Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
Bright light shone down on her. She liked the warmth that washed over her body, but the orange and red that resided under her eyelids were an annoyance.
Groaning, one Uzumaki Naru rolled over, before her breath caught. Wherever she had been sleeping, it wasn't on a nice, soft bed or a futon. Instead, her sleeping surface was rather hard. That meant she wasn't at home, so she had to be out on a mission of some sorts. Silently, she cursed to herself. She had shown that she wasn't totally asleep, which was a bad signal to give when there was the possibility of enemy surveillance. But she hadn't shown yet that she was fully awake, either.
Naru racked her brain, trying to recall what she had done the day before,but it felt like her brain had been scrambled. No matter what, she just could not remember. Adding to her discomfort was the slow realisation that not only did she not have a blanket over her body, she did not have a single article of clothing tocover her up, either. She was as naked as the day she was born.
"Don't bother trying to feign sleep, pet. I know you're awake," Came a growl from Naru's left.
Naru blushed for a few seconds. Only one person would call her 'pet'. Satisfied that she wasn't in any sort of danger zone, she rolled over, facing a spiky red-haired, red-eyed man who was many things to her.
Lover. Master. Friend. Confidante. A back-up source of chakra on those rare occasions she needed more than the considerable amount she commanded, and the one who was locked within a set of sealing symbols on her navel. That was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, who was currently in his fully human form, lacking even one of the nine swishing appendages that gave him the title and name of Kyuubi,or the fox-like ears that indicated his led to him being called a kitsune.
And he was currently nude himself. In his sitting position his genitalia weren't prominently exposed, but Naru knew them well enough, having had them in her hands and her mouth often enough.
Getting up onto her knees, Naru bowed her head slightly, not afraid to show her nude form to Kyuubi. He was, after all, the entity she voluntarily surrendered her freedom to on manyoccasions of sex andbondage.
"Kyuubi-sama," She murmured. "Bah," Kyuubi retorted, and Naru looked up in confusion at his tone. "Dispense with that kind of talk for now, girl. In a couple of hours I'll be glad to hear it, but for now we have a serious situation to discuss."
Naru was confused. She knew she couldn't remember what had happened before she had found herself sleeping, but she couldn't possibly fathom what had happened to worry Kyuubi so. She voiced her thoughts,
"What happened? I can't remember anything from before I was sleeping."
Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "Of course, I'm not surprised you can't." He focused his red-eyed stare on Naru, making her shift at the intensity of the gaze.
"Yesterday morning, you received a report of two members of the Akatsuki appearing at the edge of Fire Country. By that time, you had shown that you were 'capable' of wielding my power, so your big-chested Hokage let you go out to investigate."
Naru blushed at Kyuubi's emphasis on her wielding his chakra. She had implied to her sensei Jiraiya and to the woman she considered a grandmother, the Hokage Tsunade, that she had full control of Kyuubi's chakra. That was true, but it wasn't because she had overpowered Kyuubi in a battle of will. It was because she had made a trade a year and a half into her training trip with Jiraiya ? inside the extradimensional world where Kyuubi was sealed, she offered extra freedom, and a friendship that had quickly turned into asexual relationship, one where she was the submissive and he was the dominant.
Hey, it had worked, dattebayo!
Kyuubi continued, unaware of her internal thoughts, sitting on a tree stump. Naru vaguely noted that she was kneeling in a grassy meadow of sorts, with high-rising trees and low shrubs and flowers around her. "You made it to the edge of Fire Country, along with your sensei Jiraiya. There,you found two Akatsuki members, who identified themselves as 'Hidan' and 'Kakuzu'.They had fought the jinchuuriki of my comrade the Nibi, and had bound her, intent on performing a ceremony to extract the Nibi."
"And that," Kyuubi bared his canines,
"Is where everything went wrong."
"Wh-what do you mean?" Naru asked.
"What exactly happened?"
"Well, Jiraiya distracted those two mongrels long enough for you to free the Nibi jinchuuriki, a girl whose name I now know is Yugito. She was rather weak, at the time, having taken a beating from the Akatsuki members before the two of you showed up, but she, unlike you, was able to transform into her bijuu."
A purple- blue two-tailed monstrous-looking cat flashed in Naru's mind, before it disappeared. At leastshe was remembering a bit.
"She let the Nibi come out?"
"Yes, she did," Kyuubi sighed, red locks of hair falling down the side of his face as he took on a droopy expression.
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