Following a fight withAkatsuki, Kyuubi and Nibi were freed from their hosts. Saving Naru and Yugito from death, Kyuubi and Nibiextract their own 'payments' from the girls. LEMONS fem!Naru male!KyuubiYugito male!Nibi, group sex.Under 18? DON'T READ
using a tongue that also possessed a sandpaper texture. Kyuubi had only performed cunnilingus on her ahandful of times, so it was a rather new sensation for her, even after Yugito's performance earlier.

Naru found herself letting out a groan, as she could feel herimpending climax come. Nibi had gotten her worked up, making her perform fellatio on him twice already, and she was overdue for a good, strong orgasm. Her thighs, which were being held in place by Nibi's strong grip,began to thrash as she felt it coming closer...

Only for Nibi to suddenly stop. Naru huffed in frustration, cock stillinside her mouth.

"Now, now, naw-uh," Nibi said as he turned his facearound, shaking his head. "You'll be getting your orgasm, alright, but I think your body's need for one needs to get pent-up first, mmkay?"

Naru sighed. It wasn't really like she had a choice. She gave a "Yes Master", though it was garbled, what with Nibi's manhood inside her mouth still. Instead, she found herself continuing to suck on the head of his cock. Two orgasms already had coated it in semen and given it a more defined taste, something Naru began to memorise as she started to lickat it.

Meanwhile, Nibi continued his ministrations, making her need forrelease ever more urgent, but continuing to deny her it. It felt like every cell in her body was on fire, as Naru desperately wanted to cum, but couldn't. Nibi didn't help matters, with each of his hands occasionally strayingback to her chest, groping her breasts, and pinching her nipples.

In fact, the longer Naru worked his dick, the more surprised she was. Nibi had lasted rather long the last couple of times, but he was really holding out this time! Naru was unsure what sort of 'game' he had planned, but if having been with the Kyuubi for so long had taught her anything, it was thatthe end result wouldbe Nibi asserting hisdominance over her.

She didn't really think much about it after that. That was mainly because Nibi was driving her mad with his tongue and fingers. Lube was already beginning to trickle down the side of her crotch, dampening the upper end of her thighs. Nibi was playing her like she was an instrument, and he the talented musician, holding the strings taut and tauter, teasing her but never quite letting her go. The two-tailed bijuu was right about onething, though: if he actually let her have her orgasm, this was going to be a powerful one.

Instead, she focused on his penis again. Itwas with surprise that she found he hadn't even leaked any pre-cum yet! It was demoralising, that was what.

Finally, after several more minutes of play, Nibi brought his head up, and took one hand off her thigh. "So, my little pet, are you enjoying yourself?" This he said as he used his free hand to sloooooowly stroke her slit, before pinching her clitoris.

Naru bobbed her head, careful not to make any abrupt motions, what with the Nibi's penis in her mouth.

"Do you want to cum?" The two-tails asked, as he worked his hand around her pussy, constantly keeping her on the edge of orgasm, but never letting her actually have it.

Naru nodded again, this time a bit more intently.

"Very well," Nibi said, as he suddenly brought his crotch up, until only the tip of his penis remained inside Naru's mouth."Kyuubi already has your soul and spirit. But we're sharing you two girls, mind and body. If you want to cum, simplypledge your eternal loyalty and fealty to me, mind and body."He smirked, "Or else you'll never get yourorgasm. Ever. Kyuubi will take Yugi-chan for his use while I'll keep you, tie you up and put you into tight bondage, use you as I want, but never letyou have an orgasm again."

Naru gulped at how strongly Nibi came on all of a sudden, and the words he said were powerful. Never being able to have an orgasm again? She could just believe that Kyuubi would consent to a plan like that on the off-hand chance she didn't similary give her body and mind over to Nibi as she had to the Kyuubi.

It was blackmail. Butthen again, Naru found that she didn't quite mind the idea of a group orgy, at all.

Opening her mouth, pushing the edge of Nibi's penis out so she could speak clearly, she spoke. "I do. I pledge my loyalty and submissiveness to you, Nibi-sama, for all eternity. I give over my mind and body to you to use as you please. I am nothing more than yours to own and play with."

Nibi smiled. "That'll work," He said, as he plunged his manhood back into her. "Suck me off one last time," He ordered.

Naru did as ordered.Nibi came incrediblypowerfully, with even more cum thanbefore. Naru found herself faithfully licking and swallowing up every last bit, beforeshe cleaned Nibi's cock completely clean.

Once Naru was done, Nibi pulled out of her mouth again, before moving forward on the bed, and then turning around, his butt towards the footboard. "Well," He said, lowering his head to Naru's crotch, "You've been denied this one for so long, here ya go."
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