Cannibalism, Incest, Rape, Necrophillia
The mind is a powerful thing, despit all the chaos it tries its best to calm and bring some happiness. Rachels dreams are always the same, she has her arms and legs, she's running feeling the wind blowing through her hair, unfortunately dreams only last so long, then you wake up to reality.

Rachel wakes up next to Jack who is getting a blow job from his mother, she stops and says " It's not fair, your father won't touch me just because I'm still alive, I throw myself at him all the time and he always rejects me ". Jack holding the back of his mothers head says " It's ok mommy, it's like you said before, this is our little secret, any time you feel the urge just come and find me and I'll take care of it ".

Lois says " Your such a good boy, always ready to help your mommy " and she resumes sucking her sons cock again. Rachel want's to scream but she can't, Jimmy made sure that Rachel will never speak again, she thinks about what Lois said and thinks to herself [ that's not true, what's left of Rachel is still alive and he raped her several times already ].

Several months have passed since her arms and legs were cut off and eaten and her voice box was removed. All her stiches are gone, and she's all healed up, she's been raped by Jimmy several times but he always cums in her mouth, Rachel assumes it's because he doesn't want to get his sons pet pregnant. Jack has been fucking her three times a day every day however according to Jack there making love.

Despite Lois warning Jack not to cum inside his pet, at 16 Jack really can't control himself and has cum deep inside her several times. Fortunately Rachel still gets her period so she knows she's not pregnant but if he continues to cum inside her it's only a matter of time before she gets pregnant. Jack keeps shaving her head and her pubic hair, he says he likes the smooth feeling and is constantly rubbing her head.

Sexually Jack is the total opposite of Jimmy, Jack always kisses and hugs her while making love to her while Jimmy violently rapes her vagina, ass and mouth, he's careful not to leave bruises so his son and wife don't figure out what he's been doing to Rachel and always washes her when he done.

Lois helps her sons pet by inserting tampons when she's on her period and after explaining to Jimmy why women get their periods she tells Jimmy that while his pet is on her period he cannot fuck her vaginally but anal and oral is fine. She reminds him again that he should not cum inside his pets vagina because she can become pregnant and that he's way too young to be a father.

Jack keeps telling her that he's never cummed inside her but he remembers how good it feels everytime he cums inside Rachel. Talking about sex starts to get Lois wet and she says " Remember what you said to me before? how if felt the urge to come and see you well I'm feeling the urge ". Rachel is laying on Jacks bed listening to their conversation and knowing what's about to happen, the same thing she's seen several times.

Lois says " Your father doing his thing in the basement with that Mexican prostitute who came to the house last night " both Jack and Lois take of their clothes and start hugging eachother. He's only 16 but after making love to Rachel so many times he's actually very good at sex now and he's got great stamina. Lois is soaking wet so she gets on her knees and takes her sons rock hard cock into her mouth and starts sucking with massaging his balls with one hand and grabbing his ass with the other.

Rachel watches in disgust as Jack get's a blow job from his mother, after a while he picks her up and places her on the bed next to Rachel. putting her legs over his shoulders he starts to eat her soaking wet pussy while squeezing her nipples, Rachel is covering her mouth to muffle her moans. Keeping her legs over his shoulders he slides his cock deep into his mothers pussy and he starts to fuck hard and fast.

Between muffled moans Lois says " Is this the same way to fuck your pet? " Jack says " No, I'm in love with her so I'm very gentle with her everytime we make love ", Lois says " Your fucking me pretty hard does that mean you don't love me? ". Jack laughs and says " I do love you mom but not the same way I love her " and he fucks her even harder. Lois says " Remember son, just like your pet you can't cum inside me either, I'm not on the pill ".

Rachel wishes she can get up and run but with no arms and legs she's forced to watch the most taboo of sexual acts, she turns her head to look away but Jimmy gently turns her head and says " It's ok my love ". He pulls his cock out of his mother pussy and starts licking Rachels pussy, after a while he gently slides his cock deep into her vagina and starts making love to her. Lois is rubbing his back with one hand and playing with his balls with other.

Lois then sits on Rachels face and rubs her soaking wet pussy against her mouth, Lois has Rachels head between her thighs so Rachel can't move, she's not licking Lois's pussy but she can taste Lois's pussy juice. Lois bends over and pulling Jacks cock out of Rachels pussy she starts sucking on it, after sucking her sons cock he pulls it out of his mothers mouth and slides it back into Rachels pussy.

Jack tells his mother to get on her knees over Rachel so both their vaginas are next to eachother. Jack pulls his cock out of Rachel and slides it into his mother pussy and he starts fucking her hard, he fucks both their pussies like this until he says " I'm going to cum " and he slides his cock back into Rachels pussy and he cums deep inside her. Lois says " I told you not to cum inside your pet, what if she gets pregnant? " Jack says " I'm sorry mom but you don't understand how good it feels when I cum inside her ".

Pulling his cock out of Rachel Lois starts to lick and drink the sperm leaking out of Rachels pussy, Jack says " Oh my god that's amazing " and he starts fingering his mothers pussy as she continues to feltch Rachels cunt. Lois covers her mouth as she orgasms all over Jacks hand, after getting dressed and changing the sheets Lois goes to see what her Husband is doing.

Holding Rachel in his arms Jack goes with his mother to see what his father is doing. Going to the basement they see Jimmy who looks at them and says " Son I'm happy your so happy with your pet, infact I'm so happy for you that I decided to get a pet of my own. Getting closer they can see a dead Mexican women who just like Rachel has just had her arms and legs cut off and her head and pubic area is shaved bald.

Jimmy puts on gloves then taking a long metal rod thats being heated in a drum Jimmy lit on fire, he places the the tip of the red hot rod against the dead womans arm and legs sockets sealing the wounds, just like he did to Rachel. The whole basement smells like roasted pork and Jimmy says " We're having her arms and legs for dinner tonight " then looking at his wife he says " But first I'm so fucking horny right now ".

Lois is shocked, her husband hasn't fucked her in years, not wanting to waste the oppertunity she starts to remove her clothing but Jimmy says " No not with you, I want you to roast her arms and legs ". Clearly upset she picks up the womans arms and legs and head towards the kitchen, Jack and Rachel watch as Jimmy takes his pants and underwear off and grabbing his new pet he starts to rape her corpse.

Rachel remembers all the times she was rapped by Jimmy the same way, Jack says " Dad can I ask you a question? " Jimmy still raping the corpse says " Sure buddy, ask me anything ". Jack says " This is probably none of my buisness but mom was really upset just now, why have you stopped making love to her? ". Jimmy pulls his cock out of his pet and after getting dressed he says " No it's fine, like I said you can ask me anything but how do you know your mother and I stopped fucking, did she say something to you? ".

Jack says " No she didn't say anything but I have noticed that she hasn't been happy for a while, your a great dad and a great provider so I'm assuming that the problem is sexual ". Jimmy looks at his son, smiles and says " That's my boy, so smart just like his father " then grabbing his pet in his arms he says " Your right though I haven't fucked your mother in years but it's not because I don't love her ".

He then says " Some people like fat chicks, some people like Midgets, I love dead women, they turn me on so much but your right, your mother is a good woman and I haven't been treating her right, thanks for the chat son, I promise I'll make your happy, infact I'll do it right now ". Still holding his new pet in his arms he heads towards the kitchen where he see Lois preparing supper and he says " Hello you sexy thing ".

Placing his new pet on a chair he wraps his hand around his wifes waist and presses his erection against her ass, Lois says " Wow, what happened to you? I thought you only fucked dead girls " now grabbing her tits he says " I haven't been treating you righ but I promise that all that is going to change ". They both strip naked and Lois gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock.

Jimmy keeps starring at his new pet as his wife sucks his cock and after a while he places his wife on the kitchen table then looking at his new pet again he starts to eat his wifes wet pussy. Eating her pussy but imagining that he's doing this to his pet he stands up and putting one of his wifes legs over his shoulder and the other leg around his waist he slides his cock deep into her cunt and starts to fuck her hard.

Lois is so happy, her husband hasn't fucked her in years and now he's fucking her hard, fast and deep. She knows that her husband keeps starring at his new pet but she doesn't care, after all these years it feels so good to have his cock deep inside her, he does have a huge cock, bigger and fatter than her sons cock, she screams " FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER ". He pulls his cock out of her pussy and rams it into her ass, she screams in pain at first but then starts moaning as she rubs her clit with her fingers.

Jack still holding Rachel watch as Jimmy plows his wifes ass squeezing her large tits. Starting to get really horny he places Rachel on a chair next to his dads new pet, he takes off his pants and underwear. He picks up Rachel and places her pussy just above his rock hard cock and he gently slides it inside her, her back is against him so she can see Jacks parents fucking.

Jimmy keeps fucking his wifes ass hard until he moans and cums deep in her ass, Lois is moaning loudly as she orgasms again and again, Jack watches as his father pulls his cock out of his moms ass and then see the sperm leaking out, he remembers that time his mon drank his sperm out of Rachels pussy and he cums deep inside Rachels pussy, moaning loudly as he cums Jimmy and Lois look at him and Jimmy says " That's my boy, just like his dad ".

Jack says " I know, I'm not supposed to cum inside her, that I'm too young to become a father, mom told me several times " Jimmy says " Oh that's ok don't worry about it, cum inside her all you want, just remember to give her the morning after pill everytime you do, I'll pick some up for you tomorrow ". His cock still buried inside Rachels pussy he finally pulls it out and his sperm starts leaking out of her pussy, Lois wants to drink her sons sperm out of Rachels cunt but she knows she can't not with Jimmy in the room.

Despite everything she's just seen Rachel is actually relieved, knowing that she'll be taking the morning after pill everytime Jack cums inside her she no longer has to worry about getting pregnant with Jacks baby. She thinks to herself, what kind of life would my son or daughter have being raised by a Necrophile and his Cannibalistic, Incestous family?.

With a huge smile on her face Lois finishes roasting the arms and legs of her husbands new pet and like she always does prepares a meat smoothy for Rachel, they all sit down to eat, Jack feeds Rachel the smoothy. She watches as Jimmy, Lois and Jack devour that womans arms and legs. She's seen them do this so many times it doesn't even bother her anymore.

Now that Jimmy has his own pet he stopped raping Rachel and Jack despite being a Cannibal who occasionally fucks his mom is a very passionate lover who treats her nicely, he's never hit or insulted her, he says he loves her several times a day and he does give her the morning after pill everytime he cums inside her, unlike his father Jack has never called her his pet but always calls her by her name.

Several months have passed, Jimmy and Lois's sex life has gotten much better so Lois no longer has sex with her son and Rachel actually enjoys having sex with Jack, she loves it when he cums deep inside her and she happily swallows all his sperm when giving him a blow job. She thinks to herself [ I used to pray for death, a release from this hell but now despite what was done to me and the chaos that surrounds me, I'm happy ].

The End

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