Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
"She had let the Nibi out once before you had shown up, but it had only been a partial release. The second time, it was a longer, more complete release. Had she let him out any more, she would have died."

Naru was hanging onto Kyuubi's every word, but one word struck her. "'Him'? Nibi is male as well?" Well, that was only true in a sense. The bijuu weren't supposed tohave genders, but some of them did take human form onoccasion. Kyuubi was one of them, and it was simply easier to take on a gender identity thanto stay sexless whilehuman. Which was agood thing, because if Kyuubi was a girl he wouldn't be able to fill her up with his large length, and...oh gods, she was getting off-track in her thoughts!

"Yes, Nibi is," Kyuubigrowled. He would have been slightly annoyed at getting cut off topic like that, but what Naru had asked would be very relevant in the near future anyways, so he decided not to get exasperated over it."It was enough for Nibi to completely annihilate those twoclowns. They were vaporised enough that there's no way for them to come back. But Nibi was out of control. It hadbeen so long since he had so much power at his disposal that wasn't locked away from him, he couldn't keep a proper hold on it. His chakra wasflying all over the place."

Slowly, Kyuubi brought his hand upto Naru, stroking a finger across her stomach, where the unseen seal was located. Naru shivered slightly at the sensation of Kyuubi's warm finger on her cool skin, as Kyuubi continued speaking."You may have use of my power, but that's because I filter it enough so you don't go berserk. Without myefforts, it would be toxic to you, shortening your lifespan, killing you from within. Your sensei managed to escape, although he tried mightily to save you. Nibi's chakra touched you, contaminated you. You would have hadonly minutes left to live."

Naru felt her world go cold. Thoughts flooded into her brain all at once, butonly one dominated."Does that mean I'm...dying, then?" Shethoughtthis was her mindscape, but something was off. There was a sortof quality to her extradimensional world that wasn't present here, and she felt light, like a feather, lighter than a feather, weightless.

Kyuubi barked suddenly, startling Naru. He barked, "Asif! I wouldn't have let you die. You're much too fun to keep around as my little submissive."
Blue eyes met red."What did happen, then?" Naru asked."And where am I?"

Kyuubi sighed, before starting up again. "Nibi's chakrapartially dissolved the seal. I used the failsafe you gave mein the possibility of you dying to break free. The seal was weak enough that itdidn't kill you immediately."

"Using a significant amount of my power, I broke Nibi free of his own host.It seemed he formeda symbiotic relationship with her much like the one you and I share, and it was in his interests to save that girl Yugito as well. But both of you were dying, and even as powerful as we bijuu are, we aren't really good at saving lives."

Naru's jaw was just hanging open in shock as Kyuubi finished up. "So we took a different step. We anchored your 'souls', if you will, and let your physical bodies perish. Then we rebuilt both of you from the ground up, modelling your make-up after ours, sacrificing a little bitof our power to giveyou form." He bared his teeth one last time, leering at her nude body. "Congratulations Naru, on becoming a chakra entity just like me. You're just as immortal as I am now."

Naru remarked to herself on how odd a couple they made. In the outside world, she was outspoken. In Kyuubi's presence, however, she was shy, demure, submissive. He towered over her, and owned her, body and mind. If heconsidered her nothing more than his property, she was more than ok with that. If he wanted to do nothing more than take her every night,she would have been alright with that. But they had established an unusual sort of relationship, not quite boyfriend-girlfriend even, but close.

But it was definitely master-pet, as demonstrated by thecollar she wore around her neck now, engraved"Kyuubi's Pet". A chain was attached onto a d-ring on the collar, with the other end attached to a bracelet Kyuubi was wearing. He was currently guiding her throughthe grassy plains to an unknown destination. Where this place was, Kyuubi had explained that it was another sort of extradimensional world, but one that only the bijuu could have accessed, which he had dragged her along with for the ride.

In between occasional momentsin which Kyuubi would dig his fingers into her pussy, brazenly moving his digits in and out to taunt her with frustration before smearing fluids over her skin, Naru allowed herself to think. She was extremely weakin bijuu terms now, with maybe only a few percentage points of what the Ichibi, the bijuu thather friend Gaara hadcontained, had had in terms of raw power. Perhaps even less.
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