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Chapter 4

“This way, Daphne,” Fred yelled, looking back as the Gridley ghost chased them down the mansion’s long hall. Fred spied an open door and led red head into the storage room. Too late Fred realized that there were no other doors in the room and before he could stop her Daphne pulled the door closed behind them.

“Daphne, no,” Fred called as he turned to reach the door before it slammed shut. From the other side of the door he heard the ghost laugh manically and then the lock clicked as the ghost sealed them in the room.

“I’m sorry, Fred,” Daphne sighed, “I didn’t realize it was a dead end. Now we’re trapped in here until the rest of the gang finds us.”

“Exactly,” Fred said with a grin, “that’s why this is so great.”

“What’s so great about being trapped in a storage room?” Daphne asked, giving Fred a puzzled look.

“We’re trapped here together,” Fred pointed out, “and since it’s going to take a while for the rest of the gang to free us, we have plenty of time to fuck.”

“I didn’t think of it that way,” Daphne admitted with a grin. “You do have some condoms, right?”

“Of course,” Fred said, pulling a string of condoms out of his pocket. Fred was so horny he didn’t even notice the pinpricks from where Shaggy had sabotaged the foil wrapped packages.

“Well there’s no bed here,” Daphne said, looking around at the helter skelter collection of furniture.

“No bed,” Fred agreed, “but I bet that chair will hold our combined weight.”

“I think you’re right,” Daphne said, looking over the high backed chair. “I’m up to trying some new positions if you are.”

“I’m always ready with you,” Fred said, pulling his clothes off in a rush and sitting down naked on the chair’s upholstered seat.

“What’s taking you so long?” Fred teased. “I thought you’d be as horny as me by now.”

“Hornier,” Daphne said, “but I want to give you a good show. Now, you just sit there and enjoy my little strip tease.”

“Yes ma’am,” Fred said with a broad grin as he gripped the armrests of the chair.

As Fred watched Daphne started by pulling her scarf free and setting it down on a nearby table. Next she removed her hair band, shaking her red hair free as she tossed the band on top of her scarf. Rolling her hips suggestibly Daphne reached for the zipper of her dress and then let the fabric slide down her body until she stepped out of the purple puddle on the floor. Daphne could see the way Fred’s cock stood erect and blew him a kiss before she picked up the dress and set it out on the table. Next she removed her fashionable shoes and pushed them under the table with her toes. Then she rolled her stockings down her legs and tossed the bunched leggings on the table.

With just her lacy panties and bra left Daphne pranced toward the chair where Fred waited, stopping just outside of the blond boy’s reach and jiggling her hips and breasts suggestively.

“Don’t tease me, Daph,” Fred begged, reaching for the red head as she swayed just out of his reach.

“Well, if you’re ready for the next act,” Daphne giggled, she reached back to unfasten her bra and held the fabric clear while her taut breasts bounced free of their prison. Daphne tossed her bra on top of the table and cupped her tits with her hands. While Fred watched closely Daphne ran her hands down her belly until her thumbs hooked her panties and slowly pealed them down her hips to reveal her red furred slit, drooling and ready for Fred’s cock.

Daphne stepped out of her damp panties and tossed them to the table before she sashayed her way up to Fred’s naked body. “I like what I see,” Daphne said, stroking Fred’s erect cock as she knelt between his legs.

“There’s something we never got around to the last time we fucked,” Daphne said, admiring Fred’s cock as it swayed before her eyes.

“What’s that?” Fred asked, hoping he knew the answer.

“We never got around to this,” Daphne said, holding Fred’s cock steady while she slipped the head between her lips. With obvious pleasure Daphne slid her mouth down her boyfriend’s shaft while Fred moaned at the pleasure of her throat muscles around his prick.

“Careful, Daph,” Fred groaned, “if you suck me too long we’ll have to wait before we can fuck.”

“And we don’t want that,” Daphne agreed, taking her mouth off Fred’s cock. “Give me one of those condoms and I’ll put it on for you.”

Fred tore open one of the foil packages and handed the sabotaged condom to Daphne, they were both too excited to notice the damage as she rolled it down Fred’s shaft. “Now the real fun starts,” Daphne said. Satisfied with her work Daphne stood up and straddled Fred’s thighs. While Fred played with her tits Daphne slowly settled down on his lap, guiding his cock into her slit and enjoying every inch of the thick shaft as she forced it deep into her body.

“Oh Freddie, this feels even better than the first time we fucked,” Daphne groaned.

“It does,” Fred agreed, squeezing Daphne’s right breast and licking the nipple when it popped erect. “Are you sure you put the condom on right?”

“Of course I did,” Daphne groaned as she slid her hot pussy up and down Fred’s cock. “How can anyone put a condom on wrong?”

“It happens,” Fred said, enjoying the way Daphne’s fuck hole rubbed against the bare flesh of cock. This fuck was definitely different from their first fuck, but if Daphne said she put the condom on right then it must be his imagination that made things so much better this time.

“Oh Fred,” Daphne moaned, “do you love fucking as much as I do?”

“More,” Fred said, his voice muffled by Daphne’s tits as he continued to suck her nipples. Daphne was fucking him so hard that his balls were bouncing off her taut ass cheeks every time she slammed her pussy down on his cock. With every stroke he could feel the pressure growing in his balls and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to blow inside her cunt again.

“I’m going to cum, Fred,” Daphne shrilled, “cum with me.”

“I am, Daph,” Fred groaned, moving his hands from Daphne’s breasts to her hips and slamming her down as hard as he could on his cock while her cunt muscles squeezed his shaft like a vice and his balls pulled up tight and shot his sperm into the protective sheath of his condom.

“Oh Freddie, that was wonderful,” Daphne sighed, kissing him hard on the lips. While her whole body continued to twitch from her orgasm.

“It sure was,” Fred agreed, “it was so good that I’d swear we were fucking bareback.”

“But we weren’t,” Daphne insisted. “I put the condom on you cock myself so I know we weren’t fucking bareback.”

“Okey, okey,” Fred sighed, “but you should probably get off my cock so we can get dressed before the rest of the gang finds us.”

“I’d rather enjoy the feel of your cock in my belly,” Daphne said with a grin, “but you’re right.”

With a reluctant sigh Daphne pulled herself off of Fred’s cock and stepped back from his still twitching shaft. “Daphne,” Fred said, staring at his bare cock and the shredded condom that pealed away from his slowly drooping shaft.

“The condom broke,” Daphne said, just a shocked as Fred when she looked down at her pussy and saw his cum dripping out of her slit.

“That’s why it felt so much better this time,” Fred muttered. “I’m sorry, Daphne, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I know you didn’t, Fred,” Daphne said, reassuring her friend as she wiped his cum from her pussy lips and inner thighs. “Condoms do break without warning.”

“But what if you’re pregnant?”

“I could be,” Daphne said, “this is the perfect time for me to get pregnant, I’m between periods and if I’m not ovulating right now I will be in a day or two.”

“I’m so sorry, Daph,” Fred said, shaking his head regretfully.

“Don’t worry about it, Fred, it’s not your fault. I’m actually glad that this happened. I wasn’t sure how to tell you, but secretly I wanted you to knock me up, I was just too worried about my parents reaction. But now that this has happened we don’t have to worry about using the condoms anymore, after all, if there’s a chance that I’m going to get pregnant this weekend I already have enough of your cum in my womb to knock me up for sure. So from now on why don’t we forget about the condoms?”

“I’m so glad you wanted me to knock you up, Daph,” Fred said with a relieved sigh, “because I wanted to knock you up. I even thought about sabotaging the condoms – but I didn’t.”

“I believe you, Fred,” Daphne said, pulling her panties up snug against her dripping slit. “But like we said earlier we have to get dressed before the rest of the gang rescues us. So get dressed and start yelling for help.”

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