker I saw Anna.

As I got closer she smiled and waved at me. “Hi Nick!” she greeted me, in that soft voice of hers.

“Hi Anna! How is your day going?” I asked her, hoping that she hadn’t encountered any difficulties.

“So far, so good. Thanks to you I didn’t have any trouble with my locker and made it to all my classes on time, except for the first one, and my hall pass kept me out of trouble there. So yes, so far, so good.” She had a wonderful smile, the kind you dream about seeing directed at yourself.

“I’m glad I could help Anna, if you ever need help with anything, just let me know and I’ll do whatever I can to help you. I was truly sincere as I spoke those words and I’m sure that Anna knew it as well.

“Thanks Nick, you’re a good guy and I’m sure that Roy and Bill will be great friends with you!”

“I hope so; they seem like good guys to have as friends.”

She smiled as she closed her locker and set the lock. “I’ve got to get going or I will be late! See you later!” And with that she was off again down the hallway.

I had stuffed all of my books into my lockers and had locked it up just as Anna had gone to her next class. Ever conscious of the bell, I got outside as quickly as I could and headed for the picnic table, wondering if Terri would be there. I kind of hoped she was, and was equally afraid that she might not be. And if she was there, what kind of a mood was she going to be in? Would she be pissed that I didn’t come out at lunch time? I hoped not… in spite of her somewhat dominating personality I had nothing but good feelings towards and about her.

As I rounded the corner from the door to the picnic table I saw Terri was indeed sitting there. I wasn’t able to see her face though… she had her back to me and was looking in the other direction.

I sat down close, but not too close to her and lit up a smoke. I noticed that while the clothes she was wearing were much the same as yesterday, the size of the jersey had gone down a few notches. Instead of just hanging on her as it had done yesterday it now followed the shape of her body, flattering her in a very nice way.

“Hi Terri, how’s it going?” I asked in a cautious voice.

“Just great, thanks for asking.” The tone of her voice was hard and displeased. I wondered exactly how deep the pile of shit was that I was in.

“Look Terri, I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to come out at lunch-time… I met some new friends and was chatting with them the whole period. I was nearly late for my next class.” I tried to sound really sorry that I had missed her; I was, and it came through in my voice.

“Oh, I see.” she said flatly. “And I suppose you helped Anna out as it was her first day of school and her locker is right near yours?”

‘Wait a minute!’ I thought to myself, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong with Anna today!’

“Yes, I helped her, and I am not sorry I did either” I relied with some heat in my voice.

Suddenly she turned towards me and flashed me a huge grin.

“Ha! Got you didn’t I?!”

“Wha… what are you talking about?” I sputtered dumbly.

“I know Roy and Bill quite well, and knew all about Anna before I even saw her. There isn’t much goes on with the people on our bus that I don’t know about.” She continued, “Bill and Roy are good friends and Anna is just the sweetest little thing. I knew that the three of you would be on guard for any jerks that might hassle her. Stop looking so surprised, I knew that you wouldn’t do anything inappropriate towards Anna. Aside from the fact that Roy would beat the shit out of you I’m pretty sure that you are definitely not the kind of guy that would take advantage of someone like Anna.”

She looked me right in the eyes and went on, “You were a perfect gentleman with me yesterday and I had no fears that you would take advantage of a helpless little girl.”

I kept my mouth shut as I noticed that her breasts did indeed look much nicer now that she had on a jersey that was the right size to really show off those wonderful melons.

She smiled a bit more as she said, “And Sylvia tells me that you were, as she said, ‘The very epitome of a perfect gentleman.’ when you were with her last night.”

My jaw dropped and my mouth opened wide; Terri and Sylvia had talked to each other about me and last night? What had they said to each other about me? I had not thought it possible the two of them ran in the same circles, yet the proof was there before me; undeniably the proof was there.

“Wha… what the hell? You and Sylvia were talking about me? What did you tell her?” I asked hotly.

“Nothing that she didn’t already know. And what she told me wasn’t anything unexpected… given the circumstances.” She smiled like a loon as she spoke to me.

Apparently there was quite a lot going on with these women that I didn’t know about.

“Oh God, what did she tell you?” Visions of Sylvia and the ‘struggle’ popped up unbidden in my mind. “Tell me that she didn’t tell you everything.”

“Sorry Nick, can’t do it… she told me every detail from the time you got there until the time you left.” Her smile was impossibly wider than before.

“Everything? Really everything?” I asked with disbelief flooding my voice. I didn’t know whether to be afraid or proud. Sylvia had been to ‘Cloud Nine’ last night, and was looking very happy when I left her to run home.

“Yup, absolutely everything. I got really hot and wet listening to her as she told me of your ‘exploits’ as she put it, of last night.”

Terri had gotten ‘really hot and wet’ listening to Sylvia? I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Would Terri be jealous that Sylvia had really, really enjoyed herself last night? For that matter, would Sylvia be jealous that Terri had gotten to me first? So many questions and so few answers. What had these two patently different but undeniably sexy women said as they talked about me?

“So,” I ventured, “You’re not jealous of Sylvia?”

“No you silly boy, I’m not jealous. Well… a bit jealous that she got oral sex last night, but Hell, you got me right off yesterday, so I’m not complaining.”

I heaved a sigh of relief at that bit of news. “Whew! That’s good to hear! I don’t want you to be mad at me… that would be a real drag.” I flashed her my best smile as I finished speaking.

“You’re lucky I have things to do right now or you would be drowning in my juices.” The look on her face and the tone of her voice indicated that she would really rather not have things to do right now. A vision of Terri with her legs wrapped around my head presented itself for inspection. That idea went right up the flagpole with no hesitation at all; I knew that her juices tasted great and I wouldn’t have any problem with tasting them again. Her lips, tongue and mouth also tasted great, so I had no problem there either.

I leaned close to her and whispered in my most seductive voice, “I’m really sorry to hear that, I was really looking forward to nibbling on your button.” I smile lecherously as I finished speaking.

She hissed in my ear, “Fuck! You really know how to make a girl wish she didn’t have something really important to do!”

I savoured the moment. There weren’t that many moments that I could, so I made the best of it.

I continued to push the sexual sword in a bit further, “Terri, you know in your mind that I am going to go down on you, and that you are going to just explode when I do, right?”

“God Nick, don’t tease me like that! Please! Just stop it, okay?”

I squinted with one eye and pretended to be in deep thought as she squirmed on the picnic table.

Just yesterday I had been a normal guy on his first day of high school, and now this sexy blonde girl with the amazing breasts was begging me not to tease her because we couldn’t have sex right at that moment. I really couldn’t believe it. But there is was, so I had to believe it.

“All right, I’ll stop… but only because I’m a nice guy.” I tried not to smirk at her discomfort, all the while enjoying the hell out of it. There really was no way I could help her at the moment. “Look, I’m sure that you’ll get yours before too long. You know you want it, and you know that I’m going to give it to you, so don’t fret. Good things come to those who wait.”

“Don’t say ‘come’ unless you are making me do it!” The twinkle was back in her eyes and she seemed be content until such time as we could get together again, probably in the shed.

“I really gotta go now! I’ll talk to you later!” She waggled her finger at me as she rushed off. I wondered what was so darn important to her. I had a feeling that I would find out sooner or later, and didn’t give it much thought after that.

I looked at my watch and sighed as I saw that I still had 45 minutes to kill before I could get on the bus to go home. What was I going to do for 45 minutes? I had no idea, so I smoked another cigarette before wandering back into the school.

I had just turned the corner to go to the washroom and was completely bowled over by a big, busty, brunette Amazon headed in the opposite direction.

‘WHAM!’ My head hit the floor and hurt like a son of a bitch. Stars danced before my eyes, all spinning and rotating as the pain brought a loud groan from my mouth.

“Oh my God!! Are you all right?!” She looked down at me with real concern in her eyes. “Say something, will you?!”

“Uhm… ‘Hi’, I’m Nick”, was all I was able to say as I looked up at her from my point of view on my back. She really did look like some kind of Amazonian woman; she was a big girl. Not chubby big, but big as in unbelievably tall and extremely well built. A man might happily suffocate in the valley of her cleavage. Her legs and ass were perfectly matched to her torso, and to her huge breasts. She was very easy to look at, and had an exquisite face as well.

“I am SO sorry Nick. I was thinking of something else and didn’t see you coming.” She looked miserable for having knocked me down and I didn’t like to see that on a woman.

I groaned a bit more as I tried to get up off the floor, “I’m okay, really, I am.” The floor maintained a firm grip on me and I couldn’t even get to my knees. I hurt in places I didn’t even know I had.

“Let me help you!” she exclaimed, and putting action to words bent over and picked me up like I was a twig. Good lord she was big, and strong, and big, and oh my.

She stood me up and as she let go of me and I immediately started to fall over. My head hurt and my vision was still spinning and I could only see vaguely around the stars that dominated my sight.

“Oh geezus! Don’t fall down again! Hold on to me!” she nearly shouted at me as she pulled me up straight again, holding me close to herself, her arms wrapped around my back. I put my arms around her and tried to stand straight, but I couldn’t hold my grip on her.

She was completely bearing my weight and put her arms under my shoulders in an effort to keep me from falling down again. Her action pulled me right into her cleavage, and I wondered if it was really possible to suffocate on there; she certainly had ample breasts enough to create an outstanding valley between them.

I groaned as I rubbed the back of my head, it was swollen and really aching. My voice was somewhat muffled by the position of my face.

Shocked by my weak moan she picked me right up and carried me down the hall to the woman’s change room, where she sat me down on a bench and held me steady.

I looked around in alarm; this was the WOMAN’S change room! If I got caught in here I would most certainly be expelled from school! In a panic I tried to stand up and was immediately caught before I fell over again.

“Whoa there Nick, you need to just sit still for a while before you try and get up again”, she said with concern in her voice.

I felt she was absolutely right and stopped moving. She had squatted down in front of me and was looking directly into my eyes. She waved her hand in front of my eyes, watching my eyes as she did so.

“Well, I don’t think you’re hurt too badly, just a bit dazed. I’m sure you’ll be okay in a few minutes”. She took my hands in hers as she continued to observe me. I wondered about that, but not for too long; my eyes were unabashedly giving her the complete and slow version of the standard “once over”. She was not unnerved at all by my obvious staring as I continued to look her over from head to toe.

“Take your time, there’s no hurry” she said gently. I wondered about that and wondered if she was talking about me being ready to stand again, or whether she knew I was ogling her and didn’t want me to hurry too much. She smiled and her white teeth glimmered as she did so.

She was really tall, even down in a squat she was as tall as me as I sat upon the bench. I wondered what grade she was in and if she had a boyfriend. Why I thought of that I’ll never know… I had never wondered about that before.

She was dressed in a cheer-leader outfit in the school colours. It fit her quite well and was naughtily tight around her ass and breasts. It was short too…I could see right up to her white panties. I was even able to make out the tight camel-toe of her pussy as well. I blinked my eyes a few times, trying to get a better focus on the sights.

“So… you like what you’re seeing?” she asked with absolutely no embarrassment in her voice. She knew exactly what I was looking at, and had not chided me for doing it. I turned my gaze to her face, slowing down a bit so I could take in those incredible breasts before meeting her eyes.

“Yes, I like what I am seeing. Actually… I really, really like what I am seeing.” I said in a voice emboldened by her not telling me to stop looking where I was now blatantly staring.

“Well, I’m not going to have time to go out and practice now. You sit there, and don’t move a muscle!”

I muttered a weak, “Okay” and sat perfectly still as I watched her turn around and open her gym locker.

She opened the door, then pulled her cheer-leader top over her head and set it right next to me. She then pulled off her bra and dropped it on top of her top. She seemed to be forgetting that I was sitting behind her, watching in amazement as she shed her clothes right there in front of me. She slipped the skirt down and around her ankles before kicking it up to the growing pile of clothes on the bench. She pulled her white panties down and added them to the pile.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; this woman was stripping in front of me like it was something she did every day. She only had her socks and sneakers on. My view was limited to her back and her stunning backside, with the outsides of her breasts also visible. I nearly fainted as she bent right over to unlace her shoes and pull off her socks. Did she not realize that I had a perfect view of her pussy when she bent down like that?

She turned to look at me, “I need to get a shower, and you need to stay still. If anyone comes in just close your eyes and moan in pain. Can you do that for me Nick?”

I sure could, and told her as much. I was still woozy from my fall and didn’t feel able to stand no matter how hard I might try to do it. Besides… the view from where I was sitting was great.

She stuffed all her clothes into her locker before she disappeared behind the wall of the showers. I soon heard water coming out of the shower as she washed herself off. About 5 minutes later, she reappeared, dripping water, stark naked, and heading in my direction.

I got an eyeful this time as she strode to her locker and extricated a towel from within.

My brain was seriously starting to fry by this time. The shock of hitting my head on the floor and the shock of her standing buck naked in front of me were fighting to see which one would finally cause me to topple over completely.

She quickly grabbed me and got me upright again, squatting down again as she did so. She was too tall to hold me without squatting down, and seemed unperturbed by that fact. What I had only fantasized about seeing when she had her panties on was now clearly visible. I’m sure I sucked in my breath when I saw her pussy in all its glory, but she seemed not to notice, still looking at my eyes and waving her hand in front of them again.

“Huh… wha… I’m here.” I stuttered out as she held my hands again. Her breasts were just enormous! And they fit the rest of her to a ‘T’. She really was unbelievably well built.

“Wow”, I started, “You must have broken the mold eh?”

She finally seemed to notice that she was squatting down naked in front of me. But she didn’t move, and there was no blush on her face. She grinned a bit and answered me, saying, “Yeah, I guess so. You’re not the first person to ask me that though. Most anyone who has seen me nude says the same thing.”

I nearly fell over again as I started coughing uncontrollably. “Anyone who has seen you nude? How many people have seen you naked before?”

“Well, all the girls on the cheer-leading team, most of the girls in my gym class, of course, and you!” she finished.

“And me? And you don’t mind that a guy is staring at you, and at your pussy and still trying to figure out if he is delirious from the blow to his head? You do know that you are a knock-out sexy woman, yes?”

She smiled broadly and said, “Yes, I have heard that said before” she replied.

“And you don’t mind that I’m staring right at your pussy?” I couldn’t believe I just asked her that; she obviously didn’t mind at all; she hadn’t given me hell for doing it.

“Actually, I like it when people stare at my pussy; it gets me hot and wet.”

‘Hot’ and ‘wet’; for the second time that day I heard those same words. And she had also said, “people”, not “guys”. My brain was telling me that I was headed for the deep black of passing out, and didn’t believe what she had just said.

She noticed my discomfort and exclaimed, “I bet I know how to take your mind off your sore head!”

“Uhm… what would that be?” I asked somewhat warily.

“I’ve seen other girls do it, but I’ve never tried it myself. I’m actually a bit keen to see how it goes” she said as she looked at me with her bright and twinkling eyes.

I confess I never thought of what she was about to do next. The idea had never before crossed my mind, and my mind was having a difficult time of it as it was as she leaned forward and unbuckled my belt, undid my button and zipped the zipper down

She reached for my pants and lifted me up as she pulled them and my underwear down to the floor.

“What are you doing?!?!” I anxiously asked her. Other than my mom and my sister, no woman had ever seen my man parts before.

“Just calm down Nick and everything will be all right.” She grabbed my buttocks and pulled me to the edge of the bench as she squatted back down again.

My mind was reeling from shock as she moved her head towards my crotch and PUT MY COCK IN HER MOUTH!!

There are no words to describe the feeling as her warm, moist mouth encircled my cock and slowly sucked it all into her mouth.

“Hmm… you need to stiffen up a bit I think”. Her voice was a bit muffled from talking around my cock. I said nothing as she continued sucking my dick in her mouth, her tongue moving over the tip as she sucked.

I knew what a blow-job was. I had read enough Playboy and Penthouse to know a blow-job when I felt one. Neither of those magazines was even close to describing the pleasure I was feeling. I sighed lazily as she continued, her head bobbing slowly up and down my member.

As my cock started to stiffen I began to understand why men would do almost anything for a blow-job. The feeling truly was indescribable, and I continued to sigh happily.

“Feels good does it?” she asked needlessly.

“Uh-huh”, was all I was able to vocalize. My ability to speak seemed to have shut down in the face of the overwhelming feeling radiating from my cock.

“Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is going to feel even better in just a little while.”

I didn’t think such a thing was possible… I was in absolute bliss. But she was right, and my cock got stiffer as she continued to suck and swirl it in her mouth.

My brain managed to get my vocal cords working long enough to wheeze out, “Oh God, oh God, that feels so fucking good.”

She said nothing as she kept on pleasuring me. I finally managed to open my eyes again and nearly fainted again as I saw what she was doing with the hand that wasn’t propping me up. She had it between her legs, rubbing her pussy and fingering her clit.

My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw that. I had no mental picture at all of what that turned out to look like. Nothing I had read prepared me for the sight of her hand, blurred from moving so fast, moving up and down on her pussy.

She started to moan from the pleasure she was giving herself, and the vibration of her moan was felt immediately by me as my cock started to tingle in time to her moans.

I closed my eyes and finally stopped thinking about anything else altogether and concentrated on what I was feeling. The feeling was amazing… my cock had never been so hard before, and I was starting to feel a hot sensation in my balls. I had read about that before, and knew what I was going to be cumming very soon now.

I knew I had to warn her of my impending orgasm… everything I had read was quite firm on this point… no cumming in a woman’s mouth without warning her.

I felt my balls start to contract and turn really hot. I was close!

“I… I… I’m… I’m gonna cum!” I somehow managed to say, trying not to yell or be heard by someone else.

Instead of backing away as I thought she would, she instead sucked me right down to my pubic bone and sucked as hard as she could, her head now rapidly going up and down like it was on a spring.

“I’m cumming!” was all I managed to get out before my balls emptied themselves into my cock and up and out the head. I nearly passed out again, this time from the feeling of my cum shooting out of my cock and down her throat. I really don’t know how much cum I shot into her mouth; there was no way my sizzling brain could count past one.

As she sucked the last of my cum down her throat she started shaking as the onset of her own orgasm as she brought her head out of my crotch and threw it backwards as far as she could.

She was panting and sweating as she hit her orgasm.

“Uh… uh… uh… oh God… oh God!” she said, fitting the words between the convulsions of her pussy as she fingered herself with not one, not two, but three fingers. I’m pretty sure she was hitting her clit with the palm of her hand as she franticly fingered herself.

She held on to me tightly to keep her balance, lucky that I didn’t topple over from the increased pressure of her arm around my waist.

She was panting very rapidly as she rose to the apex of her orgasm, her juices flowing from inside her pussy and landing on the floor in a rapidly expanding puddle.

She fell forward and onto the bench, nearly knocking me off as her body, drained of all energy, slumped over and onto my legs. I could hear her panting slowing down as she started to recover from her obviously massive orgasm.

She managed to get her head upright again and said, “Oh my fucking God. That was fucking incredible!”

She looked at me and I smiled like an idiot. A really, really happy idiot.

“You look like you enjoyed yourself Nick, yes?” she asked, again needlessly.

“Yessssssss… I did. That was amazing! And you say you saw another girl doing it?”

“Well, to be honest, she didn’t know I could see her and him. It was dark and they were in his car with the inside light on. I really couldn’t stop looking, especially when I saw what she was doing.”

“Ah… I see.”

She then stood up and moved her pussy until it was right in front of my face, asking me if I would like to lick it clean. I told her I would, and I did. She had another smaller orgasm as I licked her wonderfully tasty juices as they spilled out of her pussy.

“Oh wow Nick that feels great!” she gushed, figuratively and literally.

I said, “It’s the least I can do after what you did for me. And I love the taste of your juices.”

She shuddered a bit before moving away from me, “Oh wow, I’m going to need another shower! And you need to get going before someone does find you in here.”

I stood up and pulled up my clothes from the floor and put them on.

“Before I go, what’s your name?” I questioned her.

“Lisa, Lisa Marks” she answered. I nearly swallowed my tongue!

“Any relation to Sylvia Marks?” I wondered aloud.

“Yes, she is my cousin” answered Lisa.

“Really?” I asked incredulously. “Have you talked to her lately?”

“Actually I haven’t talked to her since before school started. I live in the city here, and haven’t caught up her yet. Why do you ask?”

“Ah… you’d probably be better off talking to Sylvia. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like me talking out of turn.”

She looked quizzically at me before saying, “So you have already met her? When?”

“I shouldn’t say I’m sure.”

“Is that so? Well I’m certainly going to have to talk to that girl, and the sooner the better I’m thinking.”

“Yes, I think so too.” I looked at my watch; it was nearly time to catch the bus home!

“Hey, I had a really good time meeting you Lisa. I would love to get to know you better.”

“Hmmm,” she looked closely at me, but saw nothing by true sincerity. “I think that I might like that too.” she slowly answered, a smile forming on her face.

“I’ll see you later Lisa, I got to get going!”

She said ‘good-bye’ to me as she headed back to the showers.

I exited the school and ran to my bus, arriving there just before it would be leaving. As I boarded the bus, I could see Bill and Roy sitting at the back, and Terri was sitting behind her mother again. I was careful not to look right at her, stealing a quick glance as I passed by her. Anna was three seats up from the back of the bus chatting away to the girl she had met that morning.

“Nick!” Roy and Bill both greeted me.

“Hi guys! How did school go for you today?” I queried.

“Same old, same old.” Roy answered, “Boring, boring, boring. The best part of my day is out on the football field.”

Bill continued after Roy, “Pretty much the same old grind as last year. Not much has changed since then.”

“Hey Nick, thanks for helping Anna out today. I really appreciate you looking out for her.”

“No problem Roy, I was happy to do it.” At the mention of her name Anna turned her head and gave us all a great little smile, then turned it back as she continued chatting to the girl next to her.

“So you guys are coming over to my house after supper?” asked Roy to Bill and me.

We affirmed out intent to visit Roy after supper. The three of talked about school, teachers, and classes for the rest of the ride home.

The four of us, Bill, Roy, Anna and I got off at the bus stop and walked together until we got to my street, then split off, Roy and Anna together and Bill alone as we all continued walking home.

I opened the door to our house and saw my mother talking to someone on the telephone. She put her hand over the bottom of the phone and whispered, “Hi sweetie; how was school? Did you have a good day?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative as I started to head to my room. As I got close to her, her eyes suddenly popped wide open and she leaned over and sniffed at my face.

She looked at me with some shock on her face before saying, “You need to give your face and hands a good washing, right now!” I didn’t know she could whisper that loudly.

“Okay mom.” I answered meekly.

She turned her attention back to the telephone, moving her hand out of the way as she said, “Sorry about that, I was just saying ‘Hi’ to my son Nick, he just got home from school.”

I missed the remainder of her conversation as I went around the corner of the hall on my way to my bedroom. My sister was in her room, and was sitting at her desk, her back to me; no doubt industrially working on her home-work. She was really good in school and worked hard to stay that way.

“Hey sis, whatcha doing?” I asked as I passed by her doorway.

“Just homework, lots and lots of homework.” She didn’t sound too upset about having to do lots of homework, but that wasn’t unusual for her.

“Well, have fun then.” I went into my room and closed the door behind myself.

I dropped my school bag on the floor and looked at myself in the mirror that sat on my dresser. I could see that I really should have washed my face before leaving the school; there was a very slight gloss on it and it smelled like pussy. I sniffed my fingers and they too smelled of pussy. Opening my door, I went into the washroom and washed up before re-entering my room. I left the door open; it was usually like that unless I needed peace and quiet for homework. If I needed privacy that was downstairs in my own little recreation room.

I sat on my bed, eyes closed, as I thought about the chain of events that had started with Lisa running me over in the school hallway. I could feel my cock stiffening as I mentally replayed my encounter with her. My cock was hard by the time I got to the part where I had shot my load down her throat. That was an amazing and unique experience for me, feeling her sucking me, her tongue twirling around as I exploded with my very first orgasm.

It occurred to me that technically I was no longer a virgin, although many people disagree on that point. Playboy and Penthouse were both divided on the issue; about half of the people thinking that intercourse is when you lose your virginity, and that blow-jobs didn’t count. The other half believing that oral sex does count, and if you have had your first orgasm that way, you were no longer a virgin.

My train of thought was derailed as mom called us all to supper. We all sat down at the kitchen table and started eating; starting with a salad and finishing with home-made fish and chips. I complimented mom on the meal, it was quite tasty.

“Thanks Nick, it’s good to hear that you appreciate the effort I take to prepare home-made dishes for us all to eat.” She smiled at me and I smiled back, wondering if she was going to say anything later about that state of my face when I got home.

Supper finished and my father and sister started doing the dishes.

I looked at my mother and told her about Roy asking me over after supper. She told me it was all right to go, and or course, to be back home by eleven o’clock.

“Thanks mom! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, I know”, she answered wryly, “Try and stay out of trouble eh?”

“Sure mom… thanks!”

As I headed out the door to Roy’s place I wondered what his family was like and if they would like me or not. I already knew that Roy and Anna liked me but had no clue about the rest of his family.

--- End of Part Three ---

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