Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
It was a tumultuous affair, as Naru's whole body trembled, and then her spasms subsidedas her own orgasm overtook her. If she had been able to see, her sight would have been robbed ofher for several seconds, white starsat the edge of her vision. It took several seconds for her to come down from her orgasmic high. When she did, she noticed she was heaving heavily from the sheer intensity of her orgasm, and that Yugito was faithfully licking her clean.

Yeah, Naru could definitely live with this.

An indeterminate time later, in which Yugito had made Naru cum many,manytimes, and Naru had done the same to her, the light came back on.

Her immediate reaction was to shuther eyes, unable to bear the burning intensity of the lightafter being in the dark for so long. As it was, she managedto filter out the sound of footsteps coming closer in thecave chamber. Naru did, however, noticeit when somebody stroked her cheeks, particularly around the erogenous zones that were her whisker marks. More importantly, her cum-drenched whisker marks.

"Well, well, well," The familiar voice spoke, "It looks like somebody had lots of fun while me and Nibi were gone."

"K-Kyuubi-sama?" Naru asked, looking up. As her eyes adjusted, she began to see hints of the Kyuubi's long red hair, proof positive that it was him.

"The one and only", he sardonically replied, continuing to stroke her cheeks."I see you managed to get yourself rather wet. Did you enjoy yourself?"

The only answer he got was her face turning beet-red.

"Anyways," Kyuubi continued, his voice drawling, "I'm glad you and Yugito got to 'know' each otherso well." He said thiswith a snicker, as heturned his attention away from her whiskers, and beganto untie the ropes that bound Naru's arms to Yugito's legs, as well as the bindings around herfingers. Distantly, Naru also could tell the bindings from her legs were being removed, giving herfreedom again. But she just knew she would be restrainedagain in short order.

"But, y'know, you only know me, and Yugito," The redheadcommented, and Naru could just see the smirk on his face. "You haven't gotten to 'know' my brother Nibi yet."

It didn't take much for Naru to realise what he was gettingat. "Oh," was all she managed, her voice squeaking it out. She was actually sort of shy. Conversing with another bijuu (or getting used by him for his pleasure) without Kyuubi around as a familiar figure was what was causing her to be shy.

"Well, goodbye, Naru-chan, and don'tgive Nibi too hard a time!" Kyuubi said, giving her a lick along a dry part of her whiskers, beforehe picked up the naked Yugito, and started walking away with her somewhere down another one of the tunnels inside the cavern. Vaguely, Naru noted that Kyuubi had all nine of his fox tails out, swishing around, occasionally swatting at the floorand occasionally swatting at Yugito's body.

Which left Naru to turn around, lookingat the blue-haired man who was standing over her, and mutter out a brief "Hi."

"Yes. Hi." Nibi said sarcastically, before his mouth turned upwards in a creepygrin. "You're mine for the next while. Kyuubi said I can do whatever I want with you for the next while. Get off the mattress." He ordered.

Naru meekly replied,kneeling down in front of Nibi's crotch. She kept her eyes down, desperately trying not to eye the Nekomata's large, erect cock. Since shehad first awoken in this world, she had been sex-starved, and even Kyuubi and Yugito's ministrations had done little to quell her hunger.

Vaguely, she noted the Nibi make some motions, until suddenly his hands came down underneath her chin.With a quickclicksound she found a leash attached to her collar for the second time that day. Moreover, the leash was the same royal blue as the Nibi's tails, and it almost looked like the Nibi's tails as well, with the edge of a link forking out like his tails before coming back together.

The Uzumaki girl didn't have much time to think about the design of the chain, however, as Nibi pulled her forward, forcing herto stand up. "Follow me," the cat-like bijuu in human formgrowled, pulling Naru along with himas he started to takeher down one of thetunnels that apparently all converged in the cavern they were currently in.

Naru didn't have much of a choice, so she followed him as he took her down a long, winding tunnel, with dim lighting. She wasn't even sure if it was supposed to go outside or deeper inside, but one thingwas for certain: she was losing her sense of direction.

After what was definitely a long time of walking, Nibi and she finally came to another chamber. What was striking was that the lighting was provided by several torches that radiated blue fire, giving off an ethereal glow that struck the chamber, which consisted mainly of furniture, including a bed that had a headboard and footboard.
Nibi brought his hand up to her throat, unclipping the leash that had been attached to the collar. "Get on the bed," Nibi barked, with Naru quickly moving to obey.
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