Following a fight with Akatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibi extract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!Kyuubi Yugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
The fabric around the mattress was simply wonderful, Naru thought to herself as she laid down on her back. It was also the same royal blue as Nibi's hair and tails, who definitely had a colour motif going on.

Said bijuu came over, with four sets of handcuffs. Naru didn't resist as the Nibi pulled her legs apart wide, exposing her pussy for him to see, and cuffed her ankles, locking the other ends of each set of cuffs to the footboard. He then did the same to her wrists, locking them to the headboard, before he wandered off again.

Naru wondered what Nibi was up tonow. When he cameback with a bottle inone hand and a razor in the other, she knew what he was planning but still wanted to affirm it. "So you're planning on shavingme?" She asked, breaking the silence.

"Yes," Nibi said, as he opened the bottle, before dumping a good portion of cream over her crotch. Naru gasped at the cold sensation on her skin, her hips visibly spasming for a couple of seconds before Nibi restrained her thighs with an iron grip. "You may have noticed my Yugi-chan didn't have any pubic hair. When she turned submissive to me, I altered her body so she wouldn't have any, ever. When I rebuilt her, I kept that the same. Kyuubi obviously doesn't care about you having pubic hair, but I do."

"So..." Naru shiveredas Nibi smeared the cream around her crotch, making sure no spot of skin was left untouched,"Why not just will it away then? You can do that, can't you?"

Nibi opened his mouth, a gleaming, teethy smile. "I could. But where would the fun be in me not shaving you?"

Naru had no answer for that as he forcefully began to press the razor against her skin, taking out large clumps of hair with each motion of the razor. The bijuu were strange, it seemed. That was a result of the way they had developed an identity, to be sure, but Nibi seemed to have developed a fetish for shaving out of nowhere. It was like Kyuubi's fingernails fetish. They had nothing to compare with, so while they enjoyed old-fashioned domination, they also had some strange tastes.

In short order, Nibi got up, putting his equipment away, before he came back, and rubbed the spots on Naru's crotch where her hair was. She gasped again, surprised at how smooth her crotch felt, especially around her mons pubis. Perhaps, Naru thought, she would see if Kyuubi cared at all about her pubic hair. If she didn't, then she would maybe go to getting it removed permanently. Nibi's fingers stroking her now-smooth skin definitely felt better.

"Enough," Nibi suddenly spoke, startling Naru, who looked up at him. Slowly, the cat-bijuu rose up on the bed, his manhood towering over her body. The mere sight of it drove Naru sex-hungry again. She wanted itin her so badly, any way Nibi wanted it.

Nibi seemed to hear her pleas, as he walked over to where her head was. Turning around, he crouched, sinking down until the tip ofhis penis was prodding at Naru's lips. Knowing what was expected of her,Naru opened her lips, and started darting her tongue out at his exposed glans, the foreskin having long retreated. Her ministrations seemed to be pleasing the Nibi, as his cock actually seemed to swell up even more, especially gaining girth.

Nibi crouched down ever so slightly."Close your mouth now, pet," He ordered, as he put his hands forward, and started to play with Naru's nipples.

Naru took a brief moment to think. This was exactly the sort of situation she loved being in. Perhaps she was wired wrong when she was born, or had bad influences grew up, but she was a hardcore submissive. She couldn't help but love it when Kyuubi did something like this to do, forcing her to suck his cock while he played with her, treating her body as his property. It made only little difference that it was the Nibi no Nekomata doing this to her now.

Obediently, she closed her mouth, pressing her lips around the head of the Nibi's staff. She began wetting it with her tongue, dragging her tonguearound it, up and down, left and right.It wasn't long until she was reward with the sticky texture of pre-cum gushing out. Licking up all the pre-cum, her tongue retreated, as Naru began to use her mouth as a suction, blowing air against Nibi's cock, and thenbreathing back in through the tiny cracks between her lips and his penis.

Nibi responded by pressing down another good inchesinto her mouth, as he continued to playwith her nipples, restricting her tongue's movement.With little choice, Naruo began to rotate her tongue around the sides of her mouth, drenching the skin of his penis with hersaliva. She also had to make sure not to accidentally bring her teeth against hismanhood. The few times she had done it with Kyuubi, the fox bijuu had put her in strict bondage and put her through a heavy regime of orgasm denial. Naru was thankful that Nibi didn't go any deeper. While she had no problems with deep-throating, it was still uncomfortable to her.
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