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This series was done as a dare by some mates BTW!
It had been a week since I and Mr.Cardwell had shared our last "encounter", (we had classes and PE together, but that was strictly business...) so our next encounter was abroad. How? You say, well, the title is a giveaway! So at 4 in the morning, we set off on a coach and set off to Germany. It was raining practically all the way there and it took about a day to reach our first checkpoint hotel there. Now roomwise the situation was two per room with teachers sharing, but only three teachers had come, and so many kids. This in short meant someone had to share rooms with Mr.Cardwell. Alphabetically, a girl was his roommate, but that wasn't 'appropriate', so next it was me, Ashworth. Everyone agreed it was for the best, as I was a loner, so sharing rooms would not have been fantastic for my roommate, or me.
Mr.Cardwell and me, a fourteen year old boy, and his horny paedophile teacher...YAY.
* * *
The lobby seemed huge as our whole group stood, waiting for the bell-boys to guide us to our rooms. Mrs.Connell, Ms.Bryson, Mr.Cardwell, and about 17 kids (including me), were here in Germany on a trip. Finally, 10 bell-boys came, grabbed all our stuff and guided us off in pairs to our rooms. "Don't forget to go to bed early, Germany is 2 hours fast, so reset your watches and be downstairs for 10 o'clock sharp", said Mrs.Connell, the resident German teacher. I and Mr.Cardwell were situated in an older part of the hotel, as the mix-up had placed us somewhere else in the hotel, away from the group.
As the bell-boy opened the door and waited for us to enter, I saw him look quickly at Mr.Cardwell's butt, and then my own. I just smirked qiuetly and jumped on a bed. The bell-boy was waiting for one of us to tip him, so I jumped up and gave him 3 euros I think, along with a spare picture of me and Mr.Cardwell, that I had gotten from one of the passport photo machines (the whole group had gone picture mad after we realised who our roommates were, so I joined in). The bell-boy smiled knowingly and winked at me, "Thankyou", he said with pretty fantastic English (far better than the stoners at my school I'd say!).
"What was all that about?", said Mr.Cardwell.
"Just an admirer.", I said.
We just stood there, unable to think of what to do...until I went and locked the door, pushed him onto the bed and got underneath him on my back. "Well.", I said.
For about 15 minutes we just lay on top of each other, holding each other.
"Get under the covers."
"What? You don't want to do you...? It's okay but..."
"We've been on a coach for about 18 hours..and it's 11 o'clock, German time..", as always, I am the voice of reason...
"God, you're right..."
"Fine, it's settled then, we'll have a shower and just kiss for a while! Do you want to share a bed or...?"
"It's alright, if the maid comes in.."
"Yes, Mr.Cardwell you're right.."
So we just went to the shower and stripped off in front of each other, savouring each other's bodies. I practically drooled at his hairy chest and six-pack, just as he looked at my young body and drooled back. Eventually, we got into the shower and just hugged and kissed, our bodies entwined, young and old. I just put on some boxers and said, "I might sleep-walk, I do that when I'm away from home.".
"Okay James".
I turned out the lights and just waited for a an hour, fantasizing about a threesome of me, Mr.Cardwell, and the bell-boy...After a while I got up, and stood by the window, I was 'sleepwalking'. I just got into his bed staight after that, and snuggled up to him, hugging his bare, hot, hairy, sweaty, chest. He started to moan a bit, so I thought he was having a nightmare until I felt his dick pressed into my groin. He was having a naughty dream!
I just slid further beneath the covers and began to nibble his balls, caressing, and licking them at the same time. The pre-cum oozed onto my tongue, and I lapped it up greedily. I offered my mouth as an ass and eased his long nine inch cock into my mouth. He started to hump it gently, and suddenly harder, after I started stroking them, finally climaxing into my mouth, harder and harder until I felt the last gallon stop. I climbed onto his chest hten, and dribbled a bit onto his erect nipples, dribbling the rest into my hands and rubbing them on his cute, tight, hairy ass. I just started poking my fingers in there, one, then, two, then three! Then I just shoved my dick in his ass, and fell asleep like that...
"Morning sleepy head!", said Mr.Cardwell.
"I see you took the bait last night..."
"My butt, there you were when I woke up, snuggled right into my ass, so happy...!"
"That is the last time I have do do the job though, Mr-"
"If we're gonna have a relationship, at least call me, Stuart, James. If you still..."
"I want to feel you inside me, Stuart, you want to feel yourself inside me, this is going to happen, even if I have to get you drunk, and rape me."
"You're gonna get disciplined boy, even if I have to bend you over my knee."
So that is what happened the first night. Now on the second (after we had explored Berlin a bit), I was in my room, waiting for Mr.Cardwell, to appear. At about 9 o'clock he slipped into the room with a blck plastic bag. He had been out and bought some vodka, baby oil and some other things. Amongst these things, were a portable DVD player from a German electronics store, and some DVDs. These DVDs however were of the naughty type, and consisted of gay hentai, and gay, hardcore and domination videos.
"Oooh, domination! Are we gonna dress up in leather and run around with whips?", I said sarcastically.
"Take off all of your clothes and get on the bed. Now.", he said firmly.
I lay on the bed, quivering slightly. Mr.Cardwell began to strip off and got on top of the bed. He put the DVD player on the nearby cabinet and put in the hardcore DVD. I felt a strange sensation on my ass, as Mr.Cardwell rubbed in the baby oil.
"This is gonna feel weird at first, it'll hurt as well, but you'll enjoy it, I promise."
"Okay", I whispered. I felt dirty and really scared. I was at his mercy, and I hoped he'd give me some. He shoved in a finger, deep in my butt, a dull pain erupting. A second finger in and he started to roll them around in my ass, fingering it hard and fast. He stopped, and waited.
Suddenly, as if on cue, the two guys in the movie, shoved a dildo in each of their asses. Unlike them, Mr.Cardwell shoved his dick in my ass, not his third finger. Humping me in a steady rythm, he started to grind my ass, HARD. But, after 5 minutes the pain went away and a pleasure, the most fantastic pleasure in the world, took over. My balls just started to tingle and I said I was about to cum. So he lifted me up, and held me beneath my arms, piercing his dick even harder into my ass. I suddenly came on both of us, so much that we fell on the bed our bodies grinding as the cum lubricated us. He bent me over and started doing me doggy-style, his hairy chest tickling my back, making me hornier than ever! I thought he'd never cum, until about a gallon sprayed deep inside me like a hose, filling my bowels.
"Oh God!", I began to pant again and again.
"It's not over yet..."
"Close your eyes, put your hands up, and stand up."
I did it immediately, knowing he was gonna do something I'd regret.
"This is revenge for taking advantage of me, 4 weeks ago!"
Suddenly after handcuffing my hands behind my back, he made me sit down...on a huge, black dildo. "Oh. by the way, it vibrates..!"
He suddenly turned the shaking dildo on, full power. My ass started screaming and I came in about 2 minutes.
"I'm gonna leave you here for an with it. Daddy doesn't have time to entertain you, the bell-boy has my attention for now."
* * *
Not much to say really except we fucked every night, me by the bell-boy and Mr.Cardwell. I saw so much cock, plastic included, that it was all I could think about. Each night, I was strapped to a chair with the vibrator in my ass, and forced to watch the porno movies. This happened for about an hour, until I was raped by the hairiest bell-boy ever, over and over, until Mr.Cardwell decided it was his turn. I was sucked and fucked so many times that I fainted once or twice. It was the best time I had ever had. Yet. TO BE CONTINUED...

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