Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
It would take decades, if not centuries, of meditation, training,and making sure that power didn't drive her insane likeit had the Ichibi, to catch up with the actual bijuu.

The Juubi that Kyuubi sometimes spoke of must have been something incredible.

Time moved more slowly here than in the 'real world', Kyuubi had said. Far more slowly than even her own mindscape had been. In that sense, Kyuubi was acting almost a bit like a stereotypical red-blooded male, as it was obvious that they were here since it gave him more together-time than what they had in the real world, when she could onlyvisit during the night, when her physical body was asleep.

That was ok. She had fallen hard for him, offered him herbody and self, and he had taken it, and made her feel wonderful. Maybe she was wired incorrectly, but she honestly couldn't care.

After a few more minutes, they came to the bottom of a cliff area, and Naru was surprised to seethat there was a cave carved into the bottom of the cliff. Kyuubi continued to guide her, into the cave. There was no obvious source of light – instead, light simply seemed to exist in the cave as they moved inwards, illuminating the walls and ceiling of a lengthy, narrow passageway.

Naru remained silent, until they hit a chamber in fairly deep.

Her mind blanked out for a few seconds, before she finally began to takein the scene. Standing up next to a table of sorts (with closer examination, it was basically an X-frame on its side instead of standing up) was another man with royal blue hair. The feral facial features of his face, along with the whiskers, purple animal ears and two purple-bluetails whipping around behind him made it rather obvious that this was the Nibi no Nekomata. He, too, was naked, and the long, erect penis he was openly displaying was enough to make Naru salivate. Hopefully Kyuubi would fill her up soon, she doubted he wouldn't with another male around.

That was a bit of an odd thought. She doubted most guys would be comfortable with being naked around each other, like Kyuubi and Nibi currently were, but they were first and foremost chakra entities that had developed a consciousness, and later on a sense of identity. Rules of modesty didn't workwith them.

Strapped down to the table was a nude girl, around seventeen or eighteen, with long blonde hair a few shades darker than Naru's own. Naru couldn't see the girl's face very well from her vantage point, but she could see the bondage theNibi had put the girl,Yugito, in. Manacles held her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles down, with her legs and arms spread out wide, exposing her own vagina. A black collar adorned the girl's neck, making itimpossible to not know who the sub was in that relationship, and there was a gag of sorts in her mouth. Nibi was currently stroking the girl's crotch, and was whispering some words to Yugito. What little Naru picked up was enough to make her blush at how explicit they were.

She was nearly creaming herself, thinking about Kyuubi putting her in the same position, strapping her down and making it impossible to move as he forced himself on her and took advantage of her.

"Well, well, well, Nibi," Kyuubi spoke out loud. He had long since moved into the blue-haired bijuu-man's sight, soNibi was hardly caught off guard by Kyuubi speaking. "I see it didn't take you that long to get set up with your ex-host."

"Kyuubi," Nibi snorted, as he moved his fingers inand out of Yugito's hole at a glacial pace, prompting a moan through the gag from the blonde. "As if you won't be doing the same as quickly as you can."

"Well...that's true," Was all Kyuubi had to say at first. "My own little sub will be jumping onto the table and locking in most of the binding herself, won't you, Naru-chan," He said as he teasingly nudged the girl he led by a leash.

Yep, she definitely could have creamed herself right there.

"Ah, yes," Nibi sighed, "It's good to be free again, though. No more threats to my or my little kitten's lives, either, and we can stay here for awhile before going back and killing the rest of those cloak guys."

"The Ichibi has already been captured by those clowns," Kyuubi frowned, which then turned into a smirk. "Then again, he's been insane for so long, I think it's better to leave him in their grasps for little bit longer."

Nibi copied his nine-tailed brother with a smirk. "I like how you think bro."Moving forward around the table, he removed the gag from Yugito's mouth. Yugito responded by takinga huge breath of air,sucking in some oxygen. "And how do you like that, kitten? Should I bindyou down even further? Should I let you orgasm now?"

Nibi obviously had the girl trained well,as she was meek in replying, "Whatever suits master Nibi-sama, you may do whatever you want with this kitten's body"

Kyuubi chuckled,"I see you have her setto jump atyour beckand command."
The two-tailed cat was obviously pleased by Yugito's words, given the way his furred tails were bouncing backand forth
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