Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
but the fish-like smell was still strong enough that it was distinct. Nothing to it. Sticking her tongue out, Naru gave a quick, experimental lick of Yugito's interior walls.

It was...well, it was fish-like, that was for sure. Naru smirked. How hilarious that someone who housed a cat-like bijuu would taste like fish. It wasn't that bad a taste, though, and she found herself liking it; it was with less hesitancy that she attacked the other girl's love canal with more aggression, as Naru began to swirl her tongue around Yugito's labia, slowly working her way in deeper and deeper, until she had buried most of her face into the blinding pinkness.

And then Naru gasped. Yugito had just licked her own pussy, but it wasn't just the sensation that had surprised her. In yet another cat-like characteristic, Yugito's tongue had a sandpaper-like texture, and it was currently working wonders on her own vagina. She let out an involuntary moan as Yugito gavea long lick, ending ather clitoris. The other blonde lingered on Naru's rose bud for several seconds, mixing saliva with feminine juices, and acting as quite the tease.

Yugito may have been an extreme submissive, just like Naru had turned out,but that didn't mean she wasn't also a sadist. Case in point, after giving a couple of quick licks around Naru's labia, Yugito dragged her tongue at a slooooow pace along Naru's slit, deliberately denying the younger of the two blondes release.

Naru frowned. Well, she wouldn't let the older girl get away with that! She started by taking a deep whiff inside Yugito's pussy, exciting the other girl with the vacuum-like suction of air. Bringing her front teeth up, she startled whistling. That was enough to startle the other girl, who hadn't expected to hear Naru's shrill whistle. More importantly, the air that escaped through the crack ofNaru's teeth came out irregularly. It was sure to drive the girl mad.

Yugito didn't let that go lying down, either. She had a knack, it seemed, formaking Naru's body get hot and bothered, but not bring her any closer to orgasm. The older blonde started blowing out small puffs of air, the cool moisture and quick puffs impacting Naru's inner walls and causing the Uzumaki to curl her toes at the spikes in sensation.

Sighing at the pleasure she was deriving, Naru decided to be the better woman, and stop the teasing game. Prodding with her tongue, shequickly found Yugito's "magic button", and closed her lips around it. The former Nibi host's clitoris was just large enough to fit in Naru's mouth, and she worked the concentrated bundleof nerve tissue with her mouth, wetting it, before bringing her tongue up to lickat the ball of flesh. Naru gave it a few good licks. Although it was mostly tasteless in comparison to the rest of Yugito's yummy love hole, there was still something magical about knowing she was providing pleasure to the other girl.

The first sign Naru had of Yugito's impending orgasm was Yugito's legs overpowering her arms as they tightened around Naru's head, pushing her deeper into Yugito's pussy. It was a good thing she wasn't licking the inside of Yugito's pussy, Naru thought to herself, or else her tongue might have gotten trapped inside it as Yugito's vagina clenched down hard.

As it was, Naru's face got flooded with cum. She opened her mouth, letting part of Yugito's gushing liquids go in. It was an odd combination of sweet honey and fish, something that she found even yummier than just the taste of Yugito's inner walls. Right then and there, Naru resolved, even if she had been forced into this lesbian action by Kyuubi, she definitely wouldn't protest doing this again in the future. Aggressively, like a good little sub, Naru started digging into Yugito's pussy again with her tongue, devouring all the cum that Yugito hadn't fully squirted out, while making sure to pay attention to prolonging Yugito's pleasure. She wouldn't let the cat-like girl's body have the chance to cool down and go through a refractory period. Oh no, she would be making the girl cum more than once tonight.

"You're very tasty," Naru commented as she with drew her tongue long enough to get a gasp of breath.

"Oh-uh, th-thank you," Yugito replied. It was dark in the cave (and even if it were light, Naru wouldn't have been able to see the other girl's face), but Naru could guess the girl was blushing. "So are you. You taste like...sweet. I guess I should let you cum, too?"

And it was an almost unbelievable feeling, as Yugito buried her head in Naru's snatch, fillingher right up. What was more, Yugito's tongue was almost like a snake, flicking here and there, moving progressively deeper into her vagina. She didn't quite have the rangeof Kyuubi's penis, but the dirty blonde certainly came close, and she was working wonders. Naru could feel herself on the verge of orgasm, climbing up a steep hill, getting close to the edge where it was all downhill from there.

Then she surmounted that peak.
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