Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
"Oh, you know, the works, Nibi," Kyuubi replied. "I was thinking it's been a while since we've had a chat, but in the meantime, I was thinking our slaves should get to know one another. You know what I'm saying?"

Naru sighed in her head. Somehow, she knew this was going to turn into something that involved sex in some way.

"I like how you think, bro," Nibi said, a gleam in his eye. Looking down at Naru, he continued,"Fortunately, I got a pretty good idea of what you're saying."

What happened next was done too fast for Naru to protest. Suddenly, Nibi grabbed Yugito's body, still hanging from his shoulder, and laid her out over Naru's sprawling body, lining their torsos up perfectly. However, Yugito's head wasn't right where Naru's head was: instead, Nibi had put Yugito's head right where Naru's crotch was, and vice versa.

The other girl yelped. "N-Nibi-sama? Wh-what are you doin-?"

Yugito was ignored by Nibi, who spread her arms out, before summoning up some rope, tying herarms down to Naru's legs. Kyuubi, on the other side, did the same thing, restricting Yugito's legs and Naru's armsand binding them toeach other. For goodmeasure, both girls' fingers were bound together as well, preventing them from using their hands to untie the rope.

The effect was that their bodies were sandwiched together, head to crotch on either ends. Obviously, Nibi and Kyuubi hadn't been talking in the platonic sense when they had desired for their pets to get to 'know one another'.

"K-Kyuubi-sama!" Naru shrieked."Wh-what-why?" Her thoughts were unorganised, and so she was trying to ask three different questions at once, and was unable to articulate any of them clearly. More importantly, the stench emanating from Yugito's crotch was overwhelmingly powerful, along with her burning desire for sex at the moment. When it came down to it, she would have no problem with performing the cunnilingus that her master seemed to want her to do, but she still wanted to know why he wanted it.

Kyuubi leaned in, amused at how she was keeping her head upright to keep herself from burying her nose in Yugito's pussy. "Me and Nibi were chatting before you awoke earlier. Since you're both effectively now immortal, it means we have all of eternity together to do as we will. However, both of you were incredibly subservient, submitting to us, even though you held the upper hand as our jailors. So that means you'll both continue to be our submissives, even now. But, no offense, just two-person sex isn'talways that stimulating."

Naru was now beginning to understand what he was getting at, and she couldn't really fault him.

"So since we're all here, we'll be having some group sex, and that means me and Nibi will be trading you around on the occasion. So I'll get to know you, Yugi-chan, and you'llget to know my brother, Naru-chan. But even before that, we'll let you get to know each other."

Standing back up, Kyuubi nodded at Nibi. "Let's go, Nibi."

Nibi nodded back, following behind Kyuubi. Before the two left the visible sight of the two former jinchuuriki, Nibi turned back, tails swishing behind him, and spoke out, "Have funYugi-chan! And don'tbe scared of the dark!"

What is he talking about?Was all Naru had to say before suddenly the omnipresent light that had been on since she and Kyuubi had first entered the cave disappeared, leavingher and Yugito in the dark. Accepting fate, she let her head fall down, burying part of her face in Yugito's crotch, and let her tongue poke and prod at the girl's clitoris, knowing how especially arousing that spot could be.

"Well, this is...awkward," Naru heard Yugito speak in the dark. "N-Naru,was it? Let's talk in a bit, right now I need you to satisfy my itch, damn Nibi left me all hot and bothered right before he went off."Yugito shup up after that, and seconds later, Naru felt a tongue in her own pussy.

Yes, her and Yugito were in for some interesting times ahead, indeed.....

When she had awoke in her nice, warm, comfy bed in Konoha yesterday morning, this had not been how Uzumaki Naru had imagined her two days would have gone. First, she had been sent out on a mission over a tip that two Akatsuki members had been spotted, only to end up in a firefight with them after discovering that they had just beatenup Nii Yugito, jinchuuriki of the Nibi. Then catastrophe had struck, and she had 'died', only for her soul and spirit to be given new form, as a chakra construct, much like what the bijuu themselves were.

Oh yeah, and then Kyuubi took her to some extradimensional world where he hadput her into delicious bondage. Couldn't forget that. Then, after they had had sex, he and his bijuu brethren, the Nibi, had decided to bind her and Yugito together in a classic 69 position, intending on making the two former hosts get to 'know' one another through good ol' cunnilingus.

Well, that was that, and now, her nose was practically buried in Yugito's pussy. She took a breath with her mouth open to reduce the stench,
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